Raspbmc Media Player

Raspbmc home entertainment system based on the XBMC media player. 


Raspbmc distribution of the XMBC media player for the Raspberry Pi that is installed to a SD card to turn your Raspberry Pi into a home media system to play video's including HD, music and shows photos direct from your Pi or from other devices connected to your home network.

XMBC can be customised with various skins and extra features can be added through 3rd party plug ins allowing XMBC to access on demand TV from various sources around the world. For the UK that includes the BBC iplayer, Channel 4, Demand 5 and the ITV Player. Many other on demand channels are available from a round the world. You can also watch videos from internet sources such as YouTube.


raspbmc.com The xmbc distribution for the raspberry Pi

xbmc.org the main xmbc website for all computer systems


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