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Hi Danny, we need to check that the script is working ok, though as it works at boot that suggests it is. You're need to do this with a screen.
run the script manually with sudo /usr/bin/autohotspot it will tell you what it's doing. Try with the router on and off. If that is ok then the script is setup ok.
As running it manually and in a cron is not the same thing, next check the cron is working. Using; sudo systemctl status cron you will see in the times of the results that it runs every 2 minutes. It should report any issues.
The other thing is you can get the cron to output to a log file which will show what the autohotspot script outputted on each run.
In the cron, after autohotspot add: > /home/pi/cron.log 2>&1
The file will just contain the last output from autohotspot the last time the cron run.
Hopefully this will give you a clue to if the cron is working or if there is an issue with the autohotspot script.

Let me know what results you get and we can look into it further.