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I have the space delimiters instead of the comma delimiters because in my script the comma do not allow for multiple ssids. as per your note on the setup without the switching. Saturday, 13 May 2017 09:57 posted by Graeme
Hi Scott, it should work with multiple ssids. I know it has worked for others.
just check each of the ssids are separated by spaces in the line ssids=('mySSID1' 'mySSID2')

correcting all of my ' versus " issues, the script does connect to WiFi on boot if available, and generates a hotspot if it is not, now my issue is getting it to switch when Wifi is no longer available, or when it becomes available. I am not using cron right now, I am just running the script with sudo /usr/bin/autohotspot and it never switches between WiFi and hotspot I am going to try to send you my autohotspot script