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Hi Lyndon, If you have the # in front of the wpa_supplicant line in the interfaces file then the script is working or you wouldn't get wifi either, so there could be config issue somewhere.
If you have removed the # then the autohotspot script is not running.

To manually run the script enter sudo /usr/bin/autohotspot
also sudo systemctl status -l autohotspot will give you feed back on when it was last run and any errors.

I would also check hostapd with sudo systemctl status -l hostapd as this is most likely where the issue is if the autohotspot script is running.

I have the same version of dnsmasq and had no issues but it may be an issue for some users.

If you use a screen is the wifi icon two red crosses?

If you have no luck your welcome to e-mail me more details and I will look into it further.

I'm about to upgrade the script so keep an eye out for that, it will just replace the current script, but won't resolve your current issue.