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Hi Graeme,

Thanks for your reply! Essentially you're right, it turns out I'm using stretch and not jessie. However the script works in the sense that the RPi does set up its own hotspot and I can VNC into it (and WinSCP files to and from the RPi), which is what I needed it to do.

However I now need to download some Arduino packages which require an internet connection, and this is where problems begin: I never quite checked whether the RPi could connect to a wifi on top of setting up the hotspot (the wifi at work is a bit of a nightmare for that), but I don't even see available networks on the RPi and just plugging in an ethernet cable makes no difference.

I have tried the first troubleshooting example, but it didn't make a difference (and I suppose it won't if I'm using Stretch)
Also, when I run the sudo /usr/bin/autohotspotN command, I get "Hotspot already active"

... so long story short, the script does the main thing I wanted it to do (the hotspot), but is there a way to 'temporarily' undo the changes described on this page, get the 'original' connectivity, download what I need and then 're-activate' the hotspot set up? One obvious way would be to follow the changes described here in reverse, but I was wondering if there was a quicker way.

Also, can I just choose to install Raspbian Jessie as opposed to Raspbian Stretch if I were to re-install the OS? By the way, I'm using a RPi 3 Model B.

Thanks again! In the meantime I will make the changes to the interfaces file