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Have been successfully using your hotspot this year via SSH for development. I am very interested in the following:
1: On starting RPi 3B-Pixel, it unconditionally creates hotspot.
2: While OS is running, if RPi 3B-Pixel detects my Android Phone Hotstpot (which has internet connection), dump your hotspot and connect to my Android Phone Hotspot so that it can get to the internet.
3: While running, if RPi 3B-Pixel does not detect my Android Phone Hotspot, restart your hotspot.
4: Would be nice if RPi 3B-Pixel detects my ethernet on my home network with internet, it overrides everything and uses ethernet to get to internet and SSH through ethernet.

Note that all year I have been using your older version with great success to access via SSH over your hotspot and over ethernet and over WiFi. I just can't figure out how to integrate 1 thru 4 above. Any suggestions? This is very important for my project.

Thank You