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1.Raspbian Pi3 have Ethernet & Built-in Wifi and Raspbian Strech has been installed
2. I have additional USB-Wifi Adapter (TP-LINK725N)

I have the following requirements
Pi3 will be connected to monitor,keyboard,mouse ,usb-wifi adapter ,USB hard disk
Pi can use the wired internet (currently I don`t have)
Pi will use the phone internet via built-in wifi
using usb-wifi adapter it should act as hotspot.(advise how to check usb-wifi adapter supports ap mode)
This hotspot should serve internet to other devices(it should server internet from any source,ethernet,built-in wifi ,bluetooth etc)
Additional to this connected hard disk should be available as network share
hard disk conntent should be act as media server.
using other devices user should be able to upload the file to pi3 connected hard disk.
using other devices user should be able to listen video,music etc..

Please provide steps to how to achieve this.