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Hi Lakshmi, There is not much good info on getting a hotspot on stretch on the net at the moment so it is difficult to get a good guide.
To see your wifi usb enter iw dev , for me it showed phy#0 with wlan0 (internal wifi) and phy#1 with wlan1 (usb wifi). But on a RPi2 with just the USB Wifi it just showed Phy#0 for wlan0.
When you enter iw list you should see phy#1 and wlan1 for your usb wifi.

Going back to your original question, My script has only been tested with wlan0 but will probably work fine on wlan1 once the references are changed to wlan1.

A Hotspot on wlan0 could be routed to your phone on wlan1 ok to get internet from a tethered phone, but im not sure it can be setup to receive internet from multiple sources, depending on what one is connected. You would need to research iptables and if you can FORWARD a hotspot on wlan0 to multiple devices ie eth0, wlan1, Bluetooth etc. depending on which one has the current internet access. There is probably a way to do it but not something I have looked into.

But if that issue can be solved then the NAS and media servers should be able to be setup from any guides you can find.

I'm currently testing my two scripts on Jessie and Stretch and hope to have them available at the weekend, as long I have no new issues.