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Hi Lakshmi
"RTNETLINK answers: File exists" just means that one of the Network Wifi temporary files has not cleared when the WiFi network was stopped. As a result the Hotspot can't be started. This only happens when the network has unsuccessfully be brought down due to a crash or network error.
The autohotspot script deals with this and will remove it as part of the process so if you reboot it should clear. It may also clear if you manually enter sudo /usr/bin/autohotspot.
If the hotspot/network switch is working fine and you see this then it's just the feedback from one of the commands that can be ignored.

Just to let you know, I have been getting a new issue over the weekend meaning my Android device won't connect to the hotspot. This is due to a recent security fix for Hostapd and wpa_supplicant and is not the setup. It works fine with Windows. So if you experience an issue connecting to the hotspot this may be the cause. I'm hoping this will be resolved next time hostapd is updated.