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I'm using Stretch (2017-09-07) with Desktop on a Pi Zero W. I started off with a clean image write and put a blank file called "ssh" and another file called "wpa_supplicant.conf" with my WiFi information in the boot directory of the micro SD card from Windows 7 before putting the card into the Pi. Once in the Pi, I installed xrdp and vnc4server to remote desktop to the Pi. I then followed your tutorial to the letter.

My Interface is wlan0. When I proceeded to "sudo systemctl disable hostapd" and "dnsmasq", Raspbian changes "systemctl" to "systemd-sysv-install" upon execution.

I proceeded through the remainder of the steps, even following the troubleshooting section with regards to redoing the two listed commands (sytemctl does not change to systemd.. for this instance), and I opened "/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant" and found it empty, so I added my WiFi information to that.

Upon a shutdown and power on, the Pi shows up on my home network but cannot be SSH'd into. However, I can successfully ping it. When I turn my network off and hard cycle the Pi, it does not create its own network.

Would you please help me?