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hi roboberry,

Thanks for this script and very precise instructions. I have it working with my raspberry pi but thought I would point some slightly strange behaviour to see if you know what might be going on.

I am writing an audio app that uses UDP messages to communicate with different rpi's running the same app. I have my test rpi connected to my local network using wifi. If I use your "autohotspot" service as is then the app stops working correctly. Even though it can broadcast udp messages ok it refuses to accept them - there are no error messages or anything, the messages from other rpi players simply don't get through.

If I disable the service but run it manually after the pi account has logged in (i.e. run "sudo /usr/bin/autohotspot" from a command terminal) it works fine. This seems really strange as the autohotspot script really doesn't do much in this situation, it simply scand for the available hotspots and determines if there is an entry for at least one in the "wpa_supplicant" config file. When I run it manually I get the expected "Wifi already connected to a network" message.

To test the script I have been using a fresh install of the latest raspbian stretch image (with desktop) (nov 2017).

Thanks for your time,