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Big thanks!
I have installed down to "Setting up a Timer" (excluded) and it works, with no network (in the field), with my Android tablet
through realVNC (that comes included in raspbian). I often have to turn off and on my wifi on the tablet several times until I get to connect with VNC. I observe that it works if I see the 2 arrows in the wifi icon.
It also works fine from my MAC, both with ssh and VNC. It does take a very long time to the MAC to connect to the
hotspot, though.
Surprisingly, I cannot connect using other Android devices, nor from my PC (WIN 7 Pro). Even ping does not work.
I observe that, once connected to the hotspot, the wifi icon states "no internet connection" in those devices that do not connect, while this statement is not present in my tablet 1 or my MAC. Is there something to be done in the client side? It looks like there would be some setting that is
set by default in some devices and not in others.