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Hi Agustin, There was a recent update in stretch that has caused the hotspot to be a bit temperamental on some devices. I have an Android Tablet and sometime it won't connect to the hotspot unless the pi's wifi is brought down and up again, which is now included in the script. But my windows laptop and other device are fine. I have observed that connections fail due to encryption protocol timeout issues but will then connect without any changes. So I believe the issue is outside my control but I will be looking at it in detail soon just in case a setting now needs modifying.

As this script is the one without Internet it will be normal for the connected device to report "Connected, No Internet". I think it depends on the OS if it shows that or not. My Android Tablet always does but my wifes Ipad doesn’t. The other script that has internet routing will do the same until an Ethernet cable is connected to the RPI then it changes to just "Connected"

Previously some users with Android phones have had connection issues because the phone routed the ssh call through data rather than wifi. Once they disabled the data for ssh then it started working, so maybe that's the same for VNC.

I will update the article if I need to make changes, as this issues affects me too, hopefully in the meantime it doesn’t cause to many issues for you.