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HI JWBlank, If you run the script manually with sudo /usr/bin/autohotspotN it should switch as the script takes down the network settings. I presume the autohotspot service is not running as the network is brought up by the system as normal at boot. The script assess the situation and changes to a hotspot at that point, so the autohotspotN script has not run or there is an error.
So either the service is not running, redo sudo systemctl enable autohotspot
the scripts permissions are not ok, sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/autohotspotN
or there is an error causing the script not to run. Running it manually with sudo /usr/bin/autohotspotN should highlight any issues there.
or use sudo systemctl status autohotspot to get the service status.

Let me know what issues you find and I will do my best to get you up and running.