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First of all congratulations for you guide, very clear and simple also for me (new for Linux..).
I've tried to setup the configuration with Internet access (not the autohotspot). Everything goes fine (dhcp, hotspot, etc.) and from my laptop, connected to the new hotspot, I'm able to connect to RPi via VNC Viewer...But, neither from my laptop and neither from the RPi itself, I'm able to browse the web.
First of all I've to say that, in order to have the HotSpot up (two opposite green arrow in the upper right corner of the screen), I had to delete, in wpa_supplicant.conf, rows related to the configration of my home wiFi...
This is the config I have at my home:
And this is the config with my little RPi 3b:

As I told you, I wasn't able to navigate also from the RPi...any test I can make in order to understand the problem?
I've alredy tried to:
1) connect PC directly to HomeRouter --> OK
2) open a web page from RPi --> enable to find addr
3) open a web page from PC ---> request time out
4) ping a www.something from RPi ---> seems to resolve the IP addr but wasn't able to perform ping
5) ping a www.something from PC --> same as above
Does make sense try to PING Pubblic IP given by my provider?

Thanks a lot