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Hi, Just wanted to thank you for sharing these instructions. Although I am not wifi or Linux literate I was able to follow your tutorial without any big issues. I have however run into a showstopper.

My home setup consists of a RPI Zero W running the latest Raspian OS and a TP-LINK dual band router (uses the 192.168.0.XXX IPs). The home wifi for the 2.4 band is currently on channel 11. Prior to making any changes I was able to connect to the PI from both an Android tablet and Windows 10 computer using Real VNC. I was also able to see the PI on my network using the EZ File Manager app.

After following your tutorial I powered down my PI and turned off my router. I powered up the PI and it created a hotspot network. I was able to sign on to the hotspot with my Android tablet and connect to the PI using VNC per your instructions. I then powered off the PI and turned my router back on, powered up the PI and it connected to my home network. Very happy camper at this point.

However, after I signed back on to my home network, and attempted to connect to the PI thru VNC the connection failed on both Windows and Android and I could no longer see the PI using EZ File Manager when I did a scan of my home network. I retried over several hours with no luck.

I then followed your directions and disabled your script. When I rebooted I was immediately able the connect on both Windows and Android thru VNC.

I'd love to get this resolved because it would be a great option when I am traveling and just need a local network (without internet) to wirelessly connect several devices.

Again, thanks for your work. If you have suggestions, or can point me to something to check, or need any additional info please let me know. Ed