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Hi Roboberry,

First of all thank you so so much for creating this script very nice tutorial for all of us. It is very well written and its very nice that you answer all questions and work hard to fix the problems we have with this script.

I had the same issue as Mark had. I installed several versions of Raspbian Jessie & Stretch and i went through all the comments but nothing was working for me even i tested the script on pi3 and zero W as well but on the reboot it was always creating the hotspot. I am very new to RPi and script so i don't know much about it. Yesterday i was trying to see what happening in your script i and found this line "if (echo "$ssidreply" | grep "$ssid") >/dev/null 2>&1" once you pointed it out for Mark. I edited (grep "$ssid") to (echo "$ssid") and it worked for me without any issue. I googled for grep command and found out it is for Searching text in a file or something. So please guide me if i did something wrong. I also need the script which Peter Allday sent you for adding a web service and web page that gets served up on boot, and displays the list of available networks.

Thanks again sir.