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Hi Carlos, It seems a bit strange that the Ethernet can access the hotspot IP. Dnsmasq settings are for wlan0 and not eth0. The ethernet IP should be generated by the network it is connected to, so for me the ethernet is from my router at the hotspot for wifi devices is generated by the PI and gets routed the the Internet via the ip tables.
Check that the dnsmasq and hostapd services are disabled from auto staring
sudo systemctl disable dnsmasq
sudo systemctl disable hostapd

I presume there is no additional config for your ip added to /etc/dhcpcd.conf

I have updated my OS and tested it on a Pi3 and a PI3 B+, which generated a hotspot and managed to connect my PC, android tablet, the other pi to the hotspot and ssh from them all. So I can't reproduce your issue. Though Adam R is reporting ssh issues so maybe something has changed in the last update but unfortunately im not getting it.

Your welcome to email me you config files and copy of the script and I will check them out on my pi but they should be the same.