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Dear Roboberry,

Excuse me, I did not explain myself. What I meant is that as long as an Ethernet cable is plugged into the RPi *before* the hotspot (hostapd + dnsmasq) is started (not started on boot but with cron-driven /usr/bin/autohotspotN instead) I can connect to the wi-fi network generated by the RPi, ping its IP (which in my case is x.x.100.1) and access it through SSH (of course through wlan0). Once the hotspot is initiated this way I can unplug the Etherne cable and I am still able to ping and SSH the RPi as before.

On the other hand, if no Ethernet cable is connected to the RPi before the hotspot initialization, I can connect to the wi-fi generated by the RPi but I cannot ping or SSH it. I tried to plug the Ethernet cable after this but it does not work as if it were plugged before de hotspot starting (i.e. I still cannot ping or SSH the RPi).

In the second case my PC gets an IP from the configured range in the RPi, subnet mask and gateway IP as expected. I can also access the RPi via eth0 and check (systemctl status) the hostapd and dnsmasq and everything seems to be OK. The only thing that I noticed is that in the second case (no Ethernet cable plugged before hotspot initialization) my PC (and also my phone) does not connect as quickly as it does on the first case.

I appreciate the offer to review my config files but I do not think they are the root of the problem. We are missing something that occurs in my setup (and Vincent and Adam's too) which is causing the problem. I will keep investigating. Please e-mail me if you eventually find what is happening.

Thank you!