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Hi Carlos, thanks for the clarification. The IP should not be available unless dnsmasq is running. The dhcpcd service is running wifi when the network is up and there will be no ip config set up there and /etc/network/interfaces has no config in Stretch. The ip is only referenced in the autohotspotN script and will only be setup when the hotspot is generated by autohotspotN as it isn't entered in dnsmasq.conf so it dosn't make sense to me. With the PI in network mode with ethernet in, using the command ip addr do you see the ip assigned to wlan0 and is there more than one IP assigned?

Im not able to reproduce your issue, I will have a go with a new image and SD. Again with the country code for the hotspot. I know it is required for 5GHz mode using hw_mode=a in hostapd.conf but it runs fine without a country code as long as it is hw_mode=g

Thanks for the info and I will let you know if I can find the issue.