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seems like my issue is similar to posted by rustyferret

When my PI is connected to my wifi router, in the resolv.conf, the name server shows and not getting updated i believe for some reason.

i checked for the hooks- it shows as follows
/lib/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-hooks $ ls
01-test 02-dump 10-wpa_supplicant 20-resolv.conf 30-hostname 50-ntp.conf

any clues on what i should be looking at next?

Shawn S

(sorry i posted this on the wrong page earlier where you have the instructions for auto hotspot and wifi with internet connection- what i am really looking for is di

Thanks for putting together a great tutorial. I think I followed all the steps but the issue I am facing is after my PI reboots, it assigns itself a static IP of which I believe is the IP it uses in the hotspot mode. I have confirmed that it is indeed connecting to my WiFi router which should assign the IP an ip in the range of 192.168.1.x

For some reason it seems after following all these steps, the PI is not using dhcp client when connecting to the WiFi router .

Any idea what I may have missed?

Some additional info:

The switching between the hotspot and WiFi client mode seems to be working. I can connect to the pi with in the hotspot mode.

In the WiFi mode, I checked in the router and it seems like it does assign to MAC of the pi. So I tried using that to connect to the PI and it works with vnc and ssh

After connecting to PI, I did command IP addr on the terminal and it shows first and the as the 2nd ip. So looks like in the WiFi mode, 2 IP addresses are getting assigned to the wlan0 interface.

when i do ifconfig, even when it is connected to my wifi router, it only shows the ipaddress

Is this expected ?

The issue this is causing is I cannot connect to my pi using the hostname (rpi.local) as it does not seem to get broadcasted on the 192.168.1.x network (my WiFi routers lan). It seems like it is getting broadcasted on 10.x network

Also from my PI, when it is connected to my wifi router, DNS does not seem to work. from the PI terminal, i can ping and i get responses back. But when i ping, responses time out. I cannot go to any websites on the web browser.

Shawn S