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Hi Shawn S, other users have reported a similar issue but I have not been able to replicate it to look into it properly as it seems to only affect some users.
The ip is only referenced in the autohotspot script when a hotspot is activated so if no hotspot has been generated it can't be assigned.
When it goes from the hotspot to the network th ip is cleared so shouldn't show.
It it is possible that dnsmasq is running while you are connected to the router, if it is you do see both ip's but network wifi takes priority.
could you check that with sudo systemctl status dnsmasq
and let me know as I would like to get to the bottom of this. If that is not the case.
The country code is important for wifi and this not being set for some users has caused issues.
in /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf is should start with
ctrl_interface=DIR=/var/run/wpa_supplicant GROUP=netdev
where GB is your country.
also in /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf add in the country code as well.
another thing to try is let the autohotspot script start up wifi instead of dhcpcd. dhcpcd will still work it just won't start network wifi.
in /etc/dhcpcd.conf add the line
nohook wpa_supplicant
The resolve.conf file should get updated every time wlan0 is brought down and up again and when dhcpcd is started or refreshed so I think this is a symptom of why you are seeing bot IP addresses.
try entering; sudo dhcpcd -n wlan0
which will refresh dhcpcd network and see if that makes it work, it's not a fix but let me know if it makes a difference.
Let me know how it goes.