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Hi, i did everything exactly the same as the above. but it seems that i can't found the hotspot name RpiHotspot.
here is my condition :
-Raspi 1 b+ version 1.2
-TL - WN722N v3 (tplink)
-I have rebooted it once (after the configuration of the hotspot)
-The logo near clock are two arrows facing opposite directions (and it's blue)
-My main internet connection are from Laptop using ethernet cable, and it can still be used.
-Before i reboot my rpi1, i can still see nearby wifi connection in raspi desktop. But after i reboot it, there aren't any wifi nearby shown.

So i think i've set it up as a router but not as an access point (hotspot). how to troubleshoot this? I'm sorry if my english is bad, and please help.. thankyou.