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Hi Rosario, Thank you for the Donation it is very much appreciated.
I don't use a firewall myself with the script but the guide does have the separate modifications to the ip tables if you use the firewalld Linux firewall, in the Firewalled section just above Testing the hotspot.
If you are not using that or not able to used Firewalled then let me know what one you are using and I will see what adaptions it needs.

Regarding the Change Log; I was considering that as there were a few tweaks this time. Adding a text file to a change log would probably be a good option.

Recent changes are: dealing with some more network error messages that may happen. The changes to DHCPCD.conf now give control to autohotspot script as some setups needed it, so it is safer to make it the default setup.
Hostapd now uses 80211N, I will probably include a 5ghz option for PI3B+ soon. I have given the script longer to check if the network is connected before it decides it has failed and goes to a hotspot.
I will put a more detailed log up. Thanks