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Hi Frank
Your welcome :)
The ip address is set in the autohotspot script in the section
echo "Creating Hotspot"
ip link set dev "$wifidev" down
ip a add brd + dev "$wifidev"
ip link set dev "$wifidev" up
dhcpcd -k "$wifidev" >/dev/null 2>&1
systemctl start dnsmasq
systemctl start hostapd
you have quoted the ip for the internet version of the script! but it is in the same place

if you are using 192.168.50.# then you can just change the last number in this script.
If you need to change any other part of the ip address then you also have to make the changes in the /etc/dnsmasq.conf file.

This line dhcp-range=,,12h need to be changed to the same first 3 numbers as what you put in the autohotspot script.

So if you wanted ip

change the autohotspot entry to
change dnsmasq.conf to

the port number :5900 is added by VNC so not part of the setup.