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Hi there. Great detailed write-up. I am completely new to Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and my terminal line code Kung-Fu has always been week. I have Raspbian Stretch 4.14 installed I think its the full desktop version. I have tried this hotspot setup 3 times now with zero results. Each try was with a fresh OS install and updates. A friend did this with his and it worked on the first try. has has the rasp 3B+ as well. I have tried the trouble shooting commands and still nothing.

I know when I do this mod the wifi keeps asking for me to input the wifi country and i do but it never takes it looks like. The wifi will also say wlan0: not associated. I literally copied and pasted these commands in and tweaked the lines as need per your instructions.

Just not sure what else to do. My end results is I just want to be able to VNC in without any outside network help directly from my VNC app on my tablet.