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Hi TomP

You should be ok with the latest pi version of dnsmasq (2.76), that is a precaution from a reported issue but seems to be fine in general.

What specific issue are you having with the hotspot, does it go through the motions of creating a hotspot but then it doesn't come up?

First of all in terminal run the autohotspotN script manually.
sudo /usr/bin/autohotspotN

If the feedback says that it has generated a hotspot then check the status of dnsmasq with
sudo systemctl status dnsmasq or sudo journalctl -xe
these will show you if there are any errors with dnsmasq running.

it should say status running

do the same for hostapd
sudo systemctl status hostapd
this also should say running.

also check that network wifi is down as the hotspot will fail if wifi is still up
wpa_cli status -i wlan0
it should say failed to connect to non-global......
If that's is still up the check the nohooks line in dhcpcd.conf but I suspect that is fine.

Let me know what results you get