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Hi Luigi, The DHCPCD server is restarted as part of bringing the network back up in KillHotspot, its the last line. So you don't need to reactivate it there.
Having the dhcpcd server running with wlan0 during the hotspot will cause there to be two IP addresses active on wlan0 . see ip addr
On a previous version of the script I did leave dhcpcd running with dnsmasq, showing the blue arrows, and it worked fine for me as you are also finding but several users found that other services such as streaming lost connection if the streaming service connected to dhcpcd before dnsmasq started. Also some devices see the connection as unstable and don't connect to the hotspot.
So if it works for your use then thats ok but for it to fit the widest range of users dhcpcd needs to be stopped on wlan0 for the hotspot, which causes the two red crosses for the wifi icon but is correct.
I presume you have an issue with dnsmasq that is causing the issue either in the config or the dns-root-data issue.