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Marmalade - Raspberry Pi OS Preview

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A completely new re-imagined and re-designed Linux operating system for Raspberry Pi.Built on a rock-solid Linux architecture.Work is still in beta stage.


Just posting up 1 month of work on new OS for for Arm arch.Ever since me and my friends got hold of this great piece of hardware we were thrilled for it's possibilities.But quite disappointed at non responsive UI and dry apps we decided to simplify it a bit (and then it's bytes).

Work is still in beta stage and current demo is meant to showcase the potential of ARM chip.The current desktop manager feature very minimalistic set up.It has control panel to list basic hardware info and bash shell.Interface binding is mainly driven by python at the moment with Qt and OpenGL ES.We also managed to run animated OpenGL ES desktop.Although it sucks up juice of SoC but it seems fun to show it for a while.

And one more thing....

It feature an amazingly cool interface to access GPIO. We have name it 'Yoke'. The screenshots attached below are prototyped in image editor to closely resemble the real one.We don't have anything running to capture it live in current desktop manager.You can see it in action in video below:







I'll be posting up updates soon in forum.We are currently tangled in application compatibility layer.Please let us know your thoughts on project and would like to help us out in problems.




















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  • Comment Link Graeme Friday, 26 February 2016 19:57 posted by Graeme

    Hi Ben

    I don't think anything happened with Marmalade.
    Been no sign of it since 2013 when the author posted this article, unfortunately.

  • Comment Link Ben Thursday, 25 February 2016 06:41 posted by Ben

    This looks cool - I would DEFFO get this OS for my Pi....and I am sure they look like guitar effects pedals in the picture!!!

    I had to download Audacity and use an old Sony PS2 USB mic input to connect my guitar to my Pi - and process the sound. It worked...but... low quality sound, I had to Record to get playback and then manually change effects and settings afterwards, and I was limited to Audacity's settings. If that is what it looks like then that is amazing. I looked in to Pure Data for effects programming but have only just started Python - to learn somethingelse from scratch is a headache right now.

    I had a Guitar-rig program with built in effects and amp settings on another machine (xp) this type of thing hadnt been done yet so would be AMAZING

    Imagine a breadboard type circuit board connected to the Pi's GPIO with push-buttons as effects pedal switches.....but with the Pi doing the digital work instead of physical components / hardware for each type of effect! Awesome. I look forward to getting this image!

  • Comment Link Joseph Chance Watkins Sunday, 05 July 2015 00:20 posted by Joseph Chance Watkins

    This is awesome. Thanks for sharing the vid with us; Jesus Christ Bless! :)


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