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hi sckam, the temperature sensor is a 1 wire sensor. The only gpio pin on the raspberry pi that can use 1 wire sensors is GPIO 4 under the BCM numbering format (4th one on left)

On the AIY Voice board it is connected to Drivers 0 pins on the right of the board. From the Temperature sensor this is Yellow under the D in Drivers, Red under V and black under S.
If you haven't already you need to activate 1 wire mode in the desktop menu - preferences/Raspberry Pi Configuration. Then go to the interfaces tab and change 1 wire to enable.

Then the code will work. Unfortunately you will need to move the light from GPIO4 to 27 instead.

My example code expects the sensor to be connected at all times so when it is not connected the AIY Voice software will fail to run.

Let me know if you need further help.