JavaScript Packages

JavaScript Packages

To install Raspbian software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt-get update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt-get install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt-get command

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WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can't guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version: Jess(#) = Raspbian Jessie, Stretch(#) = Raspbian Stretch, Stretch & Jess(#) = same version for both. If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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  • libjs-d3

    Stretch:(3.5.17-2) Jess:(3.4.11-2) JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG www
  • libjs-dateformat

    Stretch:(1.0.11-3+deb9u1) JavaScript Date Format www
  • libjs-es6-shim

    Stretch:(0.35.3+ds-1) ECMAScript 6 compat. shims for legacy JavaScript engines (library) www
  • libjs-jquery-datatables

    Stretch:(1.10.13+dfsg-2) jQuery plug-in that makes nice tables from different data sources www
  • libjs-jquery-selectize.js

    Stretch:(0.12.3+dfsg-1.1) Extensible jQuery-based custom select UI control www
  • libjs-jquery-ui

    Stretch:(1.12.1+dfsg-4) Jess:(1.10.1+dfsg-1) JavaScript UI library for dynamic web applications www
  • libjs-jquery-ui-docs

    Stretch:(1.12.1+dfsg-4) Jess:(1.10.1+dfsg-1) Documentation for JQuery-UI www
  • libjs-mathjax

    Stretch:(2.7.0-2) Jess:(2.4-2) JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML www
  • libjs-mgrs

    Stretch:(0.0.3-3) Javascript for converting between WGS84 lat/lng and MGRS coordinates www
  • libjs-mocha

    Stretch:(1.20.1-7) Jess:(1.20.1-1) simple, flexible, fun test framework - JavaScript library www
  • libjs-openlayers

    Stretch:(2.13.1+ds2-4) Jess:(2.11+ds1-1) JavaScript library for displaying map data in web browsers www
  • libjs-proj4

    Stretch:(2.3.17+ds-1) JavaScript library to transform point coordinates systems www
  • libjs-rickshaw

    Stretch:(1.5.1.dfsg-2) Jess:(1.5.0.dfsg-1) JavaScript toolkit for interactive time series graph www
  • libjs-simple-fmt

    Stretch:(0.1.0+20130419-3) maximally minimal string formatting library (JavaScript lib) www
  • libjs-simple-is

    Stretch:(0.2.0+20130421-2) maximally minimal type-testing library (JavaScript lib) www
  • libjs-soundmanager2

    Stretch:(2.97a.20150601+dfsg2-1) cross-platform audio player API www
  • libjs-stringmap

    Stretch:(0.2.2+20130926-2) fast and robust stringmap (JavaScript lib) www
  • libjs-stringset

    Stretch:(0.2.1+20130926-2) fast and robust stringset (JavaScript lib) www
  • libjs-uglify

    Stretch:(2.7.5-2) UglifyJS in library form www
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  • node-acorn

    Stretch:(4.0.4-2) ECMAScript parser for Node.js www
  • node-ast-types

    Stretch:(0.9.4-1) Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API www
  • node-brace-expansion

    Stretch:(1.1.6-1+deb9u1) Brace expansion as known from sh/bash for Node.js www
  • node-browserify-lite

    Stretch:(0.3.0-2) Jess:(0.2.2-1) bundle client-side JavaScript using Node.js-style module syntax www
  • node-concat-stream

    Stretch:(1.5.1-2) writable stream that concatenates strings www
  • node-dateformat

    Stretch:(1.0.11-3+deb9u1) JavaScript Date Format www
  • node-es6-shim

    Stretch:(0.35.3+ds-1) ECMAScript 6 compat. shims for legacy JavaScript engines (Node.js) www
  • node-fs-extra

    Stretch:(2.0.0-1) fs-extra contains methods not included in the Node.js fs module www
  • node-gettext-parser

    Stretch:(1.2.2-1) Parse and compile gettext po and mo files to/from json www
  • node-grunt-contrib-copy

    Stretch:(1.0.0-2) Copy files and folders www
  • node-jison-lex

    Stretch:(0.3.4-2) lexical analyzer generator used by jison www
  • node-jquery-ui

    Stretch:(1.12.1+dfsg-4) JavaScript UI library for dynamic web applications (NodeJs) www
  • node-jsonstream

    Stretch:(1.0.3-4) streaming JSON.parse and stringify www
  • node-mgrs

    Stretch:(0.0.3-3) Utility for converting between WGS84 lat/lng and MGRS coordinates www
  • node-normalize-package-data

    Stretch:(2.3.5-2) Jess:(0.2.2-1) Normalizes package metadata - Node.js module www
  • node-posix-getopt

    Stretch:(1.2.0+20150728-2) POSIX-style getopt() www
  • node-private

    Stretch:(0.1.6+20141112-2) Utility for associating truly private state with any JavaScript object www
  • node-proj4

    Stretch:(2.3.17+ds-1) Node.js module to transform point coordinates systems www
  • node-recast

    Stretch:(0.11.20-1) Pretty printer and syntax tree transformer for JavaScript www
  • node-reserved

    Stretch:(0.1.2+20140511-2) List of JavaScript reserved words (Node.js module) www
  • node-simple-fmt

    Stretch:(0.1.0+20130419-3) Maximally minimal string formatting library (Node.js module) www
  • node-simple-is

    Stretch:(0.2.0+20130421-2) Maximally minimal type-testing library (Node.js module) www
  • node-source-map-support

    Stretch:(0.4.11+ds-1) Fixes stack traces for files with source maps www
  • node-stringmap

    Stretch:(0.2.2+20130926-2) fast and robust stringmap (Node.js module) www
  • node-stringset

    Stretch:(0.2.1+20130926-2) fast and robust stringset (Node.js module) www
  • node-supports-color

    Stretch:(3.2.3-1) Detect whether a terminal supports color in Node.js www
  • node-test

    Stretch:(0.6.0-4) (Un)CommonJS test runner www
  • node-typescript

    Stretch:(2.1.5-1) TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development www
  • node-uglify

    Stretch:(2.7.5-2) Jess:(2.4.15-1) JavaScript parser, mangler/compressor and beautifier toolkit www
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