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To install Raspbian software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt-get update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt-get install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt-get command

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WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can't guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version: Jess(#) = Raspbian Jessie, Stretch(#) = Raspbian Stretch, Stretch & Jess(#) = same version for both. If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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  • A

  • abntex

    Stretch & Jess:(0.9~beta2-5.1) LaTeX class for writing documents in ABNT standard
  • abntex2

    Stretch & Jess:(1.7.1-1) LaTeX class for writing documents in ABNT standard www
  • advi

    Stretch:(1.10.2-3) Jess:(1.10.2-2+b1) active DVI previewer and presenter www
  • advi-examples

    Stretch:(1.10.2-3) Jess:(1.10.2-2) example presentations for Active-DVI (advi) www
  • alqalam

    Stretch & Jess:(0.2-8) Qur'an typesetting macros for TeX/LaTeX www
  • aspic

    Stretch & Jess:(1.05-4) Line art generator
  • asymptote

    Stretch:(2.38-2) Jess:(2.31-2) script-based vector graphics language inspired by MetaPost www
  • auctex

    Stretch:(11.90-1) Jess:(11.87-3+deb8u1) integrated document editing environment for TeX etc. www
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  • B

  • bibclean

    Stretch & Jess:( pretty-printer for BibTeX databases www
  • bibcursed

    Stretch & Jess:(2.0.0-6) An interactive program to edit BibTeX bibliographies
  • biblatex

    Stretch & Jess:(1.7-1) Bibliographies for LaTeX www
  • biblatex-dw

    Stretch & Jess:(1.4-1) Biblatex styles for humanities www
  • bibtex2html

    Stretch:(1.98-5) Jess:(1.98-1) filters BibTeX files and translates them to HTML www
  • bibtexconv

    Stretch:(0.8.20-1+b1) Jess:(0.8.20-1) BibTeX Converter www
  • bibtool

    Stretch:(2.66+ds-4) Jess:(2.57+ds-3) tool to manipulate BibTeX files www
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  • C

  • catdvi

    Stretch & Jess:(0.14-12.1) DVI to plain text translator www
  • chaksem

    Stretch & Jess:(1.7b-5.1) LaTeX class for presentations
  • chemeq

    Stretch:(2.12-2) Jess:(2.12-1) Parser for chemical formula and equilibria
  • chktex

    Stretch:(1.7.6-1) Jess:(1.7.2-1) Finds typographic errors in LaTeX www
  • cjk-latex

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) installs all LaTeX CJK packages www
  • context

    Stretch:(2016.05.17.20160523-1) Jess:(2014.05.21.20140528-2) powerful TeX format
  • context-modules

    Stretch:(20160520-1) Jess:(20140528-2) additional ConTeXt modules
  • csv2latex

    Stretch:(0.20-1) Jess:(0.18.1-1) command-line CSV to LaTeX file converter www
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  • D

  • dvi2dvi

    Stretch:(2.0alpha-10) Jess:(2.0alpha-9.2+b1) Tweak DVI files www
  • dvi2ps

    Stretch & Jess:(5.1j-1.2) TeX DVI-driver for NTT JTeX, MulTeX and ASCII pTeX
  • dvi2ps-fontdesc-morisawa5

    Stretch & Jess:(0.5) fontdesc files of dvi2ps for Morisawa Basic-5 type faces
  • dvidvi

    Stretch:(1.0-8.2) Jess:(1.0-8etch2) Manipulate .dvi files www
  • dvifb

    Stretch & Jess:(1:01.03-14.2+b1) dvi viewer for framebuffer devices
  • dvilx

    Stretch & Jess:(1:01.03-14.2+b1) dvi viewer for X
  • dvipost

    Stretch & Jess:(1.1-4) Post processor for dvi files supporting change bars www
  • dvips-fontdata-n2bk

    Stretch:(0.0.2001.12.12-4) Jess:(0.0.2001.12.12-3) Virtual font data to process dvi files generated by NTT-JTeX
  • dvipsk-ja

    Stretch & Jess:(5.98+p1.7b-1.1) DVI-to-PostScript translator with Japanese support
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  • E

  • epix

    Stretch:(1.2.16-3) Jess:(1.2.14-1) Create mathematically accurate line figures, plots and movies
  • equalx

    Stretch:(0.7.1-4+b2) Jess:(0.7.1-3) graphical editor for LaTeX equations www
  • etoolbox

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2.1-1) TeX Live: transitional dummy package www
  • extractpdfmark

    Stretch:(1.0.1-1) Extract page mode and named destinations as PDFmark from PDF www
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  • F

  • feynmf

    Stretch:(1.08-10) Jess:(1.08-9) set of LaTeX macros for creating Feynman diagrams www
  • fig2ps

    Stretch & Jess:(1.5-1) Converts xfig files into ps, eps or pdf files using LaTeX for processing text www
  • fragmaster

    Stretch:(1.7-5) Jess:(1.7-4) use of psfrag constructs with pdflatex www
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  • G

  • glosstex

    Stretch:(0.4.dfsg.1-4) Jess:(0.4.dfsg.1-3) prepare glossaries and lists of acronyms www
  • gummi

    Stretch:(0.6.6-2) Jess:(0.6.5-3+deb8u2) GTK+ based LaTeX editor with live preview www
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  • H

  • hevea

    Stretch:(2.29-1) Jess:(2.18-1) translates from LaTeX to HTML, info, or text www
  • hyphen-show

    Stretch & Jess:(20000425-3) Show hyphenations in DVI-files
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  • J

  • jabref

    Stretch:(3.8.1+ds-3) Jess:(2.10+ds-3) graphical frontend to manage BibTeX and BibLaTeX databases www
  • jadetex

    Stretch:(3.13-17) Jess:(3.13-14) transitional dummy package www
  • jbibtex-base

    Stretch:(1:2.5-3) Jess:(1:2.5-2.1) make a bibliography for ASCII p(La)TeX / NTT j(La)TeX
  • jlatex209-base

    Stretch & Jess:(2.1-1.1) basic NTT JLaTeX 2.09 macro files
  • jtex-base

    Stretch & Jess:(2.1-1.1) basic NTT JTeX library files
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  • K

  • kile

    Stretch:(4:2.1.3-4) Jess:(4:2.1.3-2+b1) KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment www
  • klatexformula

    Stretch:(3.3.0~beta-1) Jess:(3.2.7-1) GUI to easily get an image from a LaTeX formula or equation www
  • ko.tex

    Stretch & Jess:(0.1.0+20071012-1.1) Korean TeX: Core macros
  • ko.tex-base

    Stretch & Jess:(0.1.0+20071012-1.2) Korean TeX: Base fonts
  • ko.tex-bin

    Stretch & Jess:(0.1.0+20071012-1.1) Korean TeX: Binaries and scripts
  • ko.tex-extra

    Stretch & Jess:(0.1.0+20071012-1.2) Korean TeX: Extra fonts
  • ko.tex-extra-hlfont

    Stretch & Jess:(0.1.0-1) Korean TeX: Extra HLaTeX fonts
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  • L

  • lacheck

    Stretch:(1.26-17) Jess:(1.26-14) Simple syntax checker for LaTeX www
  • latex-cjk-all

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) installs all LaTeX CJK packages www
  • latex-cjk-chinese

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) Chinese module of LaTeX CJK www
  • latex-cjk-chinese-arphic-bsmi00lp

    Stretch & Jess:(1.23) AR PL Mingti2L Big5 fonts for CJK www
  • latex-cjk-chinese-arphic-gbsn00lp

    Stretch & Jess:(1.23) AR PL SungtiL GB fonts for CJK www
  • latex-cjk-chinese-arphic-gkai00mp

    Stretch & Jess:(1.23) AR PL KaitiM GB fonts for CJK www
  • latex-cjk-common

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) LaTeX macro package for CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) www
  • latex-cjk-japanese

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) Japanese module of LaTeX CJK www
  • latex-cjk-korean

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) Korean module of LaTeX CJK www
  • latex-cjk-thai

    Stretch:(4.8.4+git20150701-2) Jess:(4.8.3+git20140831-1) Thai module of LaTeX CJK www
  • latex-coffee-stains

    Stretch:(4-5) Jess:(4-3) Add a coffee stain to your LaTeX documents www
  • latex-make

    Stretch:(2.2.3-2) Jess:(2.1.19-2) easy compiling of complex (and simple) LaTeX documents www
  • latex-mk

    Stretch:(2.1-2) Jess:(2.1-1.3) tool for managing LaTeX projects www
  • latex-sanskrit

    Stretch:(2.2-10) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) pre-processor and fonts to typeset Sanskrit in TeX www
  • latex209-base

    Stretch:(25.mar.1992-17) Jess:(25.mar.1992-15) macro files of LaTeX 2.09 25-mar-1992 version
  • latex209-bin

    Stretch:(25.mar.1992-17) Jess:(25.mar.1992-15) latex209 command for LaTeX 2.09 25-mar-1992 version
  • latex209-src

    Stretch:(25.mar.1992-17) Jess:(25.mar.1992-15) source files of macros of LaTeX 2.09 25-mar-1992 version
  • latex2html

    Stretch:(2015-debian1-1) Jess:(2008-debian1-10) LaTeX to HTML translator
  • latex2rtf

    Stretch:(2.3.10-1) Jess:(2.3.8-1+b1) Converts documents from LaTeX to RTF format www
  • latexdiff

    Stretch:(1.1.1-2) Jess:(1.0.4-1) utility to mark up significant differences between LaTeX files www
  • latexila

    Stretch:(3.22.0-1) Jess:(3.14.0-1) LaTeX editor designed for the GNOME desktop www
  • latexila-data

    Stretch:(3.22.0-1) Jess:(3.14.0-1) LaTeXila editor -- arch-independent files www
  • latexmk

    Stretch:(1:4.41-1) Jess:(1:4.39-1) Perl script for running LaTeX the correct number of times
  • latexml

    Stretch:(0.8.1-1) Jess:(0.8.0-1) LaTeX to XML Converter www
  • lintex

    Stretch:(1.14-1) Jess:(1.13-1) automatic cleanup of old TeX-related files www
  • logreq

    Stretch & Jess:(1.0-1) LaTeX compiling helper www
  • luasseq

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2.1-6) TeX Live: transitional dummy package www
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  • M

  • m-tx

    Stretch:(0.61.ctan20151217-3) Jess:(0.60d.ctan20131224-1) transitional dummy package
  • makejvf

    Stretch & Jess:(1.1a+0-2) generate VF file from japanese TeX TFM file for dvips
  • mathpartir

    Stretch:(1.2.0-6) Jess:(1.2.0-4) LaTeX macros for typesetting inference rules www
  • mendexk

    Stretch & Jess:(2.6e-3.2) a replacement for makeindex with many enhancements
  • mftrace

    Stretch:(1.2.18-3) Jess:(1.2.18-2) Converts Metafont fonts into Type1 fonts
  • mlpost

    Stretch:(0.8.1-6+b1) Jess:(0.8.1-6) OCaml interface to Metapost (command-line tool) www
  • multex-base

    Stretch & Jess:(1.0-1.1) basic MulTeX library files
  • musixtex

    Stretch:(1:1.20.ctan20151216-4) Jess:(1:1.15.ctan20131214-1+b1) transitional dummy package
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  • N

  • nbibtex

    Stretch:(0.9.18-11) Jess:(0.9.18-10) Powerful, flexible replacement for bibtex www
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  • O

  • ocaml-melt

    Stretch:(1.4.0-1+b2) Jess:(1.4.0-1+b1) LaTeX with OCaml (tools) www
  • okumura-clsfiles

    Stretch & Jess:(2009.08.23-1) Modified jclasses.dtx of ASCII pLaTeX and so on www
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  • P

  • pfb2t1c2pfb

    Stretch & Jess:(0.3-10) convert pfb into more compressible format and back
  • pmw

    Stretch:(1:4.28-4) Jess:(1:4.28-1) Philip's Music Writer www
  • pmx

    Stretch:(2.7.0.ctan20150301-4) Jess:(2.7.0.ctan20131214-1+b1) transitional dummy package
  • prerex

    Stretch:(6.5.3-1+b2) Jess:(6.5.3-1) course prerequisite chart editor for LaTeX/TikZ www
  • preview-latex-style

    Stretch:(11.90-1) Jess:(11.87-3+deb8u1) extraction of elements from LaTeX documents as graphics www
  • prosper

    Stretch:(1.00.4+cvs.2007.05.01-4.1) Jess:(1.00.4+cvs.2007.05.01-4) LaTeX class for writing transparencies www
  • ptex-base

    Stretch:(1:2.5-3) Jess:(1:2.5-2.1) basic ASCII pTeX library files
  • ptex-buildsupport

    Stretch & Jess:(3.0-3) Support files for building ASCII pTeX
  • ptex-jisfonts

    Stretch & Jess:(2-21.2) Provide an environment of jis.tfm and jisg.tfm for pTeX/dvips
  • purifyeps

    Stretch & Jess:(1.1-2) creates EPS files usable in TeX and pdfTeX
  • pybtex

    Stretch:(0.20.1-1) Jess:(0.18-1) BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor www
  • python-plastex

    Stretch:(0.9.2-1.1) Jess:(0.9.2-1) LaTeX document processing framework in Python www
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  • R

  • rubber

    Stretch:(1.4-2) Jess:(1.1+20100306-6) automated system for building LaTeX documents www
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  • S

  • sagetex

    Stretch:(3.0+ds-4) Embed Sage code and plots into LaTeX www
  • scalable-cyrfonts-tex

    Stretch:(4.17) Jess:(4.16+nmu1) Scalable Cyrillic fonts for TeX
  • search-ccsb

    Stretch:(0.5-4) Jess:(0.5-3) BibTeX search tool
  • search-citeseer

    Stretch:(0.3-2) Jess:(0.3-1) BibTeX search tool
  • sgf2dg

    Stretch & Jess:(4.026-10) Creates TeX files from Go game records www
  • src2tex

    Stretch:(2.12h-9) Jess:(2.12h-8) converter from source program files to TeX format files
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  • T

  • tetex-brev

    Stretch:(4.22.github.20140417-3) Jess:(4.22.github.20140417-2) Norwegian A4 letter style for LaTeX www
  • tetex-frogg

    Stretch & Jess:(0.4-3) Little collection of French LaTeX/BiBTeX styles
  • tex-common

    Stretch:(6.06) Jess:(5.03) common infrastructure for building and installing TeX
  • tex4ht

    Stretch:(20160814-1) Jess:(20090611-1.1+b1) transitional dummy package
  • texlive

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: A decent selection of the TeX Live packages www
  • texlive-base

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: Essential programs and files www
  • texlive-bibtex-extra

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: BibTeX additional styles www
  • texlive-binaries

    Stretch:(2016.20160513.41080.dfsg-2) Jess:(2014.20140926.35254-6) Binaries for TeX Live www
  • texlive-extra-utils

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs www
  • texlive-font-utils

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Graphics and font utilities www
  • texlive-formats-extra

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Additional formats www
  • texlive-full

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: metapackage pulling in all components of TeX Live www
  • texlive-games

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Games typesetting www
  • texlive-generic-extra

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Generic additional packages www
  • texlive-generic-recommended

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: Generic recommended packages www
  • texlive-htmlxml

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) TeX Live: HTML/SGML/XML support www
  • texlive-humanities

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Humanities packages www
  • texlive-lang-african

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: African scripts www
  • texlive-lang-all

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: metapackage depending on all TeX Live language packages www
  • texlive-lang-arabic

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Arabic www
  • texlive-lang-chinese

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Chinese www
  • texlive-lang-cjk

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base) www
  • texlive-lang-cyrillic

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Cyrillic www
  • texlive-lang-czechslovak

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Czech/Slovak www
  • texlive-lang-english

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: US and UK English www
  • texlive-lang-european

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Other European languages www
  • texlive-lang-french

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: French www
  • texlive-lang-german

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: German www
  • texlive-lang-greek

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Greek www
  • texlive-lang-indic

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Indic scripts www
  • texlive-lang-italian

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Italian www
  • texlive-lang-japanese

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Japanese www
  • texlive-lang-korean

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Korean www
  • texlive-lang-other

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Other languages www
  • texlive-lang-polish

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Polish www
  • texlive-lang-portuguese

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Portuguese www
  • texlive-lang-spanish

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Spanish www
  • texlive-latex-base

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: LaTeX fundamental packages www
  • texlive-latex-extra

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: LaTeX additional packages www
  • texlive-latex-recommended

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: LaTeX recommended packages www
  • texlive-luatex

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: LuaTeX packages www
  • texlive-metapost

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: MetaPost and Metafont packages www
  • texlive-music

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Music packages www
  • texlive-omega

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: Omega packages www
  • texlive-pictures

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: Graphics, pictures, diagrams www
  • texlive-plain-extra

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Plain TeX packages www
  • texlive-pstricks

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: PSTricks www
  • texlive-publishers

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Publisher styles, theses, etc. www
  • texlive-science

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-1) TeX Live: Mathematics and science packages www
  • texlive-xetex

    Stretch:(2016.20170123-5) Jess:(2014.20141024-2+deb8u1) TeX Live: XeTeX and packages www
  • texmaker

    Stretch:(4.5-1) Jess:(4.3-1) cross-platform LaTeX editor www
  • texmaker-data

    Stretch:(4.5-1) Jess:(4.3-1) Texmaker LaTeX editor -- arch-independent files www
  • tipa

    Stretch & Jess:(2:1.3-20) system for processing phonetic symbols in LaTeX www
  • tk-brief

    Stretch:(5.10-0.1) Jess:(5.9-1.1) GUI for easily writing letters with LaTeX
  • tralics

    Stretch & Jess:(2.14.4-2) LaTeX to XML translator www
  • tth

    Stretch:(4.08+ds-2) Jess:(4.05+ds-1+b1) TeX/LaTeX to HTML converter www
  • tth-common

    Stretch:(4.08+ds-2) Jess:(4.05+ds-1+b1) auxiliary software material for TtH and TtM www
  • ttm

    Stretch:(4.08+ds-2) Jess:(4.05+ds-1+b1) TeX/LaTeX to MathML converter www
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  • U

  • uicilibris

    Stretch:(1.13-1) Jess:(1.12-1) convert mediawiki contents to a printable book www
  • untex

    Stretch:(1:1.2-6) Jess:(1:1.2-5) remove LaTeX commands from input www
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  • V

  • vfdata-morisawa5

    Stretch & Jess:(0.0.20020122-14) Font files for Morisawa Basic-5 type faces for pTeX
  • vftool

    Stretch & Jess:(2.0alpha-4.1) a tool to generate VF files for dvi2ps/dvi2dvi
  • vprerex

    Stretch:(6.5.3-1+b2) Jess:(6.5.3-1) Qt interface to prerex, a course prerequisite chart editor www
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  • W

  • whizzytex

    Stretch & Jess:(1.3.2-1.3) a WYSIWYG emacs environment for LaTeX
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  • X

  • xdvik-ja

    Stretch:(22.87.03+j1.42-1) Jess:(22.84.16-j1.40+t1lib-1) Japanized DVI Previewer for the X Window System
  • xmltex

    Stretch:(1.9.debian.1-6) Jess:(1.9.debian.1-3) transitional dummy package
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  • Y

  • yatex

    Stretch:(1.77+dfsg1-4) Jess:(1.77+dfsg1-3) Yet Another TeX mode for Emacs www
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