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Models of Raspberry Pi

WhatisaRPI sml

What is a Raspberry Pi and what are the different models?

Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages


Raspberry Pi OS is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). There are 1000's of Free programs available for download.



Various Projects and Guides from the Raspberry Pi Community.


Keep connected at home and on the move with the Automatic Access Point scripts

Guides for setting up your Raspberry Pi to your home network when your at home or generate a Automated Access Point when you are out. For all models of the Raspberry Pi

AccessPopup Installer Script

AccessPopup Automated Access Point

Automated Access Point or Wifi Network connection for PiOS 12 Bookworm. AccessPopup installation and setup. 

Auto Hotspot Script Easy Installer

AutoHotspot Net Sml

Setup a Auto Hotspot or Static Hotspot with the easy installer.
For PiOS Buster & Bullseye.