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What is a Raspberry Pi and what are the different models?

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Raspberry Pi OS is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). There are 1000's of Free programs available for download.



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The long awaited Raspberry Pi has been announced with lots of new features.

 There has been debate about what a Raspberry Pi 5 would be like since the Pi 4 was released in 2019.  There was a general expectation that it would be available in 2024 due to the supply issue of the existing Pi models over the past couple of years. 

But on 28th Sept 2023 the Raspberry Pi 5 was made available for pre order with expected availability of the end of October.

With new features and over twice the speed of a Pi4, this looks to be a good device to be comfortably used as a desktop machine for most none intensive work. Such as Internet use, programming and some productivity.

The Pi4 could be used as a Desktop machine but it was sluggish in certain areas. The Pi5 looks to have the performance to make life easier and far cheaper than a laptop.

Available in 4gb & 8gb versions for £59 or £79. You will need a new 5v 5amp power supply as well and a fan.

Features include

  • Faster Processor
  • Two Camera/Display ports
  • Faster Graphics
  • Duel 4K 60fps Micro HDMI ports
  • Full speed USB 3 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • PCIe 2 port
  • Dedicated fan port
  • Real time clock with a Battery Backup header
  • The long awaited Power Switch
  • A 5v 5 amp Power supply is required

See the Full details at the Raspberry Pi site www.raspberrypi.com/products/raspberry-pi-5/




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