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What is a Raspberry Pi and what are the different models?

Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages


Raspberry Pi OS is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). There are 1000's of Free programs available for download.



Various Projects and Guides from the Raspberry Pi Community.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation have released the Raspberry Pi 2, using a more powerful quad core processor and 1gb of memory. Not only does this allow better performance from existing software but opens up access to new operating systems and software.

The new Raspberry Pi 2 uses a quad core ARMv7 processor and 1gb of memory compared to the Raspberry Pi B+ which has a single ARMv6 processor and 512mb of memory. All other features are the same to retain compatability with the projects and software that have already been developed by the millions of Raspberry Pi enthusiasts around the world.

Though the Raspberry Pi was not designed to be fast, it was good enough but demanding users always want faster bigger better. In general using the desktop, web browsers media players will be more responsive. Many of the applications available on Raspbian worked but were sluggish or unusabley slow so a RPI 2 should allow more Raspbian packages to perform at their best. And of course anybody developing their own projects have access to more power to add extra features and performance and get the best out of their tiny computer.

 I often make timelapse videos using a Raspberry Pi B with a PIcamera. This generates lots of still images that are then converted into a video with the program AVconv. The Raspberry Pi B takes hours to convert the images to a video but it only takes a few minutes to do the conversion on a desktop PC. As a test I got a 512mb Raspberry PI to convert 500 still images to a video using AVconv. I then done the same test with a Raspberry Pi 2. 

  • Raspberry Pi B took 3 hrs 11 mins
  • Raspberry Pi 2 took 8 min

As you can see that is a significant improvement, not only helped by the extra power of the Raspberry Pi 2 but also the extra memory. Other tasks won't have such a good performance gains between the two versions but this test shows that the RPI2 becomes more practical for some tasks that you would have to use a PC for. 


raspberrypi2 start guide

With several other boards on the market offering more features and power than the Raspberry Pi B+ but for a lot more money, the Raspbery Pi 2 at the same price as the model B+ of £25 will help maintain the Raspberry Pi's popularity in the micro computer market.

Now that the Raspberry Pi 2 uses the ARMv7 the headline operating systems that will be available are a version of Windows 10 later in the year and the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. Both will be interesting to see how they perform and how popular Windows will become with schools and users who are not so happy using Linux.


Find out more from the Raspberry Pi foundation here





Keep connected at home and on the move with the Automatic Hotspot scripts

Guides for setting up your Raspberry Pi to your home network when your at home or generate a Automated Hotspot when you are out. For all models of the Raspberry Pi

Auto Hotspot Script Easy Installer

AutoHotspot Net Sml

Setup a Auto Hotspot or Static Hotspot with the easy installer

Auto Hotspot Scripts with Internet

AutoHotspot Net Sml

Auto Hotspot with Internet access for Raspberry Pi's 1, 1B/+, 2, 3, 3B+ & 4

Auto Hotspot Scripts no Network

AutoHotspot Zero Sml

Auto Hotspot with NO Internet access for Raspberry Pi Zero

Static Hotspot Scripts

StaticHotspot Net Sml

Perminant Hotspot with Internet access for all Raspberry Pi's