We have a pet Hamster, which is mostly active at night being that they are nocturnal animals. Playing in silence all on its own, which may be a good thing but to me that sounds lonely. So I thought I would give it the option to have a bit of a boogie at night. So I built a music player with sensor triggers.

AccessPopup Automated Access Point article

Activate an easy Automated WiFi AccessPoint or connect to a local WiFi Network for Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm. The AP is automatically created when you are not in range of a known WiFi network. Useful for both headerless or desktop setups. 

mBot Ranger Review

 mBot ranger is a 3 in 1 remote control robot and a fun way to get started programming with drag and drop block coding and plenty of features for the more advanced programmer.

The Wio Terminal is a SAMD51-based microcontroller with a builtin display, various sensor buttons and a Raspberry Pi compatible GPIO.  This guide gives examples on using the built in features with Adafruits CircuitPython

This project was designed to take some of the chaos out of mornings by helping to organise everybody while getting ready in the mornings for work, school, collage, appointments and take some stress away from being told how little time you have left. This is a Clock that organises everybody's tasks to get them out the door on time. 

This little project is our home assistant. A Cat sitting on a Book with a  Raspberry Pi mounted inside. This contains sensors, lights, a display, google assistant, music player and network Storage.