Beneath a steel sky is a highly acclaimed graphical adventure game originally released in 1994 and is considered one of the best games adventure games of it's type. Now avalible on the Raspberry Pi.

You control Robert Foster in this point and click science fiction game set in a bleak Australian future. Robert has to find his way around Union City after city security officers kill his foster parents and kidnap him.


As a young boy he survived a helicopter crash in the Australian Outback know in the game as 'the gap' and is brought up and trained in survival skills by locals and later learns advanced electronics and mechanical skills.

While being taken back to the repressive computer controlled Union City, the helicopter crashed leaving Robert the only survivor.
Now branded as a terrorist he must make his way through the tower he finds himself in and escape through the city while being hunted down.


The game is controlled with the mouse by clicking on the scene to get Robert to walk to a location, select and use items and and interact with the characters you meet during the adventure. Each scene is a puzzle that has to be resolved to move on through the game and progress the story. You can interact with people you meet through a multiple choice question and answer system. Make the wrong choice and you will miss clues to help you complete the puzzles or get yourself in trouble.

This game is recommended for teenagers and older.


Benath a Steel Sky is available  as a Raspbian Package. To install load LXterminal

enter the command

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install beneath-a-steel-sky


For more information on how to install packages see here


Revolution Software has as announced that they will be starting work on sequel to this game.



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