Xinvaders 3D is a different approach to the classic space invaders game.

xinvaders3d 3D space invaders Raspberry Pi


Xinvaders 3D is a different approch to the space invaders game. Using Vector graphics similar in style to the old Star Wars arcade machine, this version has the whole fleet of invaders steadly get closer to the screen rather than working their way from the top to the bottom, so you need to be quick to blast them into oblivion before they get to close. Get extra points by blasting the mother ship as it travels across the screen in the background.

A simple game but still fun for a little high score competition with a friend.


Xinvaders is available a Raspbian package, to install load LXterminal and enter the commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xinvaders3d


More information on installing packages can be found here




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