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SEQUITUR is a real-time locating and communication system. SEQUITUR Ranging allows measuring within a few centimeters the distance between devices that can be hundreds of meters apart. SEQUITUR InGPS allows locating mobile users outdoors and indoor, with an accuracy within a few centimeters.

The Sequitur board is available in a stand alone version and an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi, the Sequitur Pi.

SEQUITUR Pi is equipped with four sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and
barometer) that allows combining location data with sensing to increase the range of possible
applications: augmented reality, inertial navigation, etc.

The Sequitur Pi board uses the first 26 pins of the GPIO port using the UART interface to communicate so can be used on all versions of the Raspberry Pi boards.

It has an Open API and a very rich documentation which allows a fast and effective integration with third-party systems and applications.
In this way hobbyist and developers can use and make the most with this latest generation technology, with an accessible cost.

 The Lite version for the Raspberry Pi comes in two kits, Ranging and InGPS Lite.

Ranging is made up from 2 Sequitur boards to allow the development of of tracking and positioning applications.


  • 2 SEQUITUR Pi boards
  • 2 SEQUITUR Ranging firmware and licenses
  • SEQUITUR Ranging Demo App
  • Java, C and Matlab client examples


InGPS Lite is made up from 5 Sequitur boards, 4 used as anchors and 1 used as a tag.

Up to 10 anchors are placed in known locations so the "tag", Raspberry Pi and Sequitur board, can be precisely tracked in real time by calculating the tags position in relation to the anchors. For unlimited "tags" the InGPS Pro kit is required.


  • 5 SEQUITUR Pi boards
  • 4 SEQUITUR InGPS Lite firmware licenses for anchors
  • 1 SEQUITUR InGPS Lite firmware license for tag
  • Java, C and Matlab client examples


For futher information on the Sequitur boards for the Raspberry Pi visit



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