With the Raspberry Foundations 5th Birthday this month a new and improved Raspberry Pi Zero is released. The Raspberry Pi Zero W.

The Raspberry Pi Zero W is the latest addition to the Raspberry Pi family of boards. The new features are the addition of built in wifi and bluetooth, as featured on the Raspberry Pi 3.

This is a welcome addition as it was often a decision between wifi or keyboard as the Pi Zero only has one micro usb port. Otherwise you had to use a USB hub that is a bit bulky in comparison to a Pi Zero. 

With the addition of of WiFi this makes the Raspberry Pi Zero W more convenient to use. This does mean that the price has gone up to around £10 compared to £4 for the original Pi Zero but it will cost you the difference to get a WiFi dongle anyway and you get Bluetooth as well, so still rediculosly cheap for a useful computer.

The spec for the Raspberry Pi Zero W are:

  • ARMv6 1Ghz Single core CPU (BCM2835)
  • 512MB of memory
  • mini-HDMI slot for 1080P video output
  • unpopulated 40 pin GPIO header
  • unpopulated composite video header
  • mini CSI Camera Port (an adapter is required to use a Pi Camera)
  • Wifi 802.11n
  • Bluetooth 4.1 & Bluetooth Smart Low Energy
  • size 65mm x 30mm x 5mm

With a whole range of Pi Zero add-ons and accessories, this is another great addition to the Raspberry Pi boards to help create some great projects.



 The Raspberry Pi Zero in this image has had a GPIO header added



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