A projects to build a Audio book player that can be controlled with one button. Useful for people not able to use small buttons on portable devices.

This project by Michael Clemens is a great idea to use a Raspberry Pi to play audio books without having to use a device such as a mp3 player that has small buttons which can be hard to use by anybody who has a visual of physical disability or dose not get on with the controls and menus of modern portable devices. It is controlled by one button which pauses, unpauses and skips back one track. It also remembers where you where when it was last switched off starting up in pause mode ready where it left off.


It has been designed to only hold one audio book at a time. When you want a change you plug in a usb memory stick with the new audio book and the Raspberry Pi changes them over and pauses ready to play.


Instructions to make your own one button audio book player with the python source code is available on Michael's blog









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