If you enjoy listening to Internet radio from a different time zone then here is a way that you can hear it in your time zone. This project is for BBC Radio 4.

If you like listening to Internet radio from other countries one of the issues is their time is not your time. It could mess your day up getting time checks for 8 hours in the future, unless of course you have a certain DeLorean parked outside next to your blue Police Box.  In this case Adam Foster wanted to listen to BBC Radio 4 in America but due to the timezone delay he was listening to the afternoon shows at breakfast time. So he decided to use an older radio and update it with a Raspberry PI.

The main idea is to use the BBC iplayer on a Raspberry Pi to stream and record BBC Radio 4. Then when he wants to listen to the Radio in the morning the Breakfast show is ready for him at the correct time.


Read about the project on Adams blog






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