as7262 Spectral Sensor - RaspberryConnect

The AS7262 is a  6 Channel Spectral Sensor by Pimoroni that can be programmed in Python.  This guide shows you how to setup the sensor on a Raspberry Pi and then how to use python to get the results.

Keep your internet activity private and secure with a VPN on your Raspberry Pi. But which one to choose?


An easy installer script for my AutoHotspot and Static Hotspot setups.  Allows a Raspberry Pi to automatically create a WiFi Hotspot when you are out or connect to your home network when you are home.

Seeed Studio 3D Gesture & Tracking Sheild

Make things happen with a swipe of the hand or turn up the volume with an invisable dial. A 3D Gesture and Tracking Sheild for the Raspberry Pi can turn surfaces and wearable's into control panels.

Minecraft Pi TNT path

Programming Minecraft Pi with python to make an explosive TNT path using a maze creating algorithm on the Raspberry Pi.

Sequent Microsystems: MEGA-IO is a stackable home automation  expansion card for Raspberry Pi B+, 2, 3 and Zero.

A script to allow the Raspberry Pi to connect to a know wifi router or automatically generate an Internet Hotspot Access Point if no network is found. You can then use SSH or VNC on the move and switch between the hotspot and network without a reboot.

There are many guides for creating a Raspberry Pi Access Point but from Raspbian 9 Stretch the network setup has changed, which means a lot of guides are out of date. So this guide is about setting up a Raspberry Pi Access Point for Raspbian 9 Stretch onwards. Works for Raspbian 8 Jessie and PiOS 10 Buster & PiOS Bullseye.