The Raspberry Pi makes a great low-power lightweight server for NFS (network file system), mail server, git server, and, of course, a web server.

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module is a 5 mega pixel add-on board that can be used for taking photos and high definition 1080p video which attaches to the Raspberry Pi's Camera Serial Interface (CSI).

I've expanded the Raspberry Pi beyond a simple Single Board Computer to allow it to better interface with other hardware in an industrial setting.

Pi Supply is an add-on board for the Raspberry Pi adding an on/off power switch and power managment features.

Tux Paint is a paint program designed for children with easy to use big buttons and loads of fun features to keep children entertained for hours.

Xinvaders 3D is a different approach to the classic space invaders game.

Beneath a steel sky is a highly acclaimed graphical adventure game originally released in 1994 and is considered one of the best games adventure games of it's type. Now avalible on the Raspberry Pi.

A projects to custom build a full size Pinball machine that uses a Raspberry Pi as the main computer for sensor controls and updating the display.

Solar Panle for Raspberry Pi

Got a project that means your Raspberry Pi needs to be outside? Take advantage of solar power to run you Raspberry Pi.

Kids Ruby is a program that aims to help children and beginners learn the basics of the Ruby programming language with a freindly interface and inbuilt guides and tutorials.

If you enjoy listening to Internet radio from a different time zone then here is a way that you can hear it in your time zone. This project is for BBC Radio 4.

A micro arcade machine playing classic games using a Raspberry Pi running the Mame arcade emulator.