A projects to build a Audio book player that can be controlled with one button. Useful for people not able to use small buttons on portable devices.

Raspbian is a Debian based Linux operating system for the Raspberry Pi. This OS has been developed for the RPi and it's features so is the recommended OS to use.

The RiscOS is a fast operating system designed for ARM processors. Originally owned by Acorn the makers of the BBC Micro used by schools to teach computing in the 80s.

Arch Linux Arm is a Linux operating system designed to be simple and powerful for competent Linux users.

The Raspberry Pi is equipped with a GPIO port (general purpose input/output) which allows programs to communicate directly to connect devices and circuitry. If you are interested in tinkering with electronics or expanding the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi then the GPIO is the gateway to your projects.

This educational manual by CAS is a great resource for any Raspberry Pi user interested in learning to program. It covers the basics of using the Scratch programming environment, Python, hardware projects and using Linux.

RPI-Update is a utility to update the Raspberry Pi firmware

Want to use more than one operating system with your Raspberry Pi? Then you need the Berry Boot loader.

Xbian home entertainment system based on the XBMC media player.

OpenELEC home entertainment system based on the XBMC media player.