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Models of Raspberry Pi

WhatisaRPI sml

What is a Raspberry Pi and what are the different models?

Raspbian Software Packages


Raspian is the official operating system for the Raspberry Pi. There are 1000's of Free programs available for download. This is a list of what is available.



Various Projects and Guides from the Raspberry Pi Community.


This educational manual by CAS is a great resource for any Raspberry Pi user interested in learning to program. It covers the basics of using the Scratch programming environment, Python, hardware projects and using Linux.

Computing at School (CAS) Working Group are a group of teachers that feel that computing in schools has become dull and boring so have got together to revive the subject in schools and make it an enjoyable subject again. With the Raspberry Pi Foundation having the same goals CAS has put together this educational manual to help users get started with programming and using their Raspberry Pi.

 educational manual

Contents include:

Scratch Programming;

Scratch Basics, moving sprites, animation loops, maths, artificial intelligence, control and games.

 scratch programming language

Python Programming;

Getting started, Roman Numerals and data manipulation, getting artistic, simulations and games, memory and storage, accessing the web.


Human Interfacing;

twitter, email, remote procedure calls, web applications, general purpose input/output (GPIO)


and using Linux commands


The manual is released under the creative commons 3 licence meaning you can copy, alter and share it but you cannot sell it.


Download your copy here

it is also available from the PiStore on the Raspbian desktop and


Find out more about CAS here




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Keep connected at home and on the move with the Automatic Hotspot scripts

Guides for setting up your Raspberry Pi to your home network when your at home or generate a Automated Hotspot when you are out. For all models of the Raspberry Pi

Auto Hotspot Script Easy Installer

AutoHotspot Net Sml

Setup a Auto Hotspot or Static Hotspot with the easy installer

Auto Hotspot Scripts with Internet

AutoHotspot Net Sml

Auto Hotspot with Internet access for Raspberry Pi's 1, 1B/+, 2, 3, 3B+ & 4

Auto Hotspot Scripts no Network

AutoHotspot Zero Sml

Auto Hotspot with NO Internet access for Raspberry Pi Zero

Static Hotspot Scripts

StaticHotspot Net Sml

Perminant Hotspot with Internet access for all Raspberry Pi's