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Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

Raspberry Pi OS is the offical operating system of the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). Though not the only Operarting Systems the Raspberry Pi can use, it is the one that has the setup and software managed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux OS based on Debian. As with all Linux distributions there are 1000's of free Open Source programs that can be downloaded from a Terminal Screen or a Desktop app. This section list the 1000's of programs that can be downloaded for the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, Buster version 10 and the previouse version, Stretch.

gnu-R Packages

raspberrygnu-R is an environment for statistical computing and graphics

To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version:

The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Buster, the previouse version was Stretch. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

Buster(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Buster
Stretch(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Stretch
Buster & Stretch(#) = same version for both.
If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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Last Updated: 19 September, 2021

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  • E

  • elpa-ess

    Buster:(18.10.2-1) Emacs mode for statistical programming and data analysis www
  • ess

    Buster:(18.10.2-1) Stretch:(16.10-1) Transition Package, ess to elpa-ess www
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  • L

  • littler

    Buster:(0.3.6-1) Stretch:(0.3.1-1) GNU R scripting and command-line front-end -- transition package www
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  • R

  • r-base

    Buster:(3.5.2-1) Stretch:(3.3.3-1) GNU R statistical computation and graphics system www
  • r-base-core

    Buster:(3.5.2-1) Stretch:(3.3.3-1) GNU R core of statistical computation and graphics system www
  • r-base-dev

    Buster:(3.5.2-1) Stretch:(3.3.3-1) GNU R installation of auxiliary GNU R packages www
  • r-bioc-affy

    Buster:(1.60.0-1) Stretch:(1.52.0-1) BioConductor methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays www
  • r-bioc-affyio

    Buster:(1.52.0-1) Stretch:(1.44.0-1) BioConductor tools for parsing Affymetrix data files www
  • r-bioc-altcdfenvs

    Buster:(1:2.44.0-1) Stretch:(1:2.36.0-1) BioConductor alternative CDF environments www
  • r-bioc-annotate

    Buster:(1.60.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.52.1+dfsg-1) BioConductor annotation for microarrays www
  • r-bioc-annotationdbi

    Buster:(1.44.0-1) Stretch:(1.36.1-2) GNU R Annotation Database Interface for BioConductor www
  • r-bioc-annotationfilter

    Buster:(1.6.0+dfsg-1) facilities for filtering Bioconductor annotation resources www
  • r-bioc-annotationhub

    Buster:(2.14.3+dfsg-1) Stretch:(2.6.4-1) GNU R client to access AnnotationHub resources www
  • r-bioc-aroma.light

    Buster:(3.12.0-1) Stretch:(3.4.0-1) BioConductor methods normalization and visualization of microarray data www
  • r-bioc-biobase

    Buster:(2.42.0-1) Stretch:(2.34.0-1) base functions for Bioconductor www
  • r-bioc-biocgenerics

    Buster:(0.28.0-2) Stretch:(0.20.0-1) generic functions for Bioconductor www
  • r-bioc-biocinstaller

    Buster:(1.32.1-1) Stretch:(1.24.0-1) Install/Update Bioconductor and CRAN Packages www
  • r-bioc-biocparallel

    Buster:(1.16.6-1) Stretch:(1.8.1-1) BioConductor facilities for parallel evaluation www
  • r-bioc-biomart

    Buster:(2.38.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(2.30.0-1) GNU R Interface to BioMart databases (Ensembl, COSMIC, Wormbase and Gramene) www
  • r-bioc-biomformat

    Buster:(1.10.1+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.2.0-1) GNU R interface package for the BIOM file format www
  • r-bioc-biostrings

    Buster:(2.50.2-1) Stretch:(2.42.1-1) GNU R string objects representing biological sequences www
  • r-bioc-biovizbase

    Buster:(1.30.1-1) Stretch:(1.22.0-2) GNU R basic graphic utilities for visualization of genomic data www
  • r-bioc-bitseq

    Buster:(1.26.1+dfsg-1) transcript expression inference and analysis for RNA-seq data www
  • r-bioc-bsgenome

    Buster:(1.50.0-1) Stretch:(1.42.0-2) BioConductor infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages www
  • r-bioc-cner

    Buster:(1.18.1+dfsg-1) CNE Detection and Visualization www
  • r-bioc-cummerbund

    Buster:(2.24.0-2) Stretch:(2.16.0-2) tool for analysis of Cufflinks RNA-Seq output www
  • r-bioc-delayedarray

    Buster:(0.8.0+dfsg-2) BioConductor delayed operations on array-like objects www
  • r-bioc-deseq2

    Buster:(1.22.2+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.14.1-1) R package for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis www
  • r-bioc-dirichletmultinomial

    Buster:(1.24.1-1) Dirichlet-Multinomial Mixture Model Machine Learning for Microbiome Data www
  • r-bioc-dnacopy

    Buster:(1.56.0-1) Stretch:(1.48.0-1) R package: DNA copy number data analysis www
  • r-bioc-ebseq

    Buster:(1.22.1-2) Stretch:(1.14.0-1) R package for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis www
  • r-bioc-edger

    Buster:(3.14.0+dfsg-2+b1) Stretch:(3.14.0+dfsg-1) Empirical analysis of digital gene expression data in R www
  • r-bioc-ensembldb

    Buster:(2.6.5+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.6.2-1) GNU R utilities to create and use an Ensembl based annotation database www
  • r-bioc-genefilter

    Buster:(1.64.0-1) Stretch:(1.56.0-1) methods for filtering genes from microarray experiments www
  • r-bioc-geneplotter

    Buster:(1.60.0-1) Stretch:(1.52.0-2) R package of functions for plotting genomic data www
  • r-bioc-genomeinfodb

    Buster:(1.18.1-1) Stretch:(1.10.3-1) BioConductor utilities for manipulating chromosome identifiers www
  • r-bioc-genomeinfodbdata

    Buster:(1.2.0-1) BioConductor species and taxonomy ID look up tables www
  • r-bioc-genomicalignments

    Buster:(1.18.1-1) Stretch:(1.10.0-1) BioConductor representation and manipulation of short genomic alignments www
  • r-bioc-genomicfeatures

    Buster:(1.34.3+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.26.2-1) GNU R tools for making and manipulating transcript centric annotations www
  • r-bioc-genomicranges

    Buster:(1.34.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.26.2-1) BioConductor representation and manipulation of genomic intervals www
  • r-bioc-go.db

    Buster:(3.7.0-1) Stretch:(3.4.0-1) annotation maps describing the entire Gene Ontology www
  • r-bioc-graph

    Buster:(1.60.0-1) Stretch:(1.52.0-1) handle graph data structures for BioConductor www
  • r-bioc-gviz

    Buster:(1.26.4-1) Stretch:(1.18.1-1) Plotting data and annotation information along genomic coordinates www
  • r-bioc-hilbertvis

    Buster:(1.40.0-1) Stretch:(1.32.0-1) GNU R package to visualise long vector data www
  • r-bioc-hypergraph

    Buster:(1.54.0-1) Stretch:(1.46.0-1) BioConductor hypergraph data structures www
  • r-bioc-impute

    Buster:(1.56.0-1) Imputation for microarray data www
  • r-bioc-interactivedisplaybase

    Buster:(1.20.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.12.0-1) base package for enabling powerful shiny web displays of Bioconductor objects www
  • r-bioc-iranges

    Buster:(2.16.0-1) Stretch:(2.8.1-1) GNU R low-level containers for storing sets of integer ranges www
  • r-bioc-keggrest

    Buster:(1.22.0+dfsg-1) GNU R client-side REST access to KEGG www
  • r-bioc-limma

    Buster:(3.38.3+dfsg-1) Stretch:(3.30.8+dfsg-1) linear models for microarray data www
  • r-bioc-makecdfenv

    Buster:(1.58.0-1) Stretch:(1.50.0-1) BioConductor CDF Environment Maker www
  • r-bioc-mergeomics

    Buster:(1.10.0-1) Stretch:(1.2.0-1) Integrative network analysis of omics data www
  • r-bioc-metagenomeseq

    Buster:(1.24.1-1) Stretch:(1.16.0-2) GNU R statistical analysis for sparse high-throughput sequencing www
  • r-bioc-multtest

    Buster:(2.38.0-1) Stretch:(2.30.0-1) Bioconductor resampling-based multiple hypothesis testing www
  • r-bioc-pcamethods

    Buster:(1.74.0-1) BioConductor collection of PCA methods www
  • r-bioc-phyloseq

    Buster:(1.26.1+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.19.1-2) GNU R handling and analysis of high-throughput microbiome census data www
  • r-bioc-preprocesscore

    Buster:(1.44.0-1) Stretch:(1.36.0-1) BioConductor collection of pre-processing functions www
  • r-bioc-protgenerics

    Buster:(1.14.0-1) S4 generic functions for Bioconductor proteomics infrastructure www
  • r-bioc-qvalue

    Buster:(2.14.1-1) Stretch:(2.6.0-1) GNU R package for Q-value estimation for FDR control www
  • r-bioc-rbgl

    Buster:(1.58.1+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.50.0+dfsg1-1) R interface to the graph algorithms contained in the BOOST library www
  • r-bioc-rsamtools

    Buster:(1.34.1-1) Stretch:(1.26.1-2) GNU R binary alignment (BAM), variant call (BCF), or tabix file import www
  • r-bioc-rtracklayer

    Buster:(1.42.1-2) Stretch:(1.34.1-1) GNU R interface to genome browsers and their annotation tracks www
  • r-bioc-s4vectors

    Buster:(0.20.1-2) Stretch:(0.12.1-2) BioConductor S4 implementation of vectors and lists www
  • r-bioc-savr

    Buster:(1.20.0-1) Stretch:(1.12.0-1) GNU R parse and analyze Illumina SAV files www
  • r-bioc-seqlogo

    Buster:(1.48.0-1) GNU R sequence logos for DNA sequence alignments www
  • r-bioc-shortread

    Buster:(1.40.0-1) Stretch:(1.32.0-1) GNU R classes and methods for high-throughput short-read sequencing data www
  • r-bioc-snpstats

    Buster:(1.32.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.24.0+dfsg-1) BioConductor SnpMatrix and XSnpMatrix classes and methods www
  • r-bioc-summarizedexperiment

    Buster:(1.12.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.4.0-2) BioConductor assay container www
  • r-bioc-tfbstools

    Buster:(1.20.0+dfsg-1) GNU R Transcription Factor Binding Site (TFBS) Analysis www
  • r-bioc-variantannotation

    Buster:(1.28.10-1) Stretch:(1.20.2-1) BioConductor annotation of genetic variants www
  • r-bioc-xvector

    Buster:(0.22.0-1) Stretch:(0.14.0-1) BioConductor representation and manpulation of external sequences www
  • r-bioc-zlibbioc

    Buster:(1.28.0+dfsg-1) (Virtual) zlibbioc Bioconductor package www
  • r-cran-abind

    Buster:(1.4-5-1.2) Stretch:(1.4-5-1) GNU R abind multi-dimensional array combination function
  • r-cran-acepack

    Buster:(1.4.1-2+b1) Stretch:(1.4.1-1) GNU R package for regression transformations
  • r-cran-ade4

    Buster:(1.7-13-1) Stretch:(1.7-5-1) GNU R analysis of ecological data www
  • r-cran-adegenet

    Buster:(2.1.1-2) Stretch:(2.0.1-1) GNU R exploratory analysis of genetic and genomic data www
  • r-cran-adegraphics

    Buster:(1.0-15-1) Stretch:(1.0-6-1) GNU R lattice-based package for the representation of multivariate data www
  • r-cran-adephylo

    Buster:(1.1-11-3) Stretch:(1.1-10-2) GNU R exploratory analyses for the phylogenetic comparative method www
  • r-cran-aer

    Buster:(1.2-6-1) Applied Econometrics with R www
  • r-cran-afex

    Buster:(0.22-1-2) Stretch:(0.16-1-1) GNU R package for analyzing factorial experiments using ANOVA or mixed models www
  • r-cran-alakazam

    Buster:(0.2.11-1) Immunoglobulin Clonal Lineage and Diversity Analysis www
  • r-cran-amelia

    Buster:(1.7.5-1+b1) Stretch:(1.7.4-1) GNU R package supporting multiple imputation of missing data www
  • r-cran-amore

    Buster:(0.2-15-3) Stretch:(0.2-15-1) GNU R: A MORE flexible neural network package www
  • r-cran-animation

    Buster:(2.6+dfsg-1) GNU R gallery of animations and utilities to create animations www
  • r-cran-ape

    Buster:(5.2-1) Stretch:(4.0-1) GNU R package for Analyses of Phylogenetics and Evolution www
  • r-cran-aplpack

    Buster:(1.3.2-1) Another Plot PACKage: stem.leaf, bagplot, faces, spin3R and others www
  • r-cran-arm

    Buster:(1.10-1-2) Stretch:(1.9-3-1) Data Analysis Using Regression and Multilevel/Hierarchical Models www
  • r-cran-askpass

    Buster:(1.1-1) safe password entry for GNU R, Git, and SSH www
  • r-cran-assertthat

    Buster:(0.2.0-2) Stretch:(0.1-1) GNU R easy pre and post assertions www
  • r-cran-backports

    Buster:(1.1.3-1) Stretch:(1.0.5-1) reimplementation of functions introduced since R-3.0.0 www
  • r-cran-base64enc

    Buster:(0.1-3-2) Stretch:(0.1-3-1) GNU R package that provides tools for base64 encoding www
  • r-cran-base64url

    Buster:(1.4-1) GNU R fast and URL-safe Base64 encoder and decoder www
  • r-cran-batchjobs

    Buster:(1.7-2) Stretch:(1.6-1) GNU R batch computing www
  • r-cran-batchtools

    Buster:(0.9.11-2) GNU R tools for computation on batch systems www
  • r-cran-bayesfactor

    Buster:(0.9.12-4.2-1+b1) Stretch:(0.9.12-2-2) GNU R Bayes factors for t-tests, ANOVAs and contingency tables www
  • r-cran-bayesm

    Buster:(3.1-1-1) Stretch:(3.0-2-2) GNU R package for Bayesian inference www
  • r-cran-bayesplot

    Buster:(1.6.0-1) GNU R plotting for bayesian models www
  • r-cran-bbmisc

    Buster:(1.11-3) Stretch:(1.10-1) GNU R Miscellaneous helper functions for B. Bischl www
  • r-cran-bbmle

    Buster:(1.0.20-4) Stretch:(1.0.18-2) GNU R tools for general maximum likelihood estimation www
  • r-cran-bdsmatrix

    Buster:(1.3-3-2) GNU R routines for block diagonal symmetric matrices www
  • r-cran-beeswarm

    Buster:(0.2.3-3) Stretch:(0.2.3-1) bee swarm plot, an alternative to stripchart www
  • r-cran-bh

    Buster:(1.66.0-1) (Virtual) GNU R package to provide BH www
  • r-cran-biasedurn

    Buster:(1.07-3) Stretch:(1.07-1) GNU R Biased Urn model distributions www
  • r-cran-bibtex

    Buster:(0.4.2-2) GNU R Bibtex Parser www
  • r-cran-bigmemory

    Buster:(4.5.33-2) Manage Massive Matrices with Shared Memory and Memory-Mapped Files www
  • r-cran-bigmemory.sri

    Buster:(0.1.3-2) Shared resource interface for Bigmemory Project packages www
  • r-cran-bindr

    Buster:(0.1.1-2) Parametrized Active Bindings for GNU R www
  • r-cran-bindrcpp

    Buster:(0.2.2-2) GNU R 'Rcpp' Interface to Active Bindings www
  • r-cran-bio3d

    Buster:(2.3-4-2) Stretch:(2.3-1-1) GNU R package for biological structure analysis www
  • r-cran-biocmanager

    Buster:(1.30.4+dfsg-1) Access the Bioconductor Project Package Repository www
  • r-cran-bit

    Buster:(1.1-14-1) GNU R class for vectors of 1-bit booleans www
  • r-cran-bit64

    Buster:(0.9-7-3) GNU R S3 Class for Vectors of 64bit Integers www
  • r-cran-bitops

    Buster:(1.0-6-4) Stretch:(1.0-6-1) GNU R package implementing bitwise operations www
  • r-cran-blme

    Buster:(1.0-4-2) GNU R Bayesian linear mixed-effects models www
  • r-cran-blob

    Buster:(1.1.1-2) GNU R S3 Class for Representing Vectors of Binary Data ('BLOBS') www
  • r-cran-blockmodeling

    Buster:(0.3.4-1) Stretch:(0.1.8-1) Generalized and classical blockmodeling of valued networks www
  • r-cran-bms

    Buster:(0.3.4-4) Stretch:(0.3.4-2) GNU R package for Bayesian model averaging for linear models www
  • r-cran-bold

    Buster:(0.8.6+dfsg-2) Stretch:(0.4.0-1) GNU R interface to Bold Systems for genetic barcode data www
  • r-cran-boolnet

    Buster:(2.1.4-1) Stretch:(2.1.3-1) assembling, analyzing and visualizing Boolean networks www
  • r-cran-boot

    Buster:(1.3-20-2) Stretch:(1.3-18-2) GNU R package for bootstrapping functions from Davison and Hinkley www
  • r-cran-bradleyterry2

    Buster:(1.0-8-2) Stretch:(1.0-6-1) GNU R package for using Bradley-Terry models www
  • r-cran-brew

    Buster:(1.0-6-3) Stretch:(1.0-6-1) GNU R templating framework for report generation www
  • r-cran-brglm

    Buster:(0.6.1-2) Stretch:(0.5-9-1) GNU R package for bias reduction in binomial-response GLMs www
  • r-cran-bridgesampling

    Buster:(0.6-0-1) GNU R bridge sampling for marginal likelihoods and Bayes factors www
  • r-cran-brobdingnag

    Buster:(1.2-6-1) Very Large Numbers in R www
  • r-cran-broom

    Buster:(0.5.1+dfsg-1) convert statistical analysis objects into tidy data frames with GNU R www
  • r-cran-ca

    Buster:(0.71-1) Stretch:(0.70-1) GNU R package for simple, multiple and joint correspondence analysis www
  • r-cran-cairo

    Buster:(1.5-9-3) Stretch:(1.5-9-1) GNU R graphics device using cairo graphics library www
  • r-cran-cairodevice

    Buster:(2.25-2) Stretch:(2.23-2) GNU R Cairo/Gtk2 device driver package www
  • r-cran-calibrate

    Buster:(1.7.2-3) Calibration of Scatterplot and Biplot Axes www
  • r-cran-callr

    Buster:(3.1.1-3) Call GNU R from GNU R www
  • r-cran-car

    Buster:(3.0-2-1) Stretch:(2.1-4-1) GNU R Companion to Applied Regression by John Fox www
  • r-cran-cardata

    Buster:(3.0.2-1) GNU R package for datasets for Companion to Applied Regression www
  • r-cran-caret

    Buster:(6.0-81-2) Stretch:(6.0-73+dfsg1-1) GNU R package for classification and regression training www
  • r-cran-catools

    Buster:( Stretch:(1.17.1-1) GNU R package providing various utility functions www
  • r-cran-cellranger

    Buster:(1.1.0-2) GNU R package to map spreadsheet cell ranges to rows and columns www
  • r-cran-checkmate

    Buster:(1.9.1-1) Stretch:(1.8.2-1) GNU R fast and versatile argument checks www
  • r-cran-chron

    Buster:(2.3-53-1) Stretch:(2.3-49-1) GNU R package for chronologically ordered objects www
  • r-cran-circlize

    Buster:(0.4.5-1) Circular Visualization www
  • r-cran-class

    Buster:(7.3-15-1) Stretch:(7.3-14-1) GNU R package for classification www
  • r-cran-classint

    Buster:(0.3-1-1) GNU R Choose Univariate Class Intervals www
  • r-cran-cli

    Buster:(1.0.1-1) GNU R helpers for developing command line interfaces www
  • r-cran-cliapp

    Buster:(0.1.0-1) create rich command line applications in GNU R www
  • r-cran-clipr

    Buster:(0.5.0-1) Read and Write from the System Clipboard www
  • r-cran-clisymbols

    Buster:(1.2.0-1) Unicode Symbols at the R Prompt www
  • r-cran-cluster

    Buster:(2.0.7-1-1+b1) Stretch:(2.0.5-1) GNU R package for cluster analysis by Rousseeuw et al www
  • r-cran-clustergeneration

    Buster:(1.3.4-2) GNU R random cluster generation (with specified degree of separation) www
  • r-cran-cmprsk

    Buster:(2.2-7-4) Stretch:(2.2-7-2) GNU R subdistribution analysis of competing risks www
  • r-cran-coda

    Buster:(0.19-2-1) Stretch:(0.19-1-1) Output analysis and diagnostics for MCMC simulations in R www
  • r-cran-codetools

    Buster:(0.2-16-1) Stretch:(0.2-15-1) GNU R package providing code analysis tools www
  • r-cran-coin

    Buster:(1.2-2-4) Stretch:(1.1-3-1) GNU R package providing conditional inference procedures www
  • r-cran-colorspace

    Buster:(1.4-0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.3-2-1) GNU R Color Space Manipulation www
  • r-cran-colourpicker

    Buster:(1.0+dfsg-2) GNU R colour picker tool for selecting colours in plots www
  • r-cran-combinat

    Buster:(0.0-8-6) Stretch:(0.0-8-4) GNU R package with utilities for combinatorics www
  • r-cran-commonmark

    Buster:(1.7-1) high performance CommonMark and Github markdown rendering in R www
  • r-cran-contfrac

    Buster:(1.1-12-1+b1) Stretch:(1.1-10-1) GNU R package providing various utilities for evaluating continued fractions www
  • r-cran-conting

    Buster:(1.6.1-2) Stretch:(1.6-1) GNU R package for Bayesian analysis of contingency tables www
  • r-cran-corpcor

    Buster:(1.6.9-2) Stretch:(1.6.8-3) GNU R for Estimation of Covariance and Correlation -- corpcor www
  • r-cran-crayon

    Buster:(1.3.4-4) Stretch:(1.3.2-1) GNU R colored terminal output www
  • r-cran-crosstalk

    Buster:(1.0.0+dfsg-3) GNU R inter-widget interactivity for HTML widgets www
  • r-cran-crul

    Buster:(0.7.0+dfsg-1) simple HTTP Client for GNU R www
  • r-cran-cubature

    Buster:(2.0.3-1) Stretch:(1.3-6-1) GNU R package for adaptive multivariate integration www
  • r-cran-curl

    Buster:(3.3+dfsg-1) Stretch:(2.3-1) GNU R modern and flexible web client for R www
  • r-cran-cvst

    Buster:(0.2-2-2) GNU R fast cross-validation via sequential testing www
  • r-cran-data.table

    Buster:(1.12.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.10.0-1) GNU R extension of Data.frame www
  • r-cran-date

    Buster:(1.2.38-1+b1) Stretch:(1.2.36-1) GNU R package for date handling
  • r-cran-dbi

    Buster:(1.0.0-2) Stretch:(0.5-1-1) GNU R package providing a generic database interface www
  • r-cran-dbitest

    Buster:(1.5-2-2) Stretch:(1.4-1) GNU R testing 'DBI' back ends www
  • r-cran-dbplyr

    Buster:(1.3.0-1) GNU R dplyr back end for databases www
  • r-cran-ddalpha

    Buster:(1.3.8-1) GNU R depth-based classification and calculation of data depth www
  • r-cran-deal

    Buster:(1:1.2-39-1) Stretch:(1:1.2-37-2) Learning Bayesian Networks with Mixed Variables www
  • r-cran-deldir

    Buster:(0.1-16-1) Stretch:(0.1-12-1) GNU R Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation www
  • r-cran-dendextend

    Buster:(1.9.0+dfsg-1) Extending 'dendrogram' Functionality in GNU R www
  • r-cran-deoptimr

    Buster:(1.0-8-1+b2) Stretch:(1.0-8-1) GNU R package for Diffential Evolution in pure R
  • r-cran-desc

    Buster:(1.2.0-2) GNU R manipulation of DESCRIPTION files www
  • r-cran-desolve

    Buster:(1.21-1+b1) Stretch:(1.14-1) GNU R package providing functions that solve initial value problems www
  • r-cran-devtools

    Buster:(2.0.1-1) Tools to Make Developing R Packages Easier www
  • r-cran-diagnosismed

    Buster:(0.2.3-6) Stretch:(0.2.3-4) medical diagnostic test accuracy analysis toolkit www
  • r-cran-dichromat

    Buster:(1:2.0-0-2) Stretch:(2.0.0-3) GNU R color schemes for dichromats www
  • r-cran-digest

    Buster:(0.6.18-1) Stretch:(0.6.11-1) GNU R package for 'hash digest' of R data structures www
  • r-cran-dimred

    Buster:(0.2.2-1) GNU R framework for dimensionality reduction www
  • r-cran-diptest

    Buster:(0.75-7-1) Hartigan's Dip Test Statistic for Unimodality - Corrected www
  • r-cran-distory

    Buster:(1.4.3-2+b1) Stretch:(1.4.2-1) GNU R distance between phylogenetic histories www
  • r-cran-domc

    Buster:(1.3.5-2) Stretch:(1.3.4-1) GNU R parallel excution backend for %dopar% using multicore www
  • r-cran-doparallel

    Buster:(1.0.14-1) Stretch:(1.0.10-3) GNU R foreach parallel adaptor for the parallel package www
  • r-cran-dorng

    Buster:(1.7.1-1) GNU R generic reproducible parallel backend for 'foreach' loops www
  • r-cran-dosefinding

    Buster:(0.9-16-2) Stretch:(0.9-15-1) Planning and Analyzing Dose Finding experiments www
  • r-cran-dosnow

    Buster:(1.0.16-2) Stretch:(1.0.14-1) GNU R parallel excution backend for %dopar% using snow www
  • r-cran-dotcall64

    Buster:(1.0-0-1) Enhanced Foreign Function Interface Supporting Long Vectors www
  • r-cran-downloader

    Buster:(0.4-3) Stretch:(0.4-1) GNU R package for downloading files over http and https www
  • r-cran-dplyr

    Buster:(0.7.8-1) Stretch:(0.5.0-1) GNU R grammar of data manipulation www
  • r-cran-drr

    Buster:(0.0.3-2) GNU R dimensionality reduction via regression www
  • r-cran-dt

    Buster:(0.5+dfsg-1) GNU R wrapper of the JavaScript library 'DataTables' www
  • r-cran-dygraphs

    Buster:( GNU R interface to 'Dygraphs' interactive time series charting library www
  • r-cran-dynlm

    Buster:(0.3.6-1) Stretch:(0.3.5-1) GNU R package for dynamic linear models and time series regression www
  • r-cran-e1071

    Buster:(1.7-0.1-1) Stretch:(1.6-7-1) GNU R package with miscellaneous functions of the Dept of Statisics (e1071) www
  • r-cran-eaf

    Buster:(1.8-2) GNU R plots of the empirical attainment function www
  • r-cran-earth

    Buster:(4.7.0-1) GNU R multivariate adaptive regression splines www
  • r-cran-eco

    Buster:(4.0-1-2) Stretch:(3.1-7-1) GNU R routines for Bayesian ecological inference www
  • r-cran-ecodist

    Buster:(2.0.1-1+b1) Stretch:(1.2.9-1) GNU R package for dissimilarity-based ecological analysis
  • r-cran-effects

    Buster:(4.1.0-1) Stretch:(3.1.2-1) GNU R graphical and tabular effects display for glm models www
  • r-cran-ei

    Buster:(1.3-3-2) GNU R ecological inference www
  • r-cran-eipack

    Buster:(0.1-8-1) GNU R ecological inference and higher-dimension data management www
  • r-cran-ellipse

    Buster:(0.4.1-2) Stretch:(0.3-8-1) GNU R functions for drawing ellipses and ellipse-like confidence regions www
  • r-cran-elliptic

    Buster:(1.3-9-1) Stretch:(1.3-7-1) GNU R package providing elliptic and related functions www
  • r-cran-emmeans

    Buster:(1.3.2-1) GNU R estimated marginal means, aka least-squares means www
  • r-cran-emoa

    Buster:(0.5-0-2) GNU R evolutionary multiobjective optimization algorithms www
  • r-cran-energy

    Buster:(1.7-5-1) Stretch:(1.7-0-1) GNU R package for energy statistics for distribution comparison www
  • r-cran-epi

    Buster:(2.32-2) Stretch:(2.7-1) GNU R epidemiological analysis www
  • r-cran-epibasix

    Buster:(1.5-1) Stretch:(1.3-2) GNU R Elementary Epidemiological Functions www
  • r-cran-epicalc

    Buster:( Stretch:( GNU R Epidemiological calculator www
  • r-cran-epir

    Buster:(0.9-99-1) Stretch:(0.9-79-1) GNU R Functions for analysing epidemiological data www
  • r-cran-epitools

    Buster:(1:0.5-10-2) Stretch:(1:0.5-7-1) GNU R Epidemiology Tools for Data and Graphics www
  • r-cran-erm

    Buster:(0.16-2-1) Stretch:(0.15-7-1) GNU R package for 'extended Rasch modelling' www
  • r-cran-estimability

    Buster:(1.3-2) Stretch:(1.2-1) GNU R package providing tools for determining estimability of linear functions www
  • r-cran-etm

    Buster:(1.0.4-2) Stretch:(0.6-2-3) GNU R empirical transition matrix www
  • r-cran-evaluate

    Buster:(0.13-1) Stretch:(0.10-1) GNU R parsing and evaluation tools www
  • r-cran-evd

    Buster:(2.3-3-2) Stretch:(2.3-2-1) GNU R Functions for extreme value distributions www
  • r-cran-expm

    Buster:(0.999-3-1) Stretch:(0.999-0-1) GNU R Computation of the matrix exponential and related quantities www
  • r-cran-extradistr

    Buster:(1.8.10-1) additional univariate and multivariate distributions for GNU R www
  • r-cran-factominer

    Buster:(1.41-2) Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis and Data Mining www
  • r-cran-fail

    Buster:(1.3-3) Stretch:(1.3-1) GNU R File Abstraction Interface Layer (FAIL) mimicking a key-value store www
  • r-cran-fansi

    Buster:(0.4.0-1) GNU R ANSI control sequence aware string functions www
  • r-cran-fasianoptions

    Buster:(3042.82-1+b1) Stretch:(3010.79-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fAsianOptions www
  • r-cran-fassets

    Buster:(3042.84-1+b1) Stretch:(3011.83-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fAssets www
  • r-cran-fastcluster

    Buster:(1.1.25-2) Stretch:(1.1.22-1) Fast hierarchical clustering routines for GNU R www
  • r-cran-fastica

    Buster:(1.2-1-1+b2) GNU R package for ICA and Projection Pursuit www
  • r-cran-fastmatch

    Buster:(1.1-0-2) Stretch:(1.0-4-1) GNU R package for fast match replacement for repeated look-ups www
  • r-cran-fauxpas

    Buster:(0.2.0+dfsg-1) GNU R HTTP error helpers www
  • r-cran-fbasics

    Buster:(3042.89-2) Stretch:(3011.87-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fBasics www
  • r-cran-fbonds

    Buster:(3042.78-3) Stretch:(3010.77-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fBonds www
  • r-cran-fcopulae

    Buster:(3042.82-1+b1) Stretch:(3011.81-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fCopulae www
  • r-cran-fecofin

    Buster & Stretch:(290.76-3) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fEcofin www
  • r-cran-fexoticoptions

    Buster:(3042.80-2) Stretch:(2152.78-3) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fExoticOptions www
  • r-cran-fextremes

    Buster:(3042.82-2) Stretch:(3010.81-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fExtremes www
  • r-cran-ffield

    Buster:(0.1.0-2) Force field simulation for a set of points www
  • r-cran-fgarch

    Buster:(3042.83.1-1) Stretch:(3010.82.1-1) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fGarch www
  • r-cran-fields

    Buster:(9.6-3) Stretch:(8.10-1) GNU R tools for spatial data www
  • r-cran-filehash

    Buster:(2.4-1-3) Stretch:(2.3-1) GNU R simple key-value database www
  • r-cran-fimport

    Buster:(3042.85-2) Stretch:(3000.82-3) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fImport www
  • r-cran-fitbitscraper

    Buster:(0.1.8-5) Stretch:(0.1.7-1) Import your Fitbit data from the Fitbit's website into R www
  • r-cran-fitcoach

    Buster:(1.0-3) Stretch:(1.0-1) R package for analysis and retrieve data of Fitbit www
  • r-cran-flashclust

    Buster:(1.01-2-2) Implementation of optimal hierarchical clustering www
  • r-cran-flexmix

    Buster:(2.3-14-1) GNU R flexible mixture modeling www
  • r-cran-fmultivar

    Buster:(3042.80-2) Stretch:(3011.78-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fMultivar www
  • r-cran-fnn

    Buster:( GNU R fast nearest neighbor search algorithms and applications www
  • r-cran-fnonlinear

    Buster:(3042.79-1+b1) Stretch:(3010.78-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fNonlinear www
  • r-cran-foptions

    Buster:(3042.86-1+b2) Stretch:(3022.85-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fOptions www
  • r-cran-forcats

    Buster:(0.3.0-2) GNU R package for working with categorical variables (factors) www
  • r-cran-foreach

    Buster:(1.4.4-2) Stretch:(1.4.3-1) GNU R foreach looping support www
  • r-cran-foreign

    Buster:(0.8.71-1) Stretch:(0.8.67-1) GNU R package to read/write data from other stat. systems www
  • r-cran-formatr

    Buster:(1.5-3) Stretch:(1.4-1) Format R code automatically www
  • r-cran-formula

    Buster:(1.2-3-2) Stretch:(1.2-1-1) GNU R package for extended model formulas www
  • r-cran-fpc

    Buster:(2.1-11.1-1) GNU R flexible procedures for clustering www
  • r-cran-fportfolio

    Buster:(3042.83-1+b1) Stretch:(3011.81-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fPortfolio www
  • r-cran-fregression

    Buster:(3042.82-1+b1) Stretch:(3011.81-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fRegression www
  • r-cran-fs

    Buster:(1.2.6+dfsg-1) GNU R cross-platform file system operations www
  • r-cran-ftrading

    Buster:(3042.79-2) Stretch:(3010.78-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fTrading www
  • r-cran-fts

    Buster:( GNU R interface to tslib www
  • r-cran-funitroots

    Buster:(3042.79-1+b1) Stretch:(3010.78-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- fUnitRoots www
  • r-cran-futile.logger

    Buster:(1.4.3-3) Stretch:(1.4.3-1) logging utility for GNU R www
  • r-cran-futile.options

    Buster:(1.0.1-2) Stretch:(1.0.0-2) GNU R futile options management www
  • r-cran-future

    Buster:( Stretch:(1.2.0-1) R package: A Future API for R www

    Buster:(2.4-3) Stretch:(2.4-1) GNU R package for delayed-data www
  • r-cran-gam

    Buster:(1.16-1) Stretch:(1.14-1) Generalized Additive Models for R www
  • r-cran-gbm

    Buster:(2.1.5-1) Stretch:(2.1.1-1) GNU R package providing Generalized Boosted Regression Models www
  • r-cran-gclus

    Buster:(1.3.2-1) GNU R clustering graphics www
  • r-cran-gdata

    Buster:(2.18.0-2) Stretch:(2.17.0-1) GNU R package with data manipulation tools by Greg Warnes et al www
  • r-cran-gdtools

    Buster:(0.1.7-1) GNU R utilities for graphical rendering www
  • r-cran-gee

    Buster:(4.13-19-2) Generalized Estimation Equation Solver www
  • r-cran-geepack

    Buster:(1.2-1-2) Stretch:(1.2-1-1) Generalized Estimating Equation Package for R www
  • r-cran-genabel

    Buster:(1.8-0-3) Stretch:(1.8-0-1) GNU R package for genome-wide SNP association analysis www

    Buster:(1.0.0-3) Stretch:(1.0.0-1) data package for genome-wide SNP association analysis www
  • r-cran-generics

    Buster:(0.0.2-2) GNU R common S3 generics not provided by base R methods www
  • r-cran-genetics

    Buster:( Stretch:( GNU R package for population genetics www
  • r-cran-geometry

    Buster:(0.3-6+dfsg-2) GNU R mesh generation and surface tesselation www
  • r-cran-geosphere

    Buster:(1.5-7-1) GNU R Spherical Trigonometry www
  • r-cran-getopt

    Buster:(1.20.2-1+b1) Stretch:(1.20.0-2) GNU R package providing command-line parsing functionality
  • r-cran-ggally

    Buster:(1.4.0-1) GNU R extension to r-cran-ggplot2 www
  • r-cran-ggeffects

    Buster:(0.8.0-1) GNU R create tidy data frames of marginal effects for 'ggplot' www
  • r-cran-ggplot2

    Buster:(3.1.0-1) Stretch:(2.2.1-2) implementation of the Grammar of Graphics www
  • r-cran-ggridges

    Buster:(0.5.1-1) Ridgeline Plots in 'ggplot2' www
  • r-cran-ggsci

    Buster:(2.9-2) Scientific Journal and Sci-Fi Themed Color Palettes www
  • r-cran-ggvis

    Buster:(0.4.4+dfsg-1) GNU R interactive grammar of graphics www
  • r-cran-gh

    Buster:(1.0.1-1) GNU R Minimal client to access the 'GitHub' 'API' www
  • r-cran-git2r

    Buster:(0.24.0-1) GNU R access to Git repositories www
  • r-cran-glmmtmb

    Buster:(0.2.3-1) Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Template Model Builder www
  • r-cran-glmnet

    Buster:(2.0-16-2) Stretch:(2.0-5-1) Lasso and Elastic-Net Regularized Generalized Linear Models www
  • r-cran-globaloptions

    Buster:(0.1.0-1) Generate Functions to Get or Set Global Options www
  • r-cran-globals

    Buster:(0.12.4-1) Stretch:(0.8.0-1) R package: Identify Global Objects in R Expressions www
  • r-cran-glue

    Buster:(1.3.0-1) GNU R interpreted string literals www
  • r-cran-gmaps

    Buster:(0.2-4) Stretch:(0.2-2) GNU R support for producing geographic maps with grid graphics www
  • r-cran-gmm

    Buster:(1.6-2-2) GNU R generalized method of moments and generalized empirical likelihood www
  • r-cran-gmodels

    Buster:(2.18.1-1) Stretch:(2.16.2-2) GNU R package with tools for model fitting by Greg Warnes et al www
  • r-cran-gnm

    Buster:(1.1-0-1) Stretch:(1.0-8-1) GNU R package for generalized nonlinear models www
  • r-cran-goftest

    Buster:(1.1-1-3) Stretch:(1.0-3-1) GNU R Classical Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Univariate Distributions www
  • r-cran-googlevis

    Buster:(0.6.3+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.6.2-1) GNU R Interface to Google Charts www
  • r-cran-gower

    Buster:(0.1.2-2) GNU R Gower's Distance www
  • r-cran-gplots

    Buster:( Stretch:(3.0.1-2) GNU R package with tools for plotting data by Greg Warnes et al www
  • r-cran-gregmisc

    Buster & Stretch:(2.1.5-2) GNU R package with miscellaneous functions by Greg Warnes et al
  • r-cran-gridbase

    Buster:(0.4-7-4) Stretch:(0.4-7-2) GNU R Integration of base and grid graphics www
  • r-cran-gridextra

    Buster:(2.3-2) Stretch:(2.2.1-1) GNU R package with extensions for the grid package www
  • r-cran-gsa

    Buster:(1.03.1-1) GNU R gene set analysis www
  • r-cran-gsl

    Buster:(1.9-10.3-3) Stretch:(1.9-10.3-1) GNU R wrapper for the GNU Scientific Library www
  • r-cran-gss

    Buster:(2.1-9-1+b1) Stretch:(2.1-6-1) GNU R package for multivariate estimation using smoothing splines www
  • r-cran-gtable

    Buster:(0.2.0-3) Stretch:(0.2.0-1) Arrange grobs in tables www
  • r-cran-gtools

    Buster:(3.8.1-1) Stretch:(3.5.0-1) GNU R package with R programming tools by Greg Warnes et al www
  • r-cran-guerry

    Buster:(1.6-1-2) maps, data and methods related to Guerry moral statistics www
  • r-cran-haplo.stats

    Buster:(1.7.9-2) Stretch:(1.7.7-1) GNU R package for haplotype analysis www
  • r-cran-haven

    Buster:(2.1.0-1) GNU R package to import/export SPSS, Stata and SAS files www
  • r-cran-hdf5

    Buster:(1.6.10-4.1+b2) Stretch:(1.6.10-4+b1) GNU R package interfacing the NCSA HDF5 library
  • r-cran-heatmaply

    Buster:(0.15.2+dfsg-1) GNU R interactive cluster heat maps using 'plotly' www
  • r-cran-hexbin

    Buster:(1.27.2-2) Stretch:(1.27.1-1) GNU R hexagonal binning routines www
  • r-cran-highr

    Buster:(0.7+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.6-1) Syntax Highlighting for R Source Code www
  • r-cran-hmisc

    Buster:(4.2-0-1) Stretch:(4.0-2-1) GNU R miscellaneous functions by Frank Harrell www
  • r-cran-hms

    Buster:(0.4.2-2) GNU R pretty time of day www
  • r-cran-htmltable

    Buster:(1.13.1-1) Stretch:(1.7-2) GNU R package for advanced html tables www
  • r-cran-htmltools

    Buster:(0.3.6-2) Stretch:(0.3.5-2) GNU R tools for HTML www
  • r-cran-htmlwidgets

    Buster:(1.3+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.8-1) GNU R HTML Widgets www
  • r-cran-httpcode

    Buster:(0.2.0-3) GNU R HTTP Status Code Helper www
  • r-cran-httpuv

    Buster:(1.4.5+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.3.3-3) GNU R package of HTTP and WebSocket Server Library www
  • r-cran-httr

    Buster:(1.4.0-3) Stretch:(1.2.1-1) GNU R tools for working with URLs and HTTP www
  • r-cran-hwriter

    Buster:(1.3.2-3) Stretch:(1.3.2-1) HTML Writer - Outputs R objects in HTML format www
  • r-cran-hypergeo

    Buster:(1.2-13-3) Stretch:(1.2-13-1) GNU R package providing the Gaussian hypergeometric for complex numbers www
  • r-cran-igraph

    Buster:(1.2.3-1) Stretch:(1.0.1-1+deb9u1) GNU R network analysis and visualization www
  • r-cran-ini

    Buster:(0.3.1-1) Read and Write '.ini' Files www
  • r-cran-inline

    Buster:(0.3.15-2) Stretch:(0.3.14-1) GNU R package to inline C, C++, Fortran functions from R www
  • r-cran-int64

    Buster:(1.1.2-4+b1) Stretch:(1.1.2-3) GNU R package for 64 bit integer types
  • r-cran-interp

    Buster:(1.0-31-1) GNU R interpolation methods www
  • r-cran-ipred

    Buster:(0.9-8-1) GNU R improved predictors www
  • r-cran-irace

    Buster:(3.1-1) GNU R iterated racing for automatic algorithm configuration www
  • r-cran-irlba

    Buster:(2.3.2-3) Stretch:(2.1.2-1) GNU R fast truncated SVD, PCA and symmetric eigendecomposition www
  • r-cran-iso

    Buster:(0.0-17-1) GNU R functions to perform isotonic regression www
  • r-cran-isocodes

    Buster:(2019.02.13-1) Stretch:(2016.12.09-1) GNU R package providing tables for several ISO codes www
  • r-cran-isospec

    Buster:(1.9.1-5) Isotopic fine structure calculator for GNU R www
  • r-cran-isoweek

    Buster:(0.6-2-2) GNU R week of the year and weekday according to ISO 8601 www
  • r-cran-iterators

    Buster:(1.0.10-1) Stretch:(1.0.8-1) GNU R iterator support for vectors, lists and other containers www
  • r-cran-its

    Buster:(1.1.8-7) Stretch:(1.1.8-6) GNU R package for handling irregular time series www
  • r-cran-jsonld

    Buster:(2.1+dfsg-1) GNU R JSON for linking data www
  • r-cran-jsonlite

    Buster:(1.6+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.2-1) Robust, High Performance JSON Parser and Generator for R www
  • r-cran-kedd

    Buster:(1.0.3-1) Kernel Estimator+Bandwidth Selection - Density+Derivatives www
  • r-cran-kernlab

    Buster:(0.9-27-1) Stretch:(0.9-25-1) GNU R package for kernel-based machine learning lab www
  • r-cran-kernsmooth

    Buster:(2.23-15-3+b1) Stretch:(2.23-15-2) GNU R package for kernel smoothing and density estimation
  • r-cran-kmi

    Buster:(0.5.4-1) GNU R Kaplan-Meier Multiple Imputation www
  • r-cran-knitr

    Buster:(1.21+dfsg-2) Stretch:(1.15.1-1) GNU R package for dynamic report generation using Literate Programming www
  • r-cran-labeling

    Buster:(0.3-3) Stretch:(0.3-1) GNU R Axis Labeling optimization www
  • r-cran-lambda.r

    Buster:(1.2.3-2) Stretch:(1.1.9-1) GNU R modeling data with functional programming www
  • r-cran-later

    Buster:(0.7.5+dfsg-2) GNU R utilities for delaying function execution www
  • r-cran-lattice

    Buster:(0.20-38-1) Stretch:(0.20-34-1) GNU R package for 'Trellis' graphics www
  • r-cran-latticeextra

    Buster:(0.6-28-2+b2) Stretch:(0.6-28-2) GNU R package of additional graphical displays based on lattice
  • r-cran-lava

    Buster:(1.6.4-1) GNU R latent variable models www
  • r-cran-lavaan

    Buster:(0.6.3-1) Stretch:(0.5.22-1) GNU R package for latent variable analysis -- lavaan www
  • r-cran-lazyeval

    Buster:(0.2.1-3) Stretch:(0.2.0-1) GNU R lazy (non-standard) evaluation www
  • r-cran-leaps

    Buster:(3.0-2) Regression Subset Selection www
  • r-cran-learnbayes

    Buster:(2.15.1-2) Stretch:(2.15-3) GNU R functions for learning bayesian inference www
  • r-cran-lexrankr

    Buster:(0.5.0-2) extractive summarization of text with the LexRank algorithm www
  • r-cran-lhs

    Buster:(1.0.1-1) Stretch:(0.14-1) GNU R Latin Hypercube Samples www
  • r-cran-libcoin

    Buster:(1.0-2-1) GNU R linear test statistics for permutation inference www
  • r-cran-listenv

    Buster:(0.7.0-2) Stretch:(0.6.0-1) R package: Environments Behaving (Almost) as Lists www
  • r-cran-littler

    Buster:(0.3.6-1) Stretch:(0.3.1-1) GNU R scripting and command-line front-end www
  • r-cran-lme4

    Buster:(1.1-20-3) Stretch:(1.1-12-2) GNU R package for linear mixed effects model fitting www
  • r-cran-lmertest

    Buster:(3.1-0-1) GNU R tests in Linear Mixed Effects Models www
  • r-cran-lmtest

    Buster:(0.9.36-1) Stretch:(0.9.34-2) GNU R package for diagnostic checking in linear models www
  • r-cran-logspline

    Buster:(2.1.11-1) Stretch:(2.1.9-1) GNU R package providing routines for the logspline density estimation www
  • r-cran-loo

    Buster:(2.0.0-2) GNU R leave-one-out cross-validation and WAIC for Bayesian models www
  • r-cran-lpsolve

    Buster:(5.6.13-3+b1) Stretch:(5.6.13-2) GNU R package providing linear program solvers
  • r-cran-lsmeans

    Buster:(2.30-0-1) Stretch:(2.25-1) GNU R package providing least-squares means for various classes of models www
  • r-cran-lubridate

    Buster:(1.7.4-2) Stretch:(1.6.0-1) simplifies dealing with dates in R www
  • r-cran-luminescence

    Buster:(0.8.6-1) Stretch:(0.6.4-1) GNU R comprehensive luminescence dating data analysis www
  • r-cran-lwgeom

    Buster:(0.1-4+dfsg-2) GNU R bindings to selected 'liblwgeom' functions for simple features www
  • r-cran-magic

    Buster:(1.5-9-1) GNU R create and investigate magic squares www
  • r-cran-magick

    Buster:(2.0+dfsg-1) advanced graphics and image-processing in GNU R www
  • r-cran-magrittr

    Buster:(1.5-5) Stretch:(1.5-3) GNU R forward-pipe operator www
  • r-cran-maldiquant

    Buster:(1.18-1) Stretch:(1.16.1-1) GNU R package for quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry data www
  • r-cran-maldiquantforeign

    Buster:(0.12-1) Stretch:(0.10.1-1) GNU R package providing import/export routines for MALDIquant www
  • r-cran-manipulatewidgets

    Buster:(0.9.0-2) GNU R package for more interactivity in interactive charts www
  • r-cran-mapdata

    Buster:(2.3.0-2) Stretch:(2.2-6-1) GNU R support for producing geographic maps (supplemental data) www
  • r-cran-mapproj

    Buster:(1.2.6-2) Stretch:(1.2-4-1) GNU R support for cartographic projections of map data www
  • r-cran-maps

    Buster:(3.3.0-2) Stretch:(3.1.1-1) GNU R support for producing geographic maps www
  • r-cran-maptools

    Buster:(1:0.9-4+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1:0.8-41+dfsg-1) GNU R Tools for reading and handling spatial objects www
  • r-cran-maptree

    Buster:(1.4-7-3) Stretch:(1.4-7-1) GNU R mapping, pruning, and graphing tree models www
  • r-cran-markdown

    Buster:(0.9+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.7.7-1) GNU R package providing R bindings to the Sundown Markdown rendering library www
  • r-cran-mass

    Buster:(7.3-51.1-1) Stretch:(7.3-45-1) GNU R package of Venables and Ripley's MASS www
  • r-cran-matching

    Buster:(4.9-3-1+b1) multivariate and propensity score matching with balance optimization www
  • r-cran-matchit

    Buster:(3.0.2-2) Stretch:(2.4-21-1) GNU R package of nonparametric matching methods www
  • r-cran-matrix

    Buster:(1.2-15-1) Stretch:(1.2-7.1-1) GNU R package of classes for dense and sparse matrices www
  • r-cran-matrixcalc

    Buster:(1.0.3-4) Stretch:(1.0.3-2) GNU R functions for matrix calculations -- matrixcalc www
  • r-cran-matrixmodels

    Buster:(0.4-1-2) Stretch:(0.4-1-1) GNU R package for sparse and dense matrix models www
  • r-cran-matrixstats

    Buster:(0.54.0-1) Stretch:(0.51.0-1) GNU R methods that apply to rows and columns of a matrix www
  • r-cran-maxlik

    Buster:(1.3-4-4) Stretch:(1.3-4-1) GNU R maximum likelihood estimation www
  • r-cran-mclust

    Buster:(5.4.2-2) Gaussian Mixture Modelling for Model-Based Clustering www
  • r-cran-mcmc

    Buster:(0.9-5-3) Stretch:(0.9-4-2) GNU R package for Markov Chain Monte Carlo simulations www
  • r-cran-mcmcpack

    Buster:(1.4-4-1) Stretch:(1.3-8-1) R routines for Markov chain Monte Carlo model estimation www
  • r-cran-mda

    Buster:(0.4-10-2) GNU R mixture and flexible discriminant analysis www
  • r-cran-medadherence

    Buster:(1.03-5) Stretch:(1.03-2) GNU R Medication Adherence: Commonly Used Definitions www
  • r-cran-memoise

    Buster:(1.1.0-2) Stretch:(1.0.0-1) Memoise functions www
  • r-cran-mertools

    Buster:(0.4.1-1) GNU R tools for analyzing mixed effect regression models www
  • r-cran-metamix

    Buster:(0.3-1) GNU R bayesian mixture analysis for metagenomic community profiling www
  • r-cran-metrics

    Buster:(0.1.4-1) GNU R evaluation metrics for machine learning www
  • r-cran-mfilter

    Buster:(0.1.4-1) Stretch:(0.1.3-1) GNU R package providing miscellaneous time series filters www
  • r-cran-mgcv

    Buster:(1.8-27-1) Stretch:(1.8-16-1) GNU R package for multiple parameter smoothing estimation www
  • r-cran-mi

    Buster:(1.0-7) Stretch:(1.0-4+deb9u1) GNU R package for Missing Data Imputation and Model Checking -- mi www
  • r-cran-mime

    Buster:(0.6-1) Stretch:(0.5-1) R package which maps filenames to MIME Types www
  • r-cran-miniui

    Buster:( Shiny UI Widgets for Small Screens www
  • r-cran-minpack.lm

    Buster:(1.2-1-4) Stretch:(1.2-1-1) GNU R Levenberg-Marquardt nonlinear least-squares algorithm found in MINPACK www
  • r-cran-minqa

    Buster:(1.2.4-1+b1) Stretch:(1.2.4-1) GNU R package for quadratic optimisation without derivatives
  • r-cran-misc3d

    Buster:(0.8-4-3) Stretch:(0.8-4-2) GNU R collection of 3d plot functions and rgl-based isosurfaces www
  • r-cran-misctools

    Buster:(0.6-22-2) Stretch:(0.6-16-1) GNU R miscellaneous tools and utilities www
  • r-cran-mitools

    Buster:(2.3-1) GNU R tools for multiple imputation of missing data www
  • r-cran-mixtools

    Buster:(1.1.0-2) Stretch:(1.0.4-1) GNU R tools for analyzing finite mixture models www
  • r-cran-mlbench

    Buster:(2.1-1-3) Stretch:(2.1-1-1) GNU R Machine Learning Benchmark Problems www
  • r-cran-mlmetrics

    Buster:(1.1.1-2) GNU R machine learning evaluation metrics www
  • r-cran-mlmrev

    Buster:(1.0-7-1) Stretch:(1.0-6-2) GNU R Examples from Multilevel Modelling Software Review www
  • r-cran-mlr

    Buster:(2.13-1) Machine learning in GNU R www
  • r-cran-mnormt

    Buster:(1.5-5-2+b1) Stretch:(1.5-5-1) GNU R package providing multivariate normal and t distribution
  • r-cran-mnp

    Buster:(3.1-0-2) Stretch:(2.6-4-1) GNU R package for fitting multinomial probit (MNP) models www
  • r-cran-mockery

    Buster:( mocking library for GNU R www
  • r-cran-mockr

    Buster:(0.1-2) mocking in GNU R www
  • r-cran-modelmetrics

    Buster:(1.2.2-1) Stretch:(1.1.0-1) GNU R Rapid Calculation of Model Metrics www
  • r-cran-modelr

    Buster:(0.1.3-1) GNU R modelling functions that work with the pipe www
  • r-cran-modeltools

    Buster:(0.2-22-1) Stretch:(0.2-21-1) GNU R package providing a collection of tools to deal with statistical models www
  • r-cran-msm

    Buster:(1.6.6-2) Stretch:(1.6.4-1) GNU R Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous time www
  • r-cran-multcomp

    Buster:(1.4-8-2) Stretch:(1.4-6-1) GNU R package for multiple comparison procedures www
  • r-cran-multcompview

    Buster:(0.1-7-2) GNU R visualizations of paired comparisons www
  • r-cran-multicore

    Buster & Stretch:(0.2-1) GNU R parallel processing on multi-core or multi-cpu machines www
  • r-cran-munsell

    Buster:(0.5.0-1) Stretch:(0.4.3-1) Utilities for using Munsell colors www
  • r-cran-mvnormtest

    Buster & Stretch:(0.1-9-1) GNU R package for multivariate normality test
  • r-cran-mvtnorm

    Buster:(1.0-8-1) Stretch:(1.0-5-2) GNU R package to compute multivariate Normal and T distributions www
  • r-cran-natserv

    Buster:(0.3.0+dfsg-2) GNU R 'NatureServe' Interface www
  • r-cran-ncdf4

    Buster:(1.16-2+b1) Stretch:(1.15-1+b2) GNU R interface to Unidata netCDF format data files www
  • r-cran-ncmeta

    Buster:(0.0.3-1) GNU R Straightforward 'NetCDF' Metadata www
  • r-cran-nleqslv

    Buster:(3.3.2-1+b1) Stretch:(3.0.3-1) GNU R package for solving systems of nonlinear equations www
  • r-cran-nlme

    Buster:(3.1.137-1+b1) Stretch:(3.1.129-1) GNU R package for (non-)linear mixed effects models www
  • r-cran-nloptr

    Buster:(1.2.1-1) Stretch:(1.0.4-1) GNU R package for interface to NLopt www
  • r-cran-nlp

    Buster:(0.2-0-1) Stretch:(0.1-9-1) Natural Language Processing Infrastructure for R www
  • r-cran-nmf

    Buster:(0.21.0-3) Stretch:(0.20.6-1) GNU R framework to perform non-negative matrix factorization www
  • r-cran-nnet

    Buster:(7.3-12-2+b1) Stretch:(7.3-12-1) GNU R package for feed-forward neural networks www
  • r-cran-nnls

    Buster:(1.4-3) Stretch:(1.4-1) GNU R package for non-negative least squares (the Lawson-Hanson algorithm) www
  • r-cran-nortest

    Buster:(1.0-4-2) GNU R package with five tests for normality www
  • r-cran-numderiv

    Buster:(2016.8-1-2) Stretch:(2016.8-1-1) GNU R package for accurate numerical derivatives www
  • r-cran-nws

    Buster:( Stretch:( GNU R package for distributed programming via NetWorkSpaces
  • r-cran-openssl

    Buster:(1.2.2+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.9.6-1) GNU R toolkit for encryption, signatures and certificates based on OpenSSL www
  • r-cran-openxlsx

    Buster:(4.1.0-1) GNU R package to read and write XLSX files www
  • r-cran-optparse

    Buster:(1.6.1-1) Stretch:(1.3.2-1) GNU/R Command line option parser www
  • r-cran-parallelmap

    Buster:(1.3-1) GNU R unified interface to parallelization back-ends www
  • r-cran-paramhelpers

    Buster:(1.12-1) GNU R helpers for parameters in black-box optimization and tuning www
  • r-cran-pbapply

    Buster:(1.3-4-2) Stretch:(1.3-1-1) GNU R package providing progress bars for vectorized R functions www
  • r-cran-pbdzmq

    Buster:(0.3.3+dfsg-1+b1) Stretch:(0.2.5+dfsg-1) R bindings for ZeroMQ from the pbdR project www
  • r-cran-pbivnorm

    Buster:(0.6.0-3) Stretch:(0.6.0-1) GNU R package for calculating probabilities from a bivariate normal CDF www
  • r-cran-pbkrtest

    Buster:(0.4-7-3) Stretch:(0.4-6-1) GNU R package for tests in linear mixed-effect models www
  • r-cran-pbmcapply

    Buster:(1.3.1-1) GNU R tracking the progress of Mc*pply with progress bar www
  • r-cran-permute

    Buster:(0.9-4-3) Stretch:(0.9-4-1) R functions for generating restricted permutations of data www
  • r-cran-phangorn

    Buster:(2.4.0-2) Stretch:(2.1.1-1) GNU R package for phylogenetic analysis www
  • r-cran-pheatmap

    Buster:(1.0.12-1) Stretch:(1.0.8-1) GNU R package to create pretty heatmaps www
  • r-cran-phylobase

    Buster:(0.8.6-1) Stretch:(0.8.2-1) GNU R base package for phylogenetic structures and comparative data www
  • r-cran-phytools

    Buster:(0.6-60-1) GNU R phylogenetic tools for comparative biology www
  • r-cran-pillar

    Buster:(1.3.1-1) GNU R coloured formatting for columns www
  • r-cran-pkgbuild

    Buster:(1.0.2-1) find tools needed to build GNU R packages www
  • r-cran-pkgconfig

    Buster:(2.0.2-1) Private Configuration for 'R' Packages www
  • r-cran-pkgkitten

    Buster:(0.1.4-2) Stretch:(0.1.4-1) GNU R package to create simple packages www
  • r-cran-pkgload

    Buster:(1.0.2-1) simulate GNU R package installation and attach www
  • r-cran-pkgmaker

    Buster:(0.27-2) Stretch:(0.22-1) GNU R package development utilities www
  • r-cran-pki

    Buster:(0.1-5.1-1) public key infrastucture for R based on the X.509 standard www
  • r-cran-plm

    Buster:(1.7-0-1) GNU R estimators and tests for panel data econometrics www
  • r-cran-plogr

    Buster:(0.2.0-2) Stretch:(0.1-1-1) GNU R C++ Logging Library www
  • r-cran-plotly

    Buster:(4.8.0+dfsg-2) create interactive web graphics via 'plotly.js' in GNU R www
  • r-cran-plotmo

    Buster:(3.5.2-1) GNU R plot a model's response and residuals www
  • r-cran-plotrix

    Buster:(3.7-4-1) Stretch:(3.6-4-1) GNU R package providing various plotting functions www
  • r-cran-pls

    Buster:(2.7-0-1) GNU R partial least squares and principal component regression www
  • r-cran-plumber

    Buster:(0.4.6-1) API Generator for GNU R www
  • r-cran-plyr

    Buster:(1.8.4-2) Stretch:(1.8.4-1) tools for splitting, applying and combining data www
  • r-cran-png

    Buster:(0.1-7-3) Stretch:(0.1-7-1) GNU R package to read and write PNG images www
  • r-cran-polspline

    Buster:(1.1.13-1) Stretch:(1.1.12-2) GNU R package providing polynomial spline fitting www
  • r-cran-polyclip

    Buster:(1.9-1-1) Stretch:(1.5-6-1) GNU R Polygon Clipping www
  • r-cran-polycub

    Buster:(0.7.0-1) Stretch:(0.5-2-1) GNU R Cubature over Polygonal Domains www
  • r-cran-popepi

    Buster:(0.4.5-1) Functions for Epidemiological Analysis using Population Data www
  • r-cran-powerlaw

    Buster:(0.70.2-1) GNU R analysis of heavy tailed distributions www
  • r-cran-prabclus

    Buster:(2.2-7-1) GNU R clustering of presence-absence, abundance and multilocus genetic data www
  • r-cran-pracma

    Buster:(2.2.2-1) practical numerical math functions for GNU R www
  • r-cran-praise

    Buster:(1.0.0-3) Stretch:(1.0.0-1) GNU R praise users www
  • r-cran-prediction

    Buster:( GNU R tidy, type-safe 'prediction()' methods www
  • r-cran-prettycode

    Buster:(1.0.2-1) pretty print GNU R code in the terminal www
  • r-cran-prettyr

    Buster:(2.2-2-1) Pretty Descriptive Stats www
  • r-cran-prettyunits

    Buster:(1.0.2-3) Stretch:(1.0.2-1) GNU R pretty, human readable formatting of quantities www
  • r-cran-princurve

    Buster:(2.1.3-1) Stretch:(1.1-12-1) fit a principal curve in arbitrary dimension www
  • r-cran-processx

    Buster:(3.2.1-1) GNU R execute and control system processes www
  • r-cran-prodlim

    Buster:(2018.04.18-2) GNU R product-limit estimation for Censored Event History Analysis www
  • r-cran-profilemodel

    Buster:(0.5-9-3) Stretch:(0.5-9-1) GNU R tools for profiling inference functions www
  • r-cran-progress

    Buster:(1.2.0-1) Stretch:(1.1.2-1) GNU R terminal progress bars www
  • r-cran-promises

    Buster:(1.0.1-2) GNU R abstractions for promise-based asynchronous programming www
  • r-cran-proto

    Buster:(1.0.0-2) Stretch:(1.0.0-1) Prototype object-based programming www
  • r-cran-ps

    Buster:(1.3.0-1) GNU R list, query, manipulate system processes www
  • r-cran-pscbs

    Buster:(0.64.0-1) Stretch:(0.62.0-1) R package: Analysis of Parent-Specific DNA Copy Numbers www
  • r-cran-pscl

    Buster:(1.5.2-3) Stretch:(1.4.9-1) GNU R package for discrete data models www
  • r-cran-psy

    Buster:(1.1-4) Stretch:(1.1-2) GNU R procedures for psychometrics www
  • r-cran-psych

    Buster:(1.8.12-1) GNU R procedures for psychological, psychometric, and personality research www
  • r-cran-purrr

    Buster:(0.3.0-1) GNU R functional programming tools www
  • r-cran-purrrlyr

    Buster:(0.0.3-1) GNU R Tools at the Intersection of 'purrr' and 'dplyr' www
  • r-cran-pvclust

    Buster:(2.0-0-4) Stretch:(2.0-0-1) Hierarchical Clustering with P-Values via Multiscale Bootstrap www
  • r-cran-pwr

    Buster:(1.2-2-2) GNU R basic functions for power analysis www
  • r-cran-pwt

    Buster:(7.1.1-6) Stretch:(7.1.1-2) GNU R package for the Penn World Tables (version 5.6 to 7.1) www
  • r-cran-pwt8

    Buster:(8.1.1-4) Stretch:(8.1.1-1) GNU R package for the Penn World Tables (version 8.x) www
  • r-cran-pwt9

    Buster:(9.0-0-3) GNU R package for the Penn World Tables (version 9.x) www
  • r-cran-qap

    Buster:(0.1-1-1) GNU R heuristics for the quadratic assignment problem (QAP) www
  • r-cran-qqman

    Buster:(0.1.4-6) Stretch:(0.1.2-1) R package for visualizing GWAS results using Q-Q and manhattan plots www
  • r-cran-qtl

    Buster:(1.44-9-1) Stretch:(1.40-8-1) GNU R package for genetic marker linkage analysis www
  • r-cran-quadprog

    Buster:(1.5-5-3+b1) Stretch:(1.5-5-2) GNU R package for solving quadratic programming problems
  • r-cran-quantmod

    Buster:(0.4-13-2) GNU R package for quantitative financial modeling framework www
  • r-cran-quantreg

    Buster:(5.38-1) Stretch:(5.29-1) GNU R package for quantile regression www
  • r-cran-qvalue

    Buster & Stretch:(1.26.0-1) GNU R package for Q-value estimation for FDR control www
  • r-cran-qvcalc

    Buster:(0.9-1-2) Stretch:(0.9-0-1) GNU R quasi variances for factor effects in statistical models www
  • r-cran-r.cache

    Buster:(0.13.0-2) Stretch:(0.12.0-2) R package: Fast and Light-Weight Caching of Objects and Results www
  • r-cran-r.methodss3

    Buster:(1.7.1-3) Stretch:(1.7.1-1) GNU R utility function for defining S3 methods www
  • r-cran-r.oo

    Buster:(1.22.0-2) Stretch:(1.21.0-1) GNU R object-oriented programming with or without references www
  • r-cran-r.utils

    Buster:(2.7.0-1) Stretch:(2.5.0-1) GNU R various programming utilities www
  • r-cran-r6

    Buster:(2.4.0-1) Stretch:(2.2.0-2) R classes with reference semantics www
  • r-cran-randomfields

    Buster:(3.1.50-3) Stretch:(3.1.36-1) GNU R simulation and analysis of random fields www
  • r-cran-randomfieldsutils

    Buster:(0.3.25-3) Stretch:(0.3.15-1) utilities for the simulation and analysis of random fields www
  • r-cran-randomforest

    Buster:(4.6-14-2) Stretch:(4.6-12-1) GNU R package implementing the random forest classificator www
  • r-cran-ranger

    Buster:(0.11.1-1) Fast Implementation of Random Forests www
  • r-cran-rappdirs

    Buster:(0.3.1-1) GNU R application directories www
  • r-cran-raschsampler

    Buster:(0.8-8-2) Stretch:(0.8-8-1) GNU R package for sampling binary matrices with fixed margins www
  • r-cran-raster

    Buster:(2.8-19-1) Stretch:(2.5-8-1) GNU R geographic data analysis and modeling www
  • r-cran-rcarb

    Buster:(0.1.2-1) GNU R dose rate modelling of carbonate-rich samples www
  • r-cran-rcmdcheck

    Buster:(1.3.2-2) Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and Capture Results www
  • r-cran-rcmdr

    Buster:(2.5-1-1) Stretch:(2.3-2-1) GNU R platform-independent basic-statistics GUI www
  • r-cran-rcmdrmisc

    Buster:(2.5-1-1) Stretch:(1.0-5-1) GNU R package for miscellaneous Rcmdr utilities www
  • r-cran-rcolorbrewer

    Buster:(1.1-2-2) Stretch:(1.1-2-1) GNU R package providing suitable color palettes www
  • r-cran-rcpp

    Buster:(1.0.0-1+b1) Stretch:(0.12.9-1) GNU R package for Seamless R and C++ Integration www
  • r-cran-rcppannoy

    Buster:(0.0.11-1) Rcpp bindings for Annoy (approximate nearest neighbors) www
  • r-cran-rcpparmadillo

    Buster:( Stretch:(0.7.600.1.0-1) GNU R package for Armadillo C++ linear algebra library www
  • r-cran-rcppeigen

    Buster:( Stretch:( GNU R package for Eigen templated linear algebra www
  • r-cran-rcppgsl

    Buster:(0.3.6-1) Stretch:(0.3.2-2) GNU R package for integration with the GNU GSL www
  • r-cran-rcppprogress

    Buster:(0.4.1-1) interruptible progress bar for C++ in GNU R packages www
  • r-cran-rcpproll

    Buster:(0.3.0-1) GNU R efficient rolling / windowed operations www
  • r-cran-rcurl

    Buster:(1.95-4.11-1) Stretch:(1.95-4.8-2) GNU R General network (HTTP/FTP/...) client interface www
  • r-cran-rdflib

    Buster:(0.2.2+dfsg-1) GNU R tools to manipulate and query semantic data www
  • r-cran-readbrukerflexdata

    Buster:(1.8.5-2) Stretch:(1.8.3-1) GNU R package to read Bruker Daltonics *flex format files www
  • r-cran-readmzxmldata

    Buster:(2.8.1-3) Stretch:(2.8.1-1) GNU R package to read mass spectrometry data in mzXML format www
  • r-cran-readr

    Buster:(1.3.1-1) GNU R package to read rectangular text data www
  • r-cran-readstata13

    Buster:(0.9.2-1+b1) GNU R package to import 'Stata' data files www
  • r-cran-readxl

    Buster:(1.3.0-1) Stretch:(0.1.1-1+deb9u2) GNU R package to read Excel files www
  • r-cran-recipes

    Buster:(0.1.4-2) GNU R preprocessing tools to create design matrices www
  • r-cran-redland

    Buster:(1.0.17-10-1) RDF library bindings in GNU R www
  • r-cran-registry

    Buster:(0.5-2) Stretch:(0.3-1) GNU R package for registries www
  • r-cran-relimp

    Buster:(1.0-5-3) Stretch:(1.0-5-2) GNU R package for inference on relative importance of regressors www
  • r-cran-relsurv

    Buster:(2.2-3-1) GNU R relative survival www
  • r-cran-rematch

    Buster:(1.0.1-2) GNU R package to match regular expression with a nicer api www
  • r-cran-remotes

    Buster:(2.0.2-1) R Package Installation from Remote Repositories, Including 'GitHub' www
  • r-cran-rentrez

    Buster:(1.2.1-2) Stretch:(1.0.4-1) GNU R interface to the NCBI's EUtils API www
  • r-cran-repr

    Buster:(0.19.2-1) Stretch:(0.10-1) Serializable representations of R objects www
  • r-cran-reprex

    Buster:(0.2.1-2) Prepare Reproducible Example Code via the Clipboard www
  • r-cran-reshape

    Buster:(0.8.8-1) Stretch:(0.8.6-1) Flexibly reshape data www
  • r-cran-reshape2

    Buster:(1.4.3-2) Stretch:(1.4.2-1) Flexibly reshape data: a reboot of the reshape package www
  • r-cran-reticulate

    Buster:(1.10+dfsg-1) R interface to Python modules, classes, and functions www
  • r-cran-rgenoud

    Buster:(5.8-3.0-1) R Version of GENetic Optimization Using Derivatives www
  • r-cran-rggobi

    Buster:(2.1.22-1) Stretch:(2.1.19-2) GNU R package for the GGobi data visualization system www
  • r-cran-rgl

    Buster:(0.99.16-3) Stretch:(0.96.0-1) GNU R package for three-dimensional visualisation using OpenGL www
  • r-cran-rglpk

    Buster:(0.6-4-1) Stretch:(0.6-2-1) GNU R interface to the GNU Linear Programming Kit www
  • r-cran-rglwidget

    Buster:(0.2.1-3) Stretch:(0.2.1-1) GNU R 'rgl' in 'htmlwidgets' Framework www
  • r-cran-rgtk2

    Buster:(2.20.35-2) Stretch:(2.20.31-2) GNU R binding for Gtk2 www
  • r-cran-rhandsontable

    Buster:(0.3.6+dfsg1-1) GNU R interface to the 'Handsontable.js' library www
  • r-cran-rinside

    Buster:(0.2.14-1+b1) Stretch:(0.2.13-1) GNU R package to embed R in C++ application www
  • r-cran-rio

    Buster:(0.5.16-1) GNU R package with Swiss-army knife for data i/o www
  • r-cran-ritis

    Buster:(0.7.6+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.5.4-1) GNU R Integrated Taxonomic Information System client www
  • r-cran-rjags

    Buster:(1:4-8-1) Stretch:(1:4-6-1) R interface to the JAGS Bayesian statistics package www
  • r-cran-rjava

    Buster:(0.9-10-2+b1) Stretch:(0.9-8-2) GNU R low-level interface to Java www
  • r-cran-rjson

    Buster:(0.2.20-1+b1) Stretch:(0.2.15-1+b1) GNU R package for converting between R and JSON objects www
  • r-cran-rlang

    Buster:(0.3.1-2) Functions for Base Types and Core R and 'Tidyverse' Features www
  • r-cran-rlist

    Buster:( GNU R toolbox for non-tabular data manipulation www
  • r-cran-rlumshiny

    Buster:(0.2.2-1) Stretch:(0.1.1-1) GNU R 'Shiny' Applications for the R Package 'Luminescence' www
  • r-cran-rmarkdown

    Buster:(1.11+dfsg-1) convert R markdown documents into a variety of formats www
  • r-cran-rmpi

    Buster:(0.6-9-1) Stretch:(0.6-6-3) GNU R package interfacing MPI libraries for distributed computing www
  • r-cran-rms

    Buster:(5.1-3-1) Stretch:(5.1-0-1) GNU R regression modeling strategies by Frank Harrell www
  • r-cran-rmysql

    Buster:(0.10.16-1+b1) Stretch:(0.10.9-2) GNU R package providing a DBI-compliant interface to MySQL www
  • r-cran-rncl

    Buster:(0.8.3-1) Stretch:(0.8.2-1) GNU R interface to the Nexus Class Library www
  • r-cran-rneos

    Buster:(0.3-2-2) Stretch:(0.3-2-1) GNU R package with XML-RPC interface to NEOS www
  • r-cran-rnetcdf

    Buster:(1.9-1-2+b1) Stretch:(1.8-2-1) GNU R package that provides an R interface to NetCDF datasets www
  • r-cran-rnexml

    Buster:(2.3.0-1) Stretch:(2.0.7-1) GNU R package for semantically rich I/O for the 'NeXML' format www
  • r-cran-rngtools

    Buster:(1.3.1-2) Stretch:(1.2.4-2) GNU R package for random number generators www
  • r-cran-rniftilib

    Buster:(0.0-35.r79-5) Stretch:(0.0-35.r79-2) GNU/R interface to NIFTICLIB www
  • r-cran-robustbase

    Buster:(0.93-3-1) Stretch:(0.92-7-1) GNU R package providing basic robust statistics www
  • r-cran-rocr

    Buster:(1.0-7-4) Stretch:(1.0-7-2) GNU R package to prepare and display ROC curves www
  • r-cran-rodbc

    Buster:(1.3-15-1+b1) Stretch:(1.3-14-1) GNU R package for ODBC database access
  • r-cran-rotl

    Buster:(3.0.6-1) Stretch:(3.0.1-1) GNU R interface to the 'Open Tree of Life' API www
  • r-cran-roxygen2

    Buster:(6.1.1-1) in-line documentation for GNU R www
  • r-cran-rpact

    Buster:(1.0.0-1) Confirmatory Adaptive Clinical Trial Design and Analysis www
  • r-cran-rpart

    Buster:(4.1-13-1+b2) Stretch:(4.1-10-2) GNU R package for recursive partitioning and regression trees
  • r-cran-rpostgresql

    Buster:(0.6-2+dfsg-2) Stretch:(0.4-1) GNU R package providing database interface and driver for PostgreSQL www
  • r-cran-rprojroot

    Buster:(1.3-2-2) GNU R finding files in project subdirectories www
  • r-cran-rprotobuf

    Buster:(0.4.13-1) Stretch:(0.4.8-1) GNU R package providing an interface to the Protocol Buffers API www
  • r-cran-rpvm

    Buster:(1.0.4-2+rpi1) Stretch:(1.0.4-2) GNU R package interfacing PVM libraries for distributed computing
  • r-cran-rquantlib

    Buster:(0.4.7-1) Stretch:(0.4.3-1) GNU R package interfacing the QuantLib finance library www
  • r-cran-rredlist

    Buster:(0.5.0-2) Stretch:(0.2.0-1) GNU R IUCN Red List Client www
  • r-cran-rsclient

    Buster:(0.7-3-2+b2) Stretch:(0.7-3-2) GNU R package providing an Rserve client
  • r-cran-rsdmx

    Buster:(1:0.5-13+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.5.7+dfsg-2) GNU R package for the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) framework www
  • r-cran-rserve

    Buster:(1.7-3-3+b3) Stretch:(1.7-3-3+b1) GNU R Rserve tcp/ip server and sample clients www
  • r-cran-rsolnp

    Buster:(1.16+dfsg-3) Stretch:(1.16+dfsg-1) GNU R general non-linear optimization www
  • r-cran-rspectra

    Buster:(0.13-1-1) GNU R solvers for large-scale eigenvalue and SVD problems www
  • r-cran-rsprng

    Buster:(1.0-5+b1) Stretch:(1.0-4) GNU R interface to SPRNG (Scalable Parallel RNGs)
  • r-cran-rsqlite

    Buster:(2.1.1-2+b2) Stretch:(1.1-2-1) Database Interface R driver for SQLite www
  • r-cran-rstan

    Buster:(2.18.2-1) GNU R interface to Stan www
  • r-cran-rstantools

    Buster:(1.5.1-1) tools for developing GNU R packages interfacing with 'Stan' www
  • r-cran-rstudioapi

    Buster:(0.9.0-1) GNU R package for access to the RStudio API www
  • r-cran-rsymphony

    Buster:(0.1-28-1+b1) Stretch:(0.1-25-1) GNU R interface to the SYMPHONY MILP solver www
  • r-cran-rtsne

    Buster:(0.15-1) GNU R T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding using a Barnes-Hut www
  • r-cran-runit

    Buster:(0.4.32-2) Stretch:(0.4.31-2) GNU R package providing unit testing framework www
  • r-cran-rvest

    Buster:(0.3.2-1) Easily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages www
  • r-cran-rwave

    Buster:(2.4-8-2) GNU R time-frequency analysis of 1-D signals www
  • r-cran-samr

    Buster:(2.0-2) GNU R significance analysis of microarrays www
  • r-cran-sandwich

    Buster:(2.5-0-1) Stretch:(2.3-4-2) GNU R package for model-robust standard error estimates www
  • r-cran-satellite

    Buster:(1.0.1-1) GNU R handling and manipulating remote sensing data www
  • r-cran-scales

    Buster:(1.0.0-2) Stretch:(0.4.1-1) Scale functions for visualization www
  • r-cran-scatterd3

    Buster:(0.8.2+dfsg1-1) Stretch:(0.8.1+dfsg-1) GNU R D3 JavaScript Scatterplot from R www
  • r-cran-scatterplot3d

    Buster:(0.3-41-2) Stretch:(0.3-38-1) GNU R package for Visualizing Multivariate Data www
  • r-cran-segmented

    Buster:(0.5-3.0-2) Stretch:(0.5-1.4-1) GNU R segmented relationships in regression models www
  • r-cran-selectr

    Buster:(0.4-1-1) Translate CSS Selectors to XPath Expressions www
  • r-cran-sem

    Buster:(3.1.9-2) Stretch:(3.1.8-1) GNU R functions for fitting structural equation models -- sem www
  • r-cran-semtools

    Buster:(0.5.1-1) Stretch:(0.4.14-1) GNU R Tools for Structural Equation Modeling -- semTools www
  • r-cran-sendmailr

    Buster:(1.2-1-4) Stretch:(1.2-1-1) send email using GNU R www
  • r-cran-seqinr

    Buster:(3.4-5-2+b1) Stretch:(3.3-3-1) GNU R biological sequences retrieval and analysis www
  • r-cran-seriation

    Buster:(1.2-3-1) GNU R infrastructure for ordering objects using seriation www
  • r-cran-seroincidence

    Buster:(2.0.0-1) Stretch:(1.0.5-1) GNU R seroincidence calculator tool www
  • r-cran-sessioninfo

    Buster:(1.1.1-1) R Session Information www
  • r-cran-sf

    Buster:(0.7-2+dfsg-1+b1) Simple Features for R www
  • r-cran-sfsmisc

    Buster:(1.1-3-1) GNU R utilities from 'Seminar fuer Statistik' ETH Zurich www
  • r-cran-shape

    Buster:(1.4.4-2) Stretch:(1.4.2-1) GNU R functions for plotting graphical shapes, colors www
  • r-cran-shiny

    Buster:(1.2.0+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.0.0+dfsg-1) GNU R web application framework www
  • r-cran-shinybs

    Buster:(0.61-3) Stretch:(0.61-1) GNU R Twitter bootstrap components for Shiny www
  • r-cran-shinydashboard

    Buster:(0.7.1-1) GNU R create dashboards with 'Shiny' www
  • r-cran-shinyfiles

    Buster:(0.7.2-1) GNU R server-side file system viewer for shiny www
  • r-cran-shinyjs

    Buster:(1.0-2) Easily Improve the User Experience of Your Shiny Apps in Seconds www
  • r-cran-shinythemes

    Buster:(1.1.2+dfsg-1) Themes for Shiny www
  • r-cran-sjlabelled

    Buster:(1.0.16-1) GNU R labelled data utility functions www
  • r-cran-sjmisc

    Buster:(2.7.7-1) GNU R data and variable transformation functions www
  • r-cran-sjplot

    Buster:(2.6.2-1) GNU R data visualization for statistics in social science www
  • r-cran-sjstats

    Buster:(0.17.3-1) GNU R collection of convenient functions for statistical computations www
  • r-cran-slam

    Buster:(0.1-44-1) Stretch:(0.1-40-1) GNU R sparse lighweight arrays and matrices package www
  • r-cran-sm

    Buster:(2.2-5.6-1) Stretch:(2.2-5.4-1) GNU R package for kernel smoothing methods www
  • r-cran-sn

    Buster:(1.5-3-1) Stretch:(1.4-0-1) GNU R package providing skew-normal and skew-t distributions www
  • r-cran-snakecase

    Buster:(0.9.2-2) convert strings into any case for GNU R www
  • r-cran-snow

    Buster:(1:0.4.3-1) Stretch:(1:0.4.2-1) GNU R package for 'simple network of workstations' www
  • r-cran-snowballc

    Buster:(0.6.0-1) Snowball stemmers based on the C libstemmer UTF-8 library www
  • r-cran-snowfall

    Buster:(1.84-6.1-2) GNU R easier cluster computing (based on snow) www
  • r-cran-solrium

    Buster:(1.0.2+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.4.0-1) general purpose R interface to 'Solr' www
  • r-cran-sourcetools

    Buster:(0.1.7-2) Stretch:(0.1.5-1) tools for reading, tokenizing and parsing R code www
  • r-cran-sp

    Buster:(1:1.3-1-1) Stretch:(1:1.2-4-1) GNU R classes and methods for spatial data www
  • r-cran-spam

    Buster:(2.2-1-1) Stretch:(1.4-0-1) GNU R functions for sparse matrix algebra www
  • r-cran-sparsem

    Buster:(1.77-1+b1) Stretch:(1.74-1) GNU R package for basic linear algebra for sparse matrices www
  • r-cran-spatial

    Buster:(7.3-11-2+b1) Stretch:(7.3-11-1) GNU R package for spatial statistics www
  • r-cran-spatstat

    Buster:(1.58-2-1) Stretch:(1.48-0-1) GNU R Spatial Point Pattern analysis, model-fitting, simulation, tests www

    Buster:(1.4-0-1) datasets for the package r-cran-spatstat www
  • r-cran-spatstat.utils

    Buster:(1.13-0-1) GNU R utility functions for r-cran-spatstat www
  • r-cran-spc

    Buster:(1:0.6.0-2) Stretch:(1:0.5.3-1) GNU R Statistical Process Control www
  • r-cran-spdata

    Buster:(0.3.0-1) GNU R datasets for spatial analysis www
  • r-cran-spdep

    Buster:(0.8-1+dfsg-1) Stretch:(0.6-9-1) GNU R spatial dependence: weighting schemes, statistics and models www
  • r-cran-spp

    Buster:(1.15.5-1) GNU R ChIP-seq processing pipeline www
  • r-cran-squarem

    Buster:(2017.10-1-2) Squared Extrapolation Methods for Accelerating EM-Like Monotone Algorithms www
  • r-cran-stabledist

    Buster:(0.7-1-2) Stretch:(0.7-1-1) GNU R package for stable distribution functions www
  • r-cran-stanheaders

    Buster:(2.18.1-1) C++ Header Files for Stan for GNU R www
  • r-cran-stars

    Buster:(0.2-0-1) scalable, spatiotemporal tidy arrays for GNU R www
  • r-cran-statmod

    Buster:(1.4.30-2) Stretch:(1.4.27-1) GNU R package providing algorithms and functions for statistical modeling www
  • r-cran-stringdist

    Buster:( GNU R approximate string matching and string distance functions www
  • r-cran-stringi

    Buster:(1.2.4-2) Stretch:(1.1.2-1) GNU R character string processing facilities www
  • r-cran-stringr

    Buster:(1.4.0-1) Stretch:(1.1.0-1) Make it easier to work with strings www
  • r-cran-strucchange

    Buster:(1.5-1-3) Stretch:(1.5-1-2) GNU R package for structural change regression estimation www
  • r-cran-surveillance

    Buster:(1.16.2-1) Stretch:(1.13.0-1) GNU R package for the Modeling and Monitoring of Epidemic Phenomena www
  • r-cran-survey

    Buster:(3.35-1-1) GNU R analysis of complex survey samples www
  • r-cran-survival

    Buster:(2.43-3-1) Stretch:(2.40-1-1) GNU R package for survival analysis www
  • r-cran-svglite

    Buster:(1.2.1-1) GNU R 'SVG' graphics device www
  • r-cran-sys

    Buster:(2.1-1) Powerful and Reliable Tools for Running System Commands in GNU R www
  • r-cran-taxize

    Buster:(0.9.5+dfsg-2) Stretch:(0.8.0-1) GNU R taxonomic information from around the web www
  • r-cran-tcltk2

    Buster:(1.2-11-2) Stretch:(1.2-11-1) GNU R package for Tcl/Tk additions www
  • r-cran-tcr

    Buster:(2.2.3-1) Advanced Data Analysis of Immune Receptor Repertoires www
  • r-cran-teachingdemos

    Buster:(2.10-3) Stretch:(2.10-1) GNU R Demonstrations for teaching and learning www
  • r-cran-tensor

    Buster:(1.5-3) Stretch:(1.5-1) GNU R Tensor product of arrays www
  • r-cran-testit

    Buster:(0.9-1) Stretch:(0.6-1) simple package for testing GNU R packages www
  • r-cran-testthat

    Buster:(2.0.1-1) Stretch:(1.0.2-2) GNU R testsuite www
  • r-cran-tfmpvalue

    Buster:(0.0.8-1) GNU R P-Value Computation for Position Weight Matrices www
  • r-cran-tgp

    Buster:(2.4-14-4) Stretch:(2.4-14-2) GNU R Bayesian treed Gaussian process models www

    Buster:(1.0-10-1) Stretch:(1.0-7-2) GNU R package for datasets by Torsten Hothorn www
  • r-cran-threejs

    Buster:(0.3.1+dfsg-2) GNU R interactive 3D scatter plots, networks and globes www
  • r-cran-tibble

    Buster:(2.0.1-1) Stretch:(1.2-1) GNU R Simple Data Frames www
  • r-cran-tidyr

    Buster:(0.8.2-1) Stretch:(0.6.1-1) GNU R package to easily tidy data www
  • r-cran-tidyselect

    Buster:(0.2.5-1) GNU R select from a set of strings www
  • r-cran-tidyverse

    Buster:(1.2.1-1) Easily Install and Load the 'Tidyverse' www
  • r-cran-tikzdevice

    Buster:(0.12-1) Stretch:(0.10-1-1) GNU R graphics output in LaTeX format www
  • r-cran-timedate

    Buster:(3043.102-1+b1) Stretch:(3012.100-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- timeDate www
  • r-cran-timeseries

    Buster:(3042.102-2) Stretch:(3022.101.2-2) GNU R package for financial engineering -- timeSeries www
  • r-cran-tinytex

    Buster:(0.10-1) GNU R helper to compile LaTeX documents www
  • r-cran-tkrplot

    Buster:(0.0.24-1) Stretch:(0.0.23-4) GNU R embedded Tk plotting device package www
  • r-cran-tm

    Buster:(0.7-6-1) Stretch:(0.6-2-3) Text Mining functionality for R www
  • r-cran-tmb

    Buster:(1.7.15-1) GNU R template model builder: general random effect tool www
  • r-cran-tmvtnorm

    Buster:(1.4-10-3) GNU R truncated multivariate normal and student t distribution www
  • r-cran-treescape

    Buster:(1.10.18+dfsg-1) Stretch:(1.10.18-6) GNU R Statistical Exploration of Landscapes of Phylogenetic Trees www
  • r-cran-treespace

    Buster:(1.1.3+dfsg-1) Statistical Exploration of Landscapes of Phylogenetic Trees www
  • r-cran-triebeard

    Buster:(0.3.0-3) GNU R radix trees in Rcpp www
  • r-cran-trimcluster

    Buster:(0.1-2.1-1) GNU R cluster analysis with trimming www
  • r-cran-truncdist

    Buster:(1.0-2-3) GNU R functions for truncated random variables www
  • r-cran-truncnorm

    Buster:(1.0-8-2+b1) Stretch:(1.0-7-2) GNU R truncated normal distribution www
  • r-cran-tseries

    Buster:(0.10-46-1) Stretch:(0.10-37-1) GNU R package for time-series analysis and comp. finance www
  • r-cran-tsp

    Buster:(1.1-6-1) GNU R traveling salesperson problem (TSP) www
  • r-cran-ttr

    Buster:(0.23-4-1) GNU R package to construct technical trading rules www
  • r-cran-ucminf

    Buster:(1.1-4-2) GNU R general-purpose unconstrained non-linear optimization www
  • r-cran-udunits2

    Buster:(0.13-1) Udunits-2 Bindings for R www
  • r-cran-units

    Buster:(0.6-2-1) Measurement Units for R Vectors www
  • r-cran-urca

    Buster:(1.3-0-3) Stretch:(1.3-0-1) GNU R package providing unit root and cointegration tests www
  • r-cran-urltools

    Buster:(1.7.2+dfsg-1) GNU R vectorised tools for URL handling and parsing www
  • r-cran-usethis

    Buster:(1.4.0-1) Automate Package and Project Setup www
  • r-cran-utf8

    Buster:(1.1.4-1+b1) GNU R unicode text processing www
  • r-cran-uuid

    Buster:(0.1.2-9) Stretch:(0.1.2-8) Tools for generating and handling UUIDs www
  • r-cran-v8

    Buster:(2.0+dfsg-1) Embedded JavaScript Engine for R www
  • r-cran-vcd

    Buster:(1:1.4-4-2) Stretch:(1:1.4-3-1) GNU R Visualizing Categorical Data www
  • r-cran-vcdextra

    Buster:(0.7-1-3) Stretch:(0.7-0-1) GNU R package providing extensions and additions to the vcd package www
  • r-cran-vcr

    Buster:(0.2.2+dfsg-1) GNU R record HTTP calls to disk www
  • r-cran-vegan

    Buster:(2.5-4+dfsg-3) Stretch:(2.4-2-1) Community Ecology Package for R www
  • r-cran-vgam

    Buster:(1.0-6-1) Stretch:(1.0-3-1) GNU R package for estimating vector generalized additive models www
  • r-cran-vioplot

    Buster:(0.3.0-1) Stretch:(0.2-2) GNU R toolbox for violin plots www
  • r-cran-viridis

    Buster:(0.5.1-2) Stretch:(0.3.4-1) GNU R package for color maps from matplotlib www
  • r-cran-viridislite

    Buster:(0.3.0-3) GNU R package for color maps from matplotlib (Lite Version) www
  • r-cran-waveslim

    Buster:( GNU R wavelet routines for 1-, 2- and 3-D signal processing www
  • r-cran-wavethresh

    Buster:(4.6.8-2) GNU R wavelets statistics and transforms www
  • r-cran-wdi

    Buster:(2.5.1-1) Stretch:(2.4-1) GNU R package for accessing the World Development Indicators www
  • r-cran-webmockr

    Buster:(0.3.0-1) GNU R stubbing and setting expectations on 'HTTP' requests www
  • r-cran-webshot

    Buster:(0.5.1-1) GNU R take screenshots of web pages www
  • r-cran-webutils

    Buster:(0.6-2) GNU R utility functions for developing web applications www
  • r-cran-whatif

    Buster:(1.5-9-2) GNU R evaluate counterfactuals www
  • r-cran-whisker

    Buster:(0.3-2-2) GNU R mustache, logicless templating www
  • r-cran-wikidatar

    Buster:(1.4.0+dfsg-1) GNU R API Client Library for 'Wikidata' www
  • r-cran-wikipedir

    Buster:(1.5.0-2) GNU R MediaWiki API Wrapper www
  • r-cran-wikitaxa

    Buster:(0.3.0+dfsg-1) taxonomic information from 'Wikipedia' for GNU R www
  • r-cran-withr

    Buster:(2.1.2-3) Stretch:(1.0.2-1) GNU R package to run code 'With' temporarily modified global state www
  • r-cran-wordcloud

    Buster:(2.6-1) word clouds with GNU R www
  • r-cran-worrms

    Buster:(0.3.2+dfsg-1) GNU R client of World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) www
  • r-cran-xfun

    Buster:(0.4-1) miscellaneous GNU R functions by 'Yihui Xie' www
  • r-cran-xml

    Buster:(3.98-1.17-1) Stretch:(3.98-1.5-1) GNU R package for XML parsing and generation www
  • r-cran-xml2

    Buster:(1.2.0-3) Stretch:(1.1.0-1) GNU R XML parser www
  • r-cran-xopen

    Buster:(1.0.0-1) Open System Files, 'URLs', Anything www
  • r-cran-xslt

    Buster:(1.3-1) extensible style-sheet language transformations for GNU R www
  • r-cran-xtable

    Buster:(1:1.8-3-1) Stretch:(1:1.8-2-1) GNU R coerce data to LaTeX and HTML tables www
  • r-cran-xts

    Buster:(0.11-2-1) Stretch:(0.9-7-1) GNU R package for time series analysis -- xts www
  • r-cran-yaml

    Buster:(2.2.0-1) Stretch:(2.1.14-1) Methods to convert R data to YAML and back www
  • r-cran-zelig

    Buster:(5.1.6-2) Stretch:(4.2-1-1) GNU R package providing a unified front-end for estimating statistical models www
  • r-cran-zeligchoice

    Buster:(0.9-6-2) GNU R zelig choice models www
  • r-cran-zeligei

    Buster:(0.1-2-2) GNU R zelig ecological inference models www
  • r-cran-zeligverse

    Buster:(0.1.1-2) GNU R easily install and load stable zelig packages www
  • r-cran-zip

    Buster:(1.0.0-1) GNU R package to read and write XLSX files www
  • r-cran-zoo

    Buster:(1.8-4-1) Stretch:(1.7-14-1) GNU R package for totally ordered indexed observations www
  • r-mathlib

    Buster:(3.5.2-1) Stretch:(3.3.3-1) GNU R standalone mathematics library www
  • r-omegahat-xmlrpc

    Buster:(0.3-0-2) Stretch:(0.3-0-1) GNU R package for Remote Procedure Calls via XML www
  • r-other-amsmercury

    Buster:(1.3.0-3) Stretch:(1.3.0-2) efficient calculation of accurate masses and abundances of isotopic peaks www
  • r-other-bio3d

    Buster & Stretch:(1.1-5-1) GNU R package for biological structure analysis www
  • r-other-curvefdp

    Buster:(2.0-5) Stretch:(2.0-2) estimation of confidence levels for peptide identifications www
  • r-other-hms-dbmi-spp

    Buster:(1.15.2-1+b1) GNU R ChIP-seq processing pipeline www
  • r-other-iwrlars

    Buster:(0.9-5-3) Stretch:(0.9-5-2) least angle regression, lasso, positive lasso and forward stagewise www
  • r-other-mott-happy.hbrem

    Buster:(2.4-3) Stretch:(2.4-1) GNU R package for fine-mapping complex diseases www
  • r-other-nitpick

    Buster:(2.0-5) Stretch:(2.0-2) peak identification for mass spectrometry data www
  • r-other-x4r

    Buster:(1.0.1+git20150806.c6bd9bd-2) XMLA/MDX cube tool for R www
  • r-recommended

    Buster:(3.5.2-1) Stretch:(3.3.3-1) GNU R collection of recommended packages [metapackage] www