Raspberry Pi OS Software Packages

Raspberry Pi OS is the offical operating system of the Raspberry Pi (previously known as Raspbian). Though not the only Operarting Systems the Raspberry Pi can use, it is the one that has the setup and software managed by the Raspberry Pi foundation. Raspberry Pi OS is a Linux OS based on Debian. As with all Linux distributions there are 1000's of free Open Source programs that can be downloaded from a Terminal Screen or a Desktop app. This section list the 1000's of programs that can be downloaded for the current version of Raspberry Pi OS, Buster version 10 and the previouse version, Stretch.

Documation Packages

raspberryDocumentation and How To's

To install Raspberry Pi OS software on a Raspberry Pi

Packages are installed using Terminal. First get an updated package list by entering the following command in to terminal if this has not been done today sudo apt update
Then install your chosen package with the command sudo apt install package name Find out more with the Guide to installing software with the apt command

WWW: Please Note: each listing has a www link to a related webpage, the links are supplied by the author. I can not guarantee thay are all active and related to the listed package.

Distro Version:

The latest Distro for Raspberry Pi OS is Bookworm, the previouse version was Bullseye. Next to each package is the version available for each distro.

Bookworm(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm
Bullseye(#) = Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye
Bookworm & Bullseye(#) = same version for both.
If only one Distro is listed then the package is only available on that distribution.

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Last Updated: 17 March, 2024

  • 389-ds-console-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.16-1) 389 Directory Server Management Console -- documentation www
  • 3dldf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.3+ndfsg-4) 3D drawing with MetaPost output -- documentation www
  • 4ti2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.9+ds-8) Bullseye:(1.6.9+ds-2) mathematical tool suite for problems on linear spaces -- user guide www
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  • A

  • abigail-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2-2) Bullseye:(1.8-1) ABI Generic Analysis and Instrumentation Library (documentation) www
  • abinit-data

    Bookworm:(9.6.2-1) Bullseye:(9.2.2-1) package for electronic structure calculations (Data files) www
  • abinit-doc

    Bookworm:(9.6.2-1) Bullseye:(9.2.2-1) package for electronic structure calculations (Documentation) www
  • abs-guide

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(10-4) The Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide www
  • accounts-qml-module-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7+git20221012.4119d52-2) Online Accounts QML - documentation www
  • acl2-doc

    Bookworm:(8.5dfsg-5) Bullseye:(8.3dfsg-1) Computational Logic for Applicative Common Lisp: documentation www
  • ada-reference-manual-2005

    Bookworm:(1:2020.1commit85143dcb-4) Bullseye:(1:2020.1commit85143dcb-2) reference documentation for the Ada language (2005 standard) www
  • ada-reference-manual-2012

    Bookworm:(1:2020.1commit85143dcb-4) Bullseye:(1:2020.1commit85143dcb-2) reference documentation for the Ada language (2012 standard) www
  • ada-reference-manual-2020

    Bookworm:(1:2020.1commit85143dcb-4) Bullseye:(1:2020.1commit85143dcb-2) reference documentation for the Ada language (2020 preview) www
  • adql-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5-2) Bullseye:(1.5-1) Parse, manipulate and translate ADQL queries (API doc) www
  • afdko-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.2+dfsg1-1) Bullseye:(3.6.0+dfsg1-3) Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType (common documentation) www
  • afnix-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.0-1) Bullseye:(3.4.0-2) Compiler and run-time for the AFNIX programming language (documentation) www
  • agda-stdlib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.1-1) Bullseye:(1.3-2) standard library for Agda — documentation www
  • allegro4-doc

    Bookworm:(2: Bullseye:(2: documentation for the Allegro library www
  • allegro5-doc

    Bookworm:(2: Bullseye:(2: documentation for the Allegro 5 library www
  • alot-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10-1) Bullseye:(0.9.1-2) Text mode MUA using notmuch mail - documentation www
  • alpine-doc

    Bookworm:(2.26+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.24+dfsg1-1) Text-based email client's documentation www
  • alure-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-9) Bullseye:(1.2-7) AL Utilities REtooled (documentation) www
  • anarchism

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(15.3-3) Exhaustive exploration of Anarchist theory and practice www
  • angband-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Documentation for the roguelike game Angband www
  • angelscript-doc

    Bookworm:(2.35.1+ds-3) Bullseye:(2.34.0+ds-1.1) game-oriented interpreted compiled scripting language (documentation) www
  • ansible-tower-cli-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.0-1.1) documentation for tower-cli command line tool and library www
  • ant-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.13-1) Bullseye:(1.10.9-4) Java based build tool like make - API documentation and manual www
  • antlr-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.7+dfsg-12) Bullseye:(2.7.7+dfsg-10) language tool for constructing recognizers, compilers etc www
  • antlr4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.7.2-5) ANTLR Parser Generator (documentation) www
  • anyremote-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.7.3-3) Documentation for anyremote www
  • aodh-doc

    Bookworm:(15.0.0-3) Bullseye:(11.0.0-2) OpenStack Telemetry (Ceilometer) Alarming - doc www
  • aolserver4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.5.1-18.1) AOL web server version 4 - documentation www
  • apache2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.57-2) Bullseye:(2.4.56-1~deb11u2) Apache HTTP Server (on-site documentation) www
  • apcupsd-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.14.14-3.1) APC UPS Power Management (documentation/examples) www
  • aplus-fsf-doc

    Bookworm:(4.22.1-10.2) Bullseye:(4.22.1-10.1) A+ programming language documentation
  • apophenia-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0+ds-8) Apophenia Statistical C Library -- reference manual www
  • appstream-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16.1-2) Bullseye:(0.14.4-1) Developer documentation for AppStream www
  • appstream-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.2-1) Bullseye:(0.7.18-1+deb11u1) Developer documentation for the libappstream-glib library www
  • apt-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.1) Bullseye:(2.2.4) documentation for APT
  • apt-dpkg-ref

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.2) APT, Dpkg Quick Reference sheet
  • aptitude-doc-cs

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Czech manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-en

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) English manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-es

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Spanish manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-fi

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Finnish manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-fr

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) French manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-it

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Italian manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-ja

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Japanese manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-nl

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Dutch manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • aptitude-doc-ru

    Bookworm:(0.8.13-5) Bullseye:(0.8.13-3) Russian manual for aptitude, a terminal-based package manager www
  • arb-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.6-5) Bullseye:(6.0.6-4) phylogenetic sequence analysis suite - documentation www
  • argagg-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.7-1) Bullseye:(0.4.6-5) Argument Aggregator - Simple C++11 command line argument parser - source doc www
  • argyll-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.1+repack-1.1) Bullseye:(2.0.1+repack-1.1) Color Management System, calibrator and profiler (documentation) www
  • aroarfw-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1~beta5-7) Bullseye:(0.1~beta5-6) framework to build hardware with RoarAudio protocol support (documentation) www
  • artfastqgenerator-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.20150519-4) outputs artificial FASTQ files derived from a reference genome (doc) www
  • asciidoctor-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.18-2) Bullseye:(2.0.12-2) AsciiDoc to HTML rendering for Ruby (documentation) www
  • asl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-4) Bullseye:(0.1.7-2) documentation for ASL www
  • asn1c-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.28+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(0.9.28+dfsg-3) Documentation for asn1c www
  • aspectj-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.5-2) Bullseye:(1.9.2-2) aspect-oriented extension for Java - documentation www
  • aspell-doc

    Bookworm:(0.60.8-4) Bullseye:(0.60.8-3) Documentation for GNU Aspell spell-checker www
  • asr-manpages

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-6) alt.sysadmin.recovery manual pages
  • asterisk-doc

    Bookworm:(1:20.1.0~dfsg+~cs6.12.40431414-1) Bullseye:(1:16.28.0~dfsg-0+deb11u4) Source code documentation for Asterisk www
  • asymptote-doc

    Bookworm:(2.85+ds-1) Bullseye:(2.69+ds-1) documentation and examples for asymptote www
  • at-spi2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.46.0-5) Bullseye:(2.38.0-4+deb11u1) Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface (Documentation) www
  • ats-lang-anairiats-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.11-1.1) Documentation for the ATS compiler Anairiats www
  • augeas-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.0-1) Bullseye:(1.12.0-2) Augeas lenses documentation www
  • augustus-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.4.0+dfsg2-2) documentation files for AUGUSTUS www
  • auto-multiple-choice-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-1) Bullseye:(1.5.0~rc2-2) Auto Multiple Choice - HTML documentation www
  • auto-multiple-choice-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-1) Bullseye:(1.5.0~rc2-2) Auto Multiple Choice - PDF documentation www
  • autobahn-cpp-doc

    Bookworm:(17.5.1+git7cc5d37-2.2) Bullseye:(17.5.1+git7cc5d37-2.1) WAMP in C++ for Boost/Asio - examples www
  • autoconf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.71-3) Bullseye:(2.69-14) automatic configure script builder documentation www
  • autogen-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.18.16-5) Bullseye:(1:5.18.16-4) automated text file generator - documentation www
  • automake1.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.6-1.1) A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles
  • avrdude-doc

    Bookworm:(7.1+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(6.3-20171130+svn1429-2) documentation for avrdude www
  • awesome-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3-7) Bullseye:(4.3-5) highly configurable X window manager - documentation www
  • awl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.64-1) Bullseye:(0.62-1) Andrew's Web Libraries - API documentation www
  • axiom-doc

    Bookworm:(20170501-12) Bullseye:(20170501-6) General purpose computer algebra system: documentation
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  • B

  • backup-manager-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.14-1.3) Bullseye:(0.7.14-1.2) documentation package for Backup Manager www
  • bacula-doc

    Bookworm:(9.6.7-2) Bullseye:(9.6.7-1) Documentation for Bacula www
  • barbican-doc

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.1-2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.0-3+deb11u1) OpenStack Key Management Service - doc www
  • bash-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.15-2) Bullseye:(5.1-2+deb11u1) Documentation and examples for the GNU Bourne Again SHell www
  • basix-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-1) Bullseye:(0.0.1~git20210122.4f10ef2-2) Finite Element Basis Function Definition Runtime Library (docs) www
  • bcolz-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1+ds2-8+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.2.1+ds2-7) high performant compressed data container (documentation) www
  • beagle-doc

    Bookworm:(220722-1) Bullseye:(5.1-200518+dfsg-1) Documentation for Beagle www
  • beast-mcmc-examples

    Bookworm:(1.10.4+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(1.10.4+dfsg-2) Bayesian MCMC phylogenetic inference - example data www
  • beast2-mcmc-examples

    Bookworm:(2.7.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.6.3+dfsg-2) Bayesian MCMC phylogenetic inference - example data www
  • bedops-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.41+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.4.39+dfsg1-2) high-performance genomic feature operations (documentation) www
  • beets-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-4) Bullseye:(1.4.9-7) music tagger and library organizer - documentation www
  • berkeley-express-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(1.5.3+dfsg-1) Documentation for RNA-Seq tool eXpress www
  • bible-kjv

    Bookworm:(4.38) Bullseye:(4.34+deb11u1) King James Version of the Bible: user interface program.
  • bible-kjv-text

    Bookworm:(4.38) Bullseye:(4.34+deb11u1) King James Version of the Bible - text and concordance
  • bind9-doc

    Bookworm:(1:9.18.24-1) Bullseye:(1:9.16.48-1) Documentation for BIND 9 www
  • binoculars-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.13-1) Bullseye:(0.0.6-1) Surface X-ray diffraction 2D detector data reduction - Documentation www
  • binutils-doc

    Bookworm:(2.40-2+rpi2) Bullseye:(2.35.2-2+rpi1) Documentation for the GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities www
  • bird-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.8-2.1) Internet Routing Daemon - documentation www
  • bird2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.12-7) Bullseye:(2.0.7-4.1) Internet Routing Daemon - documentation www
  • bison-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.8.2+repack-1) Bullseye:(1:3.7.5+repack-1) Documentation for the Bison parser generator www
  • bisonc++-doc

    Bookworm:(6.04.04-1) Bullseye:(6.04.01-1) Bison-style parser generator for C++ documentation www
  • blag-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1) Blog-aware, static site generator (documentation) www
  • blends-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.5) Bullseye:(0.7.2) Debian Pure Blends documentation www
  • bliss-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.73-5) suite to compute graph automorphisms and labelings -- doc www
  • bme280-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-1) Python interface for a Bosch BME280 digital sensor module. Docs www
  • bochs-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(2.6.11+dfsg-4) Bochs upstream documentation www
  • borgbackup-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4-1) Bullseye:(1.1.16-3) deduplicating and compressing backup program (documentation) www
  • borgbackup2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0b5-1) deduplicating and compressing backup program (documentation for version 2.x) www
  • bornagain-doc

    Bookworm:(1.19.0-3) Bullseye:(1.18.0-1) Simulate and fit X-ray and neutron GISAS -- doc www
  • botch-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24-2) Bullseye:(0.23-1) Bootstrapping helper - documentation www
  • brailleutils

    Bookworm:(1.2.3-8) Bullseye:(1.2.3-6) command-line interface for the brailleutils library www
  • breathe-doc

    Bookworm:(4.34.0-1) Bullseye:(4.26.0-1) Sphinx autodox support for languages with doxygen support (documentation) www
  • brickos-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.0.dfsg-12.2) documentation for brickOS an Alternative OS for the RCX www
  • brz-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.2-3) Bullseye:(3.1.0-8) easy to use distributed version control system (documentation) www
  • bsh-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0b4-20) Documentation for bsh www
  • budgie-desktop-doc

    Bookworm:(10.7.1-1) Bullseye:(10.5.2-4) documentation files for the budgie-desktop www
  • buildbot-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.0-2) Bullseye:(2.10.1-1) System to automate the compile/test cycle (documentation) www
  • bumblebee-status-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.6-1) Status line generator for the i3 window manager - documentation www
  • bup-doc

    Bookworm:(0.33.2-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.32-3) highly efficient file backup system based on git (documentation) www
  • bzip2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.8-5) Bullseye:(1.0.8-4) high-quality block-sorting file compressor - documentation www
  • bzr-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.0+bzr6622+brz) transitional dummy package for brz-doc www
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  • C

  • c++-annotations

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ www
  • c++-annotations-contrib

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - contributed files www
  • c++-annotations-dvi

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - DVI output www
  • c++-annotations-html

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - html output www
  • c++-annotations-latex

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - LaTeX output www
  • c++-annotations-pdf

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - PDF output www
  • c++-annotations-ps

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - Postscript output www
  • c++-annotations-txt

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-2) Bullseye:(11.5.0-1) Extensive tutorial and documentation about C++ - text output www
  • c2hs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.28.8-1) Bullseye:(0.28.6-1) C->Haskell Interface Generator -- Documentation package www
  • calculix-ccx-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11-1.1) Bullseye:(2.11-1) Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program (documentation files) www
  • calculix-ccx-test

    Bookworm:(2.11-1.1) Bullseye:(2.11-1) Three-Dimensional Structural Finite Element Program (documentation files) www
  • calculix-cgx-examples

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.17+dfsg-2) Example files for Calculix GraphiX www
  • camlidl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.04-5) Documentation for CamlIDL in PS, PDF and HTML formats
  • capirca-docs

    Bookworm:(2.0.6-1) Multi-platform ACL generation system (documentation) www
  • cargo-doc

    Bookworm:(0.66.0+ds1-1) Bullseye:(0.47.0-3) Rust package manager, documentation www
  • casacore-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-2) Bullseye:(3.3.0-4) CASA core library (documentation) www
  • caspar-doc

    Bookworm:(20220907-1) Bullseye:(20200611-2) documentation for caspar www
  • castle-game-engine-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0~alpha.2+dfsg1-5) Bullseye:(6.4+dfsg1-7) Castle Game Engine - Developer's Documentation www
  • castle-game-engine-src

    Bookworm:(7.0~alpha.2+dfsg1-5) Bullseye:(6.4+dfsg1-7) Castle Game Engine - Source code for Lazarus integration www
  • cbflib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.7+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(0.9.6+dfsg1-2) documentation for CBFlib www
  • cc65-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.19-1) cc65 documentation www
  • cdd-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.6) Custom Debian Distribution documentation
  • cdist-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.0-2) Bullseye:(6.9.4-1) Usable Configuration Management System (html documentation) www
  • cdrkit-doc

    Bookworm:(9:1.1.11-3.4) Bullseye:(9:1.1.11-3.2) Documentation for the cdrkit package suite
  • cedar-backup3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.4-1) Bullseye:(3.6.3-1) local and remote backups to CD/DVD media or Amazon S3 storage (documentation) www
  • ceilometer-doc

    Bookworm:(1:19.0.0-3) Bullseye:(1:15.0.0-3) OpenStack efficient metering counters system - doc www
  • celt-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.1-1) Documentation for the CELT audio codec library www
  • ceres-solver-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0+really2.1.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.14.0-14) documentation for ceres-solver www
  • cfi-en

    Bookworm:(3.0-10.2) Bullseye:(3.0-10.1) Copyright does not exist, book about hacker culture
  • cfi-sv

    Bookworm:(3.0-10.2) Bullseye:(3.0-10.1) Copyright finns inte, book about hacker culture
  • cflow-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.7-4) Bullseye:(1:1.6-4) control flow analyzer for C source files (documentation) www
  • charliecloud-doc

    Bookworm:(0.31-1) Bullseye:(0.21-1) user-defined software stacks (UDSS) for HPC centers (documentation) www
  • checkstyle-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.36.1-1) Documentation for Checkstyle www
  • chemps2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.12-1) Bullseye:(1.8.10-2) Documentation of the libchemps2-3 package www
  • chezscheme-doc

    Bookworm:(9.5.8+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(9.5.4+dfsg-4) Reliable, high performance Scheme compiler (documentation) www
  • chromhmm-example

    Bookworm:(1.24+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.21+dfsg-1) Chromatin state discovery and characterization (example) www
  • cimg-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.9.4+dfsg-2) documentation of cimg-dev imaging library www
  • cimg-examples

    Bookworm:(3.2.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.9.4+dfsg-2) examples for cimg-dev imaging library www
  • cinder-doc

    Bookworm:(2:21.1.0-3) Bullseye:(2:17.0.1-1+deb11u1) OpenStack block storage system - doc www
  • cinnamon-doc

    Bookworm:(5.6.8-1) Bullseye:(4.8.6-2+deb11u1) Innovative and comfortable desktop (Documentation) www
  • citadel-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(917-4) complete and feature-rich groupware server (documentation) www
  • clamav-docs

    Bookworm:(1.0.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.103.10+dfsg-0+deb11u1) anti-virus utility for Unix - documentation www
  • clang-11-doc

    Bookworm:(1:11.1.0-6+rpi2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.1-2+rpi1) C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation www
  • clang-11-examples

    Bookworm:(1:11.1.0-6+rpi2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.1-2+rpi1) Clang examples www
  • clang-13-doc

    Bookworm:(1:13.0.1-11+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:13.0.1-6~deb11u1+rpi1) C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation www
  • clang-13-examples

    Bookworm:(1:13.0.1-11+rpi1+b1) Bullseye:(1:13.0.1-6~deb11u1+rpi1) Clang examples www
  • clang-14-doc

    Bookworm:(1:14.0.6-12+rpi1) C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation www
  • clang-14-examples

    Bookworm:(1:14.0.6-12+rpi1) Clang examples www
  • clang-15-doc

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.6-4+rpi1) C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation www
  • clang-15-examples

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.6-4+rpi1+b1) Clang examples www
  • clang-16-doc

    Bookworm:(1:16.0.6-15~deb12u1) Bullseye:(1:16.0.6-15~deb11u2) C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation www
  • clanlib-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0~svn3827-8) Reference documentation and tutorials for ClanLib www
  • claws-mail-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.1-2) Bullseye:(3.17.8-1) User documentation for Claws Mail mailer www
  • clhep-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Documentation of CLHEP www
  • click-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0-9) Click packages (documentation) www
  • clips-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.30-4.1) "C" Language Integrated Production System Documentation www
  • clisp-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.49.20210628.gitde01f0f-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:2.49.20180218+really2.49.92-3) GNU CLISP, a Common Lisp implementation (documentation) www
  • cloudkitty-doc

    Bookworm:(17.0.0-3) Bullseye:(13.0.0-6) OpenStack Rating as a Service - Documentation www
  • clsparse-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( documentation for clSPARSE www
  • cltl

    Bookworm:(1.0.32) Bullseye:(1.0.31) Common Lisp the Language, second edition, book (Pre-ANSI)
  • cmake-doc

    Bookworm:(3.25.1-1) Bullseye:(3.18.4-2+rpi1+deb11u1) extended documentation in various formats for CMake www
  • cminpack-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.6-5) Bullseye:(1.3.6-4) Nonlinear equations and nonlinear least squares problems (doc) www
  • cmocka-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.5-2.1) Bullseye:(1.1.5-2) documentation for the CMocka unit testing framework www
  • coccinelle-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1.deb-2) Bullseye:(1.1.0.deb-1.1) documentation for coccinelle www
  • cockpit-doc

    Bookworm:(287-1) Bullseye:(239-1) Cockpit deployment and developer guide www
  • coco-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20060919.0-1) Documentation for the Coco/R Compiler Generator www
  • coffeescript-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.0-4) Bullseye:(1.12.8~dfsg-5) documentation for the CoffeeScript language www
  • coinor-csdp-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2.0-4) Bullseye:(6.2.0-3) Software package for semidefinite programming (documentation) www
  • coinor-libcbc-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.8+ds1-1) Bullseye:(2.10.5+ds1-3) Coin-or branch-and-cut mixed integer programming solver (documentation) www
  • coinor-libcgl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.60.3+repack1-4) Bullseye:(0.60.3+repack1-2) COIN-OR Cut Generation Library (documentation) www
  • coinor-libclp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.17.6-3) Bullseye:(1.17.5+repack1-1) Coin-or linear programming solver (documentation) www
  • coinor-libcoinutils-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.4+repack1-2) Bullseye:(2.11.4+repack1-1) Coin-or collection of utility classes (documentation) www
  • coinor-libdylp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.4-3) Bullseye:(1.10.4-2) Linear programming solver using of the dynamic simplex algorithm www
  • coinor-libflopc++-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.6-3.1) Formulation of Linear Optimization Problems in C++ www
  • coinor-libipopt-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.9-2.3) Bullseye:(3.11.9-2.2) Interior-Point Optimizer - documentation www
  • coinor-libosi-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.108.6+repack1-2) COIN-OR Open Solver Interface (documentation) www
  • coinor-libsymphony-doc

    Bookworm:(5.6.17+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(5.6.16+repack1-3) COIN-OR solver for mixed-integer linear programs (documentation) www
  • coinor-libvol-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.4-4) Coin-or linear programming solver www
  • colobot-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-2) Bullseye:(0.1.12-7) educational programming strategy game - source doc www
  • complexity-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13-1) Bullseye:(1.10+dfsg-3.1) tool for analyzing the complexity of C program (documentation) www
  • connman-doc

    Bookworm:(1.41-3) Bullseye:(1.36-2.2+deb11u2) ConnMan documentation www
  • context-doc-nonfree

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2012.06.27-4) ConTeXt documentation that is not DFSG free
  • coop-computing-tools-doc

    Bookworm:(9.9-2) Bullseye:(7.1.2-5) documentation for coop-computing-tools www
  • copyq-doc

    Bookworm:(6.4.0-1) Bullseye:(3.13.0-1) Documentation and examples for CopyQ - HTML format www
  • coq-doc

    Bookworm:(8.16.1-1) Bullseye:(8.6-1) documentation for Coq www
  • coq-doc-html

    Bookworm:(8.16.1-1) Bullseye:(8.6-1) documentation for Coq in html format www
  • coq-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:(8.16.1-1) Bullseye:(8.6-1) documentation for Coq in pdf format www
  • coreboot-utils-doc

    Bookworm:(4.15~dfsg-3) Coreboot firmware utilities - documentation www
  • corosync-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.7-1) Bullseye:(3.1.2-2) cluster engine HTML documentation www
  • courier-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.16-3) Courier mail server - additional documentation www
  • covered-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.10-3.1) Verilog code coverage analysis tool - documentation www
  • cpio-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.13-1) Documentation for the cpio package
  • cpl-plugin-amber-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.4.0+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for AMBER www
  • cpl-plugin-fors-doc

    Bookworm:(5.5.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.5.6+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for FORS www
  • cpl-plugin-giraf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.16.10+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.16.7+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for GIRAFFE www
  • cpl-plugin-hawki-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.11+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.4.8+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for HAWK-I www
  • cpl-plugin-kmos-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0+dfsg-1) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for KMOS www
  • cpl-plugin-muse-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.7+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.8.3+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for MUSE www
  • cpl-plugin-naco-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.11+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.4.9+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for NaCo www
  • cpl-plugin-uves-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(6.1.3+dfsg-5) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for UVES www
  • cpl-plugin-vimos-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(4.1.1+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for VIMOS www
  • cpl-plugin-visir-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.2+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.3.10+dfsg-5) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for the VISIR instrument www
  • cpl-plugin-xshoo-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(3.5.0+dfsg-4) ESO data reduction pipeline documentation for XSHOOTER www
  • cpp-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-1) Bullseye:(10.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-4.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.4.7-4) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.4-3) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-4.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.7.4-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-4.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-4.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.0-2) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cpp-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU C preprocessor (cpp) www
  • cppreference-doc-en-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20170409-2) C and C++ standard library reference (English, Devhelp variant) www
  • cppreference-doc-en-qch

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20170409-2) C and C++ standard library reference (English, Qt Help variant) www
  • crash-whitepaper

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1) Whitepaper for crash kernel debugging utility
  • crmsh-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.1-1) Bullseye:(4.2.1-2) crmsh HTML Documentation www
  • crossfire-doc

    Bookworm:(1.75.0-5) Bullseye:(1.75.0-3) Documentation for Crossfire www
  • crrcsim-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.13-3.2) Documentation for crrcsim package www
  • crystal-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0+dfsg-3) API documentation for the Crystal object-oriented programming language www
  • csound-doc

    Bookworm:(1:6.18.0+dfsg0-1) Bullseye:(1:6.15.0~dfsg-1) documentation for csound www
  • csvkit-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.7-1) Bullseye:(1.0.5-2) documentation for csvkit www
  • ctn-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.6-3) Documentation for Central Test Node, a DICOM implementation www
  • ctpp2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.8.3-26) HTML template engine for C++ - documentation www
  • ctsim-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.2-6) Bullseye:(6.0.2-5) Documentation for ctsim package www
  • cxref-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6e-5) Bullseye:(1.6e-3.1) Generates LaTeX and HTML documentation for C programs www
  • cyclonedds-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.2-2) Eclipse Cyclone DDS library - API documentation www
  • cyrus-sasl2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.28+dfsg-10) Bullseye:(2.1.27+dfsg-2.1+deb11u1) Cyrus SASL - documentation www
  • cython-doc

    Bookworm:(0.29.32-2) Bullseye:(0.29.21-3) C-Extensions for Python - documentation www
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  • dancer-ircd-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.36-8.1) Dancer documentation
  • dar-docs

    Bookworm:(2.7.8-2) Bullseye:(2.6.13-2) Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files www
  • dart-doc

    Bookworm:(6.12.1+dfsg4-12) Bullseye:(6.9.5-3) Kinematics Dynamics and Optimization Library - Documentation www
  • davical-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.12-2) Bullseye:(1.1.10-1) PHP CalDAV and CardDAV Server - technical documentation www
  • davix-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.4-3) Bullseye:(0.7.6-3) Documentation for davix www
  • db5.3-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.28+dfsg2-1) Bullseye:(5.3.28+dfsg1-0.8) Berkeley v5.3 Database Documentation [html] www
  • dblatex-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.12py3-2) Bullseye:(0.3.12py3-1) Documentation for dblatex www
  • dbus-1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.10-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.12.28-0+deb11u1) simple interprocess messaging system (documentation) www
  • dcl-f77-docs

    Bookworm:(7.5.1-1) Bullseye:(7.4.1-1) GFD-DENNOU Club Library (DCL) - documents www
  • dcmtk-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.7-8) Bullseye:(3.6.5-1) OFFIS DICOM toolkit documentation www
  • ddd-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.3.12-5.4) Bullseye:(1:3.3.12-5.3) Additional documentation for the Data Display Debugger www
  • deap-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-4) Bullseye:(1.3.1-2) Distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in Python (docs) www
  • debconf-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.82) Bullseye:(1.5.77) debconf documentation
  • debdelta-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.67) diff and patch utilities which work with Debian packages www
  • debian-edu-doc-da

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Danish documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-de

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) German documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-en

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) English documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-es

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Spanish documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-fr

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) French documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-it

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Italian documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-ja

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Japanese documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-en

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy English documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-fr

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy French documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-ja

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Japanese documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-nb-no

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Norwegian Bokmål documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-nl

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Dutch documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-pl

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Polish documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-pt-br

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Portuguese (pt_BR) documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-pt-pt

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Portuguese (pt_PT) documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-sv

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Swedish documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-uk

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Ukrainian documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-legacy-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Legacy Simplified Chinese documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-nb-no

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Norwegian Bokmål documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-nl

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Dutch documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-pt-br

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Brazilian Portuguese documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-pt-pt

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) European Portuguese documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-edu-doc-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(2.12.23~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.11.26+deb11u1) Simplified Chinese documentation from the Debian Edu project www
  • debian-faq

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions www
  • debian-faq-de

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in German www
  • debian-faq-fr

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in French www
  • debian-faq-it

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Italian www
  • debian-faq-ja

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Japanese www
  • debian-faq-ko

    Bookworm:(11.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Korean www
  • debian-faq-nl

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Dutch www
  • debian-faq-pt

    Bookworm:(11.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Portuguese www
  • debian-faq-ru

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Russian www
  • debian-faq-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(11.1) Bullseye:(10.1) Debian Frequently Asked Questions, in Simplified Chinese www
  • debian-handbook

    Bookworm:(11.20220922) Bullseye:(10.20200619) reference book for Debian users and system administrators www
  • debian-history

    Bookworm:(2.28) Bullseye:(2.25) Short History of the Debian Project www
  • debian-kernel-handbook

    Bookworm:(1.0.21) Bullseye:(1.0.19) reference to Debian Linux kernel packages and development
  • debian-paketmanagement-buch

    Bookworm:(0~2023.03.11) Bullseye:(0~2021.03.01) book about Debian package management written in German www
  • debian-policy

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Debian Policy Manual and related documents www
  • debian-policy-ja

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Debian Policy Manual and related documents (Japanese) www
  • debian-refcard

    Bookworm:(12.0) Bullseye:(11.0) printable reference card for the Debian system www
  • debian-reference

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) metapackage to install (all) translations of Debian Reference www
  • debian-reference-common

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, common files www
  • debian-reference-de

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, German translation www
  • debian-reference-en

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, English original www
  • debian-reference-es

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, Spanish translation www
  • debian-reference-fr

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, French translation www
  • debian-reference-id

    Bookworm:(2.100) Debian system administration guide, Indonesian translation www
  • debian-reference-it

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, Italian translation www
  • debian-reference-ja

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, Japanese translation www
  • debian-reference-pt

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, Portuguese translation www
  • debian-reference-pt-br

    Bookworm:(2.100) Debian system administration guide, Portuguese translation www
  • debian-reference-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, Chinese (Simplified) translation www
  • debian-reference-zh-tw

    Bookworm:(2.100) Bullseye:(2.78) Debian system administration guide, Chinese (Traditional) translation www
  • debian-zh-faq-s

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.13+nmu1) Debian Chinese FAQ (Chinese GB)
  • debian-zh-faq-t

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.13+nmu1) Debian Chinese FAQ (Chinese Big5)
  • debiandoc-sgml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.26) Documentation for DebianDoc-SGML
  • debiandoc-sgml-doc-pt-br

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.13+nmu1) Documentation for DebianDoc-SGML in Brazilian Portuguese
  • debmake-doc

    Bookworm:(1.17-7) Bullseye:(1.16-1) Guide for Debian Maintainers www
  • default-jdk-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.17-74) Bullseye:(2:1.11-72+b4) Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit (documentation) www
  • defoma-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11.12) Debian Font Manager documentation
  • denemo-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.18-1) Bullseye:(2.5.0-1) documentation and examples for Denemo www
  • derby-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Apache Derby API documentation and examples www
  • derivations

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.57.20210107-3) book: Derivations of Applied Mathematics
  • designate-doc

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.0-4) Bullseye:(1:11.0.0-2) OpenStack DNS as a Service - doc www
  • developers-reference

    Bookworm:(12.18) Bullseye:(11.0.21) guidelines and information for Debian developers www
  • developers-reference-de

    Bookworm:(12.18) Bullseye:(11.0.21) guidelines and information for Debian developers, in German www
  • developers-reference-fr

    Bookworm:(12.18) Bullseye:(11.0.21) guidelines and information for Debian developers, in French www
  • developers-reference-it

    Bookworm:(12.18) Bullseye:(11.0.21) guidelines and information for Debian developers, in Italian www
  • developers-reference-ja

    Bookworm:(12.18) Bullseye:(11.0.21) guidelines and information for Debian developers, in Japanese www
  • developers-reference-ru

    Bookworm:(12.18) Bullseye:(11.0.21) guidelines and information for Debian developers, in Russian www
  • dhelp

    Bookworm:(0.6.30) Bullseye:(0.6.27) online help system
  • dibbler-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-1.1) documentation for Dibbler www
  • diceware-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.9.6-1) Create memorizable passphrases from wordlists and various sources of randomness www
  • dico-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11-2) Bullseye:(2.10-1) RFC 2229 compliant modular dictionary server (documentation) www
  • dicomscope-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.0-25) Bullseye:(3.6.0-22) OFFIS DICOM Viewer - documentation www
  • dietlibc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.34~cvs20160606-14) Bullseye:(0.34~cvs20160606-12) diet libc documentation - a libc optimized for small size www
  • diffutils-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.8-4) Bullseye:(1:3.7-5) Documentation for GNU diffutils in HTML format www
  • diploma

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.16) Write scientific papers with Debian
  • diskimage-builder-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13.0-2) Bullseye:(3.2.1-4) image building tools for Openstack - doc www
  • dita-ot-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.3+dfsg-1) DITA Open Toolkit (documentation) www
  • diveintopython

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.4-2) free Python book for experienced programmers
  • diveintopython-zh

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.4b-1) free Python book for experienced programmers (zh translation)
  • diveintopython3

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20110517.77958af+dfsg-3) book for learning Python 3 www
  • dnf-doc

    Bookworm:(4.14.0-3+deb12u1) Bullseye:(4.5.2-6) Documentation for the DNF package manager (common documentation) www
  • doc-base

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11.1) utilities to manage online documentation
  • doc-debian

    Bookworm:(11.3+nmu1) Bullseye:(6.5) Debian Project documentation and other documents
  • doc-debian-es

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6) Debian FAQ translated to Spanish
  • doc-debian-fr

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Debian Manuals, FAQs and other documents in French
  • doc-linux-de

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2003.10-5) Linux HOWTOs in German www
  • doc-linux-hr

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20000416.1+nmu1) Documentation in Croatian / dokumentacija na hrvatskom
  • doc-linux-ja-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2006.05.25-1.1) Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in Japanese (HTML format)
  • doc-linux-ja-text

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2006.05.25-1.1) Linux HOWTOs and FAQs in Japanese (TEXT format)
  • doc-linux-nonfree-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2008.08-1) Linux HOWTOs in HTML format (non-free) www
  • doc-linux-nonfree-text

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2008.08-1) Linux HOWTOs in ASCII format (non-free) www
  • doc-linux-pl

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2002.06.14-3) Linux docs in Polish: HOWTO - ascii version
  • doc-linux-pl-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2002.06.14-3) Linux docs in Polish: HOWTO - html version
  • doc-rfc-experimental

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Experimental RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-fyi-bcp

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) FYI and BCP RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-informational

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Informational RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-misc

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Historic and draft RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-old-std

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Old Standard RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-others

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Old experimental and unclassified RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-std

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Standard RFCs www
  • doc-rfc-std-proposed

    Bookworm:(20230121-1) Bullseye:(20201128-1) Proposed Standard RFCs www
  • docbook-defguide

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.17+svn9912-2) DocBook: The Definitive Guide - HTML version www
  • docbook-dsssl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.79-7) documentation for the DocBook DSSSL stylesheets www
  • docbook-slides-demo

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.4.0-1.1) Demo presentation slides for the docbook-slides package www
  • docbook-xsl-doc-html

    Bookworm:(1.79.1-1) Bullseye:(1.78.1-1.1) stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files (HTML documentation)
  • docbook-xsl-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:(1.79.1-1) Bullseye:(1.78.1-1.1) stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files (PDF documentation)
  • docbook-xsl-doc-text

    Bookworm:(1.79.1-1) Bullseye:(1.78.1-1.1) stylesheets for processing DocBook XML files (ASCII documentation)
  • dochelp

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.8) Utility to browse system documentation www
  • docker-doc

    Bookworm:(20.10.24+dfsg1-1) Bullseye:(20.10.5+dfsg1-1+deb11u2) Linux container runtime -- documentation www
  • docutils-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19+dfsg-6) Bullseye:(0.16+dfsg-4) text processing system for reStructuredText - documentation www
  • dolfin-doc

    Bookworm:(2019.2.0~git20230116.bd54183-2) Bullseye:(2019.2.0~git20201207.b495043-5) Documentation and demo programs for DOLFIN www
  • dolfinx-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.5.2-2) Bullseye:(2019.2.0~git20210130.c14cb0a-5) Documentation and demo programs for DOLFIN www
  • dose-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.0-1) Bullseye:(6.0.1-2) Documentation for dose tools and libraries. www
  • doublecmd-help-en

    Bookworm:(1.0.10-1) Bullseye:(0.9.10-1) Documentation for Double Commander (English) www
  • doublecmd-help-ru

    Bookworm:(1.0.10-1) Bullseye:(0.9.10-1) Documentation for Double Commander (Russian) www
  • doublecmd-help-uk

    Bookworm:(1.0.10-1) Bullseye:(0.9.10-1) Documentation for Double Commander (Ukrainian) www
  • doxygen-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.4-4) Bullseye:(1.9.1-1) Documentation for doxygen www
  • dpdk-doc

    Bookworm:(22.11.4-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(20.11.10-1~deb11u1) Data Plane Development Kit (documentation) www
  • dpkg-www

    Bookworm:(2.64) Bullseye:(2.61) Debian package management web interface
  • dpuser-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.0+dfsg-3) Documentation for DPUSER and QFitsView www
  • dput-ng-doc

    Bookworm:(1.35+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.33) next generation Debian package upload tool (documentation) www
  • drbd-doc

    Bookworm:(8.4~20220106-1) Bullseye:(8.4~20151102-1.1) RAID 1 over TCP/IP for Linux (user documentation) www
  • drgeo-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-7.1) Dr. Geo online user manual www
  • dsdp-doc

    Bookworm:(5.8-10) Bullseye:(5.8-9.4) Software for Semidefinite Programming www
  • dvdisaster-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.79.5-10) data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media (documentation) www
  • dwww

    Bookworm:(1.15+b2) Bullseye:(1.14) Read all on-line documentation with a WWW browser
  • dx-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.4.4-15) Bullseye:(1:4.4.4-13) OpenDX (IBM Visualization Data Explorer) - documentation www
  • dynare-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3-1) Bullseye:(4.6.3-4) documentation for Dynare www
  • dyssol-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1+ds1-1) Tool for dynamic flowsheet simulation. Documentation www
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  • E

  • eag-healpix-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2017.09.06-2) Handling of HEALPix sky pixellization (API docs) www
  • eb-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3-14) Bullseye:(4.4.3-13) C library for accessing electronic books (documents) www
  • ebook-dev-alp

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(200407-3) Advanced Linux Programming
  • ebumeter-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.2-2) loudness measurement EBU-R128 - documentation www
  • ecasound-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.3-4) Bullseye:(2.9.3-2) documentation files for Ecasound www
  • editorconfig-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.6-0.1) Bullseye:(0.12.1-1.1) coding style indenter across editors - documentation www
  • efl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.3-1) Bullseye:(1.25.1-1) Documentation for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries www
  • elastalert-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-3) Bullseye:(0.2.4-1) easy and flexible alerting with Elasticsearch (documentation) www
  • elastix-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-4) Bullseye:(4.9.0-2) toolbox for rigid and nonrigid registration of images - docs www
  • elinks-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.13.2-1) advanced text-mode WWW browser - documentation www
  • elkdoc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.99.8-4.2) documentation for the Extension Language Kit www
  • elmer-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2014.02.06-1) Elmer multiphysics FEA package documentation www
  • emboss-doc

    Bookworm:(6.6.0+dfsg-12) Bullseye:(6.6.0+dfsg-9) documentation for EMBOSS www
  • emscripten-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.6~dfsg-5) Bullseye:(2.0.12~dfsg-2) LLVM-to-JavaScript Compiler www
  • engauge-digitizer-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(12.1+ds.1-1) engauge-digitizer user manual and tutorial www
  • enigma-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.20-dfsg.1-2.2) Documentation for the game enigma www
  • epigrass-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.0+dfsg-1) Documentation for EpiGrass, a network epidemiology tool www
  • eqonomize-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.4-1) Bullseye:(1.5.1-1) documentation for the Eqonomize! accounting software www
  • erlang-cowboy-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.0~pre.1+dfsg1-4) Documentation files for erlang-cowboy www
  • erlang-doc

    Bookworm:(1:25.2.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1:23.2.6+dfsg-1+deb11u1) Erlang/OTP HTML/PDF documentation www
  • erlang-esdl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.1-4.1) Erlang bindings to the SDL (documentation) www
  • erlang-manpages

    Bookworm:(1:25.2.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1:23.2.6+dfsg-1+deb11u1) Erlang/OTP manual pages www
  • erlang-proper-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2+git988ea0ed9f+dfsg-2.1) QuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang - document files www
  • erlang-ranch-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation of erlang-ranch www
  • esnacc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.1-3) Bullseye:(1.8.1-1) ASN.1 to C or C++ or IDL compiler, documentation www
  • etoys-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0.2408-1) documentation for Etoys www
  • euler-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.61.0-12) documentation for the mathematical programming environment Euler www
  • euslisp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(9.27+dfsg-7) Manuals and Documentations of EusLisp programming system www
  • evolution-data-server-doc

    Bookworm:(3.46.4-2) Bullseye:(3.38.3-1+deb11u2) Documentation files for the Evolution Data Server libraries www
  • evolver-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.70+ds-8) Surface Evolver - doc www
  • execline-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( small and non-interactive scripting language (documentation) www
  • execnet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.0-1) Bullseye:(1.7.1-4) rapid multi-Python deployment (docs) www
  • exim4-doc-html

    Bookworm:(4.96-1) Bullseye:(4.94-2) documentation for the Exim MTA (v4) in html format www
  • exim4-doc-info

    Bookworm:(4.96-1) Bullseye:(4.94-2) documentation for the Exim MTA (v4) in info format www
  • expeyes-doc-common

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3-3) Common files related to the User manual for expeyes library www
  • expeyes-doc-en

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3-3) User manual for expeyes library, in English language www
  • expeyes-doc-fr

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3-3) User manual for expeyes library, French translation www
  • extra-cmake-modules-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Extra modules and scripts for CMake www
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  • F

  • fai-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.3+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.10.3) Documentation for FAI www
  • fasta3-doc

    Bookworm:(36.3.8i.14-Nov-2020-1) Bullseye:(36.3.8h.2020-02-11-3) user guide for FASTA tools www
  • fastd-doc

    Bookworm:(22-4) Bullseye:(21-1) Fast and Secure Tunneling Daemon (documentation) www
  • fastjet-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(3.0.6+dfsg-3) Documentation of FastJet www
  • fastlink-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1P-fix100+dfsg-4) Some papers about fastlink www
  • fastqtl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.184+v7+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.184+dfsg-7) QTL mapper in cis for molecular phenotypes - documentation www
  • fbbdoc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1999-2.1) Documentation for fbb, the packet radio mailbox
  • feed2exec-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0) Bullseye:(0.17.1) programmable feed reader - documentation files www
  • festival-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.5.0-9) Bullseye:(1:2.5.0-5) Documentation for Festival www
  • fflas-ffpack-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-2) Bullseye:(2.4.3-2) FFLAS-FFPACK Developer Documentation www
  • fflas-ffpack-user-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-2) Bullseye:(2.4.3-2) FFLAS-FFPACK User Documentation www
  • ffmpeg-doc

    Bookworm:(7:5.1.4-0+deb12u1) Bullseye:(7:4.3.5-0+deb11u1) Documentation of the FFmpeg multimedia framework www
  • field3d-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.2-1) documentation for Field3D www
  • firebird3.0-common-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( copyright, licensing and changelogs of firebird3.0 www
  • firebird3.0-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Documentation files for firebird database version 3.0 www
  • firebird3.0-examples

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Examples for Firebird database www
  • firehol-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.7+ds-2.1) Bullseye:(3.1.7+ds-2) easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall (docs) www
  • firehol-tools-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.7+ds-2.1) Bullseye:(3.1.7+ds-2) easy to use but powerful traffic suite (extra tools docs) www
  • fireqos-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.7+ds-2.1) Bullseye:(3.1.7+ds-2) easy to use but powerful traffic shaping tool (docs) www
  • firmware-microbit-micropython-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-4) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) MicroPython runtime for the BBC micro:bit (documentation) www
  • flann-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.2+dfsg-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.9.1+dfsg-9) Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors - documentation www
  • flask-migrate-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.4-1) SQLAlchemy migrations for Flask using Alembic and Python 3 (Documentation) www
  • flask-sqlalchemy-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.3-1) SQLAlchemy support for your Python 3 Flask application (Documentation) www
  • flex-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.4-8.2) Bullseye:(2.6.4-8) Documentation for flex (a fast lexical analyzer generator) www
  • flex-old-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.5.4a-10.1) Documentation for an old flex (a fast lexical analyzer generator) www
  • flickcurl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26-7) Bullseye:(1.26-5) utilities to call the Flickr API from command line - documentation www
  • fltk1.1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.10-30) Bullseye:(1.1.10-29) Fast Light Toolkit - documentation www
  • fltk1.3-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8-5) Bullseye:(1.3.5-3) Fast Light Toolkit - documentation www
  • flycheck-doc

    Bookworm:(32~git.20200527.9c435db3-4) Bullseye:(32~git.20200527.9c435db3-2) modern on-the-fly syntax checking for Emacs - documentation www
  • focalinux-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2010-09-3.1) A full GNU/Linux Portuguese guide (html format)
  • focalinux-text

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2010-09-3.1) A full GNU/Linux Portuguese guide (text format)
  • fontforge-doc

    Bookworm:(1:20230101~dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:20201107~dfsg-4+rpi1) documentation for fontforge www
  • fonts-cwtex-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-4) TrueType Font from cwTeX - example documents
  • fonts-lxgw-wenkai-doc

    Bookworm:(1.250+repack-1) Chinese font "LXGW WenKai" docs package www
  • fop-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.8-2) Bullseye:(1:2.5-3) XML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (doc) - doc www
  • forge-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) documentation for forge www
  • form-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.0+git20230104+ds-1) Bullseye:(4.2.1+git20200217-1) Documentation for symbolic manipulation system www
  • fp-docs

    Bookworm:(3.2.2+dfsg-20+rpi1) Bullseye:(3.2.0+dfsg-12+rpi1) Free Pascal - documentation dependency package www
  • fp-docs-3.2.2

    Bookworm:(3.2.2+dfsg-20+rpi1) Free Pascal - documentation www
  • fprintd-doc

    Bookworm:(1.94.2-2) Bullseye:(1.90.9-1) development documentation for fprintd www
  • freebsd-manpages

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(12.2-1) Manual pages for a GNU/kFreeBSD system www
  • freedombox-doc-en

    Bookworm:(23.6.2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(21.4.4) easy to manage, privacy oriented home server - user manual (English) www
  • freedombox-doc-es

    Bookworm:(23.6.2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(21.4.4) easy to manage, privacy oriented home server - user manual (Spanish) www
  • freefem++-doc

    Bookworm:(4.11+dfsg1-3) Provides the documentation of the FreeFem++ FE suite www
  • freefem-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.5.8-7) Documentation for FreeFEM (html and pdf) www
  • freemind-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.0+dfsg2-1) Documentation for FreeMind www
  • freeplane-scripting-api

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.10-1) Java program for working with Mind Maps (groovy scripting API) www
  • freesci-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.4-7.2) Documentation for FreeSCI www
  • freetds-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.17+ds-2) FreeTDS documentation www
  • freetype2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.1+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(2.10.4+dfsg-1+deb11u1) FreeType 2 font engine, development documentation www
  • freezer-api-doc

    Bookworm:(13.0.0-2) Bullseye:(9.0.0-2) OpenStack backup restore and disaster recovery service - Documentation www
  • freezer-doc

    Bookworm:(13.0.0-2) Bullseye:(9.0.0-2) OpenStack backup restore and disaster recovery service - Documentation www
  • frei0r-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.0-1) Bullseye:(1.7.0-1) minimalistic plugin API for video effects, API documentation www
  • fricas-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8-6) Bullseye:(1.3.6-6) General purpose computer algebra system: documentation www
  • frr-doc

    Bookworm:(8.4.4-1.1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(7.5.1-1.1+deb11u2) FRRouting suite - user manual www
  • fstrcmp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.D001-3) Bullseye:(0.7.D001-1.2) fuzzy string compare library - documentation www
  • fte-docs

    Bookworm:(0.50.2b6-20110708-5) Bullseye:(0.50.2b6-20110708-4) Documentation and examples for the FTE editor www
  • ftp-proxy-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( documentation for ftp-proxy
  • funnelweb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2d-4.1) Documentation for funnelweb
  • funny-manpages

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-5) more funny manpages
  • fwbuilder-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.7-5) Bullseye:(5.3.7-4.1) Firewall administration tool GUI documentation www
  • fweb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.62-14) Documentation for literate-programming tool Fweb www
  • fwupd-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.12-2) Bullseye:(1.5.7-4) Firmware update daemon documentation (HTML format) www
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  • G

  • gambc-doc

    Bookworm:(4.9.3-1.2) Bullseye:(4.9.3-1.1) documentation for the Gambit interpreter and compiler www
  • gamgi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.5-1) Bullseye:(0.17.3-3) General Atomistic Modelling Graphic Interface (documentation) www
  • gammu-doc

    Bookworm:(1.42.0-8) Bullseye:(1.41.0-1.1) Gammu Manual www
  • ganeti-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.2-3) Bullseye:(3.0.2-1~deb11u1) cluster virtualization manager - documentation www
  • gap-doc

    Bookworm:(4.12.1-2) Bullseye:(4.11.0-4) GAP computer algebra system, documentation www
  • garlic-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6-1.1) [Chemistry] a molecular visualization program - documents www
  • gawk-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.1-1) Bullseye:(5.1.0-1) Documentation for GNU awk www
  • gcc-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-1) Bullseye:(10.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-4.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.4.7-4) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.4-3) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-4.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.7.4-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-4.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-4.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.0-2) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU compilers (gcc, gobjc, g++) www
  • gcc-doc-base

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-1) Bullseye:(10.1.0-1) several GNU manual pages www
  • gccgo-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-1) Bullseye:(10.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.4-3) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-4.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.7.4-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-4.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-4.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.0-2) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccgo-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU Go compiler (gccgo) www
  • gccintro

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-4) Introduction to GCC by Brian J. Gough www
  • gcj-4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.4-3) documentation for the GNU Java tools (gcj, gij) www
  • gcj-4.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.7.4-1) documentation for the GNU Java tools (gcj, gij) www
  • gcj-4.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-1) documentation for the GNU Java tools (gcj, gij) www
  • gcj-4.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) documentation for the GNU Java tools (gcj, gij) www
  • gcj-5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.0-2) documentation for the GNU Java tools (gcj, gij) www
  • gcj-6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Java tools (gcj, gij) www
  • gcl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.14-4+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.6.12-102+rpi1) Documentation for GNU Common Lisp www
  • gdb-doc

    Bookworm:(13.1-1) Bullseye:(10.1-1) The GNU Debugger Documentation www
  • gdcm-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.21-1) Bullseye:(3.0.8-2) Grassroots DICOM documentation www
  • gdspy-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.2-2) Documentation for gdspy (Python library for GDSII handling) www
  • gem-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.94-8) Bullseye:(1:0.94-3) Graphics Environment for Multimedia (documentation) www
  • gemrb-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.8.5-1) Documentation for GemRB www
  • genometools-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.2+ds-3) Bullseye:(1.6.1+ds-3) documentation for GenomeTools www
  • geoclue-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.0-2) Bullseye:(2.5.7-3) geoinformation service (D-Bus API documentation) www
  • geographiclib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-1) Bullseye:(1.51-1) C++ library to solve some geodesic problems -- documentation www
  • geotranz-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7-3) Bullseye:(3.7-1.1) GEOgraphic coordinates TRANslator (documentation) www
  • geotranz-help

    Bookworm:(3.7-3) Bullseye:(3.7-1.1) GEOgraphic coordinates TRANslator (help files) www
  • gettext-doc

    Bookworm:(0.21-12) Bullseye:(0.21-4) Documentation for GNU gettext www
  • gfal2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.21.3-1) Bullseye:(2.19.0-3) Documentation for gfal2 www
  • gfarm-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.20+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.7.17+dfsg-1) Gfarm file system documentation www
  • gfortran-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-1) Bullseye:(10.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-4.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.4.7-4) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.4-3) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-4.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.7.4-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-4.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-4.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.0-2) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • gfortran-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU Fortran Compiler (gfortran) www
  • ghc-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0.2-4+rpi3) Bullseye:(8.8.4-2+rpi1) Documentation for the Glasgow Haskell Compilation system www
  • ghostscript-doc

    Bookworm:(10.0.0~dfsg-11+deb12u3) Bullseye:(9.53.3~dfsg-7+deb11u6) interpreter for the PostScript language and for PDF - Documentation www
  • gi-docgen-doc

    Bookworm:(2023.1+ds-2) Documentation for the gi-docgen documentation tool www
  • giac-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Computer Algebra System - documentation www
  • gimp-help-ca

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Catalan) www
  • gimp-help-common

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Data files for the GIMP documentation www
  • gimp-help-cs

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Czech) www
  • gimp-help-da

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Danish) www
  • gimp-help-de

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (German) www
  • gimp-help-el

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Greek) www
  • gimp-help-en

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (English) www
  • gimp-help-en-gb

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (British English) www
  • gimp-help-es

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Spanish) www
  • gimp-help-fa

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Farsi) www
  • gimp-help-fi

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Finnish) www
  • gimp-help-fr

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (French) www
  • gimp-help-hr

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Croatian) www
  • gimp-help-hu

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Hungarian) www
  • gimp-help-it

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Italian) www
  • gimp-help-ja

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Japanese) www
  • gimp-help-ko

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Korean) www
  • gimp-help-lt

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Lithuanian) www
  • gimp-help-nl

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Dutch) www
  • gimp-help-nn

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Norwegian) www
  • gimp-help-pt

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Portuguese) www
  • gimp-help-pt-br

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Brazilian Portuguese) www
  • gimp-help-ro

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Romanian) www
  • gimp-help-ru

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Russian) www
  • gimp-help-sl

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Slovenian) www
  • gimp-help-sv

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) Documentation for the GIMP (Swedish) www
  • gimp-help-uk

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Ukrainian) www
  • gimp-help-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-2) Documentation for the GIMP (Simplified Chinese) www
  • git-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.39.2-1.1) Bullseye:(1:2.30.2-1+deb11u2) fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (documentation) www
  • git-man

    Bookworm:(1:2.39.2-1.1) Bullseye:(1:2.30.2-1+deb11u2) fast, scalable, distributed revision control system (manual pages) www
  • gitmagic

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20160304-1.2) guide about Git version control system www
  • givaro-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0-3) Bullseye:(4.1.1-2) Developer Documentation for Givaro (obsolete) www
  • givaro-user-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0-3) Bullseye:(4.1.1-2) User Documentation for Givaro (obsolete) www
  • glance-doc

    Bookworm:(2:25.1.0-2) Bullseye:(2:21.0.0-2+deb11u1) OpenStack Image Registry and Delivery Service - Documentation www
  • glances-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(3.1.5-1) Documentation for glances Curses-based monitoring tool www
  • glbinding-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.1-2) documentation for glbinding www
  • gle-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.0-10) OpenGL tubing and extrusion library documentation www
  • glibc-doc

    Bookworm:(2.36-9+rpi1+deb12u4) Bullseye:(2.31-13+rpi1+deb11u8) GNU C Library: Documentation www
  • glibc-doc-reference

    Bookworm:(2.36-1) Bullseye:(2.31-1) GNU C Library: Documentation
  • globjects-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.0-3) documentation for globjects www
  • globus-gram-job-manager-scripts-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.3-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GRAM Job ManagerScripts Documentation Files www
  • glom-doc

    Bookworm:(1.30.4-7) Bullseye:(1.30.4-6.1) database designer and user interface - documentation www
  • glpk-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0-1) linear programming kit - documentation files www
  • gm-assistant-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4-1) Bullseye:(1.2.3-2) Game Master assistant for role-playing games - user guide www
  • gm2-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-14+rpi1) Documentation for the GNU Modula-2 compiler (gm2) www
  • gm2-doc

    Bookworm:(4:12.2.0-3+rpi1) Documentation for the GNU Modula-2 compiler
  • gman

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.3-5.3) small man(1) front-end for X
  • gmp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.2.1+ndfsg-1) GMP (MultiPrecision arithmetic library) reference manual www
  • gmsh-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.4+ds2-3) Bullseye:(4.7.1+ds1-5) Three-dimensional finite element mesh generator documentation www
  • gmt-doc-ps

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.4.4-1) PostScript docs for the Generic Mapping Tools
  • gmt-manpages

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.4.4-1) Manpages for the Generic Mapping Tools
  • gmt-tutorial

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.4-1.1) Data files needed to reproduce the tutorial examples of GMT
  • gnat-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-1) Bullseye:(10.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-4.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.4.7-4) documentation for the GNU Ada 95 Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.4-3) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-4.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-4.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.0-2) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.2.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnat-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-1) documentation for the GNU Ada Compiler (gnat) www
  • gnome-api-docs

    Bookworm:(1:43+1) Bullseye:(1:3.38+3) API reference documentation for the GNOME libraries
  • gnome-calls-doc

    Bookworm:(44~alpha.1-1) Bullseye:(0.2.0-2) Make and receive PSTN phone calls - development documentation www
  • gnome-devel-docs

    Bookworm:(40.3-1) Bullseye:(3.38.1-1) GNOME developer documentation www
  • gnome-getting-started-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.38.0-1) Help a new user get started in GNOME www
  • gnome-software-doc

    Bookworm:(43.5-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.38.1-1) Software Center for GNOME - documentation www
  • gnome-user-docs

    Bookworm:(43.0-2) Bullseye:(3.38.2-1) GNOME Help www
  • gnu-smalltalk-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2.5-1.3) GNU Smalltalk info documentation www
  • gnu-standards

    Bookworm:(2022.03.23-0.1) Bullseye:(2010.03.11-1.1) GNU coding and package maintenance standards www
  • gnucash-docs

    Bookworm:(4.13-1) Bullseye:(4.4-1) Documentation for gnucash, a personal finance tracking program www
  • gnumed-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.9+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.8.5+dfsg-2) medical practice management - Documentation www
  • gnumeric-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.55-1) Bullseye:(1.12.48-1) spreadsheet application for GNOME - documentation www
  • gnuplot-data

    Bookworm:(5.4.4+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(5.4.1+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Command-line driven interactive plotting program. Data-files www
  • gnuplot-doc

    Bookworm:(5.4.4+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(5.4.1+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Command-line driven interactive plotting program. Doc-package www
  • gnuradio-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( GNU Software Defined Radio toolkit documentation www
  • gnustep-base-doc

    Bookworm:(1.28.1+really1.28.0-5) Bullseye:(1.27.0-3) Documentation for the GNUstep Base Library www
  • gnustep-core-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.10) GNUstep Development Environment -- core documentation www
  • gnustep-gui-doc

    Bookworm:(0.29.0-2) Bullseye:(0.28.0-3) Documentation for the GNUstep GUI Library www
  • gnustep-make-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.1-2) Bullseye:(2.8.0-1) Documentation for GNUstep Make www
  • gnutls-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.9-2+deb12u2) Bullseye:(3.7.1-5+deb11u4) GNU TLS library - documentation and examples www
  • go-md2man

    Bookworm:(2.0.2+ds1-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0+ds-5) utility to create manpages from markdown www
  • goiardi-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11.10-1) Documentation for Goiardi www
  • golang-1.10-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10.7-2+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.12-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12.10-1+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.13-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.13.8-1+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.14-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.14.7-2+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.15-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.15-5+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.15.15-1~deb11u4+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.16-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.10-1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.17-doc

    Bookworm:(1.17.13-3) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.18-doc

    Bookworm:(1.18.10-1+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.19-doc

    Bookworm:(1.19.8-2) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.3-2+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.6-1+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.3-2+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-1.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.4-1+rpi1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • golang-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.19~1) Bullseye:(2:1.15~1) Go programming language - documentation www
  • gprbuild-doc

    Bookworm:(2023.0.0-3) Bullseye:(2021.0.0.0778b109-5) multi-language extensible build tool (documentation) www
  • gprolog-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( documentation for the GNU Prolog compiler www
  • gpsbabel-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.0+ds-5+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.7.0+ds-7+rpi1) GPS file conversion plus transfer to/from GPS units - documentation www
  • gpsim-doc

    Bookworm:(0.22.0-2.2) Bullseye:(0.22.0-2.1) Documentation for gpsim
  • gputils-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.0-0.2) documentation for gputils www
  • gr-radar-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( GNU Radio Radar Toolbox - Documentation www
  • gradle-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.1-18) Bullseye:(4.4.1-13) Powerful build system for the JVM - Documentations www
  • granule-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.0+dfsg-3.1) flashcard program for learning new words -- documentation www
  • graph-tool-doc

    Bookworm:(2.45+ds-10) Efficient network analysis -- doc www
  • graphviz-doc

    Bookworm:(2.42.2-7) Bullseye:(2.42.2-5) additional documentation for graphviz www
  • grass-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2.1-1) Bullseye:(7.8.5-1+deb11u1) GRASS GIS Programmers' Manual www
  • grass-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2.1-1) Bullseye:(7.8.5-1+deb11u1) GRASS GIS user documentation www
  • gretl-doc

    Bookworm:(2022c-1) Bullseye:(2021a-1) GNU Regression, Econometric & Time-Series Library -- doc package www
  • gri-html-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.27-1.1) Bullseye:(2.12.27-1.1~deb11u1) HTML manual for gri, a language for scientific graphics www
  • gri-pdf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.27-1.1) Bullseye:(2.12.27-1.1~deb11u1) PostScript manual for gri, a language for scientific graphics www
  • gridsite-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0~20230214gitee81151-1) Bullseye:(3.0.0~20180202git2fdbc6f-3) Developers Documentation for gridsite www
  • groonga-doc

    Bookworm:(13.0.0+dfsg-3~deb12u1) Bullseye:(11.0.0-2) Documentation of Groonga www
  • groovy-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.21-8) Bullseye:(2.4.21-1) Agile dynamic language for the Java Virtual Machine (documentation) www
  • grub-legacy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.97-80) Bullseye:(0.97-77) Documentation for GRUB Legacy
  • gsasl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0-1) Bullseye:(1.10.0-4+deb11u1) GNU SASL documentation www
  • gsequencer-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3-1) Bullseye:(3.7.44-3) Documentation for Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer www
  • gsl-doc-info

    Bookworm:(2.7.1-1) Bullseye:(2.6-1) GNU Scientific Library (GSL) Reference Manual in info www
  • gsl-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:(2.7.1-1) Bullseye:(2.6-1) GNU Scientific Library (GSL) Reference Manual in pdf www
  • gsl-ref-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3-1) GNU Scientific Library (GSL) Reference Manual in html
  • gsl-ref-psdoc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3-1) GNU Scientific Library (GSL) Reference Manual in postscript
  • gsoap-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.124-2) Bullseye:(2.8.104-3) gSOAP documentation www
  • gss-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-1) Bullseye:(1.0.3-6+deb11u1) Documentation for GSS (except man pages) www
  • gss-man

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-1) Bullseye:(1.0.3-6+deb11u1) Man pages for GSS www
  • gstreamer1.0-gnonlin-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.0-2) GStreamer documentation for the non-linear editing module www
  • gtk-layer-shell-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-1) Bullseye:(0.5.2-2) documentation for the Wayland Layer Shell protocol desktop component library www
  • gtkmm-documentation

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.24.0-1) Documentation of C++ wrappers for GLib/GTK+ www
  • guile-1.8-doc-non-dfsg

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.8+1-1.1) Reference documentation for Guile 1.8 (non-DFSG items) www
  • guile-2.2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.7+1-9) Bullseye:(2.2.7+1-6) Documentation for Guile 2.2 www
  • guile-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.8-2) Bullseye:(3.0.5-4) Documentation for Guile 3.0 www
  • guitarix-doc

    Bookworm:(0.44.1+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(0.42.1+dfsg1-2) Guitarix - Development documentation www
  • gutenprint-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(5.3.3-5) users' guide for Gutenprint and CUPS www
  • gxemul-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.6.2-2) gxemul documentation www
  • gyoto-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.4-8) Bullseye:(1.4.4-3) documentation for the Gyoto library www
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  • h2o-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.5+dfsg2-7) Bullseye:(2.2.5+dfsg2-6) optimized HTTP/1.x, HTTP/2 server - documentation www
  • hackrf-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.09.1-3) Software defined radio peripheral - documentation www
  • halide14-api-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.0-3) fast, portable computation on images and tensors (Doxygen documentation) www
  • hamradio-maintguide

    Bookworm:(0.7) Bullseye:(0.6) Debian Hamradio Maintainers Guide
  • haproxy-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.12-1+rpi1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.2.9-2+rpi1+deb11u6) fast and reliable load balancing reverse proxy (HTML documentation) www
  • harden-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.19+nmu1) useful documentation to secure a Debian system www
  • haskell-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20061128) Assorted Haskell language documentation
  • haskell-platform-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2014.2.0.0.debian8) Standard Haskell libraries and tools; documentation www
  • haskell-platform-prof

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2014.2.0.0.debian8) Standard Haskell libraries and tools; profiling libraries www
  • haskell98-report

    Bookworm:(20080907-10) Bullseye:(20080907-9) The Haskell 98 Language and Libraries Revised Report & addenda www
  • haskell98-tutorial

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(200006-2-3) A Gentle Introduction to Haskell 98
  • hdf-compass-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7~b8-3) documentation and examples for the HDF Compass www
  • heat-doc

    Bookworm:(1:19.0.0-3) Bullseye:(1:15.0.0-4) OpenStack orchestration service - Documentation www
  • heimdal-docs

    Bookworm:(7.8.git20221117.28daf24+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(7.7.0+dfsg-2+deb11u3) Heimdal Kerberos - documentation www
  • hepmc-reference-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.06.09-3) Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - reference manual www
  • hepmc-user-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.06.09-3) Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators - user manual www
  • hepmc3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.2-2) Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators (docs) www
  • hevea-doc

    Bookworm:(2.36-1) Bullseye:(2.34-1) HeVeA documentation www
  • hibiscus-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.10+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.10.0+dfsg-1) Java online banking client using the HBCI standard - documentation package www
  • highlight.js-doc

    Bookworm:(9.18.5+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(9.18.5+dfsg1-1) JavaScript library for syntax highlighting - documentation www
  • highway-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-3+rpi1) Efficient and performance-portable SIMD wrapper (documentation files) www
  • hmmer-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1b2-1) profile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis (docs) www
  • hmmer2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.2+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(2.3.2+dfsg-7) profile hidden Markov models for protein sequence analysis (docs) www
  • hol88-doc

    Bookworm:(2.02.19940316dfsg-5) Bullseye:(2.02.19940316-35.1) Documentation for hol88
  • horizon-doc

    Bookworm:(3:23.0.0-5+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3:18.6.2-5+deb11u2) web application to control an OpenStack cloud - doc www
  • hplip-doc

    Bookworm:(3.22.10+dfsg0-2) Bullseye:(3.21.2+dfsg1-2) HP Linux Printing and Imaging - documentation www
  • htdig-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.2.0b6-19) Bullseye:(1:3.2.0b6-18) web search and indexing system - documentation
  • httrack-doc

    Bookworm:(3.49.4-1) Bullseye:(3.49.2-1.1) Httrack website copier additional documentation www
  • hwb

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:040412-7) Hardware Book www
  • hydroffice.bag-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.15-3) documentation for hydroffice.bag www
  • hydrogen-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0~beta1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) advanced drum machine/step sequencer (doc) www
  • hyperspec

    Bookworm:(1.33) Bullseye:(1.32) Common Lisp ANSI-standard Hyperspec
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  • I

  • i2p-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.48-1.1) Bullseye:(0.9.48-1) Invisible Internet Project (I2P) - developer documentation www
  • ibus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.27-5) Bullseye:(1.5.23-2) Intelligent Input Bus - development documentation www
  • iceoryx-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2+dfsg-1) zero-copy inter-process communication library documentation www
  • icinga2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.13.6-2) Bullseye:(2.12.3-1) host and network monitoring system - documentation www
  • icingaweb2-module-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.4-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.8.2-2) simple and responsive web interface for Icinga - documentation module www
  • icu-doc

    Bookworm:(72.1-3) Bullseye:(67.1-7) API documentation for ICU classes and functions www
  • idzebra-2.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.7-1) Bullseye:(2.2.2-1) IDZebra documentation www
  • ifeffit-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.2.11d-12.5) Bullseye:(2:1.2.11d-10.2) IFEFFIT examples and documentation www
  • igdiscover-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-3) analyzes antibody repertoires to find new V genes - doc www
  • iipimage-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-3) Web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images - doc www
  • ilisp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.12.0+cvs.2004.12.26-28) Documentation for ILISP package www
  • imagemagick-6-doc

    Bookworm:(8: Bullseye:(8: document files of ImageMagick www
  • imagemagick-doc

    Bookworm:(8: Bullseye:(8: document files of ImageMagick -- dummy package www
  • imview-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) The manual for Imview
  • indent-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.12-4+deb12u3) Bullseye:(2.2.12-1) Documentation for GNU indent www
  • infernal-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.2-2) inference of RNA secondary structural alignments – documentation www
  • info

    Bookworm:(6.8-6+b1) Bullseye:(6.7.0.dfsg.2-6) Standalone GNU Info documentation browser www
  • info2man

    Bookworm:(1.1-11) Bullseye:(1.1-10) Convert GNU info files to POD or man pages www
  • info2www

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Read info files with a WWW browser www
  • inform-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.31.1+dfsg-2) documentation for the Inform interactive fiction language (v6) www
  • inkscape-textext-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.2-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-2) Re-editable LaTeX graphics for Inkscape (documentation) www
  • ino-headers-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.0-2.1) C API to execute JavaScript code - documentation www
  • install-info

    Bookworm:(6.8-6+b1) Bullseye:(6.7.0.dfsg.2-6) Manage installed documentation in info format www
  • installation-guide-amd64

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for amd64
  • installation-guide-arm64

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for arm64
  • installation-guide-armel

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for armel
  • installation-guide-armhf

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for armhf
  • installation-guide-i386

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for i386
  • installation-guide-mips64el

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for mips64el
  • installation-guide-mipsel

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for mipsel
  • installation-guide-ppc64el

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for powerpc
  • installation-guide-s390x

    Bookworm:(20230508+deb12u1) Bullseye:(20220129~deb11u1) Debian installation guide for s390x
  • instead-doc-common

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.2-1.1) Common documentation for INSTEAD www
  • instead-doc-en

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.2-1.1) English documentation for INSTEAD www
  • instead-doc-ru

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.2-1.1) Russian documentation for INSTEAD www
  • intel-mkl-doc

    Bookworm:(2020.4.304-4) Bullseye:(2020.4.304-2) Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) (Doc) www
  • inventor-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.5-10+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.1.5-10-23.1) Open Inventor documentation www
  • ion-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2.1+dfsg-1.1) Interplanetary Overlay Network - examples and documentation www
  • iproute2-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.0-3) Bullseye:(5.10.0-4) networking and traffic control tools - documentation www
  • iptables-converter-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.8-1.2) convert iptables-commands from a file to iptables-save format - doc
  • itcl3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.4-2) Bullseye:(3.4.3-3.1) [incr Tcl] OOP extension for Tcl - manual pages www
  • itk3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.4.2-3.1) [incr Tk] OOP extension for Tk - manual pages www
  • ivar-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1+dfsg-7) Bullseye:(1.3+dfsg-1) functions broadly useful for viral amplicon-based sequencing (documentation) www
  • ivy-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.1-2) Bullseye:(2.5.0-1) agile dependency manager (documentation) www
  • iwidgets4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1.1-2.1) [incr Widgets] Tk-based widget collection - man pages www
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  • J

  • jameica-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.3+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0+dfsg-1) Run-time system for Java applications - documentation package www
  • janus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.10.9-1) general purpose WebRTC server/gateway - documentation www
  • jargon

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-5.3) Bullseye:(4.0.0-5.2) the definitive compendium of hacker slang
  • jargon-text

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.4.7-4.1) definitive compendium of hacker slang
  • javacc-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.12-1) Bullseye:(5.0-8.1) Documentation for the JavaCC Parser Generator www
  • javacc4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0-3) Bullseye:(4.0-2) Documentation for the JavaCC Parser Generator www
  • javacc5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0-11) Documentation for the JavaCC Parser Generator www
  • javahelp2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.05.ds1-10) Bullseye:(2.0.05.ds1-9.1) Java based help system - contains Javadoc API documentation www
  • jblas-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.4-3) fast linear algebra library for Java --documentation www
  • jeepney-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-3) Bullseye:(0.6.0-1) pure Python D-Bus interface — documentation www
  • jel-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-2) Bullseye:(2.1.2-1) Java Expressions Library (documentation) www
  • jenkins-crypto-util-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-1) Documentation for Utility around Java Crypto API www
  • jenkins-executable-war-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.29-1) Documentation for jenkins-executable-war-java www
  • jenkins-job-builder-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.0-6) Bullseye:(3.8.0-1) Configure Jenkins using YAML files - doc www
  • jenkins-task-reactor-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-1) Documentation for jenkins-task-reactor www
  • jenkins-test-annotations-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-1) Documentation for jenkins-test-annotations www
  • jglobus-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0-8.1) Javadocs for jglobus www
  • jing-trang-doc

    Bookworm:(20220510-2) Bullseye:(20181222+dfsg2-4) Jing Trang and dtdinst documentation www
  • jlint-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0-4.5) Manual for jlint - a Java Program Checker
  • jmagick6-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.6.9~20130201-svn99-4) Java interface to ImageMagick (documentation) www
  • jmeter-apidoc

    Bookworm:(2.13-5) Bullseye:(2.13-4) Load testing and performance measurement application (API doc) www
  • jmeter-help

    Bookworm:(2.13-5) Bullseye:(2.13-4) Load testing and performance measurement application (user manual) www
  • jpeg-xl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-10) JPEG XL Image Coding System - "JXL" (documentation) www
  • jquery-alternative-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7+dfsg-1.1) Alternative jQuery Documentation www
  • jskeus-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.4+dfsg-3) Manuals and Documentations of jskeus programming system www
  • jta-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6+dfsg-6) Java telnet/ssh applet - documentation www
  • junior-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.3) Bullseye:(1.16.2) Debian Jr. Documentation www
  • junit-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.8.2-9) Document for JUnit www
  • junit4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.13.2-3) Bullseye:(4.13.1-2) JUnit regression test framework for Java - documentation www
  • jupyter-sphinx-theme-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.6+ds1-11) Bullseye:(0.0.6+ds1-10) Jupyter Sphinx Theme -- documentation www
  • jvim-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0-2.1b-3) Documentation for jvim (Japanized VIM) www
  • jython-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.3+repack1-1) Bullseye:(2.7.2+repack1-3) Jython documentation including API docs www
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  • K

  • kdiff3-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.8.5-1) documentation for KDiff3 www
  • kdoctools5

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Tools to generate documentation in various formats from DocBook www
  • kea-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0-6) Bullseye:(1.5.0-2) Documentation for Kea DHCP server www
  • keepass2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.47+dfsg-2) Password manager - Documentation www
  • keybinder-3.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.2-1.1) registers global key bindings for applications - Gtk+3 - documentation www
  • keybinder-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.1-2.1) registers global key bindings for applications - documentation www
  • keystone-doc

    Bookworm:(2:22.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2:18.0.0-3+deb11u1) OpenStack identity service - documentation www
  • khal-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.10.5-1.1) Bullseye:(1:0.10.3-1) Standards based CLI and terminal calendar program - documentation www
  • khelpcenter

    Bookworm:(4:22.12.3-1) Bullseye:(4:20.12.0-1) KDE documentation viewer www
  • kicad-doc-ca

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Catalan) www
  • kicad-doc-de

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (German) www
  • kicad-doc-en

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (English) www
  • kicad-doc-es

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Spanish) www
  • kicad-doc-fr

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (French) www
  • kicad-doc-id

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Indonesian) www
  • kicad-doc-it

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Italian) www
  • kicad-doc-ja

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Japanese) www
  • kicad-doc-pl

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Polish) www
  • kicad-doc-ru

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Russian) www
  • kicad-doc-zh

    Bookworm:(6.0.11+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1) Kicad help files (Chinese) www
  • kildclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2.0-2) powerful MUD client with a built-in Perl interpreter - manual www
  • kile-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4:2.9.93-2) KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment (documentation) www
  • kimwitu++-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.13-2) Documentation for the (syntax-)tree-handling tool Kimwitu++
  • kimwitu-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(10a+1-2.3) documentation for compiler development tool Kimwitu
  • kitty-doc

    Bookworm:(0.26.5-5) Bullseye:(0.19.3-1) fast, featureful, GPU based terminal emulator (documentation) www
  • knot-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.6-1) Bullseye:(3.0.5-1+deb11u1) Documentation for Knot DNS www
  • knot-resolver-doc

    Bookworm:(5.6.0-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.3.1-1+deb11u1) Documentation for Knot Resolver www
  • krb5-doc

    Bookworm:(1.20.1-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.18.3-6+deb11u4) documentation for MIT Kerberos www
  • kst-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.8-5) Bullseye:(2.0.8-4) set of tutorials for kst www
  • kuserfeedback-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-2) Bullseye:(1.0.0-3) user feedback for applications - documentation www
  • kyotocabinet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.79-2) Bullseye:(1.2.76-4.2+rpi1) Straightforward implementation of DBM - docs www
  • kyototycoon-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.56-1+rpi1) Handy cache/storage server - documentation www
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  • L

  • lam-mpidoc

    Bookworm:(7.1.4-7) Bullseye:(7.1.4-6.1) Documentation for the Message Passing Interface standard
  • lame-doc

    Bookworm:(3.100-6) Bullseye:(3.100-3) MP3 encoding library (documentation) www
  • lammps-data

    Bookworm:(20220106.git7586adbb6a+ds1-2) Bullseye:(20210122~gita77bb+ds1-2) Molecular Dynamics Simulator. Data (potentials) www
  • lammps-doc

    Bookworm:(20220106.git7586adbb6a+ds1-2) Bullseye:(20210122~gita77bb+ds1-2) Molecular Dynamics Simulator (documentation) www
  • lammps-examples

    Bookworm:(20220106.git7586adbb6a+ds1-2) Bullseye:(20210122~gita77bb+ds1-2) Molecular Dynamics Simulator (examples) www
  • lasagne-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1+git20200419.5d3c63c+ds-1) deep learning Python library build on the top of Theano (docs) www
  • latex2rtf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.18a-3) Converts documents from LaTeX to RTF - documentation www
  • lava-server-doc

    Bookworm:(2023.01-2) Bullseye:(2020.12-5+deb11u2) Linaro Automated Validation Architecture documentation www
  • lazarus-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.6+dfsg2-2) Bullseye:(2.0.10+dfsg-4) IDE for Free Pascal - documentation dependency package www
  • lazarus-doc-2.2

    Bookworm:(2.2.6+dfsg2-2) IDE for Free Pascal - documentation www
  • lemonldap-ng-doc

    Bookworm:(2.16.1+ds-deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.0.11+ds-4+deb11u5) Lemonldap::NG Web-SSO system documentation www
  • leveldb-doc

    Bookworm:(1.23-4) Bullseye:(1.22-3) LevelDB documentation www
  • lib3mf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.1+ds-4) Lib3MF is a C++ implementation of the 3D Manufacturing Format (documentation) www
  • libaccounts-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26-1) Bullseye:(1.25-1) Accounts database access - documentation www
  • libaccounts-qt-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.16-2) Accounts database access Qt version - documentation www
  • libaccountsservice-doc

    Bookworm:(22.08.8-6) Bullseye:(0.6.55-3) query and manipulate user account information - documentation www
  • libace-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(6.5.12+dfsg-3) C++ network programming framework - documentation www
  • libactivemq-activeio-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.4-3) ActiveMQ ActiveIO protocol implementation framework - documentation www
  • libactivemq-protobuf-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-6) ActiveMQ Protocol Buffers Maven plugin - documentation www
  • libadwaita-1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2-1) Documentation for libadwaita www
  • libafterburner.fx-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.0-3) Documentation for afterburner.fx www
  • libags-audio-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3-1) Bullseye:(3.7.44-3) Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer audio processing engine (API documentation) www
  • libags-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3-1) Bullseye:(3.7.44-3) Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer core library (API documentation) www
  • libags-gui-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3-1) Bullseye:(3.7.44-3) Advanced Gtk+ Sequencer widget library (API documentation) www
  • libahven-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8-7) Bullseye:(2.8-1) Unit test library for Ada (documentation) www
  • libakuma-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10-3) Documentation for Embeddable daemonization library www
  • libalog-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-3) Bullseye:(0.6.1-4) Logging framework for Ada (documentation) www
  • libam7xxx0.1-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-1.1) Bullseye:(0.1.7-1) library for accessing am7xxx devices - documentation www
  • libambix-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.1.1-2) AMBIsonics eXchange library (documentation) www
  • libandroid-json-org-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20121204-20090211-5) Documentation for androids rewrite of the evil licensed json.org www
  • libanimal-sniffer-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.16-1) Documentation for Animal Sniffer www
  • libantelope-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.5.1-5) graphical user interface for Ant - documentation www
  • libaom-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.0-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0.errata1-3+deb11u1) AV1 Video Codec Library -- Documentation www
  • libapache-mod-jk-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.2.48-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1:1.2.48-1+deb11u1) Documentation of libapache2-mod-jk package www
  • libapache-poi-java-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.1-4) Bullseye:(4.0.1-1) Apache POI - Java API for Microsoft Documents (Documentation) www
  • libapache2-mod-perl2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.12-1) Bullseye:(2.0.11-4) Integration of perl with the Apache2 web server - documentation www
  • libapache2-mod-python-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0+git20211031.e6458ec-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.5.0-1) Python-embedding module for Apache 2 - documentation www
  • libapache2-mod-rivet-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.2-1) Bullseye:(3.2.0-1) Documentation for Rivet, a server-side Tcl programming system www
  • libapreq2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.13-7) Bullseye:(2.13-7+deb11u1) generic Apache request library - documentation
  • libapt-pkg-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.1) Bullseye:(2.2.4) documentation for APT development
  • libaravis-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.26-1) Bullseye:(0.8.6-1) Documentation files for aravis library www
  • libargparse4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.4-1.1) documentation for libargparse4j-java www
  • libargtable2-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(13-1.1) Library for parsing GNU style command line arguments (documentation) www
  • libarm-compute-doc

    Bookworm:(20.08+dfsg-7) Bullseye:(20.08+dfsg-5) Arm Compute Library - documentation www
  • libasio-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.22.1-1) Bullseye:(1:1.18.1-1) documentation for asio C++ library for network programming www
  • libasm2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.3-6) Documentation for ASM, the Java(TM) bytecode manipulation framework www
  • libasm3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.2-3) Documentation for ASM, the Java(TM) bytecode manipulation framework www
  • libasm4-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0.4-2) Documentation for ASM, the Java(TM) bytecode manipulation framework www
  • libasound2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.8-1) Bullseye:(1.2.4-1.1) documentation for user-space ALSA application programming www
  • libassimp-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.5~ds0-1) Bullseye:(5.0.1~ds0-2) 3D model import library (documentation) www
  • libatinject-jsr330-api-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0+ds1-5) Documentation for libatinject-jsr330-api-java www
  • libatk1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.46.0-5) Bullseye:(2.36.0-2) Documentation files for the ATK toolkit www
  • libatkmm-1.6-doc

    Bookworm:(2.28.3-1) Bullseye:(2.28.0-3) C++ wrappers for ATK accessibility toolkit (documentation) www
  • libatlas-cpp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.4-3) World Forge wire protocol library - documentation www
  • libatlas-doc

    Bookworm:(3.10.3-13+rpi1) Bullseye:(3.10.3-10+rpi1) Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software, documentation www
  • libaubio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.9-4.3) Bullseye:(0.4.9-4) library for audio segmentation -- documentation www
  • libaunit-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-3) Bullseye:(21.0.0.fa386849-2) AUnit, a unit testing framework for Ada: documentation www
  • libavalon-framework-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.2.0-10) Common framework for Java server applications (API) www
  • libavogadro-doc

    Bookworm:(1.97.0-3) Bullseye:(1.93.1-3) Molecular Graphics and Modelling System (lib documentation) www
  • libaxis-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-28+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.4-28+deb11u1) SOAP implementation in Java (documentation) www
  • libayatana-appindicator-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.92-1) Bullseye:(0.5.5-2+deb11u2) Ayatana Application Indicators (documentation files, GTK-2+ version) www
  • libbabl-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.1.98-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:0.1.82-1) Dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library (documentation) www
  • libbackport-util-concurrent-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1-3) backport of java.util.concurrent to Java 1.4 www
  • libbackport9-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10-2) Documentation for the backport9 Java library www
  • libball1.5-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-11) Bullseye:(1.5.0+git20180813.37fc53c-6) documentation for the BALL library www
  • libbamf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.6+repack-1) Bullseye:(0.5.4-2) Window matching library - documentation www
  • libbamtools-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.2+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(2.5.1+dfsg-9) docs for dynamic library for manipulating BAM (genome alignment) files www
  • libbash-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.11-3) bash dynamic-like shared libraries - documentation www
  • libbatteries-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.0-1) Bullseye:(3.1.0-2) Batteries included - OCaml development platform - documentation www
  • libbcel-java-doc

    Bookworm:(6.5.0-2) Bullseye:(6.5.0-1+deb11u1) Documentation for Byte Code Engineering Library (BCEL) www
  • libbeansbinding-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.1-4) Beans Binding API (documentation) www
  • libbenchmark-tools

    Bookworm:(1.7.1-1) Bullseye:(1.5.2-2) Microbenchmark support library, tools and documentation www
  • libbetter-appframework-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.2-1.1) Bullseye:(1.9.2-1) Java Better Swing Application Framework (documentation) www
  • libbg2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.04+dfsg-2.1) BG Libraries Collection (documentation) www
  • libbintray-client-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.1-4) Bintray REST Client Java API Bindings (Documentations) www
  • libbiojava-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.9.5+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(1:1.7.1-9) [Biology] Documentation for BioJava www
  • libbiojava3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.0+dfsg-2) [Biology] Documentation for BioJava www
  • libbiojava4-java-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.12+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(4.2.12+dfsg-3.1) [Biology] Documentation for BioJava www
  • libbiojava5-java-doc

    Bookworm:(5.4.0+dfsg-5) [Biology] Documentation for BioJava 5 www
  • libbiojava6-java-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.0+dfsg-4) [Biology] Documentation for BioJava 6 www
  • libbladerf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2022.11-1) Bullseye:(0.2019.07-7) Nuand bladeRF software-defined radio device (API documentation) www
  • libblitz-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.0.2+ds-4) Bullseye:(1:1.0.2+ds-2) C++ template class library for scientific computing - doc www
  • libbluray-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.3.4-1) Bullseye:(1:1.2.1-4+deb11u2) Blu-ray disc playback support library (documentation) www
  • libboost-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Boost.org libraries documentation placeholder (default version) www
  • libboost1.74-doc

    Bookworm:(1.74.0+ds1-21) Bullseye:(1.74.0-9) Boost.org libraries documentation placeholder www
  • libboost1.81-doc

    Bookworm:(1.81.0-5+deb12u1) Boost.org libraries documentation placeholder www
  • libbotan-2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.19.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.17.3+dfsg-2) multiplatform crypto library (2.x version) www
  • libbox2d-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-3) Bullseye:(2.3.1+ds-7) 2D physics engine - documentation www
  • libbrailleutils-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.3-8) Bullseye:(1.2.3-6) javadoc for brailleUtils for converting/embossing PEF files www
  • libbridge-method-injector-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.25-1) Bullseye:(1.18-3) Documentation for Bridge Method Injector www
  • libbsf-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:2.4.0-8) Bean Scripting Framework to support scripting - documentation www
  • libbson-doc

    Bookworm:(1.23.1-1) Bullseye:(1.17.6-1) Library to parse and generate BSON documents - documentation www
  • libbullet-doc

    Bookworm:(3.24+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.06+dfsg-4) professional 3D Game Multiphysics Library -- documentation www
  • libburn-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.4-1) Bullseye:(1.5.2-1) background documentation for libburn library www
  • libbytecode-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.92.svn.20090106-2.1) Documentation for the API of the Java bytecode library www
  • libc3p0-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( library for JDBC connection pooling (documentation) www
  • libcaf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.6-2.1) Bullseye:(0.17.6-2) Implementation of the Actor Model in C++, development files www
  • libcairo2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.0-7) Bullseye:(1.16.0-5) Documentation for the Cairo Multi-platform 2D graphics library www
  • libcairomm-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.4-2) Bullseye:(1.12.2-4) C++ wrappers for Cairo (documentation) www
  • libcairomm-1.16-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.2-3) C++ wrappers for Cairo (documentation) www
  • libcaja-extension-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.1-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.24.0-1) libraries for Caja components (API documentation files) www
  • libcal3d-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-8) Bullseye:(0.11.0-7) Skeletal based 3d character animation library - API documentation www
  • libcalcium-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.1-3) C library for exact computation with numbers, documentation www
  • libcalendar-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-1) Bullseye:(2.04-3) OCaml library providing operations over dates and times (doc) www
  • libcamera-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-6) complex camera support library (documentation) www
  • libcamlimages-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.0.4-2) Bullseye:(1:5.0.4-1) OCaml CamlImages library documentation www
  • libcanberra-doc

    Bookworm:(0.30-10) Bullseye:(0.30-7) simple abstract interface for playing event sounds - doc www
  • libcanl-c-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-4) Bullseye:(3.0.0-3.1) Documentation files for EMI caNl www
  • libcanl-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.2-2) Bullseye:(2.6.0-2) Javadoc documentation for canl-java www
  • libcassie-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.9-3) documentation for cassiopee library www
  • libcastor-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.2-7) Documentation for Castor Java databinding framework www
  • libcattle-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-2) Bullseye:(1.4.0-1) Brainfuck language toolkit (API reference) www
  • libcbor-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-2) Bullseye:(0.5.0+dfsg-2) library for parsing and generating CBOR (RFC 7049) (documentation) www
  • libccfits-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.5+dfsg-2) documentation for CCfits www
  • libccrtp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.9-2.3) Documentation files for GNU ccRTPp library www
  • libccss-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.0-4) simple api for CSS Stylesheets (documentation) www
  • libcctz-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3+dfsg1-3) Library for computing dates, times and time zones, documentation www
  • libcdd-doc

    Bookworm:(094m-1) Bullseye:(094l-2) documentation for libcdd www
  • libcdi-api-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-3) Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE - documentation www
  • libcdk5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0.20180306-3) C-based curses widget library (examples and demos) www
  • libcdr-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.6-2) library for reading and converting Corel DRAW files -- documentation www
  • libcds-healpix-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.30.2+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.27.1+ds-2) API documentation for the CDS HEALPix library in Java www
  • libcds-moc-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0-2) Multi-Order Coverage maps Virtual Observatory library documentation www
  • libcds-savot-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.0.0-2) Simple Access to VOTable (SAVOT) library for Virtual Observatory documentation www
  • libcegui-mk2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.7+git20220615-3) Bullseye:(0.8.7-9) Crazy Eddie's GUI (documentation) www
  • libcereal-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.2+dfsg-4+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.3.0+dfsg-1) C++11 library for serialization HTML documentation www
  • libcerf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-2.1) Complex error function library - development files www
  • libcext-doc

    Bookworm:(7.2.3+ds-1) Bullseye:(7.1.3-1) API documentation for ESO's C utility library libcext www
  • libcfitsio-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0-3) Bullseye:(3.490-3) documentation for CFITSIO www
  • libcgicc-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.19-1) Bullseye:(3.2.19-0.2) C++ class library for writing CGI applications (documentation) www
  • libcglib3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1+dfsg-1) code generation library for Java - documentation www
  • libcglm-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.8-1) Bullseye:(0.7.9-1) Documentation for the cglm library www
  • libcgreen1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-2) Cgreen Library - document www
  • libchamplain-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12.20-1) C library providing ClutterActor to display maps (documentation) www
  • libcheese-doc

    Bookworm:(43.0-1) Bullseye:(3.38.0-3) tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam - documentation www
  • libcifti-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) documentation for CiftiLib www
  • libclassworlds-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-final-6) Documentation for the Classworlds Java library www
  • libclassycle-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.2-1.1) Analysing tool for Java dependencies - documentation www
  • libclaw-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.4-2) Claw is a generalist C++ library (documentation files) www
  • libclfft-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.2-3.2) Bullseye:(2.12.2-3.1) documentation for clFFT www
  • libcli11-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2+ds-1) Command line parser for C++11 and beyond - Documentation www
  • libclipper-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.20201109-1) doxygen generated documentation for libclipper www
  • libclosure-compiler-java-doc

    Bookworm:(20130227+rhino-1) Bullseye:(20130227+dfsg1-10.1) JavaScript optimizing compiler - Javadoc www
  • libcloudproviders-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-2) Bullseye:(0.3.0-3) cloud provider library - documentation
  • libclustalo-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.4-7) API documentation for library to embed Clustal Omega www
  • libclutter-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.4+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.26.4+dfsg-2) Open GL based interactive canvas library (documentation) www
  • libclutter-gst-2.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.18-1) Open GL based interactive canvas library GStreamer elements (documentation) www
  • libclutter-gst-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.27-3) Bullseye:(3.0.27-2) Open GL based interactive canvas library GStreamer elements (documentation) www
  • libclutter-gtk-1.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.4-4) Open GL based interactive canvas library GTK+ widget (documentation) www
  • libclutter-imcontext-0.1-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.4-3.1) Open GL based interactive canvas library IMContext framework (document) www
  • libcmtspeechdata-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.1+git20160721~8efc468-2.1) modem speech data handling library (documentation)
  • libcoap-1-0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1.2-1) C-Implementation of CoAP - HTML based documentation files www
  • libcoap2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.2.1-1) C-Implementation of CoAP - HTML based documentation files for API v2 www
  • libcoap3-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.1-1) C-Implementation of CoAP - HTML based documentation files for API v3 www
  • libcodemodel-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6-1) Documentation for Java library for code generators www
  • libcodenarc-groovy-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.23-5) Documentation for libcodenarc-groovy-java www
  • libcogl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.22.8-3) Bullseye:(1.22.8-2) Object oriented GL/GLES Abstraction/Utility Layer (documentation)
  • libcoin-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0+ds-3) Bullseye:(4.0.0+ds-1) high-level 3D graphics kit with Open Inventor and VRML97 support www
  • libcolorchooser-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0+dfsg-1) A Swing widget for selecting colors (documentation) www
  • libcolord-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-3.1) GTK convenience library for interacting with colord - docs www
  • libcolorpicker-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.0-3) Java control to allow color selection (documentation) www
  • libcolt-free-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0+dfsg-7) scalable scientific and technical computing in Java (doc) www
  • libcolt-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0+dfsg-2) scalable scientific and technical computing in Java (doc) www
  • libcommandline-ruby-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.10-12) Transitional package for ruby-commandline-doc www
  • libcommoncpp2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.1-10) Documentation files for Common C++ "2" www
  • libcommons-attributes-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2-8) adds C#/.Net-style attributes to Java code - documentation www
  • libcommons-beanutils-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.4-1) Apache Commons BeanUtils - Documentation www
  • libcommons-codec-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.15-1) encoder and decoders such as Base64 and hexadecimal codec - documentation www
  • libcommons-collections-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.1-11) set of abstract data type interfaces and implementations - doc www
  • libcommons-collections3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2.2-2) Documentation for libcommons-collections3-java www
  • libcommons-collections4-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.2-1) Documentation for Commons Collections 4 www
  • libcommons-digester-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.1-5) Rule based XML Java object mapping tool (documentation) www
  • libcommons-fileupload-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-2) Bullseye:(1.4-1) Javadoc API documentation for Commons FileUploads www
  • libcommons-httpclient-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1-16) Documentation for libcommons-httpclient-java www
  • libcommons-io-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.0-2) Bullseye:(2.8.0-1) Common useful IO related classes - documentation www
  • libcommons-jxpath-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-10) Javadoc API for libcommons-jxpath-java www
  • libcommons-lang-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6-10) Bullseye:(2.6-9) Documentation for Commons Lang - an extension of the java.lang package www
  • libcommons-lang3-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.12.0-2) Bullseye:(3.11-1) Apache Commons Lang utility classes (documentation) www
  • libcommons-logging-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-3) Bullseye:(1.2-2) common wrapper interface for several logging APIs (documentation) www
  • libcommons-math-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2-8) Bullseye:(2.2-7) Java lightweight mathematics and statistics components - documentation www
  • libcommons-math3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.6.1-3) Java lightweight mathematics and statistics components - documentation www
  • libcommons-modeler-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.1-8) documentation and examples for Commons Modeler www
  • libcommons-net2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2-2) internet protocol suite Java library - API docs www
  • libcommons-pool-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6-4) pooling implementation for Java objects - documentation www
  • libcommons-validator-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.7-1) Bullseye:(1:1.6-2) API documentation for Commons Validator www
  • libcommuni-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.0-2) cross-platform IRC framework written with Qt (API documentation) www
  • libcomps-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.19-2) Bullseye:(0.1.15-4) Documentation for the libcomps library (common documentation) www
  • libcompute-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-1) documentation and examples for Boost.Compute www
  • libconcurrent-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.4-6) Bullseye:(1.3.4-4.1) documentation and javadoc API for libconcurrent-java www
  • libconcurrentlinkedhashmap-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1~jdk5-1) Documentation for libconcurrentlinkedhashmap-java www
  • libconfig-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-0.4) parsing/manipulation of structured config files (Documentation) www
  • libconfuse-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3-3) Bullseye:(3.3-2+deb11u1) Documentation for libConfuse www
  • libconqat-ccsm-commons-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.dfsg-1) ConQAT library of utility functions and classes www
  • libconqat-simulink-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.dfsg-1) Simulink parsing library for Java www
  • libcontent-hub-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Documentation files for Lomiri's libcontent-hub-dev www
  • libcore++-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7-12) C/C++ library for robust computation (documentation) www
  • libcore-renderer-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0~R8+dfsg2-1.1) Documentation for libcore-renderer-java www
  • libcorelinux-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.32-9) Foundation Classes, Design Patterns, IPC and Threads
  • libcork-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0~rc3-3) Bullseye:(0.15.0+ds-16) simple, easily embeddable, cross-platform C library (documentation files) www
  • libcorkipset-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1+git20171111.6842a63-2) Bullseye:(1.1.1+20150311-11) C library to store sets/maps of IP address (documentation files) www
  • libcoverart-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.0+git20150706-9) library to access the Cover Art Archive (developer documentation) www
  • libcpl-doc

    Bookworm:(7.2.3+ds-1) Bullseye:(7.1.3-1) API documentation for the Common Pipeline Library www
  • libcppad-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.00.00.4-1) Bullseye:(2021.00.00.5-1) Automatic Differentiation of C++ algorithms, documentation www
  • libcpprest-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.18-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.10.18-1) Reference manual for C++ REST SDK / Casablanca www
  • libcpptest-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.0-3) unit testing framework for C++ (documentation) www
  • libcppunit-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.1-4) Bullseye:(1.15.1-2) Unit Testing Library for C++ - documentation www
  • libcrcutil-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-5.2) library for cyclic redundancy check (CRC) computation - documentation www
  • libcrimson-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.1.3-11) XML parser which support the Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)
  • libcrypto++-doc

    Bookworm:(8.7.0+git220824-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.6.4-10) General purpose cryptographic library - documentation www
  • libcryptui-doc

    Bookworm:(3.12.2-7) Bullseye:(3.12.2-6) UI library for OpenPGP prompts (documentation) www
  • libcsfml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.5-1.1) Libraries for the C Binding of SFML - Documentation www
  • libcsound64-doc

    Bookworm:(1:6.18.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1:6.14.0~dfsg-6) Csound API documentation www
  • libcsv-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1-2) CSV IO library for Java (documentation) www
  • libctl-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.1-2) Bullseye:(4.5.0-9) library for flexible control files, documentation www
  • libctpl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.3.4+dfsg-1.1) template engine written in C, documentation files www
  • libcubeb-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0~git20230201.70b4e3d+ds-1) cross platform audio library - documentation www
  • libcunit1-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1-3-dfsg-2.6) Bullseye:(2.1-3-dfsg-2.3) Unit Testing Library for C -- documentation www
  • libcupt4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.10.4+nmu1) flexible package manager -- library documentation www
  • libcupti-doc

    Bookworm:(11.8.87~11.8.0-5~deb12u1) Bullseye:(11.2.152~11.2.2-3+deb11u3) NVIDIA CUDA Profiler Tools Interface documentation www
  • libcurl4-doc

    Bookworm:(7.88.1-10+rpi1+deb12u5) Bullseye:(7.74.0-1.3+deb11u11) documentation for libcurl www
  • libcwd-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4-1.1) Documentation of the libcwd C++ Debugging Support Library
  • libcwidget-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.18-6) Bullseye:(0.5.18-5) high-level terminal interface library for C++ (documentation) www
  • libcyaml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-1) Bullseye:(1.1.0-1) documentation for libcyaml1 www
  • libcypher-parser-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.0-1) Documentation for libcypher-parser www
  • libdaemon-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-7.1) lightweight C library for daemons - documentation www
  • libdap-doc

    Bookworm:(3.20.11-1) Bullseye:(3.20.7-6) Documentation for the libdap Data Access Protocol library www
  • libdatrie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.13-2) Bullseye:(0.2.13-1) Documentation files for double-array trie library www
  • libdazzle-doc

    Bookworm:(3.44.0-1) Bullseye:(3.38.0-1) feature-filled library for GTK+ and GObject - documentation www
  • libdballe-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4-1) Bullseye:(8.6-1) documentation for the DB-ALL.e C library for weather research www
  • libdbi-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.0-6) DB Independent Abstraction Layer for C -- documentation www
  • libdbus-c++-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-11) Bullseye:(0.9.0-8.2) C++ API for D-Bus (documentation) www
  • libdbus-glib-1-doc

    Bookworm:(0.112-3) Bullseye:(0.110-6) deprecated library for D-Bus IPC (API documentation) www
  • libdbusmenu-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(18.10.20180917~bzr492+repack1-3) Bullseye:(18.10.20180917~bzr492+repack1-2) library for passing menus over DBus - documentation www
  • libdbusmenu-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(18.10.20180917~bzr492+repack1-3) Bullseye:(18.10.20180917~bzr492+repack1-2) library for passing menus over DBus - GTK+ version documentation www
  • libdbusmenu-qt5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.3+16.04.20160218-2) Qt implementation of the DBusMenu protocol (documentation) www
  • libdc1394-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.6-4) Bullseye:(2.2.6-3) high level programming interface for IEEE 1394 digital cameras - documentation www
  • libdconf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.40.0-4) Bullseye:(0.38.0-2) simple configuration storage system - documentation www
  • libdeal.ii-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.1-1) Bullseye:(9.2.0-3) Differential Equations Analysis Library - html doc. and examples www
  • libdecaf-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-2) Ed448-Goldilocks-based elliptic curve cryptography library www
  • libdecentxml-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-2.1) API documentation for libdecentxml-java www
  • libdee-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.7+17.10.20170616-7) Bullseye:(1.2.7+17.10.20170616-6) Model to synchronize multiple instances over DBus - documentation www
  • libdigidoc-doc

    Bookworm:(3.10.5-4) Bullseye:(3.10.5-2) DigiDoc digital signature library documentation www
  • libdime-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.20111205-2.1) DXF Import, Manipulation, and Export library - devel
  • libdirgra-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3-1.1) Documentation for dirgra www
  • libdiscid-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.2-3) library for creating MusicBrainz DiscIDs (documentation) www
  • libdistlib-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-4) Bullseye:(1.0-2) Java library of statistical distribution functions (documentation) www
  • libdnf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.69.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.55.2-6) Documentation for the libdnf library (common documentation) www
  • libdnssecjava-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.3-3) DNSSEC validating stub resolver for Java (documentation) www
  • libdogleg-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.4-2) Bullseye:(0.15.4-1) Powell's dog-leg nonlinear least squares solver for sparse matrices www
  • libdrmaa1.0-java-doc

    Bookworm:(8.1.9+dfsg-10) Bullseye:(8.1.9+dfsg-9.1) Distributed resource management Application API library - Java bindings docs www
  • libdune-common-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2+rpi1) toolbox for solving PDEs -- basic classes (documentation) www
  • libdune-functions-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) toolbox for solving PDEs -- interface for functions (documentation) www
  • libdune-geometry-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) toolbox for solving PDEs -- geometry classes (documentation) www
  • libdune-grid-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) toolbox for solving PDEs -- grid interface (documentation) www
  • libdune-grid-glue-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-3) Bullseye:(2.7.0-3) toolbox for solving PDEs -- compute couplings between grids (documentation) www
  • libdune-istl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) toolbox for solving PDEs -- iterative solvers (documentation) www
  • libdune-localfunctions-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) toolbox for solving PDEs -- local basis (documentation) www
  • libdune-typetree-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) toolbox for solving PDEs -- typed tree template library (documentation) www
  • libdvbv5-doc

    Bookworm:(1.22.1-5) Bullseye:(1.20.0-2) Doxygen generated documentation for libdvbv5 www
  • libdvdnav-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.1-1) Bullseye:(6.1.0-1) DVD navigation library (documentation) www
  • libeasyconf-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.5-6) library to access configuration of software components - Javadoc www
  • libeccodes-doc

    Bookworm:(2.28.0-1) Bullseye:(2.20.0-1) GRIB decoding/encoding software (documentation) www
  • libeigen2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.17-1) eigen2 API docmentation www
  • libeigen3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.0-4) Bullseye:(3.3.9-2) eigen3 API documentation www
  • libeigenbase-resgen-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Java i18n code generator from XML files - documentation www
  • libelemental-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) Periodic Table viewer (API documentation) www
  • libeliom-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-2) Bullseye:(6.12.4-1) web framework for ocsigenserver (documentation) www
  • libembree-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13.5+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.12.1+dfsg-1) High Performance Ray Tracing Kernels - documentation www
  • libemf-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.13-5) Bullseye:(1.0.13-2) Enhanced Metafile library (documentation) www
  • libendless-doc

    Bookworm:(0~git20230107+ds-3) Bullseye:(0~git20180727+ds-1.1) documentation files for the Endless SDK
  • libenet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.17+ds-2) Bullseye:(1.3.13+ds-1) thin network communication layer on top of UDP - documentation www
  • libepc-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.6-2) Easy Publish and Consume library - documentation www
  • liberis-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.23-8) WorldForge client entity library - API documentation www
  • libetpan-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.4-3.1) Bullseye:(1.9.4-3) mail handling library - API documentation www
  • libetsf-io-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4-5) Developer documentation API and tutorials for ETSF_IO www
  • libevdev-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.0+dfsg-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.11.0+dfsg-1+rpi1) wrapper library for evdev devices - development docs www
  • libevhtp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.18-2) Bullseye:(1.2.18-1) Libevent based HTTP API - documentation www
  • libexcalibur-logkit-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0-12) Lightweight and fast designed logging toolkit for Java (API docs) www
  • libexif-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.24-1) Bullseye:(0.6.22-3) library to parse EXIF files (documentation) www
  • libexiv2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.27.6-1) Bullseye:(0.27.3-3+deb11u2) EXIF/IPTC/XMP metadata manipulation library - HTML documentation www
  • libexplain-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.D001-12) Bullseye:(1.4.D001-11) library of system-call-specific strerror repl - documentation www
  • libfakekey-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3+git20170516-2) library for converting characters to X key-presses [documentation]
  • libfann-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0+ds-8) Bullseye:(2.2.0+ds-6) API documentation for FANN www
  • libfannj-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7-1) Bullseye:(0.3-2) FannJ - Documentation www
  • libfarstream-0.2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.9-1) Audio/Video communications framework: documentation www
  • libfastcdr-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.26-1) Bullseye:(1.0.19-1) Fast CDR serialization library for DDS - API documentation www
  • libfastrtps-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.1+ds-1+deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.1.0+ds-9) C++ library for the Real Time Publish Subscribe Protocol - documentation www
  • libfastutil-java-doc

    Bookworm:(8.5.11+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(8.4.4-1) API documentation for libfastutil-java www
  • libfcft-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.5-3) Bullseye:(2.3.1-1) font loading and glyph rasterization library -- documentation www
  • libfcml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.2-2) machine code manipulation library - documentation www
  • libfeedtools-ruby-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.29+dfsg1-5) Transitional package for ruby-feedtools-doc www
  • libfelix-bundlerepository-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.10-4) Documentation for Felix OSGi bundle repository service www
  • libfelix-framework-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.1-2.1) Javadoc API documentation for the Felix Framework subproject www
  • libfelix-gogo-command-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14.0-2.1) Documentation for Apache Felix Gogo Command bundle www
  • libfelix-gogo-runtime-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.16.2-1.1) Documentation for Apache Felix Gogo Runtime bundle www
  • libfelix-gogo-shell-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12.0-1.1) Documentation for Apache Felix Gogo Shell bundle www
  • libfelix-main-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0.0-5) Libraries to instantiate and execute OSGi Felix Framework - doc www
  • libfelix-osgi-obr-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.2-5) Javadoc API for OSGi OBR Service API www
  • libfelix-scr-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.20-2) Documentation for Felix Service Component Runtime www
  • libfelix-shell-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.3-2) Felix OSGi shell - documentation www
  • libfelix-shell-tui-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.1-4) Documentation for Apache Felix Shell TUI www
  • libfelix-utils-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.6-1.1) collection of utility classes for Apache Felix - documentation www
  • libfest-assert-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0~M10-1.1) Documentation for libfest-assert-java www
  • libfest-reflect-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-4) Bullseye:(1.4.1-3) Documentation for libfest-reflect-java www
  • libfest-test-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0-1.1) Documentation for libfest-test-java www
  • libfest-util-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.5-1.1) Documentation for libfest-util-java www
  • libfftw3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.10-1) Bullseye:(3.3.8-2) Documentation for fftw version 3 www
  • libfido2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.0-2) Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) library for generating and verifying FIDO 2.0 objects -- documentation www
  • libfits-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.15.2-2) Java library for the I/O handling of FITS files (javadoc) www
  • libfixbuf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1+ds-2) Bullseye:(2.4.0+ds-2) Implementation of the IPFIX protocol - documentation www
  • libfko-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.10-16) Bullseye:(2.6.10-12) FireWall KNock OPerator - documentation www
  • libflac-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.2+ds-2) Bullseye:(1.3.3-2+deb11u2) Free Lossless Audio Codec - library documentation www
  • libflamingo-java-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) Provides a swing ribbon container for Java applications (documentation) www
  • libflatpak-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.4-1) Bullseye:(1.10.8-0+deb11u1) Application deployment framework for desktop apps (documentation) www
  • libflexdock-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4-2) Bullseye:(1.2.4-1.1) Swing Java docking framework - demos and examples www
  • libflint-arb-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.23.0-1) Bullseye:(1:2.19.0-1) C library for arbitrary-precision ball arithmetic, documentation www
  • libflint-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-5) Bullseye:(2.6.3-3) Documentation for the FLINT library www
  • libflute-1.3-jfree-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20061107-8) Java CSS parser using SAC (JFree version) -- documentation
  • libfm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.2-1) file management support (development documentation) www
  • libfmt-doc

    Bookworm:(9.1.0+ds1-2) Bullseye:(7.1.3+ds1-5) fast type-safe C++ formatting library -- documentation www
  • libfmt3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.1+ds-1) fast type-safe C++ formatting library -- documentation www
  • libfolks-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.5-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.14.0-1) library to aggregates people into metacontact - documentation www
  • libfolks-dummy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.5-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.14.0-1) Dummy backend for libfolks - documentation www
  • libfolks-eds-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.5-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.14.0-1) Evolution-data-server backend for libfolks - documentation www
  • libfolks-telepathy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.5-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.14.0-1) Telepathy backend for libfolks - documentation www
  • libfontbox-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.8.16-2) Java font library (Documentation) www
  • libfontconfig-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.1-4) Bullseye:(2.13.1-4.2) generic font configuration library - documentation www
  • libfonts-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.6.dfsg2-1) Bullseye:(1.1.6.dfsg-3.1) Java fonts layouting library -- documentation www
  • libfoonathan-memory-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.2-3) Bullseye:(0.7-3) STL compatible C++ memory allocator library - documentation www
  • libforms-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.3-1.6) Documentation for the XForms graphical interface library www
  • libformula-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.7.dfsg-3) Bullseye:(1.1.7.dfsg-2.1) Excel(tm) style formula expressions library
  • libfox-1.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.57-1) FOX C++ GUI Toolkit - documentation www
  • libfprint-2-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.94.5-1) Bullseye:(1:1.90.7-2) async fingerprint library of fprint project, API documentation www
  • libfreecontact-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.21-13) Bullseye:(1.0.21-9) documentation for libfreecontact www
  • libfreefare-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.0-2.1) documentation for libfreefare www
  • libfreefem-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.5.8-7) Documentation for FreeFEM development www
  • libfreeimageplus-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.0+ds2-9+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.18.0+ds2-6+deb11u1) C++ wrappers for FreeImage (documentation) www
  • libfreenect-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.5.3-3) Bullseye:(1:0.5.3-2) library for accessing Kinect device -- documentation www
  • libfressian-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.6-3) extensible binary data notation (documentation) www
  • libfrobby-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.5-4) Bullseye:(0.9.1-1) Computations with monomial ideals (library documentation) www
  • libftdi1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5-6) Bullseye:(1.5-5) Documentation for libftdi1 www
  • libg3d-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.8-33) Bullseye:(0.0.8-31) LibG3D API documentation in HTML format www
  • libgadu-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.12.2-6) Bullseye:(1:1.12.2-5) Gadu-Gadu protocol library - documentation www
  • libgail-3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.24.38-2~deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.24.24-4+deb11u3) documentation files of the Gail library www
  • libgail-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.24.33-2) documentation files of the Gail library www
  • libgaminggear-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15.1-11) Functionalities for gaming input devices (documentation) www
  • libgavl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0~svn6298-1) Bullseye:(1.4.0-5) low level audio and video library - documentation files www
  • libgcab-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5-1) Bullseye:(1.4-3) Microsoft Cabinet file manipulation library - documentation www
  • libgccjit-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-7+rpi1) Bullseye:(10.2.1-6+rpi1) GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation) www
  • libgccjit-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-12+rpi1) GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation) www
  • libgccjit-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-14+rpi1) GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation) www
  • libgccjit-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.5.0-6+rpi1) GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation) www
  • libgccjit-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-7+rpi1) GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation) www
  • libgccjit-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-22+rpi1) GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation) www
  • libgck-1-doc

    Bookworm:(3.41.1-1) Bullseye:(3.38.1-2) GLib wrapper library for PKCS#11 - documentation www
  • libgconf2-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.6-8) Bullseye:(3.2.6-7) GNOME configuration database system (API reference) www
  • libgconfmm-2.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.28.3-1) C++ wrappers for GConf (documentation) www
  • libgcr-3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.41.1-1) Bullseye:(3.38.1-2) Library for Crypto UI related tasks - documentation www
  • libgcrypt20-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.1-3) Bullseye:(1.8.7-6) LGPL Crypto library - documentation www
  • libgda-5.0-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.10-3) Bullseye:(5.2.9-2) data abstraction library based on GLib -- documentation files www
  • libgdamm5.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.99.11-3) C++ wrappers for libgda5 (documentation) www
  • libgdata-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18.1-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.17.13-3+rpi1) Library for accessing GData webservices - documentation www
  • libgdk-pixbuf2.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.42.10+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.42.2+dfsg-1+deb11u1) GDK Pixbuf library (documentation) www
  • libgdl-3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.40.0-1) Bullseye:(3.34.0-1) GNOME DevTool libraries - documentation
  • libgearman-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.20+ds-1) Bullseye:( API Documentation for the Gearman Library www
  • libgecode-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.2.0-5) generic constraint development environment www
  • libgegl-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.4.42-2) Bullseye:(1:0.4.26-2) Generic Graphics Library (documentation) www
  • libgentlyweb-utils-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-2) Documentation - java utility library used by josql www
  • libgeoclue-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.0-2) Bullseye:(2.5.7-3) convenience library to interact with geoinformation service (API documentation) www
  • libgeocode-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.26.3-6) Bullseye:(3.26.2-2) gtk-doc documentation for geocode-glib library
  • libgeos-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.1-1) Bullseye:(3.9.0-1) Documentation for the GEOS GIS geometry engine library www
  • libgeronimo-validation-1.0-spec-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-3) Documentation for libgeronimo-validation-1.0-spec-java www
  • libgeronimo-validation-1.1-spec-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-2) Documentation for libgeronimo-validation-1.1-spec-java www
  • libgetdata-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-6) Bullseye:(0.10.0-10) library to read/write dirfile data - API and standards documents www
  • libgettext-rails-ruby-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0-3) Transitional package for ruby-gettext-rails www
  • libgexiv2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.0-1) Bullseye:(0.12.1-1) GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library - documentation www
  • libgflags-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.2-2) documentation of gflags www
  • libghc-abstract-deque-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-11) Bullseye:(0.3-10) abstract, parameterized interface to mutable Deques; documentation www
  • libghc-abstract-par-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-11) Bullseye:(0.3.3-10) abstract parallelization interface; documentation www
  • libghc-acid-state-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell database library with ACID guarantees - documentation; documentation www
  • libghc-active-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Abstractions for animation; documentation www
  • libghc-adjunctions-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.2-1) Bullseye:(4.4-6) adjunctions and representable functors for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-aeson-compat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.10-1) Bullseye:(0.3.9-3) compatibility layer for aeson; documentation www
  • libghc-aeson-diff-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( extract and apply patches to JSON documents; documentation www
  • libghc-aeson-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fast JSON parsing and encoding library; documentation www
  • libghc-aeson-extra-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Extra goodies for aeson; documentation www
  • libghc-aeson-pretty-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.9-1) Bullseye:(0.8.8-1) JSON pretty-printing library; documentation www
  • libghc-aeson-qq-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.4-1) Bullseye:(0.8.3-1) JSON quasiquoter for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-agda-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(2.6.1-1) dependently typed functional programming language; documentation www
  • libghc-alsa-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( binding to the ALSA Library API (Exceptions); documentation www
  • libghc-alsa-mixer-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-3) Bullseye:(0.3.0-2) bindings to the ALSA simple mixer API; documentation www
  • libghc-annotated-wl-pprint-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-5) Bullseye:(0.7.0-4) Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer, with annotation support; documentation www
  • libghc-ansi-terminal-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.3-1) Bullseye:(0.10.3-1) Simple ANSI terminal support, with Windows compatibility; documentation www
  • libghc-ansi-wl-pprint-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.9-5) Bullseye:(0.6.9-2) Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for colored ANSI terminal output; documentation www
  • libghc-ap-normalize-doc

    Bookworm:( Self-normalizing applicative expressions; documentation www
  • libghc-appar-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.8-3) Bullseye:(0.1.8-2) A simple applicative parser in Parsec style; documentation www
  • libghc-argon2-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell bindings to the Argon2 password-hashing function; documentation www
  • libghc-arrows-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell arrow classes and transformers for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-asn1-encoding-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.6-2) Bullseye:(0.9.6-1) ASN1 data reader/writer in RAW, BER, and DER forms; documentation www
  • libghc-asn1-parse-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.5-3) Bullseye:(0.9.5-2) simple monadic parser for ASN1 stream types; documentation www
  • libghc-asn1-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4-2) Bullseye:(0.3.4-1) ASN.1 types; documentation www
  • libghc-assert-failure-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( syntactic sugar improving 'assert' and 'error'; documentation www
  • libghc-assoc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-3) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) swap and assoc: Symmetric and Semigroupy Bifunctors; documentation www
  • libghc-async-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.4-1) Bullseye:(2.2.2-2) run IO operations asynchronously and wait for their results; documentation www
  • libghc-atomic-write-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Atomically write to a file; documentation www
  • libghc-attoparsec-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.4-2) Bullseye:( Fast combinator parsing for bytestrings; documentation www
  • libghc-attoparsec-iso8601-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parsing of ISO 8601 dates; documentation www
  • libghc-authenticate-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.3.5-1) authentication methods for Haskell web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-authenticate-oauth-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7-1) Bullseye:( authenticate with OAuth for Haskell web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-auto-update-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.6-2) Bullseye:(0.1.6-1) efficiently run periodic, on-demand actions; documentation www
  • libghc-aws-doc

    Bookworm:(0.22.1-1) Bullseye:(0.22-1) Amazon Web Services for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-base-compat-batteries-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.2-1) Bullseye:(0.11.1-3) base-compat with extra batteries; documentation www
  • libghc-base-compat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.2-1) Bullseye:(0.11.1-1) compatibility layer for base; documentation www
  • libghc-base-orphans-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.7-1) Bullseye:(0.8.2-1) Backwards-compatible orphan instances for base; documentation www
  • libghc-base-prelude-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.1-1) Bullseye:(1.3-2) most complete prelude formed solely from the "base" package; documentation www
  • libghc-base-unicode-symbols-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Unicode alternatives for common functions and operators; documentation www
  • libghc-base16-bytestring-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fast base16 (hex) encoding and decoding for ByteStrings; documentation www
  • libghc-base64-bytestring-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast base64 encoding/deconding for ByteStrings; documentation www
  • libghc-base64-doc

    Bookworm:( Modern RFC 4648-compliant Base64 library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-basement-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.15-1) Bullseye:(0.0.11-1.1) Foundation scrap box of array & string; documentation www
  • libghc-basic-prelude-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-5) Bullseye:(0.7.0-4) enhanced core prelude; documentation www
  • libghc-bencode-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Parser and printer for bencoded data; documentation www
  • libghc-bifunctors-doc

    Bookworm:(5.5.13-1) Bullseye:(5.5.7-1) Haskell 98 bifunctors; documentation www
  • libghc-bimap-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0-1) Bullseye:(0.4.0-1) bidirectional mapping between two key types; documentation www
  • libghc-binary-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-3) Bullseye:(1.3.1-2) data serialization/deserialization conduit library; documentation www
  • libghc-binary-instances-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Bullseye:( orphan instances for binary; documentation www
  • libghc-binary-orphans-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) orphan instances for binary; documentation www
  • libghc-binary-parsers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parsec-/attoparsec-style parsing combinators; documentation www
  • libghc-bindings-dsl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.25-4) Bullseye:(1.0.25-3) FFI domain specific language, on top of hsc2hs; documentation www
  • libghc-bindings-nettle-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-3) Haskell bindings to nettle crypto library; documentation www
  • libghc-bindings-sane-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.1-13) FFI bindings to libsane www
  • libghc-bindings-uname-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1-4) Low-level binding to POSIX uname(3); documentation www
  • libghc-bitarray-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Mutable and immutable bit arrays; documentation www
  • libghc-bitwise-doc

    Bookworm:( fast multi-dimensional unboxed bit packed Bool arrays; documentation www
  • libghc-blaze-builder-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( abstraction of buffered output of byte streams; documentation www
  • libghc-blaze-html-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HTML combinator library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-blaze-markup-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( blazingly-fast markup combinator library; documentation www
  • libghc-blaze-svg-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( SVG combinator library; documentation www
  • libghc-blaze-textual-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fast rendering of common datatypes; documentation www
  • libghc-bloomfilter-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell bloom filter library; documentation www
  • libghc-bmp-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Read and write BMP image files; documentation www
  • libghc-bool-extras-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-10) Bullseye:(0.4.0-9) fold function for Bool type; documentation www
  • libghc-boolean-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-5) Bullseye:(0.2.4-4) generalized booleans; documentation www
  • libghc-boomerang-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.8-1) Bullseye:(1.4.6-2) invertible parsing and printing; documentation www
  • libghc-boring-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-2) Boring and Absurd types for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-boundedchan-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( bounded (maximum-limited) channels; documentation www
  • libghc-boxes-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.5-4) Bullseye:(0.1.5-3) 2D text pretty-printing library; documentation www
  • libghc-brainfuck-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Brainfuck interpreter library; documentation www
  • libghc-brick-doc

    Bookworm:(0.68.1-1) Bullseye:(0.52.1-1) declarative terminal user interface library; documentation www
  • libghc-broadcast-chan-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( closable, fair, leak-avoidant, single-wakeup channel; documentation www
  • libghc-bsb-http-chunked-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( chunked HTTP transfer encoding for bytestring builders; documentation www
  • libghc-butcher-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( chop a command/program invocation into pieces; documentation www
  • libghc-bv-sized-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-2) bitvector datatype parameterized by the vector width; documentation www
  • libghc-byte-order-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( portable big-endian and little-endian conversions; documentation www
  • libghc-byteable-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-11) Bullseye:(0.1.1-10) typeclass for byte sequences; documentation www
  • libghc-bytedump-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-11) Bullseye:(1.0-10) flexible byte dump helpers for human readers; documentation www
  • libghc-byteorder-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-11) Bullseye:(1.0.4-10) exposes the native endianness or byte ordering of the system; documentation www
  • libghc-bytes-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.2-1) Bullseye:(0.17-1) Sharing code for serialization between binary and cereal; documentation www
  • libghc-bytestring-conversion-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-1) Bullseye:(0.3.1-7) Type-classes to convert values to and from ByteString.; documentation www
  • libghc-bytestring-lexing-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parsing and printing numbers to bytestrings.; documentation www
  • libghc-bytestring-mmap-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.2-13) mmap support for strict ByteStrings; documentation www
  • libghc-bytestring-progress-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-3) Bullseye:(1.4-2) A library for tracking the consumption of a lazy ByteString; documentation www
  • libghc-bytestring-to-vector-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( convert ByteString<->Vector.Storable without copying; documentation www
  • libghc-bz2-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( bindings to libbz2; documentation
  • libghc-bzlib-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell bindings to the bzip2 library; documentation www
  • libghc-cabal-doctest-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.9-1) Bullseye:(1.0.8-1) Setup.hs helper for doctests running; documentation www
  • libghc-cairo-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Binding to the Cairo library; documentation www
  • libghc-call-stack-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-1) Bullseye:(0.2.0-1) use GHC call-stacks in a backward compatible way; documentation www
  • libghc-casa-client-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.1-3) Bullseye:(0.0.1-2) Client for Casa; documentation www
  • libghc-casa-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.0.1-2) types for Casa; documentation www
  • libghc-case-insensitive-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( case-insensitive string comparison; documentation www
  • libghc-cassava-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( CSV parsing and encoding library; documentation www
  • libghc-cassava-megaparsec-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.4-1) Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) Megaparsec parser of CSV files that plays nicely with Cassava; documentation www
  • libghc-categories-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.7-10) Bullseye:(1.0.7-9) categories from category-extras; documentation www
  • libghc-cereal-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-5) Bullseye:(0.8.0-4) turn Data.Serialize Gets and Puts into Sources and Sinks; documentation www
  • libghc-cereal-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( binary serialization library; documentation www
  • libghc-cereal-vector-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Serialize instances for Data.Vector types; documentation www
  • libghc-cgi-doc

    Bookworm:(3001.5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3001.5.0.0-1) Haskell CGI library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-charset-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.9-1) Bullseye:( fast Unicode character sets; documentation www
  • libghc-charsetdetect-ae-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( charset detection using Mozilla's Universal Character Set Detector; documentation www
  • libghc-chart-cairo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.3-2) Bullseye:(1.9.3-1) Cairo backend for Charts; documentation www
  • libghc-chart-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.4-1) Bullseye:(1.9.3-1) library for generating 2D Charts and Plots; documentation www
  • libghc-chasingbottoms-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Library for testing partial and infinite values; documentation www
  • libghc-chunked-data-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-5) Bullseye:(0.3.1-4) typeclasses for dealing with various chunked data representations; documentation www
  • libghc-cipher-aes-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.11-10) Bullseye:(0.2.11-9) Fast AES cipher implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-cipher-aes128-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( AES and common modes; documentation www
  • libghc-cipher-camellia-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-11) Bullseye:(0.0.2-10) Camellia cipher; documentation www
  • libghc-cipher-des-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.6-11) Bullseye:(0.0.6-10) DES and 3DES ciphers; documentation www
  • libghc-cipher-rc4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.4-9) Fast RC4 cipher implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-citeproc-doc

    Bookworm:( Generates citations and bibliography from CSL styles; documentation www
  • libghc-clash-ghc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.4-1) Clash: functional hardware descr. language - GHC frontend; documentation www
  • libghc-clash-lib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.4-1) Functional hardware description language - library; documentation www
  • libghc-clash-prelude-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.4-1) Functional hardware description language - Prelude library; documentation www
  • libghc-clientsession-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( library for web session data in cookies; documentation www
  • libghc-clock-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-1) Bullseye:(0.8-1) High-resolution clock and timer; documentation www
  • libghc-cmark-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6+ds1-4) Bullseye:(0.6+ds1-3) fast, accurate CommonMark (Markdown) parser and renderer; documentation www
  • libghc-cmark-gfm-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.5+ds1-1) Bullseye:(0.2.1+ds1-1) fast, accurate GitHub Flavored Markdown parser and renderer; documentation www
  • libghc-cmdargs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.21-1) Bullseye:(0.10.20-3) command-line argument processing; documentation www
  • libghc-code-page-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-1) Bullseye:(0.2-2) Windows code page library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-colour-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.6-1) Bullseye:(2.3.5-2) A model for human colour/color perception; documentation www
  • libghc-commonmark-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-1) Pure Haskell commonmark parser; documentation www
  • libghc-commonmark-extensions-doc

    Bookworm:( Pure Haskell commonmark parser extensions; documentation www
  • libghc-commonmark-pandoc-doc

    Bookworm:( Bridge between commonmark and pandoc AST; documentation www
  • libghc-comonad-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.8-1) Bullseye:(5.0.6-1) Haskell 98 comonads; documentation www
  • libghc-concurrent-extra-doc

    Bookworm:( Extra concurrency primitives; documentation www
  • libghc-concurrent-output-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.16-1) Bullseye:(1.10.12-1) ungarble output from several threads; documentation www
  • libghc-concurrent-supply-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.8-7) A fast concurrent unique identifier supply with a pure API; documentation www
  • libghc-cond-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( conditional and boolean operators with monadic variants (docs) www
  • libghc-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.3.2-1) streaming data processing library; documentation www
  • libghc-conduit-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.6-1) Bullseye:(1.3.5-1) batteries-included conduit: adapters for common libraries; documentation www
  • libghc-config-ini-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple INI-based configuration files; documentation www
  • libghc-config-schema-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( schema definitions for the config-value package; documentation www
  • libghc-config-value-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-1) Bullseye:( simple, layout-based value language similar to YAML/JSON; documentation www
  • libghc-configfile-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.4-10) Bullseye:(1.1.4-9) Parser and writer for sectioned config files in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-configurator-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( dynamic config file reloading; documentation www
  • libghc-connection-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-3) Bullseye:(0.3.1-2) simple and easy network connections API; documentation www
  • libghc-constraints-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.4-1) Bullseye:(0.12-1) Constraint manipulation; documentation www
  • libghc-constraints-extras-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( utility package for constraints; documentation www
  • libghc-contravariant-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.5-1) Bullseye:(1.5.2-2) Contravariant functors; documentation www
  • libghc-contravariant-extras-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( extras for the "contravariant" package; documentation www
  • libghc-control-monad-free-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-4) Bullseye:(0.6.2-3) free monads; documentation www
  • libghc-control-monad-loop-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1-12) Bullseye:(0.1-11) simple monad transformer for imperative-style loops; documentation www
  • libghc-convertible-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Typeclasses and instances for converting between types, documentation www
  • libghc-cookie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.5-2) Bullseye:(0.4.5-1) HTTP cookie-parsing and rendering library; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-c99-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) Compiler for Copilot targeting C99; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-core-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) Intermediate representation for Copilot.; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) Stream DSL for writing embedded C programs.; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-interpreter-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) Interpreter for Copilot.; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-language-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) DSL for monitoring hard real-time distributed systems.; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-libraries-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) Libraries for the Copilot language.; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-prettyprinter-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) Prettyprinter of Copilot Specifications; documentation www
  • libghc-copilot-theorem-doc

    Bookworm:(3.13-1) k-induction for Copilot.; documentation www
  • libghc-cpphs-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( cpphs-library for haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-cprng-aes-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-9) Bullseye:(0.6.1-8) pseudo-random number generator using AES in counter mode; documentation www
  • libghc-cpu-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-11) Bullseye:(0.1.2-10) low-level routines to get basic properties of the platform; documentation www
  • libghc-criterion-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Robust, reliable performance measurement and analysis; documentation www
  • libghc-criterion-measurement-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Criterion measurement functionality and associated types; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-api-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.3-4) Bullseye:(0.13.3-3) generic interface for cryptographic operations; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-cipher-tests-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.11-12) Bullseye:(0.0.11-11) Generic cryptography cipher tests; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-cipher-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.9-11) Bullseye:(0.0.9-10) generic cryptographic cipher types; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( cryptographical algorithms for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-pubkey-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-11) Bullseye:(0.4.3-10) generic public-key algorithm types; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-random-api-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-12) Bullseye:(0.2.0-11) simple random generators API for cryptography related code; documentation www
  • libghc-crypto-random-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.9-10) Bullseye:(0.0.9-9) simple cryptographic random related types; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptohash-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-12) Bullseye:(0.1.1-11) Conduit interface to cryptohash; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptohash-cryptoapi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.4-7) Bullseye:(0.1.4-6) crypto-api interfaces for cryptohash; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptohash-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.9-8) Bullseye:(0.11.9-7) collection of crypto hashes, fast, pure and practical; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptohash-md5-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast, pure and practical MD5 implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptohash-sha1-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast, pure and practical SHA-1 implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptohash-sha256-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast, pure and practical SHA-256 implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptonite-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-6) Bullseye:(0.2.2-5) cryptonite conduit; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptonite-doc

    Bookworm:(0.29-1) Bullseye:(0.26-1) cryptographic primitives; documentation www
  • libghc-cryptostore-doc

    Bookworm:( Serialization of cryptographic data types; documentation www
  • libghc-css-text-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( CSS parser and renderer; documentation www
  • libghc-csv-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast, conduit-based CSV parser library; documentation www
  • libghc-csv-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-16) Bullseye:(0.1.2-15) CSV loader and dumper; documentation www
  • libghc-curl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8-13) Bullseye:(1.3.8-12) Documentation for the libcurl Haskell bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-curve25519-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.7-1) Curve25519 elliptic curve primitives; documentation www
  • libghc-czipwith-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( CZipWith class and deriving via TH; documentation www
  • libghc-data-accessor-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.3-2) Bullseye:(0.2.3-1) Utilities for accessing and manipulating fields of records; documentation www
  • libghc-data-accessor-mtl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( use Data.Accessor inside the State monad; documentation www
  • libghc-data-binary-ieee754-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.4-11) Bullseye:(0.4.4-10) parser/serialiser for IEEE-754 floating-point values; documentation www
  • libghc-data-clist-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-1) Bullseye:( Simple functional ring type; documentation www
  • libghc-data-default-class-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type class for default values; documentation www
  • libghc-data-default-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( class for types with a default value; documentation www
  • libghc-data-default-instances-base-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( default instances for types in base; documentation www
  • libghc-data-default-instances-containers-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.1-12) Bullseye:(0.0.1-11) default instances for types in containers; documentation www
  • libghc-data-default-instances-dlist-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.1-11) Bullseye:(0.0.1-10) default instances for types in dlist; documentation www
  • libghc-data-default-instances-old-locale-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.1-11) Bullseye:(0.0.1-10) default instances for types in old-locale; documentation www
  • libghc-data-fix-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-1) Bullseye:(0.2.1-1) fixpoint data types; documentation www
  • libghc-data-hash-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( combinators for building fast hashing functions.; documentation www
  • libghc-data-inttrie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.4-4) Bullseye:(0.1.4-3) Lazy, infinite trie of integers library; documentation www
  • libghc-data-memocombinators-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-10) Bullseye:(0.5.1-9) Combinators for building memo tables library; documentation www
  • libghc-data-ordlist-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Set and bag operations on ordered lists; documentation www
  • libghc-data-reify-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.3-2) Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph.; documentation www
  • libghc-data-tree-print-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( print Data instances as a nested tree; documentation www
  • libghc-date-cache-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.0-3) Date cacher www
  • libghc-dav-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.4-2) Bullseye:(1.3.4-1) RFC 4918 WebDAV support; documentation www
  • libghc-dbus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.22-1) Bullseye:(1.2.16-1) Haskell implementation of D-Bus; documentation www
  • libghc-dbus-hslogger-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( expose a dbus server to control hslogger; documentation www
  • libghc-debian-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.4-1) Bullseye:(4.0.2-1) Documentation for Debian package system library; documentation www
  • libghc-dec-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.5-1) Bullseye:(0.0.3-4) decidable propositions; documentation www
  • libghc-decimal-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.2-1) Bullseye:(0.5.1-3) decimal numbers with variable precision; documentation www
  • libghc-deepseq-generics-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( GHC.Generics-based Control.DeepSeq.rnf implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-dense-linear-algebra-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( pure Haskell implementation of linear algebra; documentation
  • libghc-dependent-map-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( dependent finite maps; documentation www
  • libghc-dependent-sum-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Dependent sum type; documentation www
  • libghc-dependent-sum-template-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Automatically generate instances of classes in dependent-sum package; documentation www
  • libghc-deque-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.4-1) Bullseye:(0.4.3-1) double-ended queues; documentation www
  • libghc-deriving-compat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5.9-1) backports of GHC deriving extensions; documentation www
  • libghc-diagrams-cairo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.2-1) Bullseye:( Cairo backend for the diagrams drawing EDSL; documentation www
  • libghc-diagrams-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.4.2-2) Core libraries for diagrams EDSL; documentation www
  • libghc-diagrams-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.4-5) Embedded domain-specific language for declarative vector graphics www
  • libghc-diagrams-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-8) Bullseye:(1.4-7) Backend for rendering diagrams directly to GTK windows; documentation www
  • libghc-diagrams-lib-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.4.3-1) Embedded domain-specific language for declarative graphics; documentation www
  • libghc-diagrams-solve-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.3-1) Bullseye:(0.1.2-1) pure Haskell solver routines used by diagrams; documentation www
  • libghc-diagrams-svg-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.4.3-1) SVG backend for diagrams drawing EDSL; documentation www
  • libghc-dice-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-1) Bullseye:( simplistic D&D style dice-rolling system; documentation www
  • libghc-dice-entropy-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( secure n-sided dice rolls and random sampling; documentation www
  • libghc-diff-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.1-1) Bullseye:(0.4.0-1) O(ND) diff algorithm library; documentation www
  • libghc-digest-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( efficient cryptographic hash implementations bytestrings; documentation www
  • libghc-dimensional-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-1) Bullseye:(1.3-2) statically checked physical dimensions; documentation www
  • libghc-directory-tree-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.1-7) Bullseye:(0.12.1-6) simple directory-like tree datatype, with IO functions; documentation www
  • libghc-disk-free-space-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( retrieve information about disk space usage; documentation www
  • libghc-distributive-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.6.2-1) distributive functors; documentation www
  • libghc-djinn-lib-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Generate Haskell code from a type; documentation www
  • libghc-dlist-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-2) Bullseye:( Haskell library for Differences lists; documentation www
  • libghc-dlist-instances-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( difference lists instances; documentation www
  • libghc-dns-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.1-2) Bullseye:(4.0.1-1) pure Haskell DNS library; documentation www
  • libghc-doclayout-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.3-1) Prettyprinting library for laying out text documents; documentation www
  • libghc-doctemplates-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.8.2-1) Pandoc-style document templates; documentation www
  • libghc-doctest-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18.2-1) Bullseye:(0.16.3-1) test interactive Haskell examples; documentation www
  • libghc-doctest-parallel-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.5-1) Test interactive Haskell examples; documentation www
  • libghc-dotgen-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-2) Bullseye:(0.4.3-1) simple interface for building .dot graph files; documentation www
  • libghc-double-conversion-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast conversion between double precision floating point and text; documentation www
  • libghc-drbg-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.5-8) Bullseye:(0.5.5-7) Cryptographically secure RNGs; documentation www
  • libghc-dual-tree-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Rose trees with cached and accumulating monoidal annotations; documentation www
  • libghc-dynamic-state-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-4) Bullseye:(0.3.1-3) optionally serializable dynamic state keyed by type; documentation www
  • libghc-dyre-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-1) Bullseye:(0.8.12-6) dynamic reconfiguration library; documentation www
  • libghc-easy-file-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-4) Bullseye:(0.2.2-3) Cross-platform file handling; documentation www
  • libghc-echo-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.4-1) Bullseye:(0.1.3-5) Cross-platform library for handling echoing terminal input; documentation www
  • libghc-ed25519-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Ed25519 cryptographic signatures; documentation www
  • libghc-edit-distance-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell fuzzy matching; documentation www
  • libghc-edit-distance-vector-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Calculate edit distances and edit scripts between vectors.; documentation www
  • libghc-either-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.2-1) Bullseye:( Either monad transformer; documentation www
  • libghc-ekg-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( tracking of system metrics; documentation www
  • libghc-email-validate-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( validate an email address string against RFC 5322; documentation www
  • libghc-emojis-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.1-2) Conversion between emoji characters and their names; documentation www
  • libghc-enclosed-exceptions-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-4) Bullseye:(1.0.3-3) catching all exceptions from within an enclosed computation; documentation www
  • libghc-entropy-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( cryptographically-strong entropy; documentation www
  • libghc-enummapset-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( IntMap and IntSet with Enum keys/elements; documentation www
  • libghc-equivalence-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.1-1) Bullseye:(0.3.5-1) maintaining an equivalence relation; documentation www
  • libghc-erf-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( The error function, erf, and related functions; documentation www
  • libghc-errors-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.0-4) Bullseye:(2.3.0-3) simplified error handling; documentation www
  • libghc-esqueleto-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type-safe EDSL for SQL on persistent backends; documentation www
  • libghc-exact-pi-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Exact rational multiples of pi (and integer powers of pi); documentation www
  • libghc-exception-transformers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type classes and monads for unchecked extensible exceptions; documentation www
  • libghc-exceptions-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.5-1) Bullseye:(0.10.4-1) extensible optionally-pure exceptions; documentation www
  • libghc-executable-path-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( determine full path of executable; documentation www
  • libghc-expiring-cache-map-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( general-purpose simple caching; documentation www
  • libghc-extensible-exceptions-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Compatibility layer for exceptions; documentation www
  • libghc-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.12-1) Bullseye:(1.7.4-1) extra functions for base library; documentation www
  • libghc-fail-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Forward-compatible MonadFail class; documentation www
  • libghc-failure-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple type class for success/failure; documentation www
  • libghc-fast-logger-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0.1-1) a fast logging system; documentation www
  • libghc-fastcgi-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3001.0.2.4-1) A Haskell library for writing FastCGI programs; documentation www
  • libghc-fb-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(2.1.1-1) bindings to Facebook API; documentation www
  • libghc-fclabels-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(2.0.5-1) first-class accessor labels; documentation www
  • libghc-fdo-notify-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-12) Bullseye:(0.3.1-11) Haskell desktop notifications; documentation www
  • libghc-feed-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell interface to RSS and Atom feeds; documentation www
  • libghc-fgl-arbitrary-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( QuickCheck support for fgl; documentation
  • libghc-fgl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell graph library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-file-embed-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( direct file embedding library; documentation www
  • libghc-file-location-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( common functions that show file location information; documentation www
  • libghc-filelock-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( portable interface to file locking (flock / LockFileEx); documentation www
  • libghc-filemanip-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( expressive file and directory manipulation for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-filepath-bytestring-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( library for manipulating RawFilePaths; documentation www
  • libghc-filepattern-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.3-1) Bullseye:(0.1.2-1) file path glob-like matching; documentation www
  • libghc-filestore-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.5-2) Bullseye:(0.6.4-2) Haskell interface for versioning file stores; documentation www
  • libghc-filtrable-doc

    Bookworm:( class of filtrable containers for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-fingertree-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Generic finger-tree data structure implementation in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-finite-field-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.0-1) Bullseye:(0.9.0-3) implementation of finite fields for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-first-class-families-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( first class type families for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-fixed-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-2) Bullseye:(0.3-1) signed 15.16 precision fixed point arithmetic; documentation www
  • libghc-flexible-defaults-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-2) Bullseye:(0.0.3-1) generate default function implementations for complex type classes; documentation www
  • libghc-floatinghex-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-1) Bullseye:(0.4-4) read and write hexadecimal floating point numbers; documentation
  • libghc-fmlist-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.4-1) Bullseye:(0.9.3-1) FoldMap lists; documentation www
  • libghc-focuslist-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( lists with a focused element; documentation www
  • libghc-fold-debounce-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fold multiple events that happen in a time period; documentation www
  • libghc-foldl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.12-1) Bullseye:(1.4.6-1) composable, streaming, and efficient left folds; documentation www
  • libghc-formatting-doc

    Bookworm:(7.1.3-1) Bullseye:(6.3.7-2) combinator-based type-safe formatting; documentation www
  • libghc-foundation-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.29-1) Bullseye:(0.0.25-1) alternative prelude with batteries and no dependencies; documentation www
  • libghc-free-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.9-1) Bullseye:(5.1.3-1) Monads for free; documentation www
  • libghc-from-sum-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( canonical fromMaybeM and fromEitherM functions; documentation www
  • libghc-fsnotify-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( file creation/modification/deletion notification; documentation www
  • libghc-gd-doc

    Bookworm:(3000.7.3-14) Bullseye:(3000.7.3-13) bindings to the GD graphics library; documentation www
  • libghc-generic-data-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( deriving instances with GHC.Generics and related utils; documentation www
  • libghc-generic-deriving-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.2-1) Bullseye:(1.13.1-1) generic programming library for generalised deriving; documentation www
  • libghc-generic-lens-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms; documentation www
  • libghc-generic-lens-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( generically derive traversals, lenses and prisms; documentation www
  • libghc-generic-random-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( generic random generators for QuickCheck; documentation www
  • libghc-generic-trie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-6) Bullseye:(0.3.1-5) a map, where the keys may be complex structured data; documentation www
  • libghc-generics-sop-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Generic Programming using True Sums of Products; documentation www
  • libghc-geniplate-mirror-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.8-1) Bullseye:(0.7.7-1) Use Template Haskell to generate Uniplate-like functions.; documentation www
  • libghc-genvalidity-containers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( GenValidity support for containers; documentation www
  • libghc-genvalidity-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( testing utilities for the validity library; documentation www
  • libghc-genvalidity-hspec-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( standard specs for GenValidity instances; documentation www
  • libghc-genvalidity-property-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( standard properties for functions on Validity types; documentation www
  • libghc-getopt-generics-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( create command line interfaces with ease; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-events-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.13.0-1) Library for parsing GHC event log files; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-exactprint-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.4-1) Bullseye:(0.6.2-2) ExactPrint for GHC; documentation
  • libghc-ghc-lib-parser-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( the GHC API, decoupled from GHC versions; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-lib-parser-ex-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( algorithms on GHC parse trees; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-paths-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( knowledge of GHC's installation directories; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-tcplugins-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-1) Utilities for writing GHC type-checker plugins; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-typelits-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-2) Additional type-level operations on GHC.TypeLits.Nat; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-typelits-knownnat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.7-1) Derive KnownNat constraints from other KnownNat constraints; documentation www
  • libghc-ghc-typelits-natnormalise-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.7-1) GHC typechecker plugin for types of kind GHC.TypeLits.Nat; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-atk-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.25-1) Bullseye:(2.0.22-1) ATK bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-cairo-connector-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-1) Bullseye:(0.0.1-3) GI friendly Binding to the Cairo library; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-cairo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.27-1) Bullseye:(1.0.24-1) Cairo bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-cairo-render-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.0.1-4) GI friendly Binding to the Cairo library.; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-dbusmenu-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.11-1) Bullseye:(0.4.8-1) DBusMenu bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-dbusmenugtk3-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.12-1) Bullseye:(0.4.9-1) DBusMenu-GTK3 bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-freetype2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-1) freetype2 bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gdk-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.26-1) Bullseye:(3.0.23-1) GDK bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gdkpixbuf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.29-1) Bullseye:(2.0.24-1) GdkPixbuf bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gdkx11-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.13-1) Bullseye:(3.0.10-1) GDKX11 bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gio-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.30-1) Bullseye:(2.0.27-1) Gio bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.27-1) Bullseye:(2.0.24-1) GLib bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gmodule-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-1) GModule bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gobject-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.28-1) Bullseye:(2.0.24-1) GObject bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.39-1) Bullseye:(3.0.36-1) GTK bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-gtk-hs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.13-1) Bullseye:(0.3.9-1) idiomatic API parts on top of gi-gtk; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-harfbuzz-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.7-1) Bullseye:(0.0.3-3) HarfBuzz bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-pango-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.27-1) Bullseye:(1.0.23-1) Pango bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-vte-doc

    Bookworm:(2.91.30-1) Bullseye:(2.91.27-1) VTE bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gi-xlib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.12-1) Bullseye:(2.0.9-1) Xlib bindings; documentation www
  • libghc-gio-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Binding to the GIO; documentation www
  • libghc-git-lfs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-1) Bullseye:(1.1.0-3) git-lfs protocol for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-githash-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Compile git revision info into Haskell projects; documentation www
  • libghc-github-doc

    Bookworm:(0.27-1) Bullseye:(0.23-1) Haskell Github API; documentation www
  • libghc-gitit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Wiki engine backed by a git or darcs filestore; documentation www
  • libghc-gitrev-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-5) Bullseye:(1.3.1-4) compile git revision info into Haskell projects; documentation www
  • libghc-glib-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Binding to the GLIB library for Gtk2Hs; documentation www
  • libghc-glob-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.2-1) Bullseye:(0.10.1-1) library matching glob patterns against file paths; documentation www
  • libghc-gloss-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Painless 2D vector graphics, animations and simulations.; documentation www
  • libghc-gloss-rendering-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Gloss picture data types and rendering functions.; documentation www
  • libghc-gluraw-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system; documentation www
  • libghc-glut-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell GLUT binding for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-gnutls-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2-6) bindings for GNU TLS; documentation www
  • libghc-graphscc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-7) Bullseye:(1.0.4-6) Tarjan's algorithm for computing the SCCs of a graph; documentation www
  • libghc-graphviz-doc

    Bookworm:(2999.20.1.0-1) Bullseye:(2999.20.0.4-1) bindings to Graphviz for graph visualization; documentation www
  • libghc-groups-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.3-1) Bullseye:( Haskell 98 groups; documentation www
  • libghc-gsasl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.7-2) Bullseye:(0.3.7-1) bindings for GNU SASL; documentation www
  • libghc-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.7-1) Bullseye:(0.15.5-1) Binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library; documentation www
  • libghc-gtk-sni-tray-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( standalone StatusNotifierItem/AppIndicator tray; documentation www
  • libghc-gtk-strut-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( create strut windows with gi-gtk; documentation www
  • libghc-gtk-traymanager-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-5) Bullseye:(1.0.1-4) bindings for eggtraymanager (GTK+); documentation www
  • libghc-gtk2hs-buildtools-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( gtk2hs-buildtools libraries; documentation www
  • libghc-gtk3-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.7-1) Bullseye:(0.15.5-1) binding to the Gtk+ graphical user interface library; documentation www
  • libghc-hackage-security-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Hackage security library; documentation www
  • libghc-haddock-library-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.0-2) Bullseye:(1.8.0-1) library exposing some functionality of Haddock; documentation www
  • libghc-hakyll-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( static website compiler library; documentation www
  • libghc-half-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-1) Bullseye:(0.3-2) half-precision floating-point; documentation www
  • libghc-happstack-authenticate-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.1-1) Bullseye:( Happstack authentication library; documentation www
  • libghc-happstack-hsp-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( support for using HSP templates in Happstack; documentation www
  • libghc-happstack-jmacro-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Support for using JMacro with Happstack; documentation www
  • libghc-happstack-server-doc

    Bookworm:(7.7.2-1) Bullseye:(7.6.1-1) Happstack web framework, HTTP server; documentation www
  • libghc-harp-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell support for regexp based pattern matching; documentation www
  • libghc-hashable-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( class for types that can be converted to a hash value; documentation www
  • libghc-hashable-time-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-1) Bullseye:( Hashable instances for Data.Time; documentation
  • libghc-hashmap-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.3-3) persistent containers Map and Set based on hashing; documentation www
  • libghc-hashtables-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( mutable hash tables -- documentation; documentation www
  • libghc-haskell-gi-base-doc

    Bookworm:(0.26.2-1) Bullseye:(0.24.2-1) Foundation for libraries generated by haskell-gi; documentation www
  • libghc-haskell-gi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.26.1-1) Bullseye:(0.24.4-2) generate Haskell bindings for GI-capable libraries; documentation www
  • libghc-haskell-lexer-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1-2) Bullseye:(1.1-1) Documentation for a fully compliant Haskell 98 lexer; documentation www
  • libghc-haskell-src-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-1) Bullseye:( Haskell module to manipulate Haskell source; documentation www
  • libghc-haxml-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.25.11-1) Bullseye:(1:1.25.5-2) Documentation of HaXml www
  • libghc-haxr-doc

    Bookworm:(3000.11.4.1-2) Bullseye:(3000.11.4.1-1) XML-RPC client and server library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hclip-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( library to read/modify the system clipboard; documentation www
  • libghc-hcwiid-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Library to interface with the wiimote; documentation www
  • libghc-hdbc-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell Database Connectivity, Documentation www
  • libghc-hdbc-odbc-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( unixODBC HDBC (Haskell Database Connectivity) Documentation
  • libghc-hdbc-postgresql-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( PostgreSQL HDBC (Haskell Database Connectivity) documentation www
  • libghc-hdbc-session-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( bracketed connection for HDBC; documentation www
  • libghc-hdbc-sqlite3-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Sqlite v3 HDBC (Haskell Database Connectivity) Documentation www
  • libghc-hdf5-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.10-3) Haskell interface to the HDF5 scientific data storage library.; documentation www
  • libghc-heaps-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4-1) Bullseye:( asymptotically optimal Brodal/Okasaki heaps.; documentation www
  • libghc-hedgehog-classes-doc

    Bookworm:( Hedgehog will eat your typeclass bugs; documentation www
  • libghc-hedgehog-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.0.3-1+rpi1) Hedgehog will eat all your bugs; documentation www
  • libghc-hedis-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.1-1) Bullseye:(0.12.14-1) client library for the Redis datastore; documentation www
  • libghc-heist-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( template system supporting both HTML5 and XML; documentation www
  • libghc-here-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.13-6) Bullseye:(1.2.13-5) Here documents and interpolated strings via quasiquotation; documentation www
  • libghc-heredoc-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( multi-line string / here document using QuasiQuotes; documentation www
  • libghc-heterocephalus-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type-safe template engine for popular front-end tools; documentation www
  • libghc-hex-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-1) Bullseye:(0.1.2-8) convert strings into hexadecimal and back; documentation www
  • libghc-hi-file-parser-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Parser for GHC's hi files; documentation www
  • libghc-hierarchical-clustering-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.7-2) Bullseye:(0.4.7-1) fast algorithms for single, average/UPGMA and complete linkage clustering; documentation www
  • libghc-hindent-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.4-1) Bullseye:(5.3.1-2) Extensible Haskell pretty printer; documentation www
  • libghc-hinotify-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.1-1) Bullseye:(0.4-2) Haskell inotify library; documentation www
  • libghc-hint-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( runtime Haskell interpreter (GHC API wrapper); documentation www
  • libghc-hjsmin-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( JavaScript minifier; documentation www
  • libghc-hledger-doc

    Bookworm:(1.25-2) Bullseye:(1.18.1-1) CLI libraries for hledger; documentation www
  • libghc-hledger-lib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.25-1) Bullseye:(1.18.1-1) core data types, parsers and utilities for hledger; documentation www
  • libghc-hlint-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.6-1) Bullseye:(3.1.6-1) Haskell source code suggestions; documentation www
  • libghc-hmatrix-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.2-1) Bullseye:( Linear algebra in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hmatrix-gsl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( numerical computation; documentation www
  • libghc-hoauth2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.0-1) Bullseye:(1.14.0-1) OAuth2 authentication for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hookup-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7-1) Bullseye:(0.4-2) abstraction over network connections with SOCKS5 and TLS; documentation www
  • libghc-hopenpgp-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.8-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.9.5-1) implementation of OpenPGP (RFC4880); documentation www
  • libghc-hosc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.1-3) Bullseye:(0.17-2) Haskell Open Sound Control; documentation www
  • libghc-hostname-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-16) Bullseye:(1.0-15) providing a cross-platform means of determining the hostname; documentation www
  • libghc-hourglass-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.12-4) Bullseye:(0.2.12-3) simple performant time-related library; documentation www
  • libghc-hpack-doc

    Bookworm:(0.34.7-1) Bullseye:(0.34.2-1) alternative format for Haskell packages; documentation www
  • libghc-hs-bibutils-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell bindings to bibutils library; documentation www
  • libghc-hscolour-doc

    Bookworm:(1.24.4-4) Bullseye:(1.24.4-3) Documentation for libghc-hscolour-dev; documentation www
  • libghc-hsemail-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.1-1) Bullseye:(2.2.0-1) Haskell parser for emails and SMTP conversations; documentation www
  • libghc-hsini-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( user configuration files (INI) parser; documentation
  • libghc-hslogger-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( logging framework for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-aeson-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Allow aeson data types to be used with Lua.; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-classes-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Type classes for HsLua; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Lua bindings for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:( Lua language interpreter embedding in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-marshalling-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Marshalling of values between Haskell and Lua; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-module-path-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Lua module to work with file paths.; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-module-system-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.2.1-2) Lua module wrapper around Haskell's System module; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-module-text-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.2.1-2) Lua module for text; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-module-version-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Lua module to work with version specifiers.; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-objectorientation-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Object orientation tools for HsLua; documentation www
  • libghc-hslua-packaging-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Utilities to build Lua modules.; documentation www
  • libghc-hsopenssl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( partial OpenSSL binding for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hsopenssl-x509-system-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( use system's native CA certificate store with HsOpenSSL; documentation www
  • libghc-hsp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.0-10) Bullseye:(0.10.0-9) Haskell library for dynamic server-side web pages; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-attoparsec-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( utility functions for testing your attoparsec parsers with hspec; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-contrib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-3) Bullseye:(0.5.1-2) contributed functionality for Hspec; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.5-1) Bullseye:(2.7.1-1) testing Framework for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.5-2) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) behavior-driven development for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-expectations-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.2-5) Bullseye:(0.8.2-4) catchy combinators for HUnit; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-hedgehog-doc

    Bookworm:( Integrate Hedgehog and Hspec!; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-smallcheck-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.2-3) Bullseye:(0.5.2-2) SmallCheck support for the Hspec testing framework; documentation www
  • libghc-hspec-wai-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.1-1) Bullseye:(0.10.1-1) hspec support for testing WAI applications; documentation www
  • libghc-hstringtemplate-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.8-2) Bullseye:(0.8.7-5) Haskell port of the Java library StringTemplate; documentation www
  • libghc-hsx-jmacro-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HSP/JMacro integration; documentation www
  • libghc-hsx2hs-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( literal XML syntax in Haskell source code; documentation www
  • libghc-hsyaml-aeson-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( JSON to YAML Adapter; documentation www
  • libghc-hsyaml-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( pure Haskell YAML 1.2 parser - library documentation www
  • libghc-hsyslog-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.2-3) Bullseye:(5.0.2-2) syslog bindings for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-html-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parse HTML documents using xml-conduit datatypes; documentation www
  • libghc-html-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell html library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-http-api-data-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-1) Bullseye:( converting to/from HTTP API data; documentation www
  • libghc-http-client-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HTTP client engine; documentation www
  • libghc-http-client-restricted-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.5-1) Bullseye:(0.0.3-2) restrict the servers that Haskell's http-client will use; documentation www
  • libghc-http-client-tls-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( http-client backend using connection and tls libraries; documentation www
  • libghc-http-common-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( common types for HTTP clients and servers; documentation www
  • libghc-http-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.8-1) Bullseye:( HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support; documentation www
  • libghc-http-date-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.0.8-2) HTTP Date parser/formatter; documentation www
  • libghc-http-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4000.3.16-1) Bullseye:(1:4000.3.14-2) GHC libraries for the Haskell HTTP client library; documentation www
  • libghc-http-download-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Verified downloads with retries; documentation www
  • libghc-http-link-header-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-1) Bullseye:( parser/writer for RFC 5988's HTTP Link header; documentation www
  • libghc-http-media-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( processing HTTP Content-Type and Accept headers; documentation www
  • libghc-http-reverse-proxy-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.6.0-3) reverse-proxy HTTP requests, over raw sockets or with WAI; documentation www
  • libghc-http-streams-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( An HTTP client using io-streams; documentation www
  • libghc-http-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.3-5) Bullseye:(0.12.3-4) Generic HTTP types (for both client and server code); documentation www
  • libghc-http2-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.3-1) Bullseye:(2.0.5-1) HTTP/2.0 library including frames and HPACK; documentation www
  • libghc-hunit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell unit testing framework for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-charproperties-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Character properties and classes for XML and Unicode; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-curl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( LibCurl interface for HXT; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( collection of tools for processing XML with Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-http-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Interface to native Haskell HTTP package HTTP; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-regex-xmlschema-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( W3C XML Schema regular expressions library; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-relaxng-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HXT RelaxNG validator; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-tagsoup-doc

    Bookworm:(9.1.4-7) Bullseye:(9.1.4-6) TagSoup parser for HXT; documentation www
  • libghc-hxt-unicode-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Unicode en-/decoding functions; documentation www
  • libghc-iconv-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( string-encoding conversion; documentation www
  • libghc-idna-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-12+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.3.0-11) Implements IDNA (RFC 3490); documentation www
  • libghc-ieee754-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-5) Bullseye:(0.8.0-4) Utilities for dealing with IEEE floating point numbers; documentation www
  • libghc-ifelse-doc

    Bookworm:(0.85-17) Bullseye:(0.85-16) anaphoric and miscellaneous useful control-flow; documentation www
  • libghc-incremental-parser-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( generic incremental parsers; documentation www
  • libghc-indexed-profunctors-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-1) Bullseye:(0.1-2) Utilities for indexed profunctors; documentation www
  • libghc-indexed-traversable-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-2) Indexed Traversables for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-indexed-traversable-instances-doc

    Bookworm:( Extra instances for indexed traversables in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-infer-license-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-4) Bullseye:(0.2.0-3) infer software license from a given license file; documentation
  • libghc-ini-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-1) Bullseye:(0.4.1-1) quick and easy configuration files in the INI format; documentation www
  • libghc-input-parsers-doc

    Bookworm:( Extension of the parsers library; documentation www
  • libghc-inspection-testing-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( GHC plugin to do inspection testing; documentation www
  • libghc-integer-logarithms-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.0.3-3) integer logarithms; documentation www
  • libghc-intern-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.4-2) Bullseye:(0.9.3-1) hash consing for data types - library documentation www
  • libghc-interpolate-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-2) Bullseye:(0.2.1-1) string interpolation done right; documentation www
  • libghc-intervals-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-1) Bullseye:(0.9.1-1) Haskell data type for intervals; documentation www
  • libghc-invariant-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.6-1) Bullseye:(0.5.3-2) Haskell98 invariant functors; documentation www
  • libghc-io-storage-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-15) Bullseye:(0.3-14) key-value store in the IO monad; documentation www
  • libghc-io-streams-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple, composable, and easy-to-use stream I/O; documentation www
  • libghc-io-streams-haproxy-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HAProxy protocol 1.5 support for io-streams; documentation www
  • libghc-iospec-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Pure specification of the IO monad; documentation www
  • libghc-iproute-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.12-1) Bullseye:(1.7.9-1) Haskell IP routing table; documentation www
  • libghc-ipynb-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-1) Bullseye:( Data structure for working with Jupyter notebooks (ipynb).; documentation www
  • libghc-irc-core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11-1) Bullseye:(2.8-1) IRC connection library; documentation www
  • libghc-irc-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell IRC library; documentation www
  • libghc-ircbot-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.6.6-1) library for writing IRC bots; documentation www
  • libghc-iso8601-time-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.5-4) Bullseye:(0.1.5-3) convert to/from the ISO 8601 time format; documentation www
  • libghc-iwlib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.1.0-4) binding to the iw library; documentation www
  • libghc-ixset-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell implementation of queryable sets - documentation; documentation www
  • libghc-ixset-typed-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.5-1) efficient relational queries on Haskell sets; documentation www
  • libghc-jira-wiki-markup-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-1) Bullseye:(1.1.4-1) Handle Jira wiki markup; documentation www
  • libghc-jmacro-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.6.17-1) library for programmatic generation of JavaScript; documentation www
  • libghc-js-dgtable-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.2-3) Bullseye:(0.5.2-2) obtain minified jquery.dgtable code; documentation www
  • libghc-js-flot-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-10) Bullseye:(0.8.3-9) bundles the jQuery Flot code into a Haskell package; documentation www
  • libghc-js-jquery-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.1-4) Bullseye:(3.3.1-3) bundles the minified jQuery code into a Haskell package; documentation www
  • libghc-json-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10-2) Bullseye:(0.10-1) Haskell library for serialising data to and from JSON; documentation www
  • libghc-juicypixels-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.7-1) Bullseye:(3.3.5-1) Haskell picture loading and serialization library; documentation www
  • libghc-jwt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-1) Bullseye:(0.10.0-1) JSON Web Token (JWT) decoding and encoding; documentation www
  • libghc-kan-extensions-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.5-1) Bullseye:(5.2-3) Kan extensions, Kan lifts, etc.; documentation www
  • libghc-keys-doc

    Bookworm:(3.12.3-2) Bullseye:(3.12.3-1) Keyed functors and containers; documentation www
  • libghc-knob-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.1.1-13) Haskell library for memory-backed handles; documentation www
  • libghc-kvitable-doc

    Bookworm:( Key/Value Indexed Table container and formatting library; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-core-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:( Lambdabot core functionality; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-irc-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:(5.3-1) IRC plugins for lambdabot; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-misc-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:(5.3-1) Lambdabot miscellaneous plugins; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-novelty-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:(5.3-1) novelty plugins for Lambdabot; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-reference-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:(5.3-1) Lambdabot reference plugins; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-social-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:(5.3-1) social plugins for Lambdabot; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdabot-trusted-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.1-1) Bullseye:(5.3-1) Lambdabot trusted code; documentation www
  • libghc-lambdahack-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( tactical squad ASCII roguelike dungeon crawler game engine; documentation www
  • libghc-language-c-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-1) Bullseye:(0.8.3-1) Haskell library for the analysis and generation of C code; documentation www
  • libghc-language-c99-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-1) Impl. of C99 AST that strictly follows the standard; documentation www
  • libghc-language-c99-simple-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-1) C-like AST to simplify writing C99 programs.; documentation www
  • libghc-language-c99-util-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-1) Utilities for language-c99.; documentation www
  • libghc-language-glsl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-2) GLSL abstract syntax tree, parser, and pretty-printer; documentation www
  • libghc-language-javascript-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( JavaScript parser; documentation www
  • libghc-language-python-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.8-2) Bullseye:(0.5.8-1) parsing and pretty printing of Python code; documentation www
  • libghc-lazy-csv-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-5) Bullseye:(0.5.1-4) efficient lazy parsers for CSV (comma-separated values); documentation www
  • libghc-lazysmallcheck-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-13) Bullseye:(0.6-12) A library for demand-driven testing of Haskell programs; documentation www
  • libghc-ldap-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.11-6) Bullseye:(0.6.11-4) LDAP Interface for Haskell www
  • libghc-lens-action-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.6-1) Bullseye:(0.2.4-1) Monadic Getters and Folds; documentation www
  • libghc-lens-aeson-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.3-1) Bullseye:(1.1-1) law-abiding lenses for aeson; documentation www
  • libghc-lens-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-2) Bullseye:(4.18.1-1) Lenses, Folds and Traversals; documentation www
  • libghc-lens-family-core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) Haskell 98 Lens Families; documentation
  • libghc-libbf-doc

    Bookworm:( Binding to the libBF library; documentation www
  • libghc-libffi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1-2) A binding to libffi; documentation www
  • libghc-libmpd-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( MPD client library; documentation www
  • libghc-libxml-sax-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.5-12) Bullseye:(0.7.5-11) bindings for libXML2 SAX; documentation www
  • libghc-libyaml-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-2) Bullseye:(0.1.2-1) low-level, streaming YAML interface.; documentation www
  • libghc-lift-type-doc

    Bookworm:( Lift a type from a Typeable constraint to a Template Haskell type; documentation www
  • libghc-lifted-async-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( operations from async lifted to MonadBase; documentation www
  • libghc-lifted-base-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Lifted IO operations from the base library; documentation www
  • libghc-linear-doc

    Bookworm:(1.21.10-1) Bullseye:(1.21.1-1) Linear Algebra; documentation www
  • libghc-list-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-1) list monad transformer and class; documentation www
  • libghc-listlike-doc

    Bookworm:(4.7.7-1) Bullseye:(4.7.1-1) Generic support for list-like structures; documentation www
  • libghc-load-env-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( load environment variables from a file; documentation www
  • libghc-log-domain-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.2-1) Bullseye:(0.13-1) log-domain arithmetic; documentation www
  • libghc-logging-facade-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-1) Bullseye:(0.3.0-4) simple logging abstraction that allows multiple backends; documentation www
  • libghc-logict-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Backtracking logic-programming monad; documentation www
  • libghc-lpeg-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-2) LPeg – Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua; documentation www
  • libghc-lrucache-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple, pure least-recent-used cache; documentation www
  • libghc-lua-arbitrary-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-2) Arbitrary instances for Lua types; documentation www
  • libghc-lua-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0+ds1-2) Lua bindings for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-lucid-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.1-1) Bullseye:(2.9.12-1) clear to write, read, and edit DSL for HTML; documentation www
  • libghc-lucid-svg-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-2) Bullseye:(0.7.1-1) DSL for SVG using lucid for HTML; documentation www
  • libghc-lukko-doc

    Bookworm:( file locking; documentation
  • libghc-lumberjack-doc

    Bookworm:( Trek through your code forest and make logs; documentation www
  • libghc-lzma-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( LZMA/XZ compression and decompression; documentation www
  • libghc-magic-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1-10) Bullseye:(1.1-9) File type determination library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-managed-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.9-1) Bullseye:(1.0.7-2) monad for managed values; documentation
  • libghc-map-syntax-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-7) Bullseye:(0.3-6) syntax sugar for defining maps; documentation www
  • libghc-markdown-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( convert Markdown to HTML, with XSS protection; documentation www
  • libghc-markdown-unlit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5.0-3) Literate Haskell support for Markdown; documentation www
  • libghc-math-functions-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Special functions and Chebyshev polynomials; documentation www
  • libghc-mbox-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4-6) Bullseye:(0.3.4-5) mbox reader/writer library; documentation www
  • libghc-megaparsec-doc

    Bookworm:(9.2.2-1) Bullseye:(8.0.0-3) monadic parser combinators; documentation www
  • libghc-memoize-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.8.1-6) Memoization for haskell functions; documentation www
  • libghc-memory-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16.0-1) Bullseye:(0.15.0-1) memory and related abstraction stuff; documentation www
  • libghc-memotrie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.10-2) Bullseye:(0.6.10-1) trie-based memo functions; documentation www
  • libghc-mersenne-random-pure64-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fast pure pseudorandom number generator; documentation www
  • libghc-microlens-aeson-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-1) Bullseye:(2.3.1-1) Law-abiding lenses for Aeson, using microlens; documentation www
  • libghc-microlens-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( a tiny part of the lens library with no dependencies; documentation www
  • libghc-microlens-ghc-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.4.12-1) microlens + array, bytestring, containers, transformers; documentation www
  • libghc-microlens-mtl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( microlens support for Reader/Writer/State from mtl; documentation www
  • libghc-microlens-platform-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.4.1-1) feature-complete microlens; documentation www
  • libghc-microlens-th-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Automatic generation of record lenses for microlens; documentation www
  • libghc-microspec-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( tiny QuickCheck test library with minimal dependencies; documentation
  • libghc-microstache-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( alternative Mustache templates; documentation www
  • libghc-mime-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( working with MIME types; documentation www
  • libghc-mime-mail-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5.0-1) Library to compose MIME email messages; documentation www
  • libghc-mime-mail-ses-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-1) Bullseye:(0.4.1-4) send mime-mail messages via Amazon SES; documentation www
  • libghc-mime-types-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( mime-type handling types and functions; documentation; documentation www
  • libghc-minimorph-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( English-spelling functions with an emphasis on simplicity; documentation www
  • libghc-miniutter-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple English clause creation from arbitrary words; documentation www
  • libghc-misfortune-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fortune-mod clone; documentation www
  • libghc-missingh-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Documentation for Haskell utility library www
  • libghc-mmap-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.9-9) Bullseye:(0.5.9-8) Memory mapped files for POSIX and Windows; documentation www
  • libghc-mmorph-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.5-1) Bullseye:(1.1.3-2) monad morphisms; documentation www
  • libghc-mockery-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.5-5) Bullseye:(0.3.5-4) support functions for automated testing; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-chronicle-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) Bullseye:( These as a transformer, ChronicleT; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-control-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Monad transformers to lift control operations; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-gen-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( simple monad for generating fresh integers - library documentation www
  • libghc-monad-journal-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-5) Bullseye:(0.8.1-4) pure logger typeclass and monad transformer; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-logger-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.37-1) Bullseye:(0.3.34-1) a class of monads which can log messages; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-loops-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-9) Bullseye:(0.4.3-8) monadic looping; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-memo-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.4-1) Bullseye:(0.5.1-1) memoization monad transformer; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-par-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.5-2) Bullseye:(0.3.5-1) parallel programming based on a monad; documentation www
  • libghc-monad-par-extras-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-12) Bullseye:(0.3.3-11) Combinators and extra features for Par monads; documentation www
  • libghc-monadcryptorandom-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( monad for using CryptoRandomGen; documentation www
  • libghc-monadlib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.10.1-1) Bullseye:(3.10-1) collection of monad transformers; documentation www
  • libghc-monadlist-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-5) Bullseye:(0.0.2-4) Monadic versions of list functions; documentation www
  • libghc-monadplus-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.2-6) Haskell98 partial maps and filters over MonadPlus; documentation www
  • libghc-monadprompt-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( MonadPrompt, implementation & examples; documentation www
  • libghc-monadrandom-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.3-1) Bullseye:(0.5.2-1) random-number generation monad; documentation www
  • libghc-monads-tf-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( monad classes, using type families; documentation www
  • libghc-mono-traversable-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( typeclasses for mapping/folding/traversing monomorphic containers; documentation www
  • libghc-mono-traversable-instances-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( extra typeclass instances for mono-traversable; documentation www
  • libghc-monoid-extras-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5.1-1) Various extra monoid-related definitions and utilities; documentation www
  • libghc-monoid-subclasses-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.3-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-1) subclasses of Monoid; documentation www
  • libghc-mountpoints-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-7) Bullseye:(1.0.2-6) list mount points; documentation www
  • libghc-mtlparse-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Parser combinators for monad transformation; documentation www
  • libghc-mueval-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.3-6) Bullseye:(0.9.3-5) safely evaluate pure Haskell expressions; documentation www
  • libghc-multimap-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-4) Bullseye:(1.2.1-3) maps with multiple values per key; documentation www
  • libghc-multipart-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-1) Bullseye:(0.2.0-1) HTTP multipart support; documentation www
  • libghc-multiset-comb-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( combinatorial algorithms over multisets; documentation
  • libghc-multistate-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( equivalent of multiple RWST in the same stack; documentation www
  • libghc-murmur-hash-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( MurmurHash2 implementation for Haskell.; documentation www
  • libghc-musicbrainz-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.1-3) Bullseye:(0.4.1-2) interface to MusicBrainz XML2/JSON web services; documentation www
  • libghc-mustache-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-1) Bullseye:(2.3.1-1) Haskell implementation of Mustache templates; documentation www
  • libghc-mutable-containers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.3.4-3) abstactions and concrete implementations of mutable containers; documentation www
  • libghc-mwc-random-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fast, high quality pseudo random number generation; documentation www
  • libghc-names-th-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Manipulate name strings for TH; documentation www
  • libghc-nanospec-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-4) Bullseye:(0.2.2-3) lightweight implementation of a subset of Hspec's API; documentation www
  • libghc-nats-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1-1) Haskell 98 natural numbers; documentation www
  • libghc-natural-transformation-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4-7) Bullseye:(0.4-6) natural transformations; documentation www
  • libghc-neat-interpolation-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( quasiquoter for simple multiline text interpolation; documentation www
  • libghc-nettle-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-5) Bullseye:(0.3.0-4) safe bindings to nettle crypto library; documentation www
  • libghc-netwire-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.3-4) Bullseye:(5.0.3-3) flexible wire arrows for FRP; documentation www
  • libghc-network-bsd-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( POSIX network database netdb.h API; documentation www
  • libghc-network-byte-order-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.6-1) Bullseye:(0.1.5-1) network byte-order utility functions; documentation
  • libghc-network-conduit-tls-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.2-5) Bullseye:(1.3.2-4) create TLS-aware network code with conduits; documentation www
  • libghc-network-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell low-level network library; documentation www
  • libghc-network-info-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-1) Bullseye:( listing network interfaces in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-network-multicast-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-2) Bullseye:(0.3.2-1) Haskell multicast networking; documentation www
  • libghc-network-run-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-2) Simple network runner library; documentation www
  • libghc-network-uri-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( URI manipulation; documentation www
  • libghc-newtype-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( A typeclass for working with newtypes; documentation www
  • libghc-newtype-generics-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-1) Bullseye:(0.5.4-1) Typeclass and set of functions for working with newtypes; documentation www
  • libghc-nonce-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.7-5) Bullseye:(1.0.7-4) generate cryptographic nonces; documentation www
  • libghc-numbers-doc

    Bookworm:(3000.2.0.2-4) Bullseye:(3000.2.0.2-3) Various number types; documentation www
  • libghc-numeric-extras-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1-7) Bullseye:(0.1-6) Useful tools from the C standard library; documentation www
  • libghc-numinstances-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-10) Bullseye:(1.4-9) Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples; documentation www
  • libghc-numtype-dk-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type-level integers without fundeps; documentation www
  • libghc-numtype-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-7) Bullseye:(1.2-6) type-level (low cardinality) integers; documentation www
  • libghc-objectname-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Explicitly handled object names; documentation www
  • libghc-oeis-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.10-2) Bullseye:(0.3.10-1) Interface to the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences; documentation www
  • libghc-ofx-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parser for Open Financial Exchange (OFX) financial data; documentation www
  • libghc-old-locale-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( locale library; documentation www
  • libghc-old-time-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( time library; documentation www
  • libghc-onetuple-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-1) Bullseye:( singleton tuple; documentation
  • libghc-only-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1-4) Bullseye:(0.1-3) 1-tuple type or single-value "collection"; documentation
  • libghc-oo-prototypes-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Support for OO-like prototypes; documentation www
  • libghc-open-browser-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( open a web browser from Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-opengl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell OpenGL binding for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-openglraw-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system; documentation www
  • libghc-openpgp-asciiarmor-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-3) Bullseye:(0.1.2-2) OpenPGP (RFC4880) ASCII Armor codec; documentation www
  • libghc-openssl-streams-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( OpenSSL network support for io-streams; documentation www
  • libghc-operational-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( implementation of difficult monads made easy with operational semantics; documentation www
  • libghc-optional-args-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-3) Bullseye:(1.0.2-2) optional function arguments; documentation
  • libghc-options-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell library for parsing command-line options; documentation www
  • libghc-optparse-applicative-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( utilities and combinators for parsing command-line options; documentation www
  • libghc-optparse-simple-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple interface to optparse-applicative; documentation www
  • libghc-ordered-containers-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-3) Bullseye:(0.2.2-2) Ordered Containers for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-ormolu-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( formatter for Haskell source code; documentation www
  • libghc-pandoc-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( general markup converter - library documentation www
  • libghc-pandoc-lua-marshal-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-1) Use pandoc types in Lua; documentation www
  • libghc-pandoc-sidenote-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.20.0-1) footnotes-to-sidenotes converter for Pandoc - library documentation www
  • libghc-pandoc-types-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.20-1) Haskell data types to represent structured documents; documentation www
  • libghc-pango-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Binding to the Pango text rendering engine; documentation www
  • libghc-panic-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( convenient way to panic; documentation
  • libghc-pantry-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.7-1) Bullseye:( Content addressable Haskell package management; documentation www
  • libghc-parallel-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell parallel programming library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-parallel-tree-search-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-2) Bullseye:(0.4.2-1) Parallel Tree Search; documentation www
  • libghc-parameterized-utils-doc

    Bookworm:( Classes/data structures for data-kind indexed types; documentation www
  • libghc-parseargs-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Command-line argument parsing library; documentation www
  • libghc-parsec-numbers-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-4) Bullseye:(0.1.0-3) utilities for parsing numbers from strings; documentation www
  • libghc-parser-combinators-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-1) Bullseye:(1.2.1-1) commonly useful parser combinators; documentation www
  • libghc-parsers-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.11-1) Bullseye:(0.12.10-2) parsing combinators; documentation www
  • libghc-path-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-1) Bullseye:(0.7.0-3) normalizing well-typed path type; documentation www
  • libghc-path-io-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-1) Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) Interface to ‘directory’ package for users of ‘path’; documentation www
  • libghc-path-pieces-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-9) Bullseye:(0.2.1-8) components of paths; documentation www
  • libghc-patience-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-2) Bullseye:(0.3-1) Haskell implementation of the Patience Diff algorithm; documentation www
  • libghc-pcap-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell wrapper around the C libpcap library; documentation www
  • libghc-pcre-light-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( library documentation for pcre-light; documentation www
  • libghc-pem-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-4) Bullseye:(0.2.4-3) Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM) format reader and writer; documentation www
  • libghc-persistent-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence; documentation www
  • libghc-persistent-postgresql-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( backend for the persistent library using PostgreSQL; documentation www
  • libghc-persistent-sqlite-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( SQLite3 backend for the persistent library; documentation www
  • libghc-persistent-template-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( type-safe, non-relational, multi-backend persistence; documentation www
  • libghc-pid1-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( signal handling and orphan reaping for Unix PID1 init processes; documentation www
  • libghc-pipes-attoparsec-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Attoparsec-Pipes integration; documentation www
  • libghc-pipes-bytestring-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.7-1) Bullseye:(2.1.6-4) ByteString support for pipes; documentation www
  • libghc-pipes-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.16-1) Bullseye:(4.3.14-1) compositional pipelines; documentation www
  • libghc-pipes-group-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.12-3) Bullseye:(1.0.12-2) group streams into substreams; documentation www
  • libghc-pipes-parse-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.9-1) Bullseye:(3.0.8-4) parsing infrastructure for the pipes ecosystem; documentation www
  • libghc-pipes-safe-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.4-1) Bullseye:(2.3.2-1) safety for the pipes ecosystem; documentation www
  • libghc-pointed-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.4-1) Bullseye:(5.0.1-6) pointed and copointed data; documentation www
  • libghc-pointedlist-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-10) Bullseye:(0.6.1-9) zipper-like comonad which works as a list, tracking a position.; documentation www
  • libghc-polyparse-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13-2) Bullseye:(1.13-1) alternative parser combinator libraries for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-posix-pty-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-2) Bullseye:(0.2.2-1) interact with pseudoterminals using subprocesses; documentation www
  • libghc-postgresql-libpq-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( low-level binding to libpq; documentation www
  • libghc-postgresql-simple-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.4-1) Bullseye:(0.6.2-3) mid-level PostgreSQL client library; documentation www
  • libghc-pqueue-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( reliable, persistent, fast priority queues.; documentation www
  • libghc-prelude-extras-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( higher-order versions of Prelude classes; documentation www
  • libghc-presburger-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-9) Bullseye:(1.3.1-8) decision procedure for quantifier-free linear arithmetic; documentation www
  • libghc-pretty-show-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10-2) Bullseye:(1.10-1) Documentation for Haskell pretty printing library; documentation www
  • libghc-pretty-simple-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( pretty printer for data types with a 'Show' instance; documentation www
  • libghc-prettyclass-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Pretty printing class similar to Show.; documentation www
  • libghc-prettyprinter-ansi-terminal-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.3-1) Bullseye:(1.1.2-1) ANSI terminal backend for prettyprinter; documentation www
  • libghc-prettyprinter-convert-ansi-wl-pprint-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-1) Bullseye:(1.1.1-1) convert documents between ansi-wl-pprint and prettyprinter; documentation www
  • libghc-prettyprinter-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.1-1) Bullseye:(1.6.2-1) modern, easy-to-use, extensible prettyprinter; documentation www
  • libghc-prim-uniq-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-2) Bullseye:(0.2-1) opaque unique identifiers in primitive state monads; documentation www
  • libghc-primes-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( efficient, purely functional generation of prime numbers; documentation www
  • libghc-primitive-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Wrappers for primitive operations; documentation www
  • libghc-primitive-unaligned-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( unaligned access to primitive arrays; documentation www
  • libghc-process-extras-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.4-5) Bullseye:(0.7.4-4) Extra functionality for the Process library; documentation www
  • libghc-profunctors-doc

    Bookworm:(5.6.2-1) Bullseye:(5.5.2-1) Haskell 98 Profunctors; documentation www
  • libghc-project-template-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( specify Haskell project templates and generate files; documentation www
  • libghc-propellor-doc

    Bookworm:(5.13-3) Bullseye:(5.12-1) property-based host configuration management in haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-protobuf-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Google Protocol Buffers for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-psqueue-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-1) Bullseye:( Priority Search Queue; documentation www
  • libghc-psqueues-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Pure priority search queues; documentation www
  • libghc-publicsuffixlist-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1-14) Bullseye:(0.1-13) routines for testing whether something is a "public suffix"; documentation www
  • libghc-punycode-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0-13) Bullseye:(2.0-12) Encode unicode strings to ascii forms according to RFC 3492; documentation www
  • libghc-puremd5-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.4-1) Bullseye:(2.1.3-6) implementation of the MD5 digest (hash) algorithm; documentation www
  • libghc-pwstore-fast-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.4-11) Bullseye:(2.4.4-10) secure password storage; documentation www
  • libghc-qrencode-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-12) Bullseye:(1.0.4-11) Haskell bindings for libqrencode; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-classes-base-doc

    Bookworm:( QuickCheck common typeclasses from `base`; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-instances-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.28-1) Bullseye:(0.3.23-1) common QuickCheck instances; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-io-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-5) Bullseye:(0.2.0-4) use HUnit assertions as QuickCheck properties; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-safe-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Safe reimplementation of QuickCheck's core; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-simple-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Test properties and default-mains for QuickCheck; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-text-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( alternative arbitrary instance for Text; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck-unicode-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Generator and shrink functions for testing Unicode-related software.; documentation www
  • libghc-quickcheck2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.2-1) Bullseye:(2.13.2-1) Haskell automatic testing library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-raaz-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-2.1) Bullseye:(0.2.1-2) cryptographic networking library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-random-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.1-12) random number generator for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-random-fu-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( random number generation; documentation www
  • libghc-random-shuffle-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.4-12) Bullseye:(0.0.4-11) random shuffle library; documentation www
  • libghc-random-source-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( generic basis for random number generators; documentation www
  • libghc-rank2classes-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.4-1) Bullseye:( rank-2-type standard type constructor class hierarchy; documentation www
  • libghc-rate-limit-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.2-2) Bullseye:(1.4.2-1) rate-limiting IO actions; documentation www
  • libghc-raw-strings-qq-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1-4) Bullseye:(1.1-3) Raw string literals for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-reactive-banana-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Library for functional reactive programming (FRP); documentation www
  • libghc-readable-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-8) Bullseye:(0.3.1-7) reading from Text and ByteString; documentation www
  • libghc-readargs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.3-6) Bullseye:(1.2.3-5) simple command-line argument parsing; documentation www
  • libghc-readline-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell bindings to GNU readline library; documentation www
  • libghc-recaptcha-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell interface to reCAPTCHA service; documentation www
  • libghc-recursion-schemes-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(5.1.3-2) generalized bananas, lenses and barbed wire; documentation www
  • libghc-reducers-doc

    Bookworm:(3.12.4-1) Bullseye:(3.12.3-3) semigroup-based containers and reductions; documentation www
  • libghc-refact-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( specify refactorings to perform with apply-refact; documentation www
  • libghc-reflection-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.6-2) Bullseye:(2.1.6-1) reifies arbitrary terms into types that can be reflected; documentation www
  • libghc-reform-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HTML form generation and validation library; documentation www
  • libghc-reform-happstack-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Happstack support for reform; documentation www
  • libghc-reform-hsp-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( support for using HSP with Reform; documentation www
  • libghc-regex-applicative-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4-1) Bullseye:( regex-based parsing with applicative interface; documentation www
  • libghc-regex-applicative-text-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( regex-applicative on Text; documentation www
  • libghc-regex-base-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( GHC library providing an API for regular expressions; documentation www
  • libghc-regex-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( API documentation for regex-compat Haskell library www
  • libghc-regex-pcre-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Perl-compatible regular expressions; documentation www
  • libghc-regex-posix-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( API documentation for regex-posix Haskell library www
  • libghc-regex-tdfa-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.2-1) Bullseye:( Haskell library for a tagged DFA regex engine; documentation www
  • libghc-regexpr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.4-16) Bullseye:(0.5.4-15) Regular expression library like Perl/Ruby; documentation www
  • libghc-reinterpret-cast-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-3) Bullseye:(0.1.0-2) Memory reinterpretation casts for Float/Double/Word32/Word64; documentation www
  • libghc-repa-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Regular parallel arrays for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-repline-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskeline wrapper for GHCi-like REPL interfaces.; documentation www
  • libghc-resolv-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Domain Name Service (DNS) lookup via libresolv; documentation www
  • libghc-resource-pool-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( high-performance striped resource-pooling implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-resourcet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.6-1) Bullseye:( deterministic allocation and freeing of scarce resources; documentation www
  • libghc-retry-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Retry combinators for monadic actions that may fail; documentation www
  • libghc-rfc5051-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-2) simple unicode collation as per RFC5051; documentation
  • libghc-rio-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( standard library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-rio-orphans-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Orphan instances for the RIO type in the rio package; documentation www
  • libghc-rio-prettyprint-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Pretty-printing for RIO; documentation www
  • libghc-rsa-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-2) Bullseye:(2.4.1-1) implementation of RSA, using padding schemes of PKCS#1 v2.1.; documentation www
  • libghc-rvar-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( random variables; documentation www
  • libghc-safe-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.19-2) Bullseye:(0.3.19-1) Documentation for safe library for (pattern match free) functions; documentation www
  • libghc-safe-exceptions-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( safe, consistent, and easy exception handling; documentation www
  • libghc-safecopy-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.10.3-1) Haskell serialization library with version control - documentation; documentation www
  • libghc-safesemaphore-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.1-12) Bullseye:(0.10.1-11) exception safe alternatives to QSem, QSemN, and SampleVar - documentation; documentation www
  • libghc-sandi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-4) Bullseye:(0.5-3) Haskell library of data encoders and decoders; documentation www
  • libghc-say-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( send textual messages to a Handle in a thread-friendly way; documentation www
  • libghc-sbv-doc

    Bookworm:(8.17-1) Bullseye:(8.7-1) symbolic Haskell theorem prover using SMT solving; documentation www
  • libghc-scanner-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-2) Bullseye:(0.3.1-1) fast incremental combinator parsing for bytestrings; documentation www
  • libghc-scientific-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( scientific notation for floating-point numbers; documentation www
  • libghc-scotty-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12-2) Bullseye:(0.11.6+dfsg-1) Haskell web framework inspired by Ruby's Sinatra; documentation www
  • libghc-sdl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell SDL binding for GHC - documentation www
  • libghc-sdl-gfx-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell SDL gfx binding for GHC - documentation www
  • libghc-sdl-image-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell SDL Image binding for GHC - documentation www
  • libghc-sdl-mixer-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell SDL Mixer binding for GHC - documentation www
  • libghc-sdl-ttf-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell SDL TTF binding for GHC - documentation www
  • libghc-sdl2-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( high- and low-level bindings to the SDL 2 library; documentation
  • libghc-sdl2-ttf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.3-1) Bullseye:(2.1.1-1) bindings to SDL2_ttf; documentation www
  • libghc-secret-sharing-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( (m, n)-threshold secret sharing scheme; documentation www
  • libghc-securemem-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.10-4) Bullseye:(0.1.10-3) auto-scrubbing and const-time-eq memory chunk abstraction; documentation www
  • libghc-selective-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-1) Bullseye:( selective applicative functors; documentation www
  • libghc-semialign-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Align and Zip type-classes from the common Semialign ancestor; documentation www
  • libghc-semigroupoids-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.7-1) Bullseye:(5.3.4-1) Haskell 98 semigroupoids: Category sans id; documentation www
  • libghc-semigroups-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.2-1) Bullseye:(0.19.1-2) Haskell98 semigroups; documentation www
  • libghc-semirings-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-2) two monoids as one, in holy haskimony; documentation www
  • libghc-sendfile-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell portable sendfile library; documentation www
  • libghc-servant-client-core-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19-1) Bullseye:(0.16-2) Core functionality and class for client function generation for servant APIs; documentation www
  • libghc-servant-client-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19-1) Bullseye:( library for writing clients for servant webservices; documentation www
  • libghc-servant-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19-1) Bullseye:(0.16.2-2) family of combinators for defining webservices APIs; documentation www
  • libghc-servant-server-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.1-1) Bullseye:(0.16.2-2) combinators for defining webservices APIs and serving them; documentation www
  • libghc-set-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-5) Bullseye:(1.4.1-4) utility functions for working with sets; documentation www
  • libghc-setenv-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Cross-platform library for setting environment variables; documentation www
  • libghc-setlocale-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell bindings to setlocale; documentation www
  • libghc-sha-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell SHA suite of message digest functions; documentation www
  • libghc-shake-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.7-1) Bullseye:(0.19.1-2) Haskell library for writing build systems; documentation www
  • libghc-shakespeare-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.30-1) Bullseye:( toolkit for making compile-time interpolated templates; documentation www
  • libghc-shell-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-1) Bullseye:(4.7.0-4) write shell scripts with Conduit; documentation www
  • libghc-shelly-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.0-1) Bullseye:(1.9.0-1) shell-like (systems) programming in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-should-not-typecheck-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-7) Bullseye:(2.1.0-6) verify that an expression does not typecheck; documentation www
  • libghc-show-combinators-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( combinators to write Show instances; documentation www
  • libghc-show-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-11) Bullseye:(0.6-10) Show instances for lambdabot; documentation www
  • libghc-silently-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( prevent or capture writing to stdout and other handles; documentation www
  • libghc-simple-reflect-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-4) Bullseye:(0.3.3-3) simple reflection of expressions containing variables; documentation www
  • libghc-simple-sendfile-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.30-2) Bullseye:(0.2.30-1) Cross platform library for the sendfile system call; documentation www
  • libghc-simple-smt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.7-1) Bullseye:(0.9.5-1) A simple way to interact with an SMT solver process.; documentation www
  • libghc-singleton-bool-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.6-1) Bullseye:(0.1.5-2) type-level booleans; documentation www
  • libghc-singletons-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.2-1) Bullseye:(2.6-1) Haskell framework for generating singleton types; documentation www
  • libghc-skein-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( family of cryptographic hash functions; documentation www
  • libghc-skylighting-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.8.5-1) syntax highlighting library; documentation www
  • libghc-skylighting-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.8.5-1) syntax highlighting library; documentation www
  • libghc-smallcheck-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-1) Bullseye:(1.1.7-1) Another lightweight testing library; documentation www
  • libghc-smtlib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1-2) Bullseye:(1.1-1) A library for working with the SMTLIB format.; documentation
  • libghc-smtp-mail-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Simple email sending via SMTP; documentation www
  • libghc-snap-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Snap: A Haskell Web Framework (Core); documentation www
  • libghc-snap-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Snap Web Framework; documentation www
  • libghc-snap-server-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( iteratee-based, epoll-enabled web server for the Snap Framework; documentation www
  • libghc-soap-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( SOAP client library; documentation www
  • libghc-soap-tls-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( TLS-enabled SOAP transport (using tls package); documentation www
  • libghc-sockaddr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.1-1) Bullseye:(0.0.0-11) printing SockAddr value; documentation www
  • libghc-socks-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-2) Bullseye:(0.6.1-1) SOCKS proxy library; documentation www
  • libghc-some-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) existential type: Some; documentation www
  • libghc-sop-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( true sums of products; documentation
  • libghc-split-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell library for splitting lists; documentation www
  • libghc-splitmix-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.0.5-1) fast splittable PRNG; documentation
  • libghc-spool-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1-3) Bullseye:(0.1-2) copyless conversion between ByteString and Vector.Storable; documentation
  • libghc-sql-words-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( SQL keywords data constructor into OverloadedString; documentation www
  • libghc-src-exts-doc

    Bookworm:(1.23.1-3) Bullseye:(1.23.1-2) API documentation of the haskell-src-exts library; documentation www
  • libghc-src-exts-simple-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simplified view on the haskell-src-exts AST; documentation www
  • libghc-src-exts-util-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.5-3) Bullseye:(0.2.5-2) helper functions for working with haskell-src-exts trees; documentation www
  • libghc-src-meta-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.11-1) Bullseye:(0.8.5-2) parse source to Template Haskell abstract syntax; documentation www
  • libghc-stateref-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-10) Bullseye:(0.3-9) abstraction for things that work like IORef; documentation www
  • libghc-statestack-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-1) Bullseye:(0.3-1) simple State-like monad transformer state push/pop; documentation www
  • libghc-statevar-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2-1) Bullseye:(1.2-1) state variables in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-static-hash-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.0.1-14) pure immutable hash; documentation www
  • libghc-statistics-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( A library of statistical types, data, and functions; documentation www
  • libghc-status-notifier-item-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( StatusNotifierItem/libappindicator dbus implementation; documentation www
  • libghc-stm-chans-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( additional types of channels for STM; documentation www
  • libghc-stm-delay-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( updatable one-shot timer polled with STM; documentation www
  • libghc-stmonadtrans-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.6-1) Bullseye:(0.4.4-1) monad transformer version of the ST monad; documentation www
  • libghc-storable-complex-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Storable instance for Complex; documentation www
  • libghc-storable-record-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.6-1) Bullseye:(0.0.5-1) elegant definition of Storable instances for records; documentation www
  • libghc-storable-tuple-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Storable instance for pairs and triples; documentation www
  • libghc-store-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast and lightweight binary serialization; documentation www
  • libghc-store-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.16-1) Bullseye:(0.7.6-1) Fast binary serialization; documentation www
  • libghc-stream-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell stream (infinite list) library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-streaming-commons-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( common lower-level functions for various streaming data libraries; documentation www
  • libghc-strict-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.3.2-16) Strict variants of standard Haskell datatypes; documentation www
  • libghc-strict-list-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-1) Bullseye:(0.1.5-1) strict linked list; documentation www
  • libghc-string-conversions-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simplifies dealing with different types for strings; documentation www
  • libghc-string-qq-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.4-2) QuasiQuoter for non-interpolated strings; documentation www
  • libghc-stringbuilder-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-4) Bullseye:(0.5.1-3) writer monad for multi-line string literals; documentation www
  • libghc-stringprep-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-12) Bullseye:(1.0.0-11) Implements the "StringPrep" algorithm; documentation www
  • libghc-stringsearch-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fast searching, splitting and replacing of ByteStrings; documentation www
  • libghc-svg-builder-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-6) Bullseye:(0.1.1-5) DSL for building SVG; documentation www
  • libghc-swish-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( semantic web toolkit - library documentation www
  • libghc-syb-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.7.1-2) Generic programming library for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-syb-with-class-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell library for generic programming; documentation www
  • libghc-system-fileio-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( consistent filesystem interaction across GHC versions; documentation www
  • libghc-system-filepath-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.14-5) Bullseye:(0.4.14-4) high-level, byte-based file and directory path manipulations; documentation www
  • libghc-system-posix-redirect-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( toy module to temporarily redirect a program's stdout; documentation
  • libghc-tabular-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( two-dimensional data tables with rendering functions; documentation www
  • libghc-taffybar-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.0-2) Bullseye:(3.2.2-2) desktop bar extensible in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-tagged-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.8.6-3) newtype wrappers for phantom types; documentation www
  • libghc-tagshare-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0-6) Bullseye:(0.0-5) explicit sharing with tags; documentation
  • libghc-tagsoup-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.8-3) Bullseye:(0.14.8-2) Documentation for Haskell TagSoup library www
  • libghc-tagstream-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.6-2) Bullseye:(0.5.6-1) streamlined HTML tag parser; documentation www
  • libghc-tar-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-3) Bullseye:(0.3.2-2) Conduit based tar extraction mechanism; documentation www
  • libghc-tar-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( reading, writing and manipulating ".tar" archive files; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-ant-xml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.8-2) Render tasty output to XML for Jenkins; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-checklist-doc

    Bookworm:( Check multiple items during a tasty test; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-discover-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.4-1) Bullseye:(4.2.1-2) Test discovery for the tasty framework.; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.2.3-1) Haskell testing framework; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-expected-failure-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.3-1) Bullseye:( mark tasty tests as failure-expected; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-golden-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.5-1) Bullseye:( Golden test support for Tasty test framework; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-hedgehog-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( hedgehog-tasty integration; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-hslua-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-2) Tasty helpers to test HsLua.; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-hspec-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Tasty test framework, Hspec support; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-hunit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell testing framework, HUnit support; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-kat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-11) Bullseye:(0.0.3-10) Known Answer Tests (KAT) framework for tasty; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-lua-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.2.2-2) Write tests in Lua, integrate into tasty; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-quickcheck-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.2-1) Bullseye:( Haskell testing framework, QuickCheck support; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-rerun-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.18-2) Bullseye:(1.1.17-1) Haskell testing framework, rereun support; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-smallcheck-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.2-1) Bullseye:(0.8.1-5.1) SmallCheck support for the Tasty test framework; documentation www
  • libghc-tasty-th-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-5) Bullseye:(0.1.7-4) TH code generation for Tasty test framework; documentation www
  • libghc-template-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( string substitution library; documentation www
  • libghc-template-haskell-compat-v0208-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( backward-compatibility layer for TH newer than 2.8; documentation www
  • libghc-temporary-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3-3) Bullseye:(1.3-2) Temporary files and directories; documentation www
  • libghc-terminal-progress-bar-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.1-4) Bullseye:(0.4.1-3) A simple progress bar in the terminal; documentation www
  • libghc-terminal-size-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-1) Bullseye:( get terminal window height and width; documentation www
  • libghc-test-framework-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Framework for running and organising tests; documentation www
  • libghc-test-framework-hunit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HUnit support for the test-framework package.; documentation www
  • libghc-test-framework-quickcheck2-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( QuickCheck2 support for the test-framework package.; documentation www
  • libghc-texmath-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.4-1) Bullseye:( Haskell library to convert LaTeX to MathML; documentation www
  • libghc-text-binary-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Binary instances for text types; documentation www
  • libghc-text-conversions-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.3.0-3) Haskell library for safe conversions between textual types; documentation www
  • libghc-text-icu-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( bindings to the ICU library; documentation www
  • libghc-text-manipulate-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( case conversion and word boundary manipulation; documentation www
  • libghc-text-metrics-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-1) Bullseye:(0.3.0-6) Calculate various string metrics efficiently; documentation www
  • libghc-text-postgresql-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Parser and Printer of PostgreSQL extended types; documentation www
  • libghc-text-short-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.5-1) Bullseye:(0.1.3-2) memory-efficient representation of Unicode text strings; documentation www
  • libghc-text-show-doc

    Bookworm:(3.9.7-1) Bullseye:(3.8.5-1) efficient conversion of values into Text; documentation www
  • libghc-text-zipper-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.10.1-5) text editor zipper library; documentation www
  • libghc-tf-random-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-11) Bullseye:(0.5-10) high-quality splittable pseudorandom number generator; documentation www
  • libghc-th-abstraction-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( nicer interface for reified information about data types; documentation www
  • libghc-th-bang-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Compatibility for bang-type template; documentation www
  • libghc-th-compat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.4-1) Backward (and forward) compatible Quote and Code types; documentation www
  • libghc-th-constraint-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Compatibility for type constraint template; documentation www
  • libghc-th-data-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( compatibility for data definition template of TH; documentation www
  • libghc-th-desugar-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12-1) Bullseye:(1.10-1) functions to desugar Template Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-th-expand-syns-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( expands type synonyms in Template Haskell ASTs; documentation www
  • libghc-th-extras-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( grab bag of functions for use with Template Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-th-lift-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.2-1) Bullseye:(0.8.1-1) derive Template Haskell's Lift class for datatypes.; documentation www
  • libghc-th-lift-instances-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.20-1) Bullseye:(0.1.17-1) Lift instances for template-haskell for common data types; documentation www
  • libghc-th-orphans-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.14-1) Bullseye:(0.13.10-1) orphan instances for TH datatypes; documentation www
  • libghc-th-reify-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( compatibility for the result type of TH reify; documentation www
  • libghc-th-reify-many-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.10-1) Bullseye:(0.1.9-2) recurseively reify template haskell datatype info; documentation www
  • libghc-th-utilities-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( useful functions for use with Template Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-these-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( either-or-both data type; documentation www
  • libghc-threads-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Fork threads and wait for their result; documentation www
  • libghc-tidal-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.10-1) Bullseye:(1.5.2-1) pattern language for improvised music; documentation www
  • libghc-time-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.9.3-2) Compatibility with old-time for the time package; documentation www
  • libghc-time-locale-compat-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( compatibility of TimeLocale between old-locale and time-1.5; documentation www
  • libghc-time-manager-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.0-4) Bullseye:(0.0.0-3) scalable timer; documentation www
  • libghc-time-parsers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parsers for types in the time library; documentation www
  • libghc-time-units-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-4) Bullseye:(1.0.0-3) basic library for defining units of time as types; documentation www
  • libghc-timeit-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0-1) time a computation; documentation www
  • libghc-tldr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-2) Bullseye:(0.6.4-1) Haskell tldr client; documentation www
  • libghc-tls-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.8-1) Bullseye:(1.5.4-1) native Haskell implementation of TLS/SSL protocol; documentation www
  • libghc-tls-session-manager-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.4-2) Bullseye:(0.0.4-1) in-memory TLS session manager; documentation
  • libghc-token-bucket-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell implementation of leaky bucket rate limiting; documentation www
  • libghc-topograph-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( directed acyclic graphs; documentation www
  • libghc-torrent-doc

    Bookworm:(10000.1.1-5) Bullseye:(10000.1.1-4) BitTorrent file parser and generator; documentation www
  • libghc-transformers-base-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.6-1) Bullseye:( lift computations from the bottom of a transformer stack; documentation www
  • libghc-transformers-compat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.6-1) Bullseye:(0.6.5-2) small compatibility shim for older versions of transformers.; documentation www
  • libghc-tree-monad-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-1) Bullseye:(0.3.1-1) Non-Determinism Monad for Tree Search; documentation www
  • libghc-trifecta-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-1) Bullseye:(2.1-1) modern parser combinator library with convenient diagnostics; documentation www
  • libghc-tuple-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( various functions on tuples; documentation
  • libghc-twitter-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5.0-1) Twitter API package with conduits and streaming; documentation www
  • libghc-twitter-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-1) Bullseye:(0.10.1-2) Twitter JSON parser and types; documentation www
  • libghc-twitter-types-lens-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-1) Bullseye:(0.10.0-1) Twitter JSON types (lens powered); documentation www
  • libghc-type-equality-doc

    Bookworm:(1-3) Bullseye:(1-2) Data.Type.Equality compat package; documentation www
  • libghc-type-errors-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( tools for writing better Haskell type errors; documentation www
  • libghc-type-level-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.4-7) Documentation for type-level programming in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-type-level-numbers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( library representing integers using Haskell type families; documentation www
  • libghc-typed-process-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( run external processes, with strong typing of streams; documentation www
  • libghc-uglymemo-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( simple (but internally ugly) memoization function; documentation www
  • libghc-unbounded-delays-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Unbounded thread delays and timeouts; documentation www
  • libghc-unexceptionalio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-2) Bullseye:(0.5.1-1) IO without any non-error, synchronous exceptions; documentation www
  • libghc-unicode-collation-doc

    Bookworm:( Haskell implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm; documentation www
  • libghc-unicode-data-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-2) Access Unicode character database; documentation www
  • libghc-unicode-transforms-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.3.6-2) Fast Unicode 9.0 normalization in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-uniplate-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.13-1) Bullseye:(1.6.12-9) Documentation for uniform type generic traversals; documentation www
  • libghc-universe-base-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.3-1) Bullseye:(1.1.1-2) a class for finite and recursively enumerable type; documentation www
  • libghc-unix-compat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.4-1) Bullseye:(0.5.2-2) Haskell portable POSIX-compatible layer; documentation www
  • libghc-unix-time-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.8-1) Bullseye:(0.4.7-2) Unix time parser/formatter and utilities; documentation www
  • libghc-unixutils-doc

    Bookworm:(1.54.2-1) Bullseye:(1.54.1-8) interface between Haskell and Unix-like operating systems; documentation www
  • libghc-unlambda-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Unlambda interpreter library; documentation www
  • libghc-unliftio-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( MonadUnliftIO typeclass for unlifting monads to IO; documentation www
  • libghc-unliftio-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.2.13-1) MonadUnliftIO typeclass for unlifting monads to IO; documentation www
  • libghc-unordered-containers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Efficient hashing-based container types; documentation www
  • libghc-unsafe-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0-3) Bullseye:(0.0-2) unified interface to unsafe functions; documentation www
  • libghc-uri-bytestring-aeson-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Aeson instances for URI Bytestring; documentation www
  • libghc-uri-bytestring-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Haskell URI parsing as ByteStrings; documentation www
  • libghc-uri-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Haskell Text.URI library; documentation www
  • libghc-uri-encode-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Unicode aware uri-encoding.; documentation www
  • libghc-url-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.3-10) Bullseye:(2.1.3-9) Haskell library for working with URLs; documentation www
  • libghc-userid-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( The UserId type and useful instances for web development; documentation www
  • libghc-utf8-light-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-10) Bullseye:(0.4.2-9) Lightweight UTF-8 handling library; documentation www
  • libghc-utf8-string-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Bullseye:( GHC libraries for the Haskell UTF-8 library (documentation) www
  • libghc-utility-ht-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.0.15-1) small helper functions for Lists, Maybes, Tuples and Functions; documentation www
  • libghc-uuagc-cabal-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Cabal plugin for UUAGC; documentation www
  • libghc-uuid-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.15-1) Bullseye:(1.3.13-9) create, compare, parse and print UUIDs; documentation www
  • libghc-uuid-types-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-2) Bullseye:(1.0.3-14) Type definitions for Universally Unique Identifiers; documentation www
  • libghc-uulib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.24-2) Bullseye:(0.9.24-1) parser and pretty print combinator library for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-validity-containers-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Validity instances for containers; documentation www
  • libghc-validity-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( validity typeclass; documentation www
  • libghc-vault-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( typed, persistent store for values of arbitrary types; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-algorithms-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( efficient algorithms for vector arrays; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-binary-instances-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( instances of Data.Binary and Data.Serialize for vector; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-builder-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.3.8-1) Vector builder; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Efficient Arrays for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-instances-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4-5) Bullseye:(3.4-4) orphan instances for Data.Vector; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-space-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Vector & affine spaces, linear maps, and derivatives library; documentation www
  • libghc-vector-th-unbox-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-1) Bullseye:( deriver for Data.Vector.Unboxed using Template Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-versions-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.3-3) Types and parsers for software version numbers.; documentation www
  • libghc-void-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.3-3) Bullseye:(0.7.3-2) Haskell 98 logically uninhabited data type; documentation www
  • libghc-vty-doc

    Bookworm:(5.33-1) Bullseye:(5.28.2-1) Terminal interface library for ghc; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-app-file-cgi-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.10-1) Bullseye:(3.1.9-1) file/CGI app of WAI; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-app-static-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( framework for type-safe, RESTful web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( conduit wrappers for WAI; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-cors-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.7-2) Bullseye:(0.2.7-1) CORS for WAI; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.3-1) Bullseye:( web application interface; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-extra-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( some basic WAI handlers and middleware; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-handler-launch-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( WAI handler for launching in a web browser; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-http2-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.3-2) Bullseye:(0.1.3-1) WAI utilities for HTTP/2; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-logger-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-1) Bullseye:(2.3.6-1) logging system for WAI; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-middleware-static-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-1) Bullseye:(0.8.3-1) WAI middleware that serves requests to static files; documentation www
  • libghc-wai-websockets-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( bridge between WAI and the haskell websockets library; documentation www
  • libghc-warp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.21-3) Bullseye:(3.3.13-1) fast, light-weight web server for WAI applications; documentation www
  • libghc-warp-tls-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.2-1) Bullseye:(3.2.12-1) SSL/TLS support for Warp; documentation www
  • libghc-wcwidth-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-3) Bullseye:(0.0.2-2) bindings for system's native wcwidth; documentation www
  • libghc-web-routes-boomerang-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( correctness and composability of application URLs; documentation www
  • libghc-web-routes-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( library for correctness/composability of URLs; documentation www
  • libghc-web-routes-happstack-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.23.12-1) web-routes support for Happstack; documentation www
  • libghc-web-routes-hsp-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( XMLGenerator instance for RouteT monad; documentation www
  • libghc-web-routes-th-doc

    Bookworm:(0.22.7-1) Bullseye:( support for deriving PathInfo using Template Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-websockets-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( write WebSocket-capable servers; documentation www
  • libghc-weigh-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.0.16-1) measure allocations of a Haskell functions/values; documentation www
  • libghc-what4-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3-4) Solver-agnostic symbolic values support for issuing queries; documentation www
  • libghc-wide-word-doc

    Bookworm:( data types for large but fixed width signed and unsigned integers; documentation www
  • libghc-witch-doc

    Bookworm:( convert values from one type into another; documentation www
  • libghc-with-location-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-7) Bullseye:(0.1.0-6) ImplicitParams-based source locations; documentation www
  • libghc-witherable-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-2) filterable traversable for Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-wizards-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-3) Bullseye:(1.0.3-2) library for interrogative programs; documentation www
  • libghc-wl-pprint-annotated-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Wadler/Leijen pretty printer with annotations and slightly modernized API; documentation www
  • libghc-wl-pprint-text-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Wadler/Leijen Pretty Printer for Text values in Haskell; documentation www
  • libghc-word-trie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-10) Bullseye:(0.3.0-9) implementation of a finite trie over words; documentation www
  • libghc-word-wrap-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-1) Bullseye:(0.4.1-4) library for word-wrapping; documentation www
  • libghc-word8-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.3-5) Bullseye:(0.1.3-4) functions for Word8s to be used with ByteStrings; documentation www
  • libghc-wreq-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( easy-to-use HTTP client library; documentation www
  • libghc-x11-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.3-1) Bullseye:(1.9.1-1) Haskell X11 binding for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-x11-xft-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4-2) Bullseye:(0.3.1-14) Haskell Xft binding for GHC; documentation www
  • libghc-x509-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.7-1) Bullseye:(1.7.5-2) X.509 reader and writer; documentation www
  • libghc-x509-store-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.9-1) Bullseye:(1.6.7-2) X.509 collection access and storage methods; documentation www
  • libghc-x509-system-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.7-1) Bullseye:(1.6.6-5) per-operating-system X.509 accessors and storage; documentation www
  • libghc-x509-validation-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.12-1) Bullseye:(1.6.11-2) X.509 certificate and CRL validation; documentation www
  • libghc-xcb-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-1) Bullseye:(0.10.0-2) parses XML files used by the XCB project; documentation www
  • libghc-xdg-basedir-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-12) Bullseye:(0.2.2-11) basic implementation of the XDG Base Directory specification; documentation www
  • libghc-xdg-desktop-entry-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( parse files conforming to the XDG desktop entry spec; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-conduit-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HTTP client package with conduit interface and HTTPS support; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-conduit-writer-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( warm and fuzzy creation of XML documents; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.14-11) Bullseye:(1.3.14-10) A simple Haskell XML library; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-hamlet-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Hamlet-style quasiquoter for XML content; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-helpers-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-4) Bullseye:(1.0.0-3) helper functions for the xml library; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-html-qq-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( quasi-quoters for XML and HTML Documents; documentation www
  • libghc-xml-types-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.8-2) Bullseye:(0.3.8-1) basic types for representing XML; documentation www
  • libghc-xmlgen-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( fast XML generation library; documentation
  • libghc-xmlhtml-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( XML parser and renderer with HTML 5 quirks mode; documentation www
  • libghc-xmonad-contrib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.1-1) Bullseye:(0.16-1) Extensions to xmonad; documentation www
  • libghc-xmonad-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.1-1) Bullseye:(0.15-4) Lightweight X11 window manager; documentation www
  • libghc-xmonad-extras-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.0-1) Bullseye:(0.15.2-1) third party extensions for xmonad with wacky dependencies; documentation www
  • libghc-xmonad-wallpaper-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( xmonad wallpaper extension; documentation www
  • libghc-xss-sanitize-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.7-1) Bullseye:(0.3.6-3) Library to sanitize HTML and prevent XSS attacks; documentation www
  • libghc-yaml-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( interface to LibYAML; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-auth-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.11-1) Bullseye:(1.6.10-1) authentication for Yesod; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-auth-hashdb-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( HashDB authentication plugin for Yesod web framework; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-auth-oauth-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.1-1) Bullseye:( OAuth Authentication for Yesod; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-core-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(1.6.18-1) framework for type-safe, RESTful web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-default-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-12) Bullseye:(1.2.0-11) default config and main functions for your Yesod application; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( framework for type-safe, RESTful web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-form-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.3-1) Bullseye:(1.6.7-1) framework for type-safe, RESTful web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-newsfeed-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( helper functions and data types for producing newsfeeds; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-persistent-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( framework for type-safe, RESTful web applications; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-static-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Static file serving subsite for Yesod Web Framework; documentation www
  • libghc-yesod-test-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.15-1) Bullseye:(1.6.10-1) integration testing for WAI/Yesod applications; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-core-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.2-2) Bullseye:(0.19.2-1) Yi editor core library; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-frontend-pango-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.1-2) Bullseye:(0.19.1-1) Pango frontend for Yi editor; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-frontend-vty-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) Vty frontend for Yi editor; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-keymap-emacs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) Emacs keymap for Yi editor; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-keymap-vim-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) Vim keymap for Yi editor; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-language-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) collection of language-related Yi libraries.; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-misc-modes-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) Yi editor miscellaneous modes; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-mode-haskell-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) Yi editor haskell mode; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-mode-javascript-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-2) Bullseye:(0.19.0-1) Yi editor javascript mode; documentation www
  • libghc-yi-rope-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11-3) Rope data structure used by Yi; documentation www
  • libghc-zenc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-2) GHC style name Z-encoding and Z-decoding; documentation www
  • libghc-zeromq4-haskell-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-2) Bullseye:(0.8.0-1) bindings to ZeroMQ 4.x; documentation www
  • libghc-zip-archive-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(0.4.1-2) library to create, modify and extract files from zip archives; documentation www
  • libghc-zlib-bindings-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( low-level bindings to zlib; documentation www
  • libghc-zlib-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib formats; documentation www
  • libghc-zxcvbn-c-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-7) Bullseye:(1.0.1-6) Haskell bindings to password strength estimation library; documentation www
  • libgig-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.0~ds1-2) Bullseye:(4.2.0~ds1-2) HTML documentation for libgig www
  • libgimp2.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.34-1+deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.10.22-4+deb11u2) Developers' Documentation for the GIMP library www
  • libgio-qt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.0.9-1) Gio wrapper for Qt5 (documentation files) www
  • libgirara-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-1) Bullseye:(0.3.5-1) library for minimalistic user interfaces (documentation) www
  • libgirepository1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.74.0-3) Bullseye:(1.66.1-1) Library for handling GObject introspection data (documentation) www
  • libgit2-glib-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-1) Bullseye:( glib wrapper library around the libgit2 git access library - documentation www
  • libgivaro-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0-3) Bullseye:(4.1.1-2) Documentation for Givaro www
  • libgl2ps-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.2+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(1.4.2+dfsg1-1) Lib providing high quality vector output for OpenGL application, documentation www
  • libglademm-2.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.7-6) C++ wrappers for libglade2 (documentation) www
  • libgladeui-doc

    Bookworm:(3.40.0-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(3.38.2-2+rpi1) GTK+ User Interface Build core library (documentation) www
  • libglfw3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.8-1) Bullseye:(3.3.2-1) portable library for OpenGL, window and input (documentation) www
  • libgli-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( documentation for the OpenGL Image (GLI) library www
  • libglib-testing-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-1) Bullseye:(0.1.0-1) Documentation for the libglib-testing library www
  • libglib2.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.74.6-1) Bullseye:(2.66.8-1+deb11u1) Documentation files for the GLib library www
  • libglibmm-2.4-doc

    Bookworm:(2.66.5-2) Bullseye:(2.64.2-2) C++ wrapper for the GLib toolkit (documentation) www
  • libglibmm-2.68-doc

    Bookworm:(2.74.0-2) C++ wrapper for the GLib toolkit (documentation) www
  • libglm-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( documentation for the OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) library www
  • libglobus-authz-callout-error-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2-2) Bullseye:(4.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus authz error library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-authz-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6-2) Bullseye:(4.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus authz library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-callout-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3-2) Bullseye:(4.3-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Callout Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-common-doc

    Bookworm:(18.13-2) Bullseye:(18.9-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Common Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-ftp-client-doc

    Bookworm:(9.8-2) Bullseye:(9.5-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GridFTP Client Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-ftp-control-doc

    Bookworm:(9.10-2) Bullseye:(9.6-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GridFTP Control Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gass-cache-doc

    Bookworm:(10.3-2) Bullseye:(10.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Cache Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gass-copy-doc

    Bookworm:(10.12-2) Bullseye:(10.8-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gass-transfer-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4-2) Bullseye:(9.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Transfer Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gram-client-doc

    Bookworm:(14.6-2) Bullseye:(14.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GRAM Client Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gram-job-manager-callout-error-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2-2) Bullseye:(4.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GRAM Jobmanager Callout Errors Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gram-protocol-doc

    Bookworm:(13.6-2) Bullseye:(13.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GRAM Protocol Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gridmap-callout-error-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2-2) Bullseye:(3.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gridmap Callout Errors Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-callback-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2-2) Bullseye:(6.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Callback Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-cert-utils-doc

    Bookworm:(10.10-2) Bullseye:(10.7-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-credential-doc

    Bookworm:(8.3-2) Bullseye:(8.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Credential Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-openssl-error-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4-2) Bullseye:(4.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Error Handling Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-proxy-core-doc

    Bookworm:(9.8-2) Bullseye:(9.5-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Core Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-proxy-ssl-doc

    Bookworm:(6.5-2) Bullseye:(6.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy SSL Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gsi-sysconfig-doc

    Bookworm:(9.5-2) Bullseye:(9.3-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI System Config Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gss-assist-doc

    Bookworm:(12.7-2) Bullseye:(12.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI Assist library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gssapi-error-doc

    Bookworm:(6.3-2) Bullseye:(6.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI Error Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-gssapi-gsi-doc

    Bookworm:(14.20-2) Bullseye:(14.14-1) Grid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-net-manager-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7-2) Bullseye:(1.5-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Network Manager Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-openssl-module-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2-2) Bullseye:(5.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus OpenSSL Module Wrapper Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-rsl-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3-2) Bullseye:(11.2-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Resource Specification Language Library Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-scheduler-event-generator-doc

    Bookworm:(6.5-2) Bullseye:(6.3-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Scheduler Event Generator Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-xio-doc

    Bookworm:(6.6-2) Bullseye:(6.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus XIO Framework Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-xio-gridftp-driver-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6-2) Bullseye:(3.4-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus XIO GridFTP Driver Documentation Files www
  • libglobus-xio-gsi-driver-doc

    Bookworm:(5.4-2) Bullseye:(5.3-1) Grid Community Toolkit - Globus XIO GSI Driver Documentation Files www
  • libgloox-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.24-3) Bullseye:(1.0.24-2) C++ jabber/xmpp library (API documentation) www
  • libgluegen2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.2-9) Bullseye:(2.3.2-8) Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code www
  • libglyr-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.10-1) search engine for music-related metadata - documentation www
  • libgmerlin-avdec-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0~svn6298~dfsg0-3) Bullseye:(1.2.0~dfsg-11) general multimedia decoding library (documentation) www
  • libgmetrics-groovy-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7-4.1) Documentation for libgmetrics-groovy-java www
  • libgmime-2.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.23+dfsg1-4) MIME message parser and creator library (old 2.6 version) - documentation www
  • libgmime-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.13+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.2.7-1) MIME message parser and creator library - documentation www
  • libgmp10-doc

    Bookworm:(2:6.2.1+dfsg1-1.1) Bullseye:(2:6.2.1+dfsg-1+deb11u1) Multiprecision arithmetic library example code www
  • libgnatcoll-db-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-4) Bullseye:(21.0.0-6) Ada library accessing SQL databases (documentation) www
  • libgnatcoll-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-3) Bullseye:(21.0.0-4) GNATColl, general purpose Ada library (documentation) www
  • libgnelib-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.75+svn20091130-1) the Game Networking Engine (Documentation) www
  • libgnome-autoar-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-1) Bullseye:(0.2.4-3) Archives integration support for GNOME - documentation
  • libgnome-bluetooth-doc

    Bookworm:(42.5-3) GNOME Bluetooth 3 support library - reference docs www
  • libgnome-desktop-doc

    Bookworm:(43.2-2) API documentation for libgnome-desktop
  • libgnome-panel-doc

    Bookworm:(3.46.0-1) Bullseye:(3.38.0-1) library for GNOME Panel modules - documentation files www
  • libgnome-vfsmm-2.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.26.0-1) C++ wrappers for GnomeVFS (documentation) www
  • libgnomecanvas2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.30.3-4) powerful object-oriented display engine - documentation files
  • libgnt-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.3-2) Bullseye:(2.14.1-1) documentation for the gnt library www
  • libgnujaf-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.1-8) free implementation of the javabeans activation framework (docs) www
  • libgnumail-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.2-10) free implementation of the javamail API (Javadocs) www
  • libgnuplot-iostream-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0~20140302.gitc8919a0+dfsg-4) C++ programming interface for gnuplot. Docs and examples www
  • libgoa-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.46.0-1) Bullseye:(3.38.0-3) library for GNOME Online Accounts - documentation files www
  • libgoffice-0.10-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.55-1) Bullseye:(0.10.48-1) Document centric objects library - documentation www
  • libgom-1.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-1) libgom API documentation www
  • libgoocanvasmm-2.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.90.11-3) C++ bindings for GooCanvas - documentation and examples www
  • libgoocanvasmm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.15.4-1) C++ bindings for GooCanvas - documentation and examples www
  • libgpgmepp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.18.0-3) Bullseye:(1.14.0-1) C++ and Qt bindings for GPGME (documentation for developers) www
  • libgphoto2-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.30-1) Bullseye:(2.5.27-1) gphoto2 digital camera library (development documentation) www
  • libgpiod-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.3-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.6.2-1+rpi1) C library for interacting with Linux GPIO device - library documentation www
  • libgpiv3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.1-7.1) library for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) - documentation www
  • libgpod-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-17) Bullseye:(0.8.3-16) documentation for libgpod www
  • libgpuarray-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.6-13) Bullseye:(0.7.6-5) documentation for libgpuarray www
  • libgradle-android-plugin-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.2-4) Bullseye:(2.2.2-3) Android Plugin for Gradle - Documentations www
  • libgraphblas-doc

    Bookworm:(7.4.0+dfsg-1) graph algorithms in the language of linear algebra - documentation www
  • libgraphene-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.8-1) Bullseye:(1.10.4+dfsg1-1) library of graphic data types (documentation) www
  • libgraphite2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.14-1) Documentation for libgraphite2 www
  • libgrilo-0.3-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.15-1) Bullseye:(0.3.13-1+deb11u1) Framework for discovering and browsing media - Documentation www
  • libgrinvin-core-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-2) interactive software package for studying graphs (API docs) www
  • libgrits-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.1-5) HTML documentation for grits www
  • libgrokj2k1-doc

    Bookworm:(10.0.5-1) Bullseye:(7.6.6-3) documentation for the Grok JPEG 2000 library www
  • libgsound-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-2) Bullseye:(1.0.2-5) small library for playing system sounds (documentation) www
  • libgspell-1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.0-1) Bullseye:(1.8.4-1) spell-checking library for GTK+ applications - documentation www
  • libgssdp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.2-2) Bullseye:(1.2.3-2) GObject-based library for SSDP (documentation) www
  • libgstreamermm-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.0+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.10.0+dfsg-3) C++ wrapper library for GStreamer (documentation) www
  • libgtk-3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.24.38-2~deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.24.24-4+deb11u3) documentation for the GTK graphical user interface library www
  • libgtk-4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.3+ds-2+rpi1+deb12u1) documentation for the GTK graphical user interface library www
  • libgtkada-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-4) Bullseye:( Ada binding for the GTK+ GUI (documentation) www
  • libgtkdatabox-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1: Gtk+ library to display large amounts of numerical data (API doc) www
  • libgtkextra-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.4-7) Bullseye:(3.3.4-4) documentation for libgtkextra-x11-3.0 www
  • libgtkglextmm-x11-1.2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-8) C++ bindings for GtkGLExt (Documentation) www
  • libgtkmm-2.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:2.24.5-4) C++ wrappers for GTK+ 2 (documentation) www
  • libgtkmm-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.24.7-1) Bullseye:(3.24.2-2) C++ wrappers for GTK+ (documentation) www
  • libgtkmm-4.0-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.0-3) C++ wrappers for GTK4 (documentation) www
  • libgtksourceview-3.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.24.11-2) documentation for the GTK+ syntax highlighting widget www
  • libgtksourceview-4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.4-4) Bullseye:(4.8.0-1) documentation for the GTK+ syntax highlighting widget www
  • libgtksourceview-5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.6.2-1) documentation for the GTK 4 syntax highlighting widget www
  • libgtksourceview2.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.10.5-3) documentation for the GTK+ syntax highlighting widget www
  • libgtksourceviewmm-3.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.18.0-4) C++ binding of GtkSourceView www
  • libgtkspellmm-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.5+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(3.0.5+dfsg-3) C++ wrappers for GtkSpell (documentation) www
  • libgtop2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.40.0-2) gtop system monitoring library (documentation)
  • libgudhi-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(3.4.1+dfsg-1) Documentation for the GUDHI library www
  • libgulkan-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.1-2.1) Bullseye:(0.15.1-2) GLib Vulkan helper library -- documentation files www
  • libgupnp-av-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.1-1) Bullseye:(0.12.11-2) Audio/Visual utility library for GUPnP (documentation) www
  • libgupnp-dlna-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.0-3) Bullseye:(0.10.5-4) DLNA utility library for GUPnP (documentation) www
  • libgupnp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.3-1) Bullseye:(1.2.4-1) GObject-based library for UPnP (documentation) www
  • libgupnp-igd-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-3) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping - documentation www
  • libgusb-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.10-1) Bullseye:(0.3.5-1) GLib wrapper around libusb1 - documentation www
  • libgutenprint-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(5.3.3-5) documentation for the Gutenprint printer driver library www
  • libgvm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20.8.0-2) remote network security auditor - libraries documentation www
  • libgwenhywfar-doc

    Bookworm:(5.10.1-2) Bullseye:(5.6.0-2) OS abstraction layer (API documentation) www
  • libgwyddion20-doc

    Bookworm:(2.62-1) Bullseye:(2.57-1) HTML library API documentation for Gwyddion SPM analysis tool www
  • libgxps-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-2) Bullseye:(0.3.2-1) library for handling and rendering XPS documents (documentation) www
  • libh2-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.214-1) Bullseye:(1.4.197-4+deb11u1) H2 Database Engine (documentation) www
  • libhac-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20110510+git20110510.8b2a326-1) Bullseye:(0.20110510-3) API documentation for hierarchical agglomerative clustering www
  • libhalide14-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.0-3) fast, portable computation on images and tensors (C++ documentation) www
  • libhamlib-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.4-1) Bullseye:(4.0-7) Documentation for the hamlib radio control library www
  • libharfbuzz-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.0+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.7.4-1) Documentation files for the HarfBuzz library www
  • libhbci4j-core-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.64+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(3.1.49+dfsg-1) Documentation for Java online banking client using the HBCI standard www
  • libhd-doc

    Bookworm:(21.82-1) Bullseye:(21.72-1) Hardware identification system library documentation www
  • libhdf4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.15-5) Bullseye:(4.2.15-3) Hierarchical Data Format library -- documentation www
  • libhdf5-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.8+repack1-1) Bullseye:(1.10.6+repack-4+deb11u1) HDF5 - Documentation www
  • libheadius-options-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-2) Documentation for headius-options www
  • libhealpix-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.60+ds-5) Bullseye:(3.60+ds-4) HEALPix representation of spherical data - Java documentation www
  • libhessian-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.0.38-2.1) Documentation for libhessian-java www
  • libhkl-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( diffractometer computation control library - documentation www
  • libhsqldb-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.1-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.5.1-1+deb11u2) documentation for HSQLDB www
  • libhtml-mason-perl-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.59-2) Bullseye:(1:1.59-1) HTML::Mason examples www
  • libhtml5parser-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4+r1.3.1-3) Documentation for libhtml5parser-java www
  • libhtmlcleaner-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.26-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.24-1+deb11u1) Java HTML Parser library (documentation) www
  • libhtmlparser-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.20060610.dfsg0-9) java library to parse html - doc www
  • libhtsjdk-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.4+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.23.0+dfsg-2) Documentation for the java HTSJDK library www
  • libhttpunit-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7+dfsg-14) documentation for libhttpunit-java www
  • libhwloc-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-1) Bullseye:(2.4.1+dfsg-1) Hierarchical view of the machine - documentation www
  • libhx-doc

    Bookworm:(4.10-1) Bullseye:(3.25-2) Documentation files for libhx www
  • libical-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.16-1) Bullseye:(3.0.9-2) iCalendar library implementation in C (documentation) www
  • libice-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2:1.0.10-1) documentation for the X11 ICE protocol and library
  • libics-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.6-1) Bullseye:(1.6.4-1) Image Cytometry Standard file reading and writing (doc) www
  • libid3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.3-18) Bullseye:(3.8.3-16.3) ID3 Tag Library: Documentation www
  • libidn2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.3-1) Bullseye:(2.3.0-5) Internationalized domain names (IDNA2008/TR46) documentation www
  • libidw-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.1-1.1) InfoNode Docking Windows (javadoc) www
  • libigraph-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.2+ds-2+rpi1) library for creating and manipulating graphs - reference manual www
  • libiio0-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24-4) Bullseye:(0.21-2) libiio documentation www
  • libij-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.53t-1) Bullseye:(1.53g-2) documentation of libij-java www
  • libijs-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.35-15) IJS raster image transport protocol: documentation www
  • libimath-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.6-1) Utility libraries from ASF used by OpenEXR - documentation www
  • libimglib2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.5.0-1) documentation for ImgLib2 www
  • libimobiledevice-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.0-6) Library for communicating with iPhone and other Apple devices (documentation) www
  • libinfinity-0.7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.2-1) infinote-based collaborative editing - documentation www
  • libiniparser-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1-6) Bullseye:(4.1-4) documentation files for the iniParser INI file reader/writer www
  • libinsane-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.9-2) Library to access scanner - documentation www
  • libintellij-annotations-java-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-2) Bullseye:(20.1.0-1) transitional package for libjetbrains-annotations-java-doc www
  • libinvokebinder-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12-1) Bullseye:(1.7-2) Documentation for invokebinder www
  • libiptcdata-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.5-2.3) Library to parse IPTC metadata (documentation) www
  • libirclib-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10-4) Java implementation of the IRC protocol (javadoc files) www
  • libirrlicht-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.5+ds2-1) Bullseye:(1.8.4+dfsg1-1.1) High performance realtime 3D engine (API documentation) www
  • libiscwt-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.20100629-4.1) Javadoc API description for isCWT www
  • libisfreetype-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.20100629-3.1) Javadoc API description for isFreeType www
  • libismrmrd-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.0-2) Bullseye:( documentation for ISMRMRD www
  • libisnativec-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.3.20100629+fix-4) Javadoc API description for isNativeC www
  • libisoburn-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.4-4) Bullseye:(1.5.2-1) documentation package for libisoburn www
  • libisofs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.4-1) Bullseye:(1.5.2-1) background documentation for libisofs library www
  • libisospec++-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.1-1) Bullseye:(2.1.3-1) Isotopic fine structure calculator (C++ API documentation) www
  • libisrt-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.20100629-3) common runtime library by intarsys (documentation) www
  • libitpp-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.1-10) Bullseye:(4.3.1-9.1) C++ library of signal processing and communication routines: Documentation www
  • libixion-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.0-3) Bullseye:(0.16.1-2) general purpose formula parser & interpreter library -- documentation www
  • libj2ssh-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.9-5) Java library for the SSH protocol - documentation and examples www
  • libjackson-json-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.13-2) standard conformant json processor in java - API documentation www
  • libjackson2-annotations-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.0-1) Bullseye:(2.12.1-1) Documentation for Jackson-annotations www
  • libjackson2-datatype-guava-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.3-2) Documentation for Jackson serialisation of Guava collection types www
  • libjackson2-module-afterburner-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.1-1) Documentation for jackson-module-afterburner www
  • libjai-core-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.4-3) Java Advanced Imaging API reference implementation (documentation) www
  • libjai-imageio-core-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-3) Java Advanced Imaging Image I/O Tools API core (documentation) www
  • libjam-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.git20180106.740247a+dfsg-1) Java applications look and behave like native applications (documentation) www
  • libjameica-datasource-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.1+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(2.8.1+dfsg-3) Documentation for OR mapper for Jameica - Java library www
  • libjameica-util-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8-3) Bullseye:(2.8-2) Documentation for utility classes for Jameica - Java library www
  • libjamm-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.3-3) Documentation for Java Agent for Memory Measurements www
  • libjanino-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.0-2.1) runtime compiler for Java expressions - documentation www
  • libjansson-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14-2) Bullseye:(2.13.1-1.1) C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data (doc) www
  • libjasypt-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.3-1) Documentation - java library for simple high-level encryption www
  • libjaula-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-8) Bullseye:(1.4.0-6) JSON parser/writer library for C++ (documentation)
  • libjava-allocation-instrumenter-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.0-2) JVM agent tracking memory allocations (documentation) www
  • libjava-xmlbuilder-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-2.1) Documentation for XML Builder Java library for creating XML documents www
  • libjava3d-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.2+dfsg-17) Documentation for the Java3D API www
  • libjavassist-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:3.27.0-1) library for editing bytecodes in Java -- documentation www
  • libjavatar-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.5+dfsg-5) Documentation for JavaTar library www
  • libjavawriter-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.5.1-2) Documentation for JavaWriter www
  • libjaxb-java-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( JAXB Reference Implementation -- documentation www
  • libjaxe-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5-14) Bullseye:(3.5-12) JAva Xml Editor - Library documentation www
  • libjaxen-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.6-4) Java XPath engine - documentation www
  • libjaxme-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.2+dfsg-6) documentation of the JAXB specification for Java/XML binding www
  • libjboss-classfilewriter-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-1) Bullseye:(1.2.4-2) Documentation for JBoss Class File Writer www
  • libjboss-jdeparser2-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-2) Bullseye:(2.0.3-1) Documentation for libjboss-jdeparser2-java www
  • libjboss-logging-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-2) Bullseye:(3.4.1-1) Documentation for the JBoss Logging Framework www
  • libjboss-logging-tools-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.1-3) Bullseye:(2.2.1-2) Documentation for JBoss Logging Tools www
  • libjboss-logmanager-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.18-1) Bullseye:(2.1.15-1) Documentation for JBoss Log Manager www
  • libjboss-modules-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.11.0-1) Documentation for JBoss Modules www
  • libjboss-xnio-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.8-1) Bullseye:(3.8.4-1) Documentation for jboss-xnio www
  • libjcalendar-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.3-3.1) Java date chooser bean for picking a date (documentation) www
  • libjcdf-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.2.3+dfsg-2) Library to read files in the NASA Common Data Format (Javadoc) www
  • libjchart2d-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2.2+dfsg2-3) Java library for precise 2D charting visualizations -- docs www
  • libjcharts-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.5-5) java based charts library (API docs) www
  • libjcifs-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.19-2) Documentation for libjcifs-java (CIFS/SMB library for Java) www
  • libjcm-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-1.1) Documentation for Java Components for Mathematics www
  • libjcommander-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.71-4) Bullseye:(1.71-3) Java framework for parsing command line parameters (documentation) www
  • libjcommon-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.23-2) General Purpose library for Java - documentation www
  • libjcsp-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-rc4-2.1) Documentation for libjcsp-java
  • libjdom1-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.3-3) Bullseye:(1.1.3-2.1) lightweight and fast library using XML - documentation www
  • libjebl2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1+git20201011.969bd4b-1) Java Evolutionary Biology Library (documentation) www
  • libjellydoc-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-4) Documentation for libjellydoc-java www
  • libjemmy2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Java library for automated Java GUI testing (documentation) www
  • libjempbox-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.8.16-2) XMP Compatible Java Library (documentation) www
  • libjenkins-commons-jexl-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-jenkins-20111212-1) Documentation for libjenkins-commons-jexl-java www
  • libjenkins-constant-pool-scanner-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-1) Documentation for Constant Pool Scanner www
  • libjenkins-dom4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.1-jenkins-4-1) Documentation for libjenkins-dom4j-java www
  • libjenkins-xstream-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.7-jenkins-1-2) Documentation for libjenkins-xstream-java www
  • libjetbrains-annotations-java-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-2) Bullseye:(20.1.0-1) documentation for libjetbrains-annotations-java www
  • libjets3t-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.1+dfsg-4) documentation for libjets3t-java www
  • libjexcelapi-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.12-3) Java API to read, write and modify Excel spreadsheets - documentation www
  • libjfreechart-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.19-3) Chart library for Java - documentation www
  • libjfreesvg-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1-2) Java graphics library to generate content in SVG format (docs) www
  • libjgoodies-common-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.1-2.1) JGoodies Common library (documentation) www
  • libjgoodies-forms-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.0-3.1) Documentation for libjgoodies-forms-java www
  • libjgoodies-looks-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.0-3) library with Swing look&feel implementations (documentation) www
  • libjgraph-java-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( JFC/Swing graph component for Java (documentation) www
  • libjgrapht0.8-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-6) Bullseye:(0.8.3-5) javadoc-generated API for libjgrapht0.8-java www
  • libjgraphx-java-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Java Swing Diagramming Library - API documentation and manual www
  • libjgromacs-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-1.1) library for molecular dynamics trajectory analysis (documentation) www
  • libjheatchart-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6-1.1) Heat map charting library for Java (documentation) www
  • libjibx1.1-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.6a-4) Documentation for libjibx-java www
  • libjibx1.2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.6-2) Framework for binding XML data to Java objects (documentation) www
  • libjide-oss-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.6+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.7.6+dfsg-1) extensible Swing component library for Java -- documentation www
  • libjimfs-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-6) Documentation for libjimfs-java www
  • libjiu-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.3-6) Bullseye:(0.14.3-5) API documentation for jiu java library for pixel images www
  • libjlha-java-doc-ja

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.20050504-10.1) Japanese documentation for libjlha-java, the LHA library for Java www
  • libjlibeps-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.ds3-6) Bullseye:(0.1.ds3-4) API documentation for jlibeps Java library to create EPS images www
  • libjline-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-3) Java library for handling console input - documentation www
  • libjmdns-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.5.5-1) Documentation for Java implementation of multi-cast DNS www
  • libjmock-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-5.1) Java library for testing code with mock objects - documentation www
  • libjmol-java-doc

    Bookworm:(14.32.83+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(14.6.4+2016.11.05+dfsg1-4) API documentation for libjmol-java www
  • libjna-posix-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) Java JNA-POSIX library API documentation www
  • libjnati-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-2) Documentation for Java Native Execution Framework www
  • libjnr-constants-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.4-1) Bullseye:(0.10.1-1) platform constants for Java - API documentation www
  • libjnr-ffi-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.7-1) Bullseye:(2.1.7-1) Documentation for libjnr-ffi-java www
  • libjnr-netdb-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.6-1.1) Documentation for jnr-netdb www
  • libjnr-posix-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.10-1) Bullseye:(3.0.45-2) Java JNR-POSIX library API documentation www
  • libjnr-unixsocket-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.18-4) Java access to native libraries for unix sockets (documentation) www
  • libjodconverter-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.2-15) Bullseye:(2.2.2-13) Office formats converter - Library documentation www
  • libjodreports-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.0-3) Merge OpenDocument text with data - Library documentation www
  • libjogl-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.1+dak1-13) Documentation for the Java bindings for OpenGL www
  • libjogl2-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.2+dfsg-10) Bullseye:(2.3.2+dfsg-9) Documentation for the Java bindings for OpenGL www
  • libjogl2-toolkits

    Bookworm:(2.3.2+dfsg-10) Bullseye:(2.3.2+dfsg-9) Toolkits to play with JOGL2 www
  • libjoptsimple-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0.4-4) Command line parsing java library - Documentation www
  • libjpathwatch-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.95-5) Java library that monitors directories for changes (documentation) www
  • libjs-spectre-docs

    Bookworm:(0.5.9-2) Bullseye:(0.5.9-1) lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework - documentation www
  • libjs-yui-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.9.0.dfsg.0.1-0.1) Documentation and examples for the Yahoo User Interface Library www
  • libjs-yui3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.5.1-1) Documentation and examples for the Yahoo User Interface Library v3 www
  • libjsamp-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.7-1) Java Simple Application Messaging Protocol library docs www
  • libjsap-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1-5) Bullseye:(2.1-3.1) Java Simple Argument Parser (documentation) www
  • libjsch-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.55-1) Java implementation of the SSH2 protocol - documentation www
  • libjsf-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.8-6) Documentation for libjsf-api-java www
  • libjsofa-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0~20210512-1) Bullseye:(0~20200721-1) Pure Java translation of the IAU's C SOFA software library (docs) www
  • libjson-c-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16-2) Bullseye:(0.15-2+deb11u1) JSON manipulation library - documentation files www
  • libjson-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.6-1) Bullseye:(1.6.2-1) GLib JSON manipulation library (documentation) www
  • libjson-simple-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.0-1) documentation for libjson-simple-java www
  • libjsoncpp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.5-4) Bullseye:(1.9.4-4) API documentation for libjsoncpp-dev www
  • libjsonm-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-2.1) Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml (documentation) www
  • libjsonrpc-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.42.0-1) Bullseye:(3.38.0-1) JSON-RPC library for GLib - documentation www
  • libjsoup-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.3-1) Bullseye:(1.10.2-2) Documentation for jsoup HTML Parser www
  • libjsr166y-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.0-2.1) Documentation for libjsr166y-java www
  • libjsr311-api-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.1-1.1) JSR 311, JAX-RS, Java API for RESTful Web Services - documentation www
  • libjssc-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.8.0-3) library for working with serial ports from Java - doc www
  • libjstun-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.3+dfsg-2) Java-based STUN implementation (documentation) www
  • libjsyntaxpane-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.6~r156-7.1) Java EditorPane with support for Syntax Highlighting (javadoc files) www
  • libjthread-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.1-3.1) JThread cross-platform threading library documentation www
  • libjtidy-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7+svn20110807-5) JTidy HTML syntax checker and pretty printer (documentation) www
  • libjts-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.19.0+ds-1) Bullseye:(1.18.0+ds-1) Documentation for the JTS Topology Suite www
  • libjuce-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.5+ds-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.4.7~ds0-2+rpi1) Jules' Utility Class Extensions (documentation) www
  • libjung-free-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1+dfsg-1.1) Java Universal Network/Graph Framework (documentation) www
  • libjunitperf-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.1-8) Documentation for libjunitperf-java www
  • libkcapi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-1) Bullseye:(1.2.1-1) Documentation for Linux Kernel Crypto API www
  • libkdsoap-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.1+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(1.9.1+dfsg-2) Qt-based client-side and server-side SOAP component - documentation www
  • libkdumpfile-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-1) Kernel coredump file access (documentation) www
  • libkf5activities-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2+rpi1) Library to organize the user work in separate activities (documentation) www
  • libkf5activitiesstats-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) usage data collected by the activities system www
  • libkf5archive-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt 5 addon providing access to numerous types of archives (documentation) www
  • libkf5attica-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API (documentation) www
  • libkf5auth-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Abstraction to system policy and authentication features (documentation) www
  • libkf5baloo-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-2) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) framework for searching and managing metadata core lib (documentation) www
  • libkf5bluezqt-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) documentation files for bluez-qt www
  • libkf5bookmarks-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt library with support for bookmarks and the XBEL format (documentation) www
  • libkf5calendarcore-doc

    Bookworm:(5:5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5:5.78.0-2) calendar access framework (documentation) www
  • libkf5codecs-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) collection of methods to manipulate strings (documentation) www
  • libkf5completion-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Widgets with advanced auto-completion features (documentation) www
  • libkf5config-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-2) Bullseye:(5.78.0-4) configuration settings framework for Qt (documentation) www
  • libkf5configwidgets-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Extra widgets for easier configuration support (documentation) www
  • libkf5contacts-doc

    Bookworm:(5:5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5:5.78.0-2) address book API for KDE Framework (documentation) www
  • libkf5coreaddons-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-4+rpi1) KDE Frameworks 5 addons to QtCore (documentation) www
  • libkf5crash-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Support for application crash analysis and bug report from apps (documentation) www
  • libkf5dav-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:5.78.0-2) DAV protocol implementation with KJobs - documentation www
  • libkf5dbusaddons-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) class library for qtdbus (documentation) www
  • libkf5declarative-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2+rpi1) provides integration of QML and KDE frameworks (documentation) www
  • libkf5dnssd-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Abstraction to system DNSSD features (documentation) www
  • libkf5emoticons-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Support for emoticons and emoticons themes (documentation) www
  • libkf5filemetadata-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) library for extracting file metadata (documentation) www
  • libkf5globalaccel-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Configurable global shortcut support (documentation) www
  • libkf5guiaddons-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) additional addons for QtGui (documentation) www
  • libkf5holidays-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(1:5.78.0-2) holidays calculation library (documentation) www
  • libkf5i18n-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Advanced internationalization framework (documentation) www
  • libkf5iconthemes-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Support for icon themes (documentation) www
  • libkf5idletime-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-2) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) library to provide information about idle time (documentation) www
  • libkf5itemmodels-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) additional item/view models for Qt Itemview (documentation) www
  • libkf5itemviews-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt library with additional widgets for ItemModels (documentation) www
  • libkf5jobwidgets-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Widgets for tracking KJob instances (documentation) www
  • libkf5kcmutils-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-3) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Extra APIs to write KConfig modules (documentation) www
  • libkf5kio-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-5) resource and network access abstraction (documentation) www
  • libkf5kirigami2-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) set of QtQuick components targeted for mobile use (documentation) www
  • libkf5ldap-doc

    Bookworm:(22.12.3-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(20.08.3-1) library for accessing LDAP (documentation) www
  • libkf5modemmanagerqt-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt wrapper library for ModemManager (documentation) www
  • libkf5networkmanagerqt-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt wrapper for NetworkManager - library (documentation) www
  • libkf5newstuff-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-4+deb11u1) Support for downloading application assets from the network (documentation) www
  • libkf5notifications-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Framework for desktop notifications www
  • libkf5notifyconfig-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Configuration system for KNotify (documentation) www
  • libkf5package-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) non-binary asset management framework (documentation) www
  • libkf5parts-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Document centric plugin system (documentation) www
  • libkf5people-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) documentation files for kpeople www
  • libkf5plasma-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Plasma Runtime components (documentation) www
  • libkf5plotting-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) KPlotting provides classes to do plotting (documentation) www
  • libkf5prison-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) barcode API for Qt (documentation) www
  • libkf5pty-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Pty abstraction (documentation) www
  • libkf5pulseaudioqt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3-2) Pulseaudio bindings library for Qt documentation www
  • libkf5pulseaudioqt2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3-2) Bullseye:(1.2-2) transitional package for libkf5pulseaudioqt-doc www
  • libkf5runner-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3) Used to write plugins loaded at runtime called "Runners" (documentation) www
  • libkf5service-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Advanced plugin and service introspection (documentation) www
  • libkf5solid-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Qt library to query and control hardware (documentation) www
  • libkf5sonnet-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) spell checking library for Qt (documentation) www
  • libkf5su-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) runtime files for kdesu (documentation) www
  • libkf5syndication-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(1:5.78.0-2) parser library for RSS and Atom feeds - documentation www
  • libkf5syntaxhighlighting-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2+rpi1) Syntax highlighting Engine (documentation) www
  • libkf5texteditor-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1.1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-3+rpi1) provide advanced plain text editing services (documentation) www
  • libkf5textwidgets-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Advanced text editing widgets (documentation) www
  • libkf5threadweaver-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) ThreadWeaver library to help multithreaded programming in Qt www
  • libkf5unitconversion-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Support for unit conversion (documentation) www
  • libkf5wallet-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2+rpi1) Secure and unified container for user passwords. www
  • libkf5wayland-doc

    Bookworm:(4:5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(4:5.78.0-2) Qt library wrapper for Wayland libraries (documentation) www
  • libkf5widgetsaddons-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) documentation for kwidgetsaddons www
  • libkf5windowsystem-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) Convenience access to certain properties and features of the window manager www
  • libkf5xmlgui-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) User configurable main windows (documentation) www
  • libkf5xmlrpcclient-doc

    Bookworm:(5.103.0-1) Bullseye:(5.78.0-2) framework providing an xml rpc client library (documentation) www
  • libklatexformula4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1.0-1) Runtime libraries for klatexformula, API documentation www
  • libknet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.25-1) Bullseye:(1.20-4) kronosnet core API documentation www
  • libkryo-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.20-7) Bullseye:(2.20-6.2) object graph serialization framework for Java - doc www
  • libkxml2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.0+ds1-2.1) small XML parser, designed for small environments - docs www
  • liblablgtk-extras-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6-3) Bullseye:(1.6-2) collection of modules for OCaml/LablGtk2 applications (documentation) www
  • liblablgtk2-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.18.13-1) Bullseye:(2.18.11-1) OCaml bindings to Gtk+ version 2 (documentation) www
  • liblablgtk3-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.3-1) Bullseye:(3.1.1+official-1) OCaml bindings to Gtk+ version 3 (documentation) www
  • liblaf-plugin-java-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) Support for third-party components in Java look-and-feel libraries (doc) www
  • liblaf-widget-java-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) Java widget toolbox for look-and-feel libraries - documentation www
  • liblapack-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.0-2) Bullseye:(3.9.0-3+deb11u1) Library of linear algebra routines 3 - documentation www
  • liblemon-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1+dfsg-6) Bullseye:(1.3.1+dfsg-4) Library for Efficient Modeling and Optimization in Networks (doc) www
  • liblensfun-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-1) Bullseye:(0.3.2-6) Lens Correction library - Documentation www
  • liblgooddatepicker-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.3.0+ds-1.1) Documentation for the LGoodDatePicker library. www
  • liblightify-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0~git20160911-1) library to control OSRAM Lightify -- API documentation www
  • liblimesuite-doc

    Bookworm:(22.09.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(20.10.0+dfsg-2) liblimesuite development documentation www
  • liblinbox-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.6.3-3) LinBox Documentation www
  • liblinebreak2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1-1) line breaking library for Unicode (documentation)
  • liblizzie-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.4+dfsg1-3) Bullseye:(0.7.4+dfsg1-2) Documentation for liblizzie-java www
  • libloader-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.6.dfsg-5) Bullseye:(1.1.6.dfsg-4.1) Java general purpose resource loading framework -- documentation www
  • liblog4ada-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1.b6dafb49-11) Bullseye:(1.3.1.b6dafb49-5) Ada library for flexible logging (documentation) www
  • liblog4c-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4-3) Bullseye:(1.2.4-2) C library for flexible logging (documentation) www
  • liblog4cplus-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.8-1) Bullseye:(2.0.5-3) C++ logging API modeled after the Java log4j API - doxygen documentation www
  • liblog4cpp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-3) Bullseye:(1.0-2.1) C++ library for flexible logging (documentation) www
  • liblog4cxx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-1) Bullseye:(0.11.0-2) Documentation for log4cxx www
  • liblog4j1.2-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.17-11) Bullseye:(1.2.17-10+deb11u1) Documentation for liblog4j1.2-java www
  • liblog4shib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-2) log4j-style configurable logging library for C++ (API docs) www
  • liblog4tango-doc

    Bookworm:(9.3.4+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(9.3.4+dfsg1-1) logging for TANGO - documentation www
  • liblogback-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.2.11-3) Bullseye:(1:1.2.3-6) flexible logging library for Java - documentation www
  • liblognorm-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.6-4) log normalizing library - developer documentation www
  • libloki-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-5) Bullseye:(0.1.7-4) C++ library of generic design patterns (documentation) www
  • liblomiri-api-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-1) Bullseye:(0.1.1-4) API for Lomiri shell integration (documentation) www
  • liblomiri-download-manager-client-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.1.0-8) QT library for Lomiri Download Manager - client documentation files www
  • liblouisutdml-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.0-2) Bullseye:(2.9.0-1) Braille UTDML translation library - java bindings documentation www
  • liblscp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.8-1) Bullseye:(0.6.0-1) Documentation for LinuxSampler Control Protocol library www
  • libltc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.2-1) Bullseye:(1.3.1-1) Documentation for libltc www
  • libltcsmpte-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.4-1) Documentation for libltcsmpte www
  • libluabind-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.1+git20150823+dfsg-3) luabind c++ binding for Lua: documentation files www
  • liblucene++-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.8-6) Bullseye:(3.0.8-4) Reference manual for Lucene++ www
  • liblunar-calendar-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Chinese Lunar Calendar widget for GTK+ API documents www
  • liblunar-date-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.4.0-8) Chinese Lunar library based on GObject - API documents www
  • liblutok-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4+dfsg-4) lightweight C++ API library for Lua -- documentation www
  • liblwip-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.3+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(2.1.2+dfsg1-8+deb11u1) small implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite - documentation www
  • liblwjgl-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.3+dfsg-6) Bullseye:(2.9.3+dfsg-5) Lightweight Java Game Library (javadoc) www
  • liblzma-doc

    Bookworm:(5.4.1-0.2) Bullseye:(5.2.5-2.1~deb11u1) XZ-format compression library - API documentation www
  • libmac-widgets-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10.0+svn416-dfsg1-3) documentation for libmac-widgets-java www
  • libmail-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.5-2) Bullseye:(1.6.5-1) JavaMail API Reference Implementation (documentation) www
  • libmama-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( message oriented middleware - API documentation (MAMA) www
  • libmamda-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( message oriented middleware - API documentation (MAMA) www
  • libmapsforge-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.0+dfsg.1-2) Bullseye:(0.15.0+dfsg.1-1) vector map library and writer (documentation) www
  • libmatchbox-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12+git20170224-2) shared library for Matchbox Project applications [documentation] www
  • libmate-desktop-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.0-2) Bullseye:(1.24.1-2) Library with common API for various MATE modules (documentation files) www
  • libmate-panel-applet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.27.0-1) Bullseye:(1.24.1-1) library for MATE Panel applets (documentation files) www
  • libmatemixer-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.0-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.24.1-1) Mixer library for MATE Desktop (documentation files) www
  • libmatio-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.23-2) Bullseye:(1.5.19-2) MATLAB MAT File I/O Library - documentation files www
  • libmatrixssl1.8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.8-1) small SSL library optimized for embedded systems (documentation)
  • libmatthew-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-2) Bullseye:(0.8.1-1.1) API documentation for the libmatthew-java libraries www
  • libmaven-embedder-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.4-3) Documentation for Maven Embedder www
  • libmaven-file-management-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.0-1) Documentation for Maven File Management API www
  • libmaven-repository-builder-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-3) Documentation for Maven Repository Builder www
  • libmaven-shared-incremental-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-3) Maven incremental build utilities (documentation) www
  • libmaven-shared-jar-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-3) Documentation for Maven JAR Utilities www
  • libmaven-shared-utils-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.4-1) Bullseye:(3.3.0-1+deb11u1) Replacement for plexus-utils in Maven (documentation) www
  • libmaven2-core-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.1-29) API documentation for Maven2 www
  • libmbedtls-doc

    Bookworm:(2.28.3-1) Bullseye:(2.16.9-0.1) lightweight crypto and SSL/TLS library - documentation www
  • libmbim-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.28.2-1) Bullseye:(1.24.6-0.1) API documentation for the MBIM protocol library www
  • libmckoisqldb-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.6-4) Bullseye:(1.0.6-3) Documentation for Mckoi SQL Database (MckoiSQLDB) www
  • libmcs-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.2-4) documentation files for libmcs1 www
  • libmdds-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-1) Bullseye:(1.7.0-1) Multi Dimension Data structure library -- documentation www
  • libmed-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0+repack-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(4.1.0+repack-2) Documentation for the MED-fichier library www
  • libmediaart-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.6-1) Bullseye:(1.9.4-3) media art extraction and cache management library - documentation www
  • libmediainfo-doc

    Bookworm:(23.04+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(20.09+dfsg-2) library for reading metadata from media files -- documentation www
  • libmediastreamer-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.1.64+dfsg-3) Voice and video streaming engine for telephony (documentation) www
  • libmemphis-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.3-2) A map-rendering library for OpenStreetMap (Documentation) www
  • libmenu-cache-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.0-1.1) LXDE implementation of the freedesktop Menu's cache (docs) www
  • libmetis-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.1.0.dfsg-7) Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering. Documentation www
  • libmia-2.4-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.7-11) Bullseye:(2.4.7-7) library for 2D and 3D gray scale image processing, documentation www
  • libmialm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.9-3) Documentation for the MIA landmark library www
  • libmicroba-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1: Documentation for libmicroba-java www
  • libmimetic-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.8-10) Bullseye:(0.9.8-9) C++ MIME library (documentation) www
  • libmina-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.7.dfsg-13) Java network application framework - documentation www
  • libminlog-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.0-1.1) minimal Java logging library - doc www
  • libmission-control-plugins-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:5.16.5-2) management daemon for Telepathy (documentation for plugins) www
  • libmkldnn-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0~beta4-1) Intel Math Kernel Library for Deep Neural Networks (doc) www
  • libmlpost-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9-2) Bullseye:(0.8.2-4) Objective Caml interface to Metapost (doc) www
  • libmm-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.20.4-1) Bullseye:(1.14.12-0.2) D-Bus service for managing modems - library documentation www
  • libmockobjects-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.09-6) Framework for developing and using mock objects -- documentation www
  • libmongo-client-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.8-4) Documentation for the alternate C driver for MongoDB www
  • libmongoc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.23.1-1) Bullseye:(1.17.6-1) MongoDB C client library - documentation www
  • libmongocxx-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.3-1) MongoDB C++ client library - documentation www
  • libmpdclient-doc

    Bookworm:(2.20-1) Bullseye:(2.19-1) client library for the Music Player Daemon (API documentation) www
  • libmpdec-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.1-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.5.1-1+rpi1) library for decimal floating point arithmetic (documentation) www
  • libmpfi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3+ds-6) Bullseye:(1.5.3+ds-5) multiple precision floating-point interval computation library -- doc www
  • libmpfr-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0-1) Bullseye:(4.1.0-3) multiple precision floating-point computation documentation www
  • libmptcpd3-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12-1) Multipath TCP Daemon Library - documentation www
  • libmseed-doc

    Bookworm:(2.19.8-1) Bullseye:(2.19.6-1) seed data records manipulation library (documentation and example files) www
  • libmsgpack-cxx-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.3-1) binary-based efficient object serialization library (docs) www
  • libmsgpack-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-3) Bullseye:(3.3.0-4) binary-based efficient object serialization library (docs) www
  • libmspack-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11-1) Bullseye:(0.10.1-2) library for Microsoft compression formats (documentation) www
  • libmspub-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.4-3) library for parsing the mspub file structure -- documentation www
  • libmtj-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.14+dfsg-7) Java library for developing numerical applications (documentation) www
  • libmtp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.20-1) Bullseye:(1.1.17-3) Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) library documentation www
  • libmusicbrainz5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.1.0+git20150707-10) Library to access the MusicBrainz.org database (developer documentation) www
  • libmwaw-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.21-1) Bullseye:(0.3.17-1) import library for some old Mac text documents -- documentation www
  • libmx-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.99.4-1) toolkit for the Moblin user experience (documentation) www
  • libmypaint-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) brush library for mypaint - documentation www
  • libmysql++-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.5-2.1) Bullseye:(3.2.5-2) MySQL C++ library bindings (documentation and examples) www
  • libnacore-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-3.1) Bullseye:(0.5.1-3) NASPRO core library (documentation) www
  • libnanoxml2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.3.dfsg-9) documentation for libnanoxml2-java www
  • libnative-platform-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.14-5) testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy - Docs www
  • libnekohtml-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.22.noko2-0.1) Bullseye:(1.9.22-1.1) NekoHTML - HTML parser for Java (Documentation) www
  • libnet-cpp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.2.1+dfsg1-6) Documentation files for libnet-cpp-dev www
  • libnet1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.6+dfsg-3.2) Bullseye:(1.1.6+dfsg-3.1) developers documentation files for libnet www
  • libnetcdf-c++4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.1-4) Bullseye:(4.3.1-3) NetCDF C++ API documentation www
  • libnetcdff-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.0+really4.5.4+ds-3) Bullseye:(4.5.3+ds-2) NetCDF Fortran documentation www
  • libnetconf2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.24-3) Bullseye:(1.1.16-1.1) NETCONF protocol library [docs] www
  • libnetfilter-conntrack-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.9-3) Bullseye:(1.0.8-3) Documentation files for libnetfilter-conntrack3 www
  • libnetfilter-cthelper-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-3) Documentation files for libnetfilter-cthelper0 www
  • libnetfilter-cttimeout-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-4) Documentation files for libnetfilter-cttimeout1 www
  • libnetfilter-log-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-3) Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) Documentation files for libnetfilter-log1 www
  • libnetfilter-queue-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-3) Bullseye:(1.0.5-2) Documentation files for libnetfilter-queue1 www
  • libnewlib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.0-1.3) Bullseye:(3.3.0-1) C library and math library intended for use on embedded systems (doc) www
  • libnfft3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.2-2) documentation for the NFFT library www
  • libnfo-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) developer documentation for libnfo www
  • libnftnl-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4-2) Bullseye:(1.1.9-1) Doxygen-generated documentation for libnftnl-dev www
  • libnghttp2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.52.0-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.43.0-1+deb11u1) library implementing HTTP/2 protocol (documentation) www
  • libngs-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.3+dfsg-6~deb12u1) Next Generation Sequencing language Bindings (Java documentation) www
  • libnice-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.21-1) Bullseye:(0.1.16-1) ICE library (documentation) www
  • libnifti-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-9) Bullseye:(3.0.1-8) NIfTI library API documentation www
  • libnini-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.0+dfsg.2-5.1) CLI library for managing configuration files (Documentation) www
  • libnjb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.7~dfsg0-4.1) Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox library documentation www
  • libnl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-8) API documentation for libnl www
  • libnl2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0-1) API documentation for libnl2 www
  • libnma-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.6-1) NetworkManager GUI library - reference docs www
  • libnorm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.9+dfsg-2) NACK-Oriented Reliable Multicast (NORM) library (documentation) www
  • libnot-yet-commons-ssl-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.15-3) Documentation for Not-yet-commons-SSL www
  • libnotify-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-1) Bullseye:(0.7.9-3) sends desktop notifications to a notification daemon (Documentation)
  • libnunit-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.4+dfsg-1.1) Unit test framework for CLI - Documentation www
  • liboakleaf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.1-3) Robust statistical estimates library (documentation) www
  • liboasis-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.11-2) Bullseye:(0.4.11-1) Architecture for building OCaml libraries and applications www
  • liboasis3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.mct+dfsg.121022-16) Bullseye:(3.mct+dfsg.121022-15) Documentation and Examples for the OASIS climate model coupler www
  • libocamlgraph-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-3) Bullseye:(1.8.8-1.1) documentation for the OCamlgraph library www
  • libocamlnet-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.9-1) Bullseye:(4.1.8-2) OCaml application-level Internet libraries - documentation and examples www
  • libocamlviz-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.01-6) Bullseye:(1.01-5) real-time profiling tools for Objective Caml (documentation) www
  • libocct-doc

    Bookworm:(7.6.3+dfsg1-7+rpi1) Bullseye:(7.5.1+dfsg1-2+rpi1) Open CASCADE Technology CAE platform documentation www
  • libocxl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1.0-1.1) Documentation files for development with libocxl www
  • libodil-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.2-2) Bullseye:(0.12.1-1) C++11 library for the DICOM standard (documentation) www
  • libodsstream-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-2) Bullseye:(0.7.11-1) doxygen documentation of the ODSstream library www
  • libofx-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.10.9-1) Bullseye:(1:0.9.15-3) documentation for libofx7 www
  • libognl-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.3-7) Java expression language - Documentation www
  • liboil0.3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.17-2) Library of Optimized Inner Loops (documentation) www
  • libokio-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.16.0-2) Modern I/O API for Java - Documentations www
  • libolap4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-2) unified Java API to access an OLAP server - documentation www
  • libomp-11-doc

    Bookworm:(1:11.1.0-6+rpi2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.1-2+rpi1) LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation www
  • libomp-13-doc

    Bookworm:(1:13.0.1-11+rpi1+b1) Bullseye:(1:13.0.1-6~deb11u1+rpi1) LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation www
  • libomp-14-doc

    Bookworm:(1:14.0.6-12+rpi1) LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation www
  • libomp-15-doc

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.6-4+rpi1+b1) LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation www
  • libomp-16-doc

    Bookworm:(1:16.0.6-15~deb12u1) Bullseye:(1:16.0.6-15~deb11u2) LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation www
  • libomxil-bellagio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.3-8) Bullseye:(0.9.3-6) Documentation of the Bellagio OpenMAX IL www
  • liboop-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-2.1) Event loop management library - documentation www
  • libopenbabel-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.1+dfsg-9) Bullseye:(3.1.1+dfsg-6) Chemical toolbox library (documentation) www
  • libopencc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.6+ds1-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.1.1+git20200624+ds2-10+rpi1) simplified-traditional Chinese conversion library - document www
  • libopenexr-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.5-5) documentation and examples for the OpenEXR image format www
  • libopenimageio-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Library for reading and writing images - documentation www
  • libopenjfx-java-doc

    Bookworm:(11.0.11+1-3) Bullseye:(11.0.11+0-1) JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java (Javadoc) www
  • libopenmesh-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0-4) Tools for representing and manipulating polygonal meshes www
  • libopenmpt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.9-1) Bullseye:(0.4.11-1) module music library based on OpenMPT -- documentation www
  • libopenshot-audio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(0.2.0+dfsg1-4) documentation for the OpenShot audio library www
  • libopenshot-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.7+dfsg1-4) Bullseye:(0.2.5+dfsg1-4) documentation for the OpenShot video library www
  • libopenusb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.11-2.1) alternative userspace USB programming library www
  • libopenvas-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(9.0.3-1.1) remote network security auditor - libraries documentation www
  • libopenvdb-doc

    Bookworm:(10.0.1-1) Bullseye:(7.1.0-2) Sparse Volume Processing toolkit - doc www
  • libopenvlbi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.23.5-2) OpenVLBI Correlator - documentation www
  • libopenzwave-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.1914+ds-1) Bullseye:(1.6.1545+ds-2) documentation for the openzwave library www
  • libopm-common-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10+ds-4) Tools for Eclipse reservoir simulation files -- documentation www
  • libopm-grid-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10+ds-3) DUNE grid implementations for reservoir simulation -- documentation www
  • libopm-material-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10+ds-1) Material properties framework for porous media -- documentation www
  • libopm-models-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10+ds-1) C++ simulation framework for porous media flow -- documentation www
  • libopm-simulators-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10+ds-2) Open porous media / reservoir simulators -- documentation www
  • libopm-upscaling-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10+ds-4) Porous media upscaling tools -- documentation www
  • liboptions-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.20120113-3) command line option parsing library for Java (documentation)
  • libopus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-3) Bullseye:(1.3.1-0.1) libopus API documentation www
  • libopusenc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.1-2) High-level API for encoding Opus audio streams (documentation) www
  • libopusfile-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12-4) Bullseye:(0.9+20170913-1.1) libopusfile API documentation www
  • liborc-0.4-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.4.33-2) Bullseye:(1:0.4.32-1) Library of Optimized Inner Loops Runtime Compiler (documentation) www
  • liborcus-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.2-2) Bullseye:(0.16.1-3) library for processing spreadsheet documents - documentation www
  • liboro-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.8a-14) Regular expression library for Java -- documentation www
  • libortools-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2+ds-6) Google Optimization Tools (library documentation) www
  • libortp-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.1.64-2) Bullseye:(1:4.4.13-2) oRTP API documentation www
  • libosd-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-2) Bullseye:(3.4.3-3) high performance subdivision surface (subdiv) library - documentation www
  • libosgi-annotation-java-doc

    Bookworm:(8.1.0-1) Bullseye:(7.0.0-2) Javadoc for Java OSGi API - annotation module www
  • libosgi-compendium-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.0.0-1) Javadoc for Java OSGi API - Compendium module www
  • libosgi-core-java-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.0-2) Bullseye:(7.0.0-2) Javadoc for Java OSGi API - Core module www
  • libosl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-4) Bullseye:(0.8.0-3) library for Shogi playing programs www
  • libosmium2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.19.0-1) Bullseye:(2.16.0-1) C++ framework for working with OSM data files - documentation www
  • libosmo-sigtran-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0+dfsg1-3) Bullseye:(1.3.0+dfsg1-3) Documentation for the Osmocom SIGTRAN library www
  • libosmocodec-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Documentation for the osmo codec library www
  • libosmocoding-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Documentation for the osmo coding library www
  • libosmocore-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Documentation for the Osmo Core library www
  • libosmoctrl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Documentation for the Osmocom CTRL library www
  • libosmogsm-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Documentation for the Osmo GSM utility library www
  • libosmovty-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-3) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Documentation for the Osmo VTY library www
  • libostree-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.7-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(2020.8-2+rpi1+deb11u1) Development documentation for the libostree library www
  • libow-util-ant-tasks-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.2-4) ObjectWeb utility Ant tasks library (API docs) www
  • libowasp-antisamy-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.3+dfsg-1.1) Documentation for OWASP AntiSamy www
  • libpal-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.1+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(1.5.1+dfsg-6) Phylogenetic Analysis Library - documentation www
  • libpam-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.2-6+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.4.0-9+deb11u1) Documentation of PAM www
  • libpam-python-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0~git20220701.1d4e111-0.3) Bullseye:(1.0.9-2) Documentation for the bindings provided by libpam-python www
  • libpam4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-3) Documentation for Java binding for libpam.so www
  • libpanel-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) IDE paneling library for GTK - documentation www
  • libpango1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.50.12+ds-1) Bullseye:(1.46.2-3) Documentation files for the Pango www
  • libpangomm-1.4-doc

    Bookworm:(2.46.3-1) Bullseye:(2.42.1-1) C++ Wrapper for pango (documentation) www
  • libpangomm-2.48-doc

    Bookworm:(2.50.1-2) C++ Wrapper for pango (documentation) www
  • libpaperclips-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4-3) Documentation for libpaperclips-java www
  • libpappsomspp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.6-1) Bullseye:(0.8.15-1) C++ library to handle mass spectrometry data (developer documentation) www
  • libparanamer-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8-6) Bullseye:(2.8-5) Java library to access method parameter names at runtime -- docs www
  • libparlatype-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1-2) Bullseye:(2.1-1) Documentation files for the Parlatype library www
  • libparsington-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-1.1) documentation for parsington www
  • libpcl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.0+dfsg-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.11.1+dfsg-1) Point Cloud Library - documentation www
  • libpdfbox-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.8.16-2) PDF library for Java (documentation) www
  • libpeas-doc

    Bookworm:(1.34.0-1+b1) Bullseye:(1.28.0-2) Application plugin library (documentation) www
  • libpentaho-reporting-flow-engine-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.4-5.1) report library for java documentation www
  • libperl4caml-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.5-5.1) Use Perl code in OCaml programs, documentation www
  • libpgpainless-cli-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.16-1) Stateless OpenPGP Protocol with PGPainless - runtime library - docs www
  • libpgpainless-core-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.16-1) Easy to use OpenPGP library - docs www
  • libpgpainless-sop-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.16-1) Stateless OpenPGP Protocol with PGPainless - library - docs www
  • libpicard-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.27.5+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.24.1+dfsg-1) Documentation for the java picard library www
  • libpicocontainer-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.15+repack-3) Bullseye:(2.15+repack-2) Java library implementing the Dependency Injection pattern -- docs www
  • libpirl-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.8-2) PIRL Java Packages Documentation www
  • libpixelmed-java-doc

    Bookworm:(20220618+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(20200416-4) DICOM implementation containing Image Viewer and a ECG Viewer - doc www
  • libplank-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.89-4) Bullseye:(0.11.89-3) Library to build an elegant, simple, clean dock (documentation) www
  • libplayerctl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-2) Bullseye:(2.3.1-1) utility to control media players via MPRIS (documentation) www
  • libplb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5~r1+repack1-5) CFD solver based on the lattice Boltzmann method. Documentation www
  • libplexus-classworlds2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.5.2-1) Class loading utilities for the Plexus framework - documentation www
  • libplexus-cli-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-7) Documentation for Plexus CLI www
  • libplexus-utils-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.5.15-5) API Documentation for plexus-utils www
  • libplexus-utils2-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.2-1) Bullseye:(3.3.0-1) utilities for the Plexus framework - documentation www
  • libplexus-velocity-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-3.1) API Documentation for plexus-velocity www
  • libplib-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.8.5-5) Bullseye:(1:1.8.5-3.2) Portability Libraries: documentation and examples www
  • libplist-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.0-6) Library for handling Apple binary and XML property lists - docs www
  • libplotmm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.2-2) Plotmm documentation www
  • libpng-sixlegs-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0-3) Documentation for Sixlegs Java PNG Decoder www
  • libpoco-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.6-1.1) Documentation for POCO - The C++ Portable Components www
  • libpolyglot-maven-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8~tobrien+git20120905-10) modules to enable Maven usage in others JVM languages - docs www
  • libpomp2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.7-2) Bullseye:(2.0.5-2) OpenMP Pragma And Region Instrumentor - documentation www
  • libpoppler-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(22.12.0-2) Bullseye:(20.09.0-3.1+deb11u1) PDF rendering library -- documentation for the GLib interface www
  • libportal-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-4) Flatpak portal library (documentation) www
  • libportaudio-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(18.1-7.1) Portable audio I/O - documentation www
  • libpostgresql-jdbc-java-doc

    Bookworm:(42.5.4-1) Bullseye:(42.2.15-1+deb11u1) Java database (JDBC) driver for PostgreSQL (documentation) www
  • libppl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.2-8.1) Parma Polyhedra Library: Documentation www
  • libppx-visitors-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(20210608-1) Bullseye:(20200210-3) Documentation of the visitors syntax extension for OCaml www
  • libpqxx-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.5-2) C++ library to connect to PostgreSQL (documentation) www
  • libpqxx3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1-1.1) C++ library to connect to PostgreSQL (documentation) www
  • libprelude-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.0-5) Bullseye:(5.2.0-3+deb11u1) Security Information and Events Management system [ Documentation ] www
  • libpreludedb-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.0-2) Bullseye:(5.2.0-1) Security Information and Events Management System [ Documentation ] www
  • libpresage-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-2.5) Bullseye:(0.9.1-2.2) intelligent predictive text entry platform (documentation) www
  • libprocess-cpp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-9) Bullseye:(3.0.1-8) C++11 library for handling processes (documentation) www
  • libproperties-cpp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2-7) Bullseye:(0.0.2-6) Documentation files for libproperties-cpp-dev www
  • libprotozero-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.1-1) Bullseye:(1.7.0-1) Minimalistic protocol buffer decoder and encoder in C++ - docs www
  • libpsocksxx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1.1-1) psocksxx is a C++ wrapper for POSIX sockets (documentation) www
  • libptmap-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.5-1) Documentation for ocaml-ptmap www
  • libpuma-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.3+git20221129-2) Bullseye:(1:2.3-4) C/C++/AspectC++ Scanner and Parsers www
  • libpwiz-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.18342-4) set of programs to perform proteomics data analyses (doc) www
  • libqalculate-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.1-1) Bullseye:(2.8.2-1.1) Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - documentation www
  • libqca2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.5-2) Bullseye:(2.3.2-2) API documentation for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture www
  • libqcheck-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20-1) Bullseye:(0.15-1) Documentation for ocaml-qcheck www
  • libqcustomplot-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0+dfsg1-3.1) Bullseye:(2.0.1+dfsg1-4) Qt C++ widget for plotting - documentation and examples www
  • libqdjango-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-3.3) Bullseye:(0.6.2-3) Documentation for the QDjango framework www
  • libqdox-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12.1-3) Documentation for qdox (javadoc) www
  • libqglviewer-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.0+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(2.6.3+dfsg2-9) OpenGL 3D viewer library - documentation and examples www
  • libqglviewer-headers

    Bookworm:(2.8.0+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(2.6.3+dfsg2-9) OpenGL 3D viewer library - header files www
  • libqhttpengine-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.0+dfsg1-1.1) HTTP server for Qt applications - documentation www
  • libqhull-doc

    Bookworm:(2020.2-5) Bullseye:(2020.2-3) calculate convex hulls and related structures (documentation files) www
  • libqmi-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.32.2-1) Bullseye:(1.26.10-0.1) API documentation for libqmi-glib www
  • libqpid-proton-cpp12-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(0.37.0-2) Bullseye:(0.22.0-5.1) C++ developer documentation for Qpid Proton www
  • libqpid-proton11-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(0.37.0-2) Bullseye:(0.22.0-5.1) Developer documentation for Qpid Proton www
  • libqrtr-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2-1) API documentation for libqrtr-glib www
  • libqscintilla2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.13.3+dfsg-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.11.6+dfsg-2+rpi1) API documentation for QScintilla 2 www
  • libqtest-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.2-1) Bullseye:(2.11.1-1) Documentation for ocaml-qtest www
  • libqtspell-qt5-html

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-2) Bullseye:(0.9.0-1) Spell checking for Qt5 text widgets documentation www
  • libquazip-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-3) Bullseye:(0.9.1-1) C++ wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP (documentation) www
  • libquazip1-qt5-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-1) Qt/C++ wrapper over minizip - Version 1 (Qt5) - documentation www
  • libquazip1-qt6-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-1) Qt/C++ wrapper over minizip - Version 1 (Qt6) - documentation www
  • libquickfix-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.15.1+dfsg-4) FIX protocol library - documentation www
  • libquicktime-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.2.4-14) Bullseye:(2:1.2.4-12) library for reading and writing Quicktime files (documentation) www
  • libquvi-0.9-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.4-2) Bullseye:(0.9.3-1.3) library for parsing video download links (documentation package) www
  • libqwt-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.1.4-2) Qt widgets library for technical applications (documentation) www
  • libqwtplot3d-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.7+svn191+gcc7-3) 3D plotting library based on Qt/OpenGL (documentation) www
  • libqxmpp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-2) Bullseye:(1.3.2-2) Documentation for the QXmpp library www
  • libqxp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.2-1) library for reading and converting QuarkXPress files -- documentation www
  • librandom123-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.0+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.14.0~rc2+dfsg-1) documentation and examples of parallel random numbers library www
  • librange-v3-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.0-1) Bullseye:(0.11.0-1) range algorithms, views, and actions for C++14/17/20 - documentation www
  • libraptor1-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.21-11) Documentation for the Raptor RDF parser and serializer library www
  • libraptor2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.15-4) Bullseye:(2.0.14-1.2) Documentation for the Raptor 2 RDF syntax library www
  • librasqal3-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.33-2) Bullseye:(0.9.33-0.1) Documentation for the Rasqal RDF Query library www
  • libraw-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.2-2.1) Bullseye:(0.20.2-1+deb11u1) raw image decoder library (documentation) www
  • libraw1394-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.2-2) Reference manual and documentation about libraw1394 www
  • librcc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.13+ds-2) RusXMMS Charset Conversion library (documentation) www
  • librcsb-core-wrapper-doc

    Bookworm:(1.005-11) Bullseye:(1.005-10) documentation for librcsb-core-wrapper0 www
  • libreadosm-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.1.0a+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1:1.1.0a+dfsg-1) simple library to parse OpenStreetMap files - documentation www
  • libreflectasm-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.9+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.05-4.1) library that provides reflection by using code generation - doc www
  • libregexp-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-4) Documentation for the Regular expression library www
  • librelaxngcc-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12-1.1) RELAX NG Compiler Compiler -- documentation www
  • libreoffice-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- SDK documentation www
  • libreoffice-dmaths

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Formula editing plug-in for LibreOffice Writer www
  • libreoffice-help-ca

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Catalan help www
  • libreoffice-help-cs

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Czech help www
  • libreoffice-help-da

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Danish help www
  • libreoffice-help-de

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- German help www
  • libreoffice-help-dz

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Dzongkha help www
  • libreoffice-help-el

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Greek help www
  • libreoffice-help-en-gb

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- English_british help www
  • libreoffice-help-en-us

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- English_american help www
  • libreoffice-help-es

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Spanish help www
  • libreoffice-help-et

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Estonian help www
  • libreoffice-help-eu

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Basque help www
  • libreoffice-help-fi

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Finnish help www
  • libreoffice-help-fr

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- French help www
  • libreoffice-help-gl

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Galician help www
  • libreoffice-help-hi

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Hindi help www
  • libreoffice-help-hu

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Hungarian help www
  • libreoffice-help-id

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Indonesian help www
  • libreoffice-help-it

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Italian help www
  • libreoffice-help-ja

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Japanese help www
  • libreoffice-help-km

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Khmer help www
  • libreoffice-help-ko

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Korean help www
  • libreoffice-help-nl

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Dutch help www
  • libreoffice-help-om

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Oromo help www
  • libreoffice-help-pl

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Polish help www
  • libreoffice-help-pt

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Portuguese help www
  • libreoffice-help-pt-br

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Portuguese_brazilian help www
  • libreoffice-help-ru

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Russian help www
  • libreoffice-help-sk

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Slovak help www
  • libreoffice-help-sl

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Slovenian help www
  • libreoffice-help-sv

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Swedish help www
  • libreoffice-help-tr

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Turkish help www
  • libreoffice-help-vi

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Vietnamese help www
  • libreoffice-help-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Chinese_simplified help www
  • libreoffice-help-zh-tw

    Bookworm:(4:7.4.7-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:7.0.4-4+rpi1+deb11u6) office productivity suite -- Chinese_traditional help www
  • librepo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.5-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.12.1-4) Documentation for the librepo library (common documentation) www
  • librepository-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.6-4) abstraction library for accessing hierachic bulk content -- documentation www
  • librest-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-6) Bullseye:(0.8.1-1.1) REST service access library (documentation) www
  • librobottestingframework-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.1+ds1-2) Robot Testing Framework - documentation www
  • librobust-http-client-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-4) Documentation for librobust-http-client-java www
  • librostlab-blast-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-13) Bullseye:(1.0.1-10) very fast C++ library for parsing the output of NCBI BLAST programs (doc) www
  • librostlab-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.20-12) Bullseye:(1.0.20-10) C++ library for computational biology (documentation) www
  • librsb-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( shared-memory Sparse BLAS library using the RSB matrix format (documentation) www
  • librsl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.43-1.2) HTML documentation for RSL www
  • librsvg2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.54.7+dfsg-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.50.3+dfsg-1+deb11u1) SAX-based renderer library for SVG files (documentation) www
  • librtaudio-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.0~ds1-2) Bullseye:(5.1.0~ds1-1) C++ library for realtime audio input/ouput (documentation files) www
  • librtmidi-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-3) Bullseye:(4.0.0-1) C++ library for realtime MIDI input/ouput (documentation files) www
  • librtr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-1) Bullseye:(0.7.0-1) Small extensible RPKI-RTR-Client C library - documentation www
  • libsaml-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-3) Bullseye:(3.2.0-2) Security Assertion Markup Language library (API docs) www
  • libsaxonb-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Saxon-B XSLT Processor's documentation and javadoc www
  • libsbml5-cil-doc

    Bookworm:(5.19.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.19.0+dfsg-1) System Biology Markup Language library -- CLI documentation www
  • libsbml5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.19.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.19.0+dfsg-1) System Biology Markup Language library -- documentation www
  • libsbml5-examples

    Bookworm:(5.19.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.19.0+dfsg-1) System Biology Markup Language library -- example files www
  • libsbml5-perl-doc

    Bookworm:(5.19.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.19.0+dfsg-1) System Biology Markup Language library -- Perl documentation www
  • libsc-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.1-22) Bullseye:(2.3.1-21) Scientific Computing Toolkit (documentation) www
  • libscirenderer-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.0-3) Java rendering library based on JOGL - doc www
  • libscscp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3+ds-7) Bullseye:(1.0.3+ds-6) IMCCE SCSCP C Library -- reference manual www
  • libsdbus-c++-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-5) Bullseye:(0.8.3-4) High-level C++ D-Bus library for Linux in modern C++ (documentation) www
  • libsdes4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.4-1.1) Documentation for sdes4j www
  • libsdl-gfx1.2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.25-12) Bullseye:(2.0.25-11.1) documentation files for SDL_gfx www
  • libsdl2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.26.5+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.0.14+dfsg2-3+deb11u1) Reference manual for libsdl2 www
  • libsdl2-gfx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.0.4+dfsg-3.1) documentation files for SDL2_gfx www
  • libsdo-api-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.1-1.1) Documentation for libsdo-api-java
  • libsemver-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.0-4) Documentation for Java SemVer www
  • libserd-doc

    Bookworm:(0.30.16-1) Bullseye:(0.30.10-2) lightweight RDF syntax library - documentation www
  • libserial-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-7) Bullseye:(1.0.0-5) Serial port programming in C++ -- documentation www
  • libserp-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.15.1-1.1) Documentation for libserp-java www
  • libservice-wrapper-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.51-1) Bullseye:(3.5.30-3) Jar daemon wrapper (javadoc files) www
  • libservlet-api-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.0.1-2) Java Servlet API (documentation) www
  • libservlet2.5-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.0.45+dfsg-1) Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1 Java API documentation www
  • libservlet3.0-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.0.78-1) Servlet 3.0 and JSP 2.2 Java API documentation www
  • libsezpoz-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12-1) Documentation for SezPoz www
  • libsfml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.5.1+dfsg-1) Simple and Fast Multimedia Library - Documentation www
  • libshevek-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-1) library of useful functions written by shevek www
  • libshibsp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.2.2+dfsg1-1) Federated web single sign-on system (API docs) www
  • libshumate-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-2) GTK4 widgets for embedded maps - documentation www
  • libsidplayfp-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.2-1) Bullseye:(2.0.5-2) library to play Commodore 64 music based on libsidplay2 (documentation) www
  • libsigc++-2.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.0-1) Bullseye:(2.10.4-2) type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - reference documentation www
  • libsigc++-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.0-1) type-safe Signal Framework for C++ - reference documentation www
  • libsignon-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(8.61-1) Bullseye:(8.60-4) Single Sign On framework - plugins documentation www
  • libsignon-qt-doc

    Bookworm:(8.61-1) Bullseye:(8.60-4) Single Sign On framework - documentation for Qt API www
  • libsigx-2.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.2-5) interthread communication for C++ - reference documentation www
  • libsilly-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.0-8.1) simple image loading library (documentation) www
  • libsimple-http-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1.21-1.1) Documentation for libsimple-http-java www
  • libsitemesh-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.1+dfsg-7) documentation for libsitemesh-java www
  • libslicot-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0+20101122-4) numerical algorithms from systems and control theory (documentation) www
  • libsm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2:1.2.3-1) documentation for the X Session Management protocol and library www
  • libsmbios-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.3-1) Access to (SM)BIOS information in an OS-indepent way (docs) www
  • libsnpeff-java-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1+d+dfsg-3) Documentation for Snp Effect www
  • libsnpsift-java-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1+dfsg2-2) Documentation for SnpSift www
  • libsoapysdr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-3) Bullseye:(0.7.2-2) SoapySDR library development documentation www
  • libsocketcan-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.12-1) library to control some basic functions in SocketCAN from userspace www
  • libsolv-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.23-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.7.17-1+deb11u1) dependency solver using a satisfiablility algorithm (documentation files) www
  • libsop-java-java-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-1) Stateless OpenPGP Protocol API and CLI for Java - docs www
  • libsop-java-picocli-java-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-1) Stateless OpenPGP Protocol API and CLI for Java - picocli wrapper docs www
  • libsord-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16.14+git221008-1) Bullseye:(0.16.8-2) library for storing RDF data in memory (documentation) www
  • libsoup-3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.2-2) HTTP library implementation in C -- API Reference www
  • libsoup2.4-doc

    Bookworm:(2.74.3-1) Bullseye:(2.72.0-2) HTTP library implementation in C -- API Reference www
  • libspandsp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.6+dfsg-2) Documentation for the spandsp signal processing library www
  • libspark-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-3) Java package to draw sparklines (documentation) www
  • libsphde-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-5) Bullseye:(1.4.0-2) Shared Persistent Heap Data Environment library documentation files www
  • libsphinxbase-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8+5prealpha+1-16) Bullseye:(0.8+5prealpha+1-12) Speech recognition tool - development documentation www
  • libspin-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5+dfsg-9) Bullseye:(1.5+dfsg-8.1) transparent threading solution for non-freezing Swing applications (docs) www
  • libspng-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.3-3) simple, modern libpng alternative - documentation www
  • libspock-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7-groovy-2.0-4) testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy - Docs www
  • libspring-ldap-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.1.RELEASE-5) documentation for libspring-ldap-java www
  • libsprng2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0a-13) SPRNG Scalable Parallel RNG library -- documentation package www
  • libsqljet-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.10-2) API documentation for libsqljet-java www
  • libsrt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.1-1) Bullseye:(1.4.2-1.3) Secure Reliable Transport UDP streaming library (documentation) www
  • libsrtp2-docs

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-3) Bullseye:(2.3.0-5) Secure RTP (SRTP) and UST Reference Implementations - documentation www
  • libssh-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.6-0+deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.9.8-0+deb11u1) tiny C SSH library - Documentation files www
  • libssl-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.11-1~deb12u2) Bullseye:(1.1.1w-0+deb11u1) Secure Sockets Layer toolkit - development documentation www
  • libstarlink-ast-doc

    Bookworm:(9.2.9+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(9.2.3+dfsg-1) Handle World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy (documentation) www
  • libstarlink-pal-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.10-1) Bullseye:(0.9.8-1) Positional Astronomy Library (documentation) www
  • libstaroffice-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.7-1) Import filter library to import all StarOffice documents -- documentation www
  • libstatgen-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.15-6) Bullseye:(1.0.14-7) documentation files for the libStatGen www
  • libstax-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-4) Javadoc API for libstax-java www
  • libstaxutils-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20110309+svn238-1) a set of utility classes to integrate StAX into existing XML (documentation) www
  • libstdc++-10-doc

    Bookworm:(10.4.0-7+rpi1) Bullseye:(10.2.1-6+rpi1) GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files) www
  • libstdc++-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.3.0-12+rpi1) GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files) www
  • libstdc++-12-doc

    Bookworm:(12.2.0-14+rpi1) GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files) www
  • libstdc++-7-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.5.0-6+rpi1) GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files) www
  • libstdc++-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.0-7+rpi1) GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files) www
  • libstdc++-9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(9.3.0-22+rpi1) GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files) www
  • libstxxl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.1-3) Documentation for STXXL www
  • libsuitesparse-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.12.0+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1:5.8.1+dfsg-2) libraries for sparse matrices computations (documentation) www
  • libsunflow-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.07.2.svn396+dfsg-18) rendering system for photo-realistic image synthesis (javadoc) www
  • libsuper-csv-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-3) Bullseye:(2.4.0-2) Documentation for Super CSV library for Java www
  • libsuperlu-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.0+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(5.2.2+dfsg1-2) Documentation for SuperLU www
  • libsvgpp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0+dfsg1-6) Bullseye:(1.3.0+dfsg1-4) SVG-framework with parsers for various syntaxes and adapters. Documentation www
  • libsvn-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.2-4) Bullseye:(1.14.1-3+deb11u1) Developer documentation for libsvn www
  • libsvnclientadapter-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.12-3) Bullseye:(1.10.12-1.1) High-level Java API for Subversion (documentation) www
  • libsvnkit-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.3-2) Bullseye:(1.8.14-4) documentation for libsvnkit-java www
  • libswe-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.03-3) Swiss Ephemeris C library (documentation). www
  • libswing-layout-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4-4.1) Extensions to Swing layout - contains Javadoc API documentation www
  • libswingx-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.6.2-4) extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit - documentation www
  • libswingx1-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.0-1) extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit, version 1 - documentation www
  • libswtchart-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10.0-4) Chart drawing SWT component (documentation) www
  • libsysactivity-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.5-6) Retrieves statistics of the system's activity (development doc) www
  • libsystemc-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.4-2) Bullseye:(2.3.3-5) Documentation for SystemC library www
  • libt-digest-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:3.0-3) Documentation for libt-digest-java www
  • libt1-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.1.2-4) Type 1 font rasterizer library - developers documentation www
  • libtag1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13-2) Bullseye:(1.11.1+dfsg.1-3) audio meta-data library - API documentation www
  • libtagsoup-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.1+-1.1) API Documentation for TagSoup www
  • libtakari-polyglot-maven-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.6-1) modules to enable Maven usage in others JVM languages - docs www
  • libtango-doc

    Bookworm:(9.3.4+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(9.3.4+dfsg1-1) TANGO distributed control system - documentation www
  • libtasn1-doc

    Bookworm:(4.19.0-2) Bullseye:(4.16.0-2+deb11u1) Manage ASN.1 structures (documentation) www
  • libtbb-doc

    Bookworm:(2021.8.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(2020.3-1) parallelism library for C++ - documentation www
  • libtelepathy-farstream-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.2-1.1) Glue library between telepathy and farstream (documentation) www
  • libtelepathy-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24.2-0.1) Bullseye:(0.24.1-3) GLib Telepathy library (documentation) www
  • libtelepathy-logger-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.2-4) Telepathy logger service -- documentation www
  • libtemplate-glib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.36.0-1) Bullseye:(3.34.0-1) templating library for GLib - documentation www
  • libtemplates-parser-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-3) Bullseye:(21.0.0-2) Ada library to parse files and replace variables (documentation) www
  • libterralib-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3.0+dfsg.2-12.1) C++ library for Geographical Information Systems -- documentation package www
  • libtexttools-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-26) Bullseye:(2.1.0-18) Ada library for writing console applications: documentation www
  • libtggraphlayout-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(122-2) Javadoc generated API for libtggraphlayout-java www
  • libthai-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.29-1) Bullseye:(0.1.28-3) Documentation files for Thai language support library www
  • libtheora-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1+dfsg.1-16.1) Bullseye:(1.1.1+dfsg.1-15) Theora Video Compression Codec (documentation) www
  • libtiff-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.0-6+deb12u1) Bullseye:(4.2.0-1+deb11u5) TIFF manipulation and conversion documentation www
  • libtiger-types-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-1) Documentation for Type arithmetic library for Java5 www
  • libtiles-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.7-5) Bullseye:(3.0.7-4) Java templating framework for web application user interfaces - documentation www
  • libtimingframework-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-2) A Java framework for timing and animations (documentation) www
  • libtinyxml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.2-6+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.6.2-4+deb11u2) TinyXml library - documentation files www
  • libtk-img-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.4.14+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1:1.4.13+dfsg-1) Extended image format support for Tcl/Tk (manual pages) www
  • libtommath-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.0-6) multiple-precision integer library [documentation] www
  • libtool-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.7-5) Bullseye:(2.4.6-15) Generic library support script (documentation) www
  • libtorrent-rasterbar-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.8-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.2.9-0.3+rpi1) Documentation for libtorrent-rasterbar www
  • libtraceevent-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.7.1-1) Bullseye:(1:1.1.2-1) Linux kernel trace event library (documentation)
  • libtracefs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.4-1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) API to access the kernel tracefs directory (documentation) www
  • libtracker-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.0-1+rpi1) metadata database, indexer and search tool - API documentation www
  • libtrident-java-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) Animation library for Java applications (documentation) www
  • libtrove-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0-3) high performance collections for java www
  • libtrove3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.3-5) high performance collections for java www
  • libtruffle-dsl-processor-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6-2.1) Documentation for truffle-dsl-processor www
  • libtruffle-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6-3) Documentation for truffle www
  • libtss2-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-3) TPM2 Software stack library - documentation www
  • libtuiwidgets-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-1.1) high-level widget based toolkit for terminal applications - documentation www
  • libtypesafe-config-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.1-2.1) configuration library for JVM languages - documentation www
  • libtyxml-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.0-1) Bullseye:(4.4.0-1) typed XML in OCaml (documentation) www
  • libu1db-qt5-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-1) Qt5 binding and QtQuick2 plugin for U1DB - offline documentation www
  • libu1db-qt5-examples

    Bookworm:(0.1.7-1) Qt5 binding and QtQuick2 plugin for U1DB - examples www
  • libu2f-host-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.10-3) Documentation for the U2F host C library libu2f-host www
  • libubootenv-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-1) Bullseye:(0.3.2-0.1) Library to access U-Boot environment - document www
  • libuddi4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.5-4) Documentation for libuddi4j-java www
  • libunbescape-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.5-1.1) escape/unescape library for Java (documentation) www
  • libuncommons-maths-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.3-2) Maths library for Java - Documentations www
  • libundertow-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.21-1) Bullseye:(2.2.0-1) Documentation for Undertow www
  • libunibreak-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-2.1) line breaking library for Unicode (documentation)
  • libunicap-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.12+repack20150328.0.git2c600ae-3) unified interface to video capture devices - documentation www
  • libunique-3.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.2-3) Library for writing single instance applications - documentation www
  • libunique-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.6-6) Library for writing single instance applications - documentation www
  • libupnp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.8.4-2) Documentation for the Portable SDK for UPnP Devices, version 1.8 www
  • libupnp-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4+triplea-1.1) Java library for Universal Plug aNd Play (upnp) - doc www
  • libupnp4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.0~svn20100507-1.2) Documentation for the Portable SDK for UPnP Devices, version 1.8 www
  • libupnp6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.6.25-1) Documentation for the Portable SDK for UPnP Devices, version 1.6 www
  • liburiparser-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.9.4+dfsg-1+deb11u1) documentation files for uriparser www
  • libusb-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.0.26-1) Bullseye:(2:1.0.24-3) documentation for userspace USB programming www
  • libusb-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8+ztex20090101-9) Java wrapper for libusb (documentation) www
  • libusbgx-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.0-2) Documentation files for libusbgx www
  • libusermetrics-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-1) API documentation for libusermetrics www
  • libustr-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-6.1) Bullseye:(1.0.4-6) Micro string library: documentation www
  • libutfcpp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.3-1) Bullseye:(2.3.4-1.1) UTF8-CPP: UTF-8 with C++ - documentation www
  • libuutf-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml (documentation) www
  • libuvc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.6-2) Bullseye:(0.0.6-1.1) cross-platform library for USB video devices - documentation www
  • libvdk2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-5.6) Bullseye:(2.4.0-5.5) documentation for VDK library version 2 www
  • libvdpau-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5-2) Bullseye:(1.4-3) Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (documentation) www
  • libvecmath-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.2-7) javax.vecmath vector math package (documentation) www
  • libvelocity-tools-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0-8) collection of useful tools for Velocity template engine - documentation www
  • libviennacl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.1+dfsg1-6) ViennaCL API and user documentation www
  • libvigraimpex-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1+dfsg-11) Bullseye:(1.11.1+dfsg-8) Documentation for the C++ computer vision library www
  • libvips-doc

    Bookworm:(8.14.1-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(8.10.5-2) image processing system good for very large ones (doc) www
  • libvirt-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0.0-4) Bullseye:(7.0.0-3+deb11u2) documentation for the libvirt library www
  • libvisio-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.7-1) library for parsing the visio file structure -- documentatio www
  • libvisp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-4) Bullseye:(3.3.0-5) visual servoing library - documentation www
  • libvkd3d-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-15) Direct3D 12 to Vulkan translation - documentation www
  • libvlfeat-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.21+full-1) Bullseye:(0.9.21+dfsg0-6+deb11u1) Computer vision library focussing on visual features and clustering www
  • libvmime1-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-8) Bullseye:(0.9.2-6) C++ mail library (API documentation) www
  • libvolk2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.2-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.4.1-2+rpi1) vector optimized library documentation www
  • libvoms-api-java-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.2-6) Bullseye:(3.3.2-1+deb11u1) Virtual Organization Membership Service Java API Documentation www
  • libvpb-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.61-1.4) Bullseye:(4.2.61-1.2) Voicetronix telephony interface library documentation
  • libvpx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.0-1+deb12u2) Bullseye:(1.9.0-1+deb11u2) VP8 and VP9 video codec (API documentation) www
  • libvsqlitepp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.13-4.1) SQLite3 Wrapper for C++ -- API documentation www
  • libvte-2.90-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:0.36.3-1) Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 3.0 - documentation
  • libvte-2.91-doc

    Bookworm:(0.70.6-2~deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.62.3-1) Terminal emulator widget for GTK+ 3.0 - documentation www
  • libvte-2.91-gtk4-doc

    Bookworm:(0.70.6-2~deb12u1) Terminal emulator widget for GTK 4 - documentation www
  • libwaffle-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-2) Bullseye:(1.6.3-3) Waffle library (documentation) www
  • libwala-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.2-1) Static analysis on Java bytecode and related languages - Docs www
  • libwayland-doc

    Bookworm:(1.21.0-1) Bullseye:(1.18.0-2~exp1.1) wayland compositor infrastructure - documentation files www
  • libwebkit2gtk-4.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.42.2-1~deb12u1+rpi1) Bullseye:(2.42.2-1~deb11u1+rpi1) Web content engine library for GTK - documentation www
  • libwebsocketpp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.2-4) Bullseye:(0.8.2-3) C++/Boost Asio based websocket client/server library. Doc package www
  • libweupnp-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.4-3) Bullseye:(0.1.4-1) tiny UPnP client Java library (documentation) www
  • libwfmath-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.2+dfsg1-14) WorldForge math library - API documentation www
  • libwim-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.6-1) Bullseye:(1.13.3-1) Library for manipulating Windows Imaging files - API documentation www
  • libwmf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.12-5.1) Bullseye:( Windows metafile documentation www
  • libwnck-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.30.7-6) Window Navigator Construction Kit - documentation files www
  • libwpd-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.3-2) Bullseye:(0.10.3-1) Library for handling WordPerfect documents (documentation)
  • libwpewebkit-1.0-doc

    Bookworm:(2.38.5-1) Bullseye:(2.38.6-1~deb11u1) Web content engine for embedded devices - documentation www
  • libwpg-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.3-1) WordPerfect graphics import/convert library (documentation)
  • libwps-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.13-1) Bullseye:(0.4.12-1) Works text file format import filter library (documentation) www
  • libwreport-doc

    Bookworm:(3.35-2) Bullseye:(3.23-2) documentation for libwreport www
  • libwriter2latex-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-11) Bullseye:(1.4-10) OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter -- javadoc www
  • libwsdl4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6.3-4.1) Documentation for Java Web Services Library www
  • libwsil4j-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.0-1) Web Services Inspection Language for Java (documentation)
  • libwslay-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1.1-2) WebSocket library written in C. Documentation www
  • libwvstreams4.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.6.1-15) Documentation for WvStreams www
  • libx11-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.8.4-2+deb12u2) Bullseye:(2:1.7.2-1+deb11u2) X11 client-side library (development documentation)
  • libx265-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5-2) Bullseye:(3.4-2) H.265/HEVC video stream encoder (documentation) www
  • libxalan-c-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12-7) Bullseye:(1.12-6) XSLT processor library for C++ [development docs] www
  • libxalan2-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.2-4) Documentation and examples for the Xalan-Java XSLT processor www
  • libxapian-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.22-1) Bullseye:(1.4.18-1) Xapian search engine interface for Java (documentation) www
  • libxaw-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.0.14-1) Bullseye:(2:1.0.13-1.1) X11 Athena Widget library (documentation)
  • libxbase64-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.2-14) Bullseye:(3.1.2-13) xbase compatible C++ class library (documentation) www
  • libxbean-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.5-8) API documentation for XBean www
  • libxcb-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15-1) Bullseye:(1.14-3) X C Binding, development documentation www
  • libxenium-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.2+ds-8) Bullseye:(0.0.2+ds-3) HTML documentation for the xenium library www
  • libxerces-c-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.4+debian-1) Bullseye:(3.2.3+debian-3+deb11u1) validating XML parser library for C++ (documentation) www
  • libxerces2-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.2-1) Bullseye:(2.12.1-1) Validating XML parser for Java -- Documentation and examples www
  • libxext-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.3.4-1) Bullseye:(2:1.3.3-1.1) X11 miscellaneous extensions library (documentation)
  • libxine2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.13-1) Bullseye:(1.2.10-4) xine video player library – documentation files www
  • libxkbcommon-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.0-1) Bullseye:(1.0.3-2) library interface to the XKB compiler - documentation www
  • libxml++1.0-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.4-4) HTML interface documentation and examples for libxml++ www
  • libxml++2.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.40.1-3) HTML interface documentation and examples for libxml++ www
  • libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-11) XML entity and URI resolver library -- documentation www
  • libxml-security-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.7-3) Bullseye:(2.0.10-2+deb11u1) Documentation for Apache Santuario www
  • libxml2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.14+dfsg-1.3~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.9.10+dfsg-6.7+deb11u4) GNOME XML library - documentation www
  • libxmlada-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-3) Bullseye:(21.0.0-4) XML/Ada, a full XML suite for Ada programmers (documentation) www
  • libxmlgraphics-commons-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8-2) Bullseye:(2.4-2~deb11u1) Reusable components used by Batik and FOP (documentation) www
  • libxmlrpc3-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.3-9) XML-RPC implementation in Java (API documentation) www
  • libxmlsec1-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.37-2) Bullseye:(1.2.31-1) XML security library -- documentation www
  • libxmltooling-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.3-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.2.0-3+deb11u1) C++ XML parsing library with encryption support (API docs) www
  • libxmltooling-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.2-4) Documentation for XMLTooling-J www
  • libxom-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8-1) Bullseye:(1.2.10-1.1) Documentation for the libxom-java package www
  • libxorg-gtest-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-8) Bullseye:(0.7.1-7) X.org dummy testing environment for Google Test - documentation www
  • libxsettings-client-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17-11) Bullseye:(0.17-10) utility functions for the Xsettings protocol (Documentation) www
  • libxsimd-doc

    Bookworm:(8.1.0-7) Documentation for xsimd www
  • libxt-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.2.1-1.1) Bullseye:(1:1.2.0-1) X11 toolkit intrinsics library (documentation)
  • libxtst-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.2.3-1.1) Bullseye:(2:1.2.3-1) X11 Record extension library (documentation)
  • libyajl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-3+deb12u2) Bullseye:(2.1.0-3+deb11u2) Yet Another JSON Library - library documentation www
  • libyaml-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.5-1) Bullseye:(0.2.2-1) Fast YAML 1.1 parser and emitter library (documentation) www
  • libyaml-snake-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.33-2) Bullseye:(1.28-1+deb11u2) Documentation for SnakeYAML www
  • libzarith-ocaml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12-1) Bullseye:(1.11-1) arithmetic and logical operations over arbitrary-precision integers (doc) www
  • libzeep-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.8-1) Bullseye:(5.0.2-3) Documentation for libzeep www
  • libzeitgeist-2.0-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.4-5) Bullseye:(1.0.3-4) library to access Zeitgeist - documentation www
  • libzeitgeist-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.18-1) library to access Zeitgeist - documentation www
  • libzemberek-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-8.4) Bullseye:(2.1.1-8.3) Zemberek documentation www
  • libzen-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.41-2) Bullseye:(0.4.38-1+deb11u1) ZenLib C++ utility library -- documentation www
  • libzeus-jscl-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.72-2) API documentation for libzeus-jscl-java www
  • libzinnia-doc

    Bookworm:(0.06-7) Bullseye:(0.06-6) documentation files for the zinnia library www
  • libzipios++-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( small C++ library for reading zip files (documents) www
  • libzita-resampler-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.8.0-2) Developers reference for libzita-resampler library www
  • libzmf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.2-1) Zoner Draw/Zebra file reading/converting library -- documentation
  • libzmq-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-16) Bullseye:(3.1.0-15.1) Documentation for ZeroMQ Java bindings (jzmq) www
  • libzookeeper-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.0-11+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.4.13-6+deb11u1) API Documentation for zookeeper www
  • libzt-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.1-4) libzt is a simple and robust unit test library for C (manual pages) www
  • libzvbi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.41-1) Bullseye:(0.2.35-18) Vertical Blanking Interval decoder (VBI) - documentation files www
  • libzycore-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-1) Zyan Core Library for C - documentation www
  • libzydis-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-1) fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library - documentation www
  • libzypp-doc

    Bookworm:(17.25.7-2.4) Bullseye:(17.25.7-1) openSUSE/SLES package management system library (documentation) www
  • lifelines-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.61-3) Bullseye:(3.0.61-2.1) documentation for lifelines, a genealogy software system www
  • lifelines-doc-sv

    Bookworm:(3.0.61-3) Bullseye:(3.0.61-2.1) swedish documentation for lifelines, a genealogy software system www
  • liggghts-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.0+repack1-9) Bullseye:(3.8.0+repack1-7) Open Source DEM Particle Simulation Software. Documentation and examples www
  • lighttpd-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.69-1) Bullseye:(1.4.59-1+deb11u2) documentation for lighttpd www
  • lilo-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:24.2-5) LInux LOader - Documentation for the classic OS boot loader www
  • lilypond-doc

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond Documentation in info format (and metapackage) www
  • lilypond-doc-html

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation www
  • lilypond-doc-html-ca

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Catalan www
  • lilypond-doc-html-cs

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Czech www
  • lilypond-doc-html-de

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in German www
  • lilypond-doc-html-es

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Spanish www
  • lilypond-doc-html-fr

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in French www
  • lilypond-doc-html-hu

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Hungarian www
  • lilypond-doc-html-it

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Italian www
  • lilypond-doc-html-ja

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Japanese www
  • lilypond-doc-html-nl

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Dutch www
  • lilypond-doc-html-pt

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Portuguese www
  • lilypond-doc-html-zh

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond HTML Documentation in Chinese www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-ca

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in Catalan www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-de

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in German www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-es

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in Spanish www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-fr

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in French www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-hu

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in Hungarian www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-it

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in Italian www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-nl

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in Dutch www
  • lilypond-doc-pdf-pt

    Bookworm:(2.24.1-2) Bullseye:(2.22.0-10) LilyPond PDF Documentation in Portuguese www
  • linux-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.69-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.10.205-2+rpi1) Linux kernel specific documentation (meta-package) www
  • linux-doc-6.1

    Bookworm:(6.1.69-1+rpi1) Linux kernel specific documentation for version 6.1 www
  • lirc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.1-7.2) Bullseye:(0.10.1-6.3) Infra-red remote control support - website and manual docs www
  • lisaac-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:0.39~rc1-3.1) Documentation for lisaac www
  • litl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.9-13) Bullseye:(0.1.9-12) Lightweight Trace Library - documentation www
  • live-boot-doc

    Bookworm:(1:20230131) Bullseye:(1:20210208) Live System Boot Components (documentation) www
  • live-config-doc

    Bookworm:(11.0.3+nmu1) Bullseye:(11.0.3) Live System Configuration Components (documentation) www
  • live-debconfig-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.0~alpha35-1) Live System Configuration Components (documentation) www
  • live-manual-epub

    Bookworm:(2:20151217.2) Bullseye:(2:20151217.1) Live Systems Documentation (epub) www
  • live-manual-html

    Bookworm:(2:20151217.2) Bullseye:(2:20151217.1) Live Systems Documentation (html) www
  • live-manual-odf

    Bookworm:(2:20151217.2) Bullseye:(2:20151217.1) Live Systems Documentation (odf) www
  • live-manual-pdf

    Bookworm:(2:20151217.2) Bullseye:(2:20151217.1) Live Systems Documentation (pdf) www
  • live-manual-txt

    Bookworm:(2:20151217.2) Bullseye:(2:20151217.1) Live Systems Documentation (txt) www
  • llvm-11-doc

    Bookworm:(1:11.1.0-6+rpi2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.1-2+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation www
  • llvm-11-examples

    Bookworm:(1:11.1.0-6+rpi2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.1-2+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples www
  • llvm-13-doc

    Bookworm:(1:13.0.1-11+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:13.0.1-6~deb11u1+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation www
  • llvm-13-examples

    Bookworm:(1:13.0.1-11+rpi1) Bullseye:(1:13.0.1-6~deb11u1+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples www
  • llvm-14-doc

    Bookworm:(1:14.0.6-12+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation www
  • llvm-14-examples

    Bookworm:(1:14.0.6-12+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples www
  • llvm-15-doc

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.6-4+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation www
  • llvm-15-examples

    Bookworm:(1:15.0.6-4+rpi1) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples www
  • llvm-16-doc

    Bookworm:(1:16.0.6-15~deb12u1) Bullseye:(1:16.0.6-15~deb11u2) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation www
  • llvm-16-examples

    Bookworm:(1:16.0.6-15~deb12u1) Bullseye:(1:16.0.6-15~deb11u2) Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples www
  • llvmlite-doc

    Bookworm:(0.39.1-2) Bullseye:(0.35.0-3) LLVM Python binding for writing JIT compilers (docs) www
  • lmbench-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0-a9+debian.1-6) Bullseye:(3.0-a9+debian.1-3) Documentation for the lmbench benchmark suite www
  • lmdb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.24-1) Lightning Memory-Mapped Database doxygen documentation www
  • lmod-doc

    Bookworm:(8.6.19-1) Lua based environment modules (documentation) www
  • loggerhead-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1+bzr541+ds-2) Bullseye:(1.19~bzr511-1) Web viewer for Breezy (documentation) www
  • loki-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( MCMC linkage analysis on general pedigrees (PS manual)
  • lomiri-action-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-3) Lomiri Action API - documentation www
  • lomiri-connectivity-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-1) Lomiri Connectivity API - documentation www
  • lomiri-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-3) Lomiri Operating Environment's Shell (documentation files) www
  • lomiri-ui-toolkit-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.5010+dfsg-1) Qt Components for Lomiri - documentation www
  • lorene-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.0~cvs20161116+dfsg-1) documentation for LORENE www
  • lout-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.39-3) Documentation on the Lout typesetting system www
  • low-memory-monitor-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1-1) Documentation of the low-memory-monitor daemon D-Bus API www
  • lp-solve-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Solve (mixed integer) linear programming problems - documentation www
  • lprng-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.8.A~rc2-3.1) lpr/lpd printer spooling system (documentation)
  • lsh-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1-13) Secure Shell v2 (SSH2) documentation www
  • ltsp-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2-1) LTSP Documentation www
  • lua-clod-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.2-3) Documentation for lua-clod www
  • lua-lace-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4-1) Documentation for lua-lace www
  • lua-luxio-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(13-1) Documentation for lua-luxio www
  • lua-rex-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.1-2) Bullseye:(2.7.2-4.1) documentation of the rex library for the Lua language www
  • lua-scrypt-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-3) Documentation for lua-scrypt www
  • lua-sql-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.0-2) Bullseye:(2.3.4-1.1) luasql documentation www
  • lua-supple-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.8-1) Documentation for lua-supple www
  • lua-tongue-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8-1) Documentation for lua-tongue www
  • lua-wsapi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.1-2) Bullseye:(1.6.1-1.1) wsapi documentation files for the Lua language www
  • lua5.1-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.5-9) Bullseye:(5.1.5-8.1) Documentation for the Lua language version 5.1 www
  • lua5.1-policy

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(33+nmu1) Lua 5.1 Debian policy www
  • lua5.2-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.4-3) Bullseye:(5.2.4-1.1) Documentation for the Lua language version 5.2 www
  • lua50-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.0.3-8.1) Documentation for the Lua 5.0 programming language www
  • luma.core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-1) doc for component library providing a Pillow-compatible drawing canvas www
  • lutefisk-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.7+dfsg-7) De novo interpretation of peptide CID spectra - documentation www
  • lv2-c++-tools-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.5-4) lv2-c++-tools documentation www
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  • m17n-docs

    Bookworm:(1.6.2-5) Bullseye:(1.6.2-2.1) multilingual text processing library - documents www
  • m4-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.19-3) Bullseye:(1.4.18-5) Documentation for GNU m4 www
  • madlib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-3) Bullseye:(1.3.0-2.2) mesh adaptation library www
  • mailfromd-doc

    Bookworm:(8.15-2) mailfromd documentation in several formats www
  • mailman3-core-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.1-5) Mailing list management system documentation www
  • mailman3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.8-2~deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.3.3-1) Mailing list management system documentation www
  • mailutils-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.15-4) Bullseye:(1:3.10-3) documentation files for GNU mailutils www
  • maint-guide

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide www
  • maint-guide-ca

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Catalan) www
  • maint-guide-de

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (German) www
  • maint-guide-es

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Spanish) www
  • maint-guide-fr

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (French) www
  • maint-guide-it

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Italian) www
  • maint-guide-ja

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Japanese) www
  • maint-guide-ru

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Russian) www
  • maint-guide-vi

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Vietnamese) www
  • maint-guide-zh-cn

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Chinese(cn)) www
  • maint-guide-zh-tw

    Bookworm:(1.2.53) Bullseye:(1.2.46) Debian New Maintainers' Guide (Chinese(tw)) www
  • make-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3-2) Documentation for the GNU version of the "make" utility www
  • malaga-doc

    Bookworm:(7.12-9) Bullseye:(7.12-7.1) Documentation for an automatic language analysis system
  • maliit-framework-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.0-3.2) docs for Maliit framework www
  • mame-doc

    Bookworm:(0.251+dfsg.1-1) Bullseye:(0.228+dfsg.1-1) Documentation for MAME www
  • man-db

    Bookworm:(2.11.2-2) Bullseye:(2.9.4-2) tools for reading manual pages www
  • man2html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6g-14) browse man pages in your web browser www
  • man2html-base

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.6g-14) convert man pages into HTML format www
  • mandoc

    Bookworm:(1.14.6-1) Bullseye:(1.14.5-1) BSD manpage compiler toolset www
  • manila-doc

    Bookworm:(1:15.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1:11.0.0-2) OpenStack shared file system as a service - Doc www
  • manpages

    Bookworm:(6.03-2) Bullseye:(5.10-1) Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux system www
  • manpages-cs

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(0.18.20090209-3) Czech man pages www
  • manpages-cs-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Czech development manpages www
  • manpages-da

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Danish man pages www
  • manpages-da-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Danish development manpages www
  • manpages-de

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) German man pages www
  • manpages-de-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) German development manpages www
  • manpages-dev

    Bookworm:(6.03-2) Bullseye:(5.10-1) Manual pages about using GNU/Linux for development www
  • manpages-el

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Greek man pages www
  • manpages-es

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Spanish man pages www
  • manpages-es-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Spanish development manpages www
  • manpages-es-extra

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8a-19.1) Spanish extra manpages www
  • manpages-fi

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Finnish man pages www
  • manpages-fr

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) French man pages www
  • manpages-fr-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) French development manpages www
  • manpages-fr-extra

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20151231+nmu1) French version of the manual pages (transitional dummy package)
  • manpages-hu

    Bookworm:(1:4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(20010119-7) Hungarian man pages www
  • manpages-id

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Indonesian man pages www
  • manpages-it

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Italian man pages www
  • manpages-it-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Italian development manpages www
  • manpages-ja

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Japanese version of the manual pages (for users) www
  • manpages-ja-dev

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Japanese version of the manual pages (for developers) www
  • manpages-mk

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Macedonian man pages www
  • manpages-nb

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Norwegian man pages www
  • manpages-nl

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Dutch man pages www
  • manpages-nl-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Dutch development manpages www
  • manpages-pl

    Bookworm:(1:4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(1:4.10.0-1) Polish man pages www
  • manpages-pl-dev

    Bookworm:(1:4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(1:4.10.0-1) Polish development manpages www
  • manpages-posix

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2017a-2) Manual pages about using POSIX system www
  • manpages-posix-dev

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2017a-2) Manual pages about using a POSIX system for development www
  • manpages-pt

    Bookworm:(20040726-8) Bullseye:(20040726-4.1) Portuguese Versions of the Manual Pages (dummy package)
  • manpages-pt-br

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Brazilian Portuguese man pages www
  • manpages-pt-br-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Brazilian Portuguese development manpages www
  • manpages-pt-dev

    Bookworm:(20040726-8) Bullseye:(20040726-4.1) Portuguese Versions of the Manual Pages (dev sections) (dummy package)
  • manpages-ro

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(4.10.0-1) Romanian man pages www
  • manpages-ru

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Bullseye:(0.98-4) Russian man pages www
  • manpages-ru-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Russian development manpages www
  • manpages-sr

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Serbian man pages www
  • manpages-sv

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Swedish man pages www
  • manpages-tr

    Bookworm:(2.0.6-2) Bullseye:( Turkish version of the manual pages www
  • manpages-uk

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Ukrainian man pages www
  • manpages-uk-dev

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Ukrainian development manpages www
  • manpages-vi

    Bookworm:(4.18.1-1) Vietnamese man pages www
  • manpages-zh

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Chinese manual pages www
  • mapnik-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0+ds-3) Bullseye:(3.1.0+ds-1) C++ toolkit for developing GIS applications (doc) www
  • mapnik-reference

    Bookworm:(8.10.0-3) Bullseye:(8.10.0-2) Parseable specifications of mapnik - Node.js module www
  • mapproxy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.1-2) Bullseye:(1.13.0-1) open source proxy for geospatial data - documentation www
  • mapserver-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.0-3) Bullseye:(7.6.2-1) documentation for MapServer www
  • maradns-docs

    Bookworm:(2.0.13-1.4) Bullseye:(2.0.13-1.4+deb11u1) upstream documentation for the MaraDNS Domain Name Service server www
  • maria-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.5-4.1) documentation of Maria www
  • masakari-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.2-2) OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - doc www
  • masakari-monitors-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.0-1.1) OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - doc www
  • mash-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.2.2+dfsg-1) documentation for Mash www
  • massxpert-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.0-2) Bullseye:(6.0.2-1) polymer chemistry modelling and mass spectrometry data simulation (doc) www
  • maxima-doc

    Bookworm:(5.46.0-11) Bullseye:(5.44.0-3) Computer algebra system -- documentation
  • maxima-sage-doc

    Bookworm:(5.45.1-2) Bullseye:(5.44.0-1) Computer algebra system -- documentation www
  • mcl-doc

    Bookworm:(1:22-282+ds-2) Bullseye:(1:14-137+ds-9) documentation for mcl www
  • mcollective-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.5+dfsg-1.1) Bullseye:(2.12.5+dfsg-1) Marionette Collective clustering framework - documentation www
  • mcpp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.2-5) Alternative C/C++ preprocessor (manual) www
  • mdbtools-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0+dfsg-1.1) Bullseye:(0.9.1-1) Dummy package www
  • mdk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-1) Bullseye:(1.2.11-1) Documentation for the MIX Development Kit www
  • menhir-doc

    Bookworm:(20220210+ds-2) Bullseye:(20201216-1) Documentation of the Menhir parser generator for OCaml www
  • mgen-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.02.b+dfsg1-2.2) mgen user and reference guide www
  • mgm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.svn.20080520-1) HTML documentation for MGM www
  • mh-book

    Bookworm:(200605-2.2) Bullseye:(200605-2.1) MH & nmh: Email for Users & Programmers online book
  • mia-tools-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.7-11) Bullseye:(2.4.7-7) Cross-referenced documentation of the MIA command line tools www
  • micropython-doc

    Bookworm:(1.17+ds-1.1) Bullseye:(1.12-2) Documentation and examples for MicroPython - HTML format www
  • minexpert2-doc

    Bookworm:(8.6.3-1) Bullseye:(7.4.1-1) MS^n mass spectrometric data visualization and mining (doc) www
  • mir-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.1-1) Bullseye:(1.8.0+dfsg1-18) Mir Display Server - API documentation for Mir www
  • mira-doc

    Bookworm:(4.9.6-7) Bullseye:(4.9.6-5) documentation for the mira assembler www
  • mkdocs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.2+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.1.2+dfsg-1) Static site generator (documentation) www
  • mkdocs-literate-nav-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0-1) MkDocs extension to specify the navigation in Markdown (Documentation) www
  • mlpack-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.4.2-1) intuitive, fast, scalable C++ machine learning library (documentation) www
  • modem-manager-gui-help

    Bookworm:(0.0.20-5) Bullseye:(0.0.20-2) GUI front-end for ModemManager / Wader / oFono - documentation www
  • modemmanager-doc

    Bookworm:(1.20.4-1) Bullseye:(1.14.12-0.2) D-Bus service for managing modems - documentation files www
  • modestmaps-js-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.6+ds2-1) display and interaction library for tile-based maps - docs www
  • monodoc-appindicator3-0.1-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(12.10.0+git20151221-5.1) compiled XML documentation for Appindicator3# www
  • monodoc-db4o-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( compiled XML documentation for db4o www
  • monodoc-gdata-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( compiled XML documentation for GData www
  • monodoc-gkeyfile-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1-5.1) compiled XML documentation for gkeyfile-sharp www
  • monodoc-gmime2.6-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.23+dfsg1-4) transitional dummy package for GMime documentation (old 2.6 version) www
  • monodoc-gtk2.0-manual

    Bookworm:(2.12.40-3.1) Bullseye:(2.12.40-3) compiled XML documentation for GTK# 2.10 www
  • monodoc-gtk3.0-manual

    Bookworm:(2.99.3-4.1) Bullseye:(2.99.3-4) compiled XML documentation for GTK# 3.0 www
  • monodoc-gudev-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1-4.1) compiled XML documentation for gudev-sharp www
  • monodoc-hexbox-manual

    Bookworm:(1.5.0-5.1) Bullseye:(1.5.0-5) Hex Edit Control for .NET developers - docs www
  • monodoc-hyena-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-4.1) compiled XML documentation for Hyena www
  • monodoc-manual

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( compiled XML documentation from the Mono project www
  • monodoc-mono-fuse-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.2+dfsg-4.1) compiled XML documentation for mono-fuse www
  • monodoc-mono-upnp-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.2-2.1) Compiled XML documentation for mono-upnp www
  • monodoc-mono-zeroconf-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.0-6.1) compiled XML documentation for mono-zeroconf www
  • monodoc-mysql-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.3-4) compiled XML documentation for the MySql.Data library www
  • monodoc-newtonsoft-json-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.0.8+dfsg-1.1) compiled XML documentation for Json.NET www
  • monodoc-notify-sharp-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4.0~r3032-7.1) compiled XML documentation for notify-sharp www
  • monodoc-notify3.0-manual

    Bookworm:(3.0.3-3.1) Bullseye:(3.0.3-3) compiled XML documentation for notify-sharp www
  • monodoc-nunit-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.4+dfsg-1.1) compiled XML documentation for NUnit - monodoc manual www
  • monodoc-opentk-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.4c+dfsg-2.1) Open Toolkit wrapper for OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL - Docs www
  • monodoc-poppler-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.3-4.1) compiled XML documentation for Poppler Sharp www
  • monodoc-soup2.4-manual

    Bookworm:(2.42.2+git20151219-3.1) Bullseye:(2.42.2+git20151219-3) compiled XML documentation for Soup# 2.4 www
  • monodoc-taglib-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( compiled XML documentation for taglib-sharp www
  • monodoc-taoframework-manual

    Bookworm:(2.1.svn20090801-15.1) Bullseye:(2.1.svn20090801-14.1) compiled XML documentation for all the Tao libraries www
  • monodoc-webkit2-sharp-4.0-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.10.9+git20160917-1.1) compiled XML documentation for WebKit# 4.0 www
  • monodoc-zeitgeist-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( compiled XML documentation for zeitgeist-sharp www
  • mopidy-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1-1) Bullseye:(3.1.1-1) extensible music server - documentation www
  • morse-simulator-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-8) Multi-OpenRobot Simulation Engine - Documentation www
  • mpb-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1-5) Bullseye:(1.11.1-3) MIT Photonic-Bands documentation www
  • mpi-specs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20040719-4) MPI 1.1 and 2.0 Specifications of MPI Forum www
  • mpich-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.2-3) Bullseye:(3.4.1-5~deb11u1) Documentation for MPICH www
  • mplayer-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.5+svn38408-1) Bullseye:(2:1.4+ds1-1+deb11u1) documentation for MPlayer www
  • mrbayes-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.7a-6) Bullseye:(3.2.7a-4) Bayesian Inference of Phylogeny - manual www
  • mricron-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.20211006+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.0.20190902+dfsg-2) data files for MRIcron www
  • mrmpi-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0~20140404-3) Implements MapReduce operation on top of standard MPI message - doc www
  • mrpt-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.5.8+ds-2) Bullseye:(1:2.1.7-2) Mobile Robot Programming Toolkit - examples www
  • mrtrix3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.3-3) Bullseye:(3.0~rc3+git135-g2b8e7d0c2-5) documentation for mrtrix3 www
  • msc-generator-doc

    Bookworm:(8.1-2) Documentation for msc-generator www
  • mtink-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.16-14) Bullseye:(1.0.16-11) Status monitor tool for Epson inkjet printers - documentation www
  • mu-editor-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3+dfsg-6) Bullseye:(1.0.3+dfsg-2) simple editor for beginner Python programmers (documentation) www
  • multiboot

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.96+20101113-3) The Multiboot specification www
  • mummer-doc

    Bookworm:(3.23+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(3.23+dfsg-7) Documentation for MUMmer www
  • munin-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.73-1) Bullseye:(2.0.67-3) network-wide graphing framework (documentation) www
  • munipack-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5.14-2) Documentation of Munipack www
  • murano-doc

    Bookworm:(1:14.0.0-3) Bullseye:(1:10.0.0-1) cloud-ready application catalog - doc www
  • music-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.16-1.1) Multi-Simulation Coordinator for MPI -- Manual www
  • muttprint-manual

    Bookworm:(0.73-11) Bullseye:(0.73-10) Manual for muttprint www
  • mydumper-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.10.1-1) High-performance MySQL backup tool - documentation www
  • mygui-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(3.2.2+dfsg-2.1) API documentations for MyGUI library www
  • myhdl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.11-1) Hardware description generating framework (common documentation) www
  • myproxy-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2.14-2) Bullseye:(6.2.6-2) Credential Management Service Documentation www
  • mypy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) Bullseye:(0.812-1) documentation for mypy www
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  • N

  • nas-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.4-7) Network Audio System - extra documentation
  • natbraille-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0rc3-14) Bullseye:(2.0rc3-10) Documentation for natbraille www
  • nauty-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.6+ds-2) Bullseye:(2.7r1+ds-2) library for graph automorphisms -- user guide www
  • nbibtex-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.18-13) Documentation of source code for nbibtex www
  • ncurses-doc

    Bookworm:(6.4-4) Bullseye:(6.2+20201114-2+deb11u2) developer's guide and documentation for ncurses www
  • ne-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.2-1) Bullseye:(3.1.2-1) documentation for the ne text editor www
  • netcdf-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.9.0-3) Bullseye:(1:4.7.4-1) Documentation for NetCDF www
  • netgen-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2.2006+really6.2.1905+dfsg-5.1) Bullseye:(6.2.2006+really6.2.1905+dfsg-2.1) Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator documentation www
  • nethack-spoilers

    Bookworm:(3.4.3+20110109-4) Bullseye:(3.4.3+20110109-3) Spoiler files for the Nethack adventure game www
  • netwag-doc

    Bookworm:(5.39.0-1.5) Bullseye:(5.39.0-1.4) documentation for netwag frontend www
  • networking-bagpipe-doc

    Bookworm:(17.0.0-3) Bullseye:(13.0.0-1) OpenStack virtual network service - BGP-based VPN - doc www
  • networking-bgpvpn-doc

    Bookworm:(17.0.0-1) Bullseye:(13.0.0-1) OpenStack virtual network service - BGP-MPLS VPN Extension - doc www
  • netwox-doc

    Bookworm:(5.39.0-1.5) Bullseye:(5.39.0-1.4) documentation for netwox toolbox www
  • neutron-doc

    Bookworm:(2:21.0.0-7) Bullseye:(2:17.2.1-0+deb11u1) OpenStack virtual network service - doc www
  • newbiedoc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.0-2.1) Debian documentation FOR newbies BY newbies www
  • nextcloud-desktop-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.3-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.1.1-2+deb11u1) Nextcloud folder synchronization - documentation www
  • nfs-ganesha-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3-2) Bullseye:(3.4-1) Documentation for nfs-ganesha www
  • nginx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.22.1-9) Bullseye:(1.18.0-6.1+deb11u3) small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server - documentation www
  • ngraph-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(6.09.07-1) Bullseye:(6.09.01-1) documents of Ngraph-gtk www
  • ngspice-doc

    Bookworm:(39.3+ds-1) Bullseye:(34+ds-1) Documentation for the NGspice circuit simulator www
  • nim-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.10-2) Bullseye:(1.4.6+really1.4.2-2) Nim programming language - documentation www
  • nlopt-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.1-5) Bullseye:(2.7.0-4) nonlinear optimization library (documentation) www
  • node-nouislider-doc

    Bookworm:(15.6.1+ds-2) lightweight JavaScript range slider (documentation) www
  • nodejs-doc

    Bookworm:(18.19.0+dfsg-6~deb12u1+rpi1) Bullseye:(12.22.12~dfsg-1~deb11u4) API documentation for Node.js, the javascript platform www
  • nordugrid-arc-nagios-plugins-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) HTML documentation for the ARC Nagios plugins www
  • normaliz-doc

    Bookworm:(3.9.4+ds-2) Bullseye:(3.8.9+ds-0.1) math computing tools for affine monoids, rational polytopes and cones - doc www
  • nova-doc

    Bookworm:(2:26.1.0-4) Bullseye:(2:22.0.1-2+deb11u1) OpenStack Compute - documentation www
  • ns2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.35+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(2.35+dfsg-3.1) docs of ns2 www
  • ns3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.37-2) Bullseye:(3.31+dfsg-3) documentation for ns3 www
  • nsis-doc

    Bookworm:(3.08-3) Bullseye:(3.06.1-1) Nullsoft Scriptable Install System documentation www
  • nted-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.18-13) Bullseye:(1.10.18-12) NtEd documentation www
  • ntfsdoc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-1) documentation about NTFS partitions format
  • ntopng-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.1+dfsg1-1) High-Speed Web-based Traffic Analysis and Flow Collection Tool (documentation) www
  • ntp-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.2.8p15+dfsg-2~1.2.2+dfsg1-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1:4.2.8p15+dfsg-1) Network Time Protocol docs (transitional package) www
  • ntpsec-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2+dfsg1-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.2.0+dfsg1-4) Network Time Protocol documentation www
  • numba-doc

    Bookworm:(0.56.4+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.52.0-4) native machine code compiler for Python (docs) www
  • nut-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.0-7) Bullseye:(2.7.4-13) network UPS tools - documentation www
  • nvi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.81.6-17) Bullseye:(1.81.6-16) 4.4BSD re-implementation of vi - documentation files www
  • nvidia-cg-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.0013-5) Cg Toolkit - GPU Shader Authoring Language (documentation) www
  • nvidia-cuda-toolkit-doc

    Bookworm:(11.8.0-5~deb12u1) Bullseye:(11.2.2-3+deb11u3) NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL documentation www
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  • O

  • oaklisp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.7-4) Bullseye:(1.3.7-2.1) Object-oriented dialect of Scheme, documentation www
  • oar-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.5.9-1) OAR batch scheduler documentation package www
  • ocaml-book-en

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-5) English book: "Developing applications with Objective Caml"
  • ocaml-book-fr

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-5) French book: "Developpement d'applications avec Objective Caml"
  • ocaml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.11-2) Documentation for OCaml www
  • ocrmypdf-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.1+dfsg1-1) Bullseye:(10.3.1+dfsg-1) add an OCR text layer to PDF files - documentation www
  • ocsigenserver-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.16.1-1) web server of the Ocsigen project (documentation) www
  • octave-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3.0-2) Bullseye:(6.2.0-1) documentation of the GNU Octave language www
  • octave-interval-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-5) Bullseye:(3.2.0-7) real-valued interval arithmetic for Octave (arch-indep files) www
  • octavia-doc

    Bookworm:(11.0.0-2) Bullseye:(7.1.0-2) OpenStack Load Balancer Service - documentation www
  • odpic-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.0-1) Oracle Database Programming Interface - documentation www
  • ofed-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.2-1) Documentation for OFED Infiniband software www
  • ogre-1.12-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.10+dfsg2-3) Bullseye:(1.12.10+dfsg2-1.2) 3D Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (documentation) www
  • ogre-1.9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.0+dfsg1-12.1) 3D Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (documentation) www
  • ohcount-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-3) Bullseye:(4.0.0-1) Source code line counter - Documentation www
  • omake-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.5-2) Bullseye:(0.10.3-2) documentation for OMake www
  • omnievents-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.6.2-6) Bullseye:(1:2.6.2-5.1+deb11u1) omniORB event service documentation www
  • opam-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-1) Bullseye:(2.0.8-1) package manager for OCaml (documentation) www
  • open3d-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16.1+ds-2) Bullseye:(0.9.0+ds-5+deb11u1) Library for 3D data processing - API documentation www
  • openafs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.9-1) Bullseye:(1.8.6-5) AFS distributed filesystem documentation www
  • opencl-1.2-html-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0~svn33624-5) OpenCL 1.2 documentation - html pages www
  • opencl-1.2-man-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0~svn33624-5) OpenCL 1.2 documentation - man pages (experimental) www
  • opencl-clhpp-headers-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0~2023.02.06-1) Bullseye:(3.0~2.0.13-1) documentation for C++ OpenCL headers www
  • openctm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.3+dfsg1-2.1) Documentation for OpenCTM library and tools www
  • opencubicplayer-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.2.101+ds-1) Bullseye:(1:0.2.2+ds-1) Documentation for UNIX port of Open Cubic Player www
  • opencv-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.0+dfsg-12+rpi1) Bullseye:(4.5.1+dfsg-5) OpenCV documentation and examples www
  • opendbx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.6-16) Bullseye:(1.4.6-15) Opendbx documentation www
  • opendnssec-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.1.12-2) Bullseye:(1:2.1.7-2) documentation for OpenDNSSEC suite www
  • opendrop-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.1-5) Bullseye:(3.1.7dev0-2) fully-featured pendant drop tensiometry software (documentation) www
  • opengl-4-html-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0~svn33624-1) OpenGL 4 documentation - html pages www
  • opengl-4-man-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0~svn33624-1) OpenGL 4 documentation - man pages (experimental) www
  • openigtlink-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.11.0-4) Open IGT Link is a simple network protocol - documentation www
  • openigtlink-examples

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.11.0-4) Open IGT Link is a simple network protocol - examples www
  • openjdk-10-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(10.0.2+13-2) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjdk-11-doc

    Bookworm:(11.0.17+8-2) Bullseye:(11.0.22+7-1~deb11u1) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjdk-12-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(12.0.2+9-1) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjdk-17-doc

    Bookworm:(17.0.10+7-1~deb12u1+rpi1) Bullseye:(17.0.10+7-1~deb11u1) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjdk-18-doc

    Bookworm:(18.0.2+9-2) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjdk-8-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8u312-b07-1+rpi1) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjdk-9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(9.0.4+12-4) OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) documentation www
  • openjpeg-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-2) JPEG 2000 image compression/decompression library www
  • openjph-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-3) HTJ2K image compression/decompression library (documentation files) www
  • openmpi-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.4-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(4.1.0-10+rpi1) high performance message passing library -- man pages www
  • openms-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.0+cleaned1-3) package for LC/MS data management and analysis - documentation www
  • openni-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( developer documentation for OpenNI frameworks
  • openni2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( developer documentation for OpenNI frameworks www
  • openpaperwork-core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-1) OpenPaperwork plugins manager - core plugins manager documentation www
  • openpaperwork-gtk-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-1) OpenPaperwork Glib/GTK plugins manager - documentation www
  • openqa-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.1674490999.b00c12673-2) automatic Operating System testing framework - documentation www
  • openrazer-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.9.0+dfsg-1) OpenRazer peripheral drivers (documentation) www
  • openscap-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.7+dfsg-1+deb12u1) libraries enabling integration of the SCAP line of standards - Documentation www
  • openscenegraph-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.5+dfsg1-8) Bullseye:(3.6.5+dfsg1-7) 3D scene graph, documentation www
  • openshot-qt-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.1+dfsg1-3) Bullseye:(2.5.1+dfsg1-1) documentation for openshot-qt www
  • openslp-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.1-11) OpenSLP documentation www
  • opensm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.23-2) Documentation for the InfiniBand subnet manager www
  • openvswitch-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-2+deb12u1) Open vSwitch documentation www
  • org-mode-doc

    Bookworm:(9.5.2-1) Bullseye:(9.4.0-2) keep notes, maintain ToDo lists, and do project planning in emacs www
  • orthanc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.1+dfsg-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.9.2+really1.9.1+dfsg-1+deb11u1) Documentation of Orthanc www
  • otrs2-doc-de

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20140509-1) Open Ticket Request System - German documentation www
  • otrs2-doc-en

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20140509-1) Open Ticket Request System - English documentation www
  • otrs2-doc-ru

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20140509-1) Open Ticket Request System - Russian documentation www
  • ovn-doc

    Bookworm:(23.03.0-1) OVN documentation www
  • owfs-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2p4+dfsg1-4.1) Bullseye:(3.2p4+dfsg1-4) Dallas 1-wire support: Documentation for owfs www
  • owncloud-apps

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0~7) third party applications for ownCloud www
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  • P

  • p11-kit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24.1-2) library for loading and coordinating access to PKCS#11 modules - documentation www
  • pacemaker-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.5-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.0.5-2) cluster resource manager HTML documentation www
  • packagekit-docs

    Bookworm:(1.2.6-5) Bullseye:(1.2.2-2) Documentation for PackageKit www
  • packaging-tutorial

    Bookworm:(0.29) Bullseye:(0.27) introduction to Debian packaging
  • pagure-doc

    Bookworm:(5.11.3+dfsg-2.1) Bullseye:(5.11.3+dfsg-1) git-centered forge using pygit2 (documentation) www
  • paml-doc

    Bookworm:(4.9j+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(4.9j+dfsg-3) Documentation for PAML www
  • panko-doc

    Bookworm:(10.0.0-2) Bullseye:(9.0.0-1) Event storage dispatcher for Ceilometer - Documentation www
  • paperwork-backend-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-1) Paperwork is a personal document manager - backend documentation www
  • paramiko-doc

    Bookworm:(2.12.0-2) Bullseye:(2.7.2-1) Make ssh v2 connections with Python (Documentation) www
  • paraview-doc

    Bookworm:(5.11.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(5.9.0-2) Parallel Visualization Application. Comprehensive documentation www
  • pari-doc

    Bookworm:(2.15.2-1) Bullseye:(2.13.1-1) PARI/GP Computer Algebra System documentation www
  • parmetis-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.3-7) Bullseye:(4.0.3-5) Parallel Graph Partitioning and Sparse Matrix Ordering Lib - Docs www
  • parrot-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.6.0-1) Parrot documentation www
  • parted-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5-3) Bullseye:(3.4-1) disk partition manipulator - documentation www
  • partimage-doc

    Bookworm:(20050720-6) Bullseye:(20050720-4.1) Partition Image User Documentation www
  • pasdoc

    Bookworm:(0.16.0-2) Bullseye:(0.15.0-2) documentation tool for Pascal source code www
  • patroni-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.2-1) Bullseye:(2.0.2-1) PostgreSQL High Availability (documentation) www
  • pcp-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.3-1.1) Bullseye:(5.2.6-1) Documentation and tutorial for the Performance Co-Pilot www
  • pd-flext-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-3) Bullseye:(0.6.1-2) Flext C++ external layer for Pd (API documentation) www
  • pdal-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.0+ds-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0+ds-1) Point Data Abstraction Library - documentation www
  • pdb2pqr-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.2+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.1.1+dfsg-7+deb11u1) example files accompanying pdb2pqr www
  • pelican-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.0.1+dfsg-1.1) blog aware, static website generator (documentation) www
  • perl-doc

    Bookworm:(5.36.0-7+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.32.1-4+deb11u3) Perl documentation www
  • perl-doc-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.26.0-4) Perl documentation suitable for viewing with a web browser www
  • perlprimer-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.4-2) Tutorial to perlprimer www
  • persistent-cache-cpp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-4) Documentation for persistent-cache-cpp-dev www
  • petsc3.18-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.5+dfsg1-1) Documentation and examples for PETSc www
  • pgbackrest-doc

    Bookworm:(2.45-1) Bullseye:(2.33-1) Documentation package for pgbackrest www
  • pgtap-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-3) Bullseye:(1.1.0-5) Unit testing framework for PostgreSQL - documentation www
  • phcpack-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.86+dfsg-4) general-purpose solver for polynomial systems (documentation) www
  • phosh-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24.0-1) Bullseye:(0.8.0-1) Pure Wayland shell for mobile devices - development documentation www
  • php-finder-facade-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.3-1) convenience wrapper for Symfony's Finder component - documentation www
  • php-mockery-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.1-2) Bullseye:(1.4.2-1) mock object framework for PHPUnit - documentation www
  • php-twig-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.1-1) Bullseye:(2.14.3-1+deb11u2) Twig template engine documentation www
  • phylip-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:3.697+dfsg-2) package of programs for inferring phylogenies (documentation) www
  • pike8.0-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.1738-1) Bullseye:(8.0.1116-1) Pike 8.0 documentation www
  • pikepdf-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.17.3+dfsg-5) Python library to read and write PDFs with QPDF - documentation www
  • pinentry-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-1) Bullseye:(1.1.0-4) documentation for pinentry packages www
  • pinfo

    Bookworm:(0.6.13-1.3) Bullseye:(0.6.13-1.1) user friendly console-based viewer for info-document www
  • pipewire-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.65-3+deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.3.19-4) libraries for the PipeWire multimedia server - documentation www
  • pique-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-6) Bullseye:(1.0-2) software pipeline for performing genome wide association studies (docs) www
  • placement-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.0.0-1) OpenStack resource inventory Placement - Documentation www
  • planner-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.91-2) Bullseye:(0.14.6-9) Documentation for planner www
  • platformio-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.3.4-1) PlatformIO (common documentation) www
  • plc-utils-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.6+git20230504.1ba7d5a0-1) Additional documentation from the Atheros Powerline toolkit www
  • plfit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.4+ds-1) fitting power-law distributions to empirical data -- doc www
  • ploticus-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.41-2) Documentation and gallery of examples for ploticus www
  • plplot-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.0+dfsg2-6) Bullseye:(5.15.0+dfsg-19) Documentation for PLplot, a plotting library www
  • plplot-examples

    Bookworm:(5.15.0+dfsg2-6) Bullseye:(5.15.0+dfsg-19) Examples for PLplot, a plotting library www
  • pluma-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.0-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(1.24.1-1) official text editor of the MATE desktop environment (documentation files) www
  • pmw-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.20-2) Bullseye:(1:4.50-1) Philip's Music Writer - Documentation www
  • png-definitive-guide

    Bookworm:(20060430-4) Bullseye:(20060430-2) PNG: The Definitive Guide www
  • pocl-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1-3+deb12u1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.6-5+rpi1) documentation for the pocl library www
  • policykit-1-doc

    Bookworm:(122-3) Bullseye:(0.105-31+deb11u1) documentation for polkit www
  • portaudio19-doc

    Bookworm:(19.6.0-1.2) Bullseye:(19.6.0-1.1) Portable audio I/O - documentation www
  • postfix-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.10-0+deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.5.24-0+deb11u1) Documentation for Postfix www
  • postgis-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.2+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(3.1.1+dfsg-1+deb11u2) Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL -- documentation www
  • postgresql-15-pgrouting-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.2-1) Routing functionality support for PostgreSQL/PostGIS (Documentation) www
  • postgresql-doc

    Bookworm:(15+248) Bullseye:(13+225+deb11u1) documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system
  • postgresql-doc-15

    Bookworm:(15.6-0+deb12u1) documentation for the PostgreSQL database management system www
  • povray-doc

    Bookworm:(1: Bullseye:(1: Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer) documentation www
  • powerline-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.3-4) Bullseye:(2.8.1-4) prompt and statusline utility (documentation) www
  • praw-doc

    Bookworm:(7.6.0-1) Bullseye:(7.1.4-1) Python Reddit API Wrapper (Documentation) www
  • primecount-doc

    Bookworm:(7.6+ds-1) fast prime number counter C/C++ library -- doc www
  • primesieve-doc

    Bookworm:(11.0+ds-2) Bullseye:(7.6+ds-1) fast prime number generator C/C++ library -- doc www
  • proftpd-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8+dfsg-4+deb12u3) Bullseye:(1.3.7a+dfsg-12+deb11u2) Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - documentation www
  • proj-ps-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.3-5.2) Bullseye:(4.3.3-5.1) PostScript docs for cartographic projection filters and library
  • proofgeneral-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.4.1~pre170114-1.2) generic frontend for proof assistants - documentation www
  • prover9-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.200902a-2.1) documentation for Prover9 and associated programs www
  • pugixml-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13-0.2) Bullseye:(1.11.4-1) Light-weight C++ XML processing library (documentation) www
  • puppetdb-doc

    Bookworm:(7.12.1-3) Bullseye:(6.2.0-3) Puppet-integrated catalog and fact storage - documentation www
  • puredata-doc

    Bookworm:(0.53.1+ds-2) Bullseye:(0.51.4-1) realtime computer music and graphics system - documentation www
  • putty-doc

    Bookworm:(0.78-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(0.74-1+deb11u1) PuTTY HTML documentation www
  • pybind11-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.3-1) Bullseye:(2.6.2-1) documentation for pybind11 www
  • pycsw-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.6.0+dfsg-1) OGC compliant metadata (Catalogue Service for the Web) server - documentation www
  • pyfr-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.0-3) documentation for PyFR www
  • pylint-doc

    Bookworm:(2.16.2-2) Bullseye:(2.7.2-3) Python code static checker and UML diagram generator (documentation) www
  • pymca-doc

    Bookworm:(5.8.0+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.6.3+dfsg-1) Documentation files for PyMca www
  • pympress-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.1-3) Bullseye:(1.5.3+dfsg-1) Pympress documentation www
  • pyosmium-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.0-1) Bullseye:(3.1.3-1) Osmium library bindings for Python - Documentation www
  • pyotherside-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-2) Bullseye:(1.5.9-2) asynchronous Python 3 Bindings for Qt 5 (documentation) www
  • pypy3-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3.11+dfsg-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(7.3.5+dfsg-2+deb11u2) developer Documentation for PyPy (an alternative Python 3.x interpreter) www
  • pyqt-builder-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.1+dfsg-1) PEP 517 compliant PyQt build system — documentation www
  • pyro4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.82-2) Bullseye:(4.80-1) distributed object middleware for Python (RPC), documentation www
  • pysdl2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.9+dfsg1-6) Bullseye:(0.9.7+dfsg1-1) Python bindings to the SDL2 C-library - documentation www
  • pysph-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0~b1-5) Bullseye:(1.0~b0~20191115.gite3d5e10-4) documentation and examples for PySPH www
  • pythia8-doc-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.1.86-1.2) HTML Documentation of PYTHIA8 www
  • pythia8-doc-worksheet

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.1.86-1.2) Worksheet Documentation of PYTHIA8 www
  • python-abydos-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0+git20201231.344346a-6) Bullseye:(0.5.0+git20201231.344346a-3) Documentation of Abydos NLP/IR library www
  • python-acme-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.12.0-2+deb11u1) ACME protocol library for Python 3 - Documentation www
  • python-agate-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.3-2) Bullseye:(1.6.1-1) documentation for agate www
  • python-agatedbf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-2) Bullseye:(0.2.0-2) documentation for agate-dbf www
  • python-agateexcel-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.5-2) Bullseye:(0.2.3-1) documentation for agate-excel www
  • python-agatesql-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.8-2) Bullseye:(0.5.5-4) documentation for agate-sql www
  • python-aio-pika-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2.5-1) AMQP client designed for asyncio and humans (common documentation) www
  • python-aioamqp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.0-2) Bullseye:(0.14.0-1) AMQP implementation using asyncio (Documentation) www
  • python-aiocoap-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-0.1) Bullseye:(0.3-3.1) Python implementation of CoAP (doc) www
  • python-aiodogstatsd-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16.0-2) asyncio-based client for sending metrics to StatsD (docs) www
  • python-aioftp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.21.4-1) Bullseye:(0.18.1-1) FTP client and server for asyncio (common documentation) www
  • python-aiohttp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.4-1) Bullseye:(3.7.4-1) documentation of python3-aiohttp www
  • python-aiohttp-security-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-5) Bullseye:(0.4.0-2) provides identity and authorization for aiohttp.web (documentation) www
  • python-aiohttp-session-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.0-1) Bullseye:(2.9.0-2) provides sessions for aiohttp.web (documentation) www
  • python-aiomysql-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.1-2) Bullseye:(0.0.20-2) library for accessing a MySQL database from the asyncio (common documentation) www
  • python-aiorpcx-doc

    Bookworm:(0.22.1-2) Bullseye:(0.18.5-1) generic async RPC implementation, including JSON-RPC (documentation) www
  • python-aiosqlite-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.0-2) Bullseye:(0.16.1-3) sqlite library for Python 3 using asyncio (documentation) www
  • python-altgraph-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.3+ds0-2) Bullseye:(0.17+ds0-1) Python graph (network) package - API documentation www
  • python-amqp-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.1-1) Bullseye:(5.0.3-3) Low-level AMQP client (Documentation) www
  • python-amqplib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-3) Bullseye:(1.0.2-2) simple non-threaded Python AMQP client library (Documentation) www
  • python-ansible-runner-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.1-2) library that interfaces with Ansible (docs) www
  • python-anyqt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-3) PyQt/PySide compatibility layer for Qt4/Qt5/Qt6. www
  • python-aodhclient-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.1-1) OpenStack Alarming as a Service - client doc www
  • python-apispec-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.2-3) pluggable API specification generator (common documentation) www
  • python-apptools-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.0-2) Bullseye:(4.5.0-1.1) ETS Application Tools (doc) www
  • python-apsw-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(3.34.0-r1-1) documentation for python-apsw
  • python-apt-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.0) Bullseye:(2.2.1) Python interface to libapt-pkg (API documentation)
  • python-ara-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.8-1.1) ARA Records Ansible - doc www
  • python-argon2-doc

    Bookworm:(21.1.0-2) Bullseye:(18.3.0-2) Argon2 password hashing library - Python Module Documentation www
  • python-arpeggio-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-1) Bullseye:(1.10.1-1) parser interpreter based on PEG grammars (common documentation) www
  • python-arrow-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.3-1) Bullseye:(0.17.0-1) Python library to manipulate dates, times, timestamps: documentation www
  • python-asdf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.3-1) Bullseye:(2.7.2-1) Python library for the Advanced Scientific Data Format (documentation) www
  • python-ase-doc

    Bookworm:(3.22.1-3) Bullseye:(3.21.1-2) Atomic Simulation Environment (common documentation) www
  • python-astroplan-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7-4) Bullseye:(0.7-1) Observation planning package for astronomers (documentation) www
  • python-astropy-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.1-2) Bullseye:(4.2-6) Core functionality for performing astrophysics with Python (doc) www
  • python-astroquery-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.6+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.4.1+dfsg-4) Python online astronomical database querying (documentation) www
  • python-asyncssh-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.1-2) Bullseye:(2.5.0-0.1) asyncio-based client and server implementation of SSHv2 protocol (doc) www
  • python-attr-doc

    Bookworm:(22.2.0-1) Bullseye:(20.3.0-1) documentation for the attrs Python library www
  • python-authlib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-1) Bullseye:(0.15.4-1) Python library for OAuth and OpenID Connect servers (docs) www
  • python-automaton-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0-2) friendly state machines - Python 3.x www
  • python-azure-doc

    Bookworm:(20230112+git-1) Bullseye:(20201208+git-6) Microsoft Azure SDK for Python - Documentation www
  • python-babel-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.3-1) Bullseye:(2.8.0+dfsg.1-7) tools for internationalizing Python applications - documentation www
  • python-bashate-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Bullseye:(0.6.0-4) bash script style guide checker - doc www
  • python-beanbag-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.2-1.2) Documentation for Python BeanBag module www
  • python-behave-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.6-4) Bullseye:(1.2.6-3) behaviour-driven development, documentation www
  • python-betamax-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-3) Bullseye:(0.8.1-2) VCR imitation designed only for python-requests - Documentation www
  • python-beziers-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0+dfsg1-1) Python library for bezier curves and paths (common documentation) www
  • python-bibtexparser-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0+ds-5) Bullseye:(1.1.0+ds-3) documentation for BibtexParser www
  • python-bidict-doc

    Bookworm:(0.22.1-1) Bidirectional map data structures and related functionality - documentation www
  • python-billiard-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-1) Bullseye:( Multiprocessing Pool Extensions for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-bioblend-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-1) Bullseye:(0.7.0-3) CloudMan and Galaxy API library (common documentation) www
  • python-biom-format-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.12-3) Bullseye:(2.1.10-1) documentation for BIOM format www
  • python-biopython-doc

    Bookworm:(1.80+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.78+dfsg-4) Documentation for the Biopython library www
  • python-bioxtasraw-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-4) process small angle scattering data (documentation) www
  • python-bitstring-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.7-2) Python module for manipulation of binary data (documentation) www
  • python-black-doc

    Bookworm:(23.1.0-1) Bullseye:(20.8b1-4) uncompromising Python code formatter (common documentation) www
  • python-bleach-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-2) Bullseye:(3.2.1-2.1) whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing library (common documentation) www
  • python-bleak-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.2-1) Bluetooth Low Energy platform agnostic client (Documentation) www
  • python-blinker-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5-1) Bullseye:(1.4+dfsg1-0.3) Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling (Documentation) www
  • python-blosc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1+ds1-1) Bullseye:(1.9.2+ds1-3) Python bindings for the Blosc meta-compressor (docs) www
  • python-bootstrapform-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4-7) Bullseye:(3.4-3) transitional package for python-django-bootstrapform-doc www
  • python-bottle-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.23-1.1) Bullseye:(0.12.19-1+deb11u1) fast and simple WSGI-framework for Python - documentation www
  • python-bottleneck-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.5+ds1-2) Bullseye:(1.2.1+ds1-2) documentation for bottleneck www
  • python-brian-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.1-3) Bullseye:(2.4.2-6) simulator for spiking neural networks - documentation www
  • python-bs4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.11.2-2) Bullseye:(4.9.3-1) error-tolerant HTML parser for Python - documentation www
  • python-bsddb3-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2.9-2) Bullseye:(6.2.9-1) Documentation for the python Berkeley DB interface module www
  • python-btrees-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.1-5) Bullseye:(4.3.1-2) scalable persistent object containers for Python - documentation www
  • python-bumps-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-3) Bullseye:(0.8.0-1) data fitting and Bayesian uncertainty modeling for inverse problems (docs) www
  • python-bytecode-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.0-2) Python module to generate, modify and optimize Python bytecode (documentation) www
  • python-cachelib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-1) collection of cache libraries using the same API (documentation) www
  • python-cai-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-4) Python Codon Adaptation Index (common documentation) www
  • python-cairocffi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-1) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) cffi-based cairo bindings for Python - Documentation www
  • python-can-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-1) Bullseye:(3.3.2.final~github-2) Controller Area Network (CAN) interface module - API documentation www
  • python-case-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(1.5.3+dfsg-3) Python unittest Utilities (documentation) www
  • python-castellan-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.6.0-2) generic key manager interface for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-cattrs-doc

    Bookworm:(22.2.0-1) documentation for the cattrs Python library www
  • python-cbor2-doc

    Bookworm:(5.4.6-1) Bullseye:(5.2.0-4) Python implementation of CBOR (common documentation) www
  • python-ceilometerclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.9.0-6) Client library for Openstack Ceilometer API server - doc www
  • python-ceilometermiddleware-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.0-2) OpenStack Telemetry middleware for generating metrics - doc www
  • python-celery-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.6-5) Bullseye:(5.0.0-3) async task/job queue based on message passing (Documentation) www
  • python-cement-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.10.0-2) CLI Application Framework (Documentation) www
  • python-certbot-dns-cloudflare-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-1) Bullseye:(1.6.0-1) Documentation for the Cloudflare DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-digitalocean-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation for the DigitalOcean DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-dnsimple-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation for the DNSimple DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-gehirn-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation for the Gehirn DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-google-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1.11.0-1) Documentation for the Google DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-linode-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.7.0-1) Documentation for the Linode DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-ovh-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation for the OVH DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-rfc2136-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.10.1-1) Documentation for the RFC 2136 DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-route53-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation for the Route53 DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-dns-sakuracloud-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) Documentation for the SakuraCloud DNS plugin for Certbot www
  • python-certbot-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-4) Bullseye:(1.12.0-2) client documentation for certbot www
  • python-cffi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.1-5) Bullseye:(1.14.5-1) Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code - documentation www
  • python-chardet-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.0+dfsg-2) Universal Character Encoding Detector (Documentation) www
  • python-charset-normalizer-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) charset, encoding and language detection for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-cheetah-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.1-1) Bullseye:(3.2.6-1) documentation for the Cheetah template engine www
  • python-cherrypy3-doc

    Bookworm:(18.8.0-2) Bullseye:(8.9.1-8) Documentation for CherryPy web framework www
  • python-circuits-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.2-1) Bullseye:(3.1.0+ds1-2) event-driven framework with a component architecture (Documentation) www
  • python-cleo-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-5) create beautiful and testable command-line interfaces (documentation) www
  • python-click-doc

    Bookworm:(8.1.3-2) Bullseye:(7.1.2-1) Wrapper around optparse for command line utilities - documentation www
  • python-cliff-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.4.0-2) command line interface formulation framework documentation www
  • python-cloudkittyclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.0-2) Bullseye:(4.1.0-2) API client for Rating as a Service project - doc www
  • python-cloup-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0.post1-2) Click with option groups (documentation) www
  • python-cmd2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.2+ds-3) Improved Python cmd2 module from (cammon documentation) www
  • python-cogent-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.10.31a1+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2020.12.21a+dfsg-4+deb11u1) docs for python3-cogent3 www
  • python-collada-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.2-1) Bullseye:(0.6-2) Python module for creating, editing and loading COLLADA - docs www
  • python-colorzero-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0-2) Construct, convert, and manipulate colors in a Pythonic manner. www
  • python-commonmark-bkrs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.4+ds-7) Bullseye:(0.5.4+ds-5) Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec -- doc www
  • python-configobj-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.8-1) Bullseye:(5.0.6-4) simple but powerful config file reader and writer (documentation) www
  • python-congressclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.1-2) client for the open policy framework for the cloud - doc www
  • python-cookiecutter-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.3-3) Bullseye:(1.6.0-4) create projects from project templates (documentation) www
  • python-cotyledon-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-2) framework for defining long-running services - doc www
  • python-coverage-doc

    Bookworm:(6.5.0+dfsg1-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.1+dfsg.1-2) code coverage tool for Python — documentation www
  • python-cppy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-1) Bullseye:(1.1.0-2) C++ headers for (Python) C extension development (documentation) www
  • python-crossbar-doc

    Bookworm:(21.3.1+dfsg-3) Multi-protocol application router for microservices (common documentation) www
  • python-cryptography-doc

    Bookworm:(38.0.4-3) Bullseye:(3.3.2-1) Python library exposing cryptographic recipes and primitives (documentation) www
  • python-cssselect2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-1) Bullseye:(0.3.0-1) implementation of CSS3 Selectors (Documentation) www
  • python-cursive-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.3-1) Bullseye:(0.2.2-4) OpenStack specific validation of digital signatures - doc www
  • python-cvxopt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.2.5+dfsg-3) Python package for convex optimization (documentation) www
  • python-cx-oracle-doc

    Bookworm:(8.3.0-3) Python interface to Oracle Database (common documentation) www
  • python-cyborgclient-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1.2.1-3) Python client for cyborg API - doc www
  • python-cycler-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0-1) Bullseye:(0.10.0-3) composable kwarg iterator (documentation) www
  • python-cymruwhois-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6-4) Bullseye:(1.6-3.2) python-cymruwhois common documentation www
  • python-cypari2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-4) Bullseye:(2.1.2-2) Python interface to PARI -- documentation www
  • python-cysignals-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.2+ds-2) Bullseye:(1.10.2+ds-6) interrupt and signal handling for Cython -- doc www
  • python-darts.lib.utils.lru-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-6) Bullseye:(0.5-5) Simple dictionary with LRU behaviour in Python (common documentation) www
  • python-dask-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.12.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2021.01.0+dfsg-1) Minimal task scheduling abstraction documentation www
  • python-dbfread-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.7-5) Bullseye:(2.0.7-3) documentation for dbfread www
  • python-dbus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.2-4) Bullseye:(1.2.16-5) Documentation for the D-Bus Python interface www
  • python-ddt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-2) Bullseye:(1.4.1-2.1) Data-Driven/Decorated Tests - doc www
  • python-debtcollector-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0-3) collection of patterns to collect technical debt - doc www
  • python-designateclient-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.1.0-2) client library for the OpenStack Designate API - doc www
  • python-diaspy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0-6) Bullseye:(0.6.0-2) unofficial interface to the Diaspora social network (documentation) www
  • python-digitalocean-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.0-3) Bullseye:(1.13.2-2) Python bindings for the DigitalOcean API (common documentation) www
  • python-dipy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0-3) Python library for the analysis of diffusion MRI datasets -- documentation www
  • python-discord-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.2+dfsg-1) API wrapper for Discord written in Python - documentation www
  • python-distributed-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.12.1+ds.1-3) Bullseye:(2021.01.0+ds.1-2.1+deb11u1) Dask Distributed computing documentation www
  • python-django-allauth-doc

    Bookworm:(0.51.0-1) Bullseye:(0.44.0+ds-1+deb11u1) Django app for local and social authentication (Documentation) www
  • python-django-analytical-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-1) Integrate analytics services into a Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-appconf-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-2) Bullseye:(1.0.3-1) helper class handling configuration defaults of apps - doc www
  • python-django-assets-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0-2.1) Bullseye:(2.0-1) integrate webassets into Django applications (Documentation) www
  • python-django-auth-ldap-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-3) Bullseye:(2.2.0-1) Django LDAP authentication backend (documentation) www
  • python-django-babel-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.2-5) Utilities for using Babel in Django - doc www
  • python-django-bleach-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Python module takes any HTML data, returns valid HTML (Documentation) www
  • python-django-bootstrapform-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4-7) generate twitter-bootstrap form output for django form - doc www
  • python-django-braces-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.0-3) Bullseye:(1.14.0-1) reusable, generic mixins for Django class based views (Documentation) www
  • python-django-captcha-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.17-1) Simple Captcha Django application (Documentation) www
  • python-django-casclient-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3-2) Bullseye:(1.5.3-1) CAS client library for Django (documentation) www
  • python-django-celery-beat-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-1) Bullseye:(2.1.0-1) Database-backed Periodic Tasks (Documentation) www
  • python-django-celery-results-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-3) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) Celery result backends for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-channels-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-1) Bullseye:(3.0.3-1) Developer-friendly asynchrony for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-classy-tags-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-2) Class based template tags for Django projects (Documentation) www
  • python-django-constance-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.1-2) Dynamic Django settings (Documentation) www
  • python-django-contact-form-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) extensible contact-form application for Django (documentation) www
  • python-django-contrib-comments-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0-2) Django comments framework (Documentation) www
  • python-django-crispy-forms-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.0-4) Bullseye:(1.9.2-1) app for Django providing elegant form rendering (Documentation) www
  • python-django-crispy-forms-foundation-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0+ds-1) Django-crispy-forms layout objects for Foundation for sites (Documentation) www
  • python-django-csp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7-3) Bullseye:(3.7-1) Content Security Policy for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-debreach-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1-2) some protection against the BREACH attack in Django - doc www
  • python-django-debug-toolbar-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.8.1-1) Bullseye:(1:3.2.1-1) Embedded debugging toolbar for Django projects (documentation) www
  • python-django-dirtyfields-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-4) Bullseye:(1.3.1-2) package for tracking dirty fields on a Django model instance (documentation) www
  • python-django-doc

    Bookworm:(3:3.2.19-1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2:2.2.28-1~deb11u2) High-level Python web development framework (documentation) www
  • python-django-etcd-settings-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.13+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(0.1.13+dfsg-3) config manager for Django apps based on ETCD (Documentation) www
  • python-django-extensions-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-2) Bullseye:(3.0.3-3) Useful extensions for Django projects (Documentation) www
  • python-django-extra-views-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.0-3) Bullseye:(0.13.0-1) Complementary class-based generic views for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-filters-doc

    Bookworm:(23.1-1) Bullseye:(2.4.0-1) filter Django QuerySets based on user selections (Documentation) www
  • python-django-formtools-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3-3) Bullseye:(2.2-2) set of high-level abstractions for Django forms - doc www
  • python-django-graphene-doc

    Bookworm:(2.15.0-2) Django integration for Graphene (Documentation) www
  • python-django-guardian-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0.0-2) per object permissions of django (documentation) www
  • python-django-haystack-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0-1) modular search for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-imagekit-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-2) Bullseye:(4.0.2-3+deb11u1) Automated image processing for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-memoize-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(2.2.0+dfsg-1) implementation of memoization technique for Django (common documentation) www
  • python-django-model-utils-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0-2) Django model mixins and utilities — Documentation www
  • python-django-modeltranslation-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.5-2) Bullseye:(0.16.1-1) Translate dynamic content of Django models (common documentation) www
  • python-django-mptt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.2-2) Bullseye:(0.11.0-1) Modified Preorder Tree Traversal Django application (documentation) www
  • python-django-otp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.3-1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) pluggable framework for two-factor authentication (Documentation) www
  • python-django-parler-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3-3) Django model translations (Documentation) www
  • python-django-pgschemas-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.0-1) Django multi-tenancy using PostgreSQL schemas (Documentation) www
  • python-django-pint-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-2) Django Quantity Field (Documentation) www
  • python-django-pipeline-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.14-6) Bullseye:(1.6.14-3) Documentation for Django Pipeline library www
  • python-django-polymorphic-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1-2) Bullseye:(3.0.0-1) Seamless Polymorphic Inheritance for Django Models (Documentation) www
  • python-django-postgres-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.8-1) Extended PostgreSQL for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-recurrence-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1-1) Bullseye:(1.10.3-1) Django utility wrapping dateutil.rrule (documentation) www
  • python-django-registration-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3-1) Bullseye:(2.2-5) User-registration application for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-reversion-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.4-1) Bullseye:(3.0.8-1) Provides comprehensive version control facilities for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-sekizai-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-3) Bullseye:(2.0.0-2) template blocks for Django projects (Documentation) www
  • python-django-sitetree-doc

    Bookworm:(1.17.3+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.16.0+dfsg-1) site tree, menu and breadcrumbs navigation for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-split-settings-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-1) Bullseye:(0.3.0-2) Organize Django settings into multiple files and directories (Documentation) www
  • python-django-storages-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.2-1) Bullseye:(1.11-1) storage backends in Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-tables2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-3) Bullseye:(2.1.1-1) Table/data-grid framework for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-tagging-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.5.0-4) Generic tagging application for Django projects (Documentation) www
  • python-django-taggit-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-2) simple tagging for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-treebeard-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.1-1) Bullseye:(4.3.1+dfsg-1) Efficient implementations of tree data structures for Django (documentation) www
  • python-django-uwsgi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-3) Bullseye:(0.2.2-2) uWSGI related tools for Django (Documentation, transitional dummy package) www
  • python-django-uwsgi-ng-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-3) uWSGI related tools for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-django-waffle-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) feature flipper for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-djangorestframework-api-key-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-4) Bullseye:(2.0.0-2) API key permissions for Django REST Framework (documentation) www
  • python-djangorestframework-doc

    Bookworm:(3.14.0-2) Bullseye:(3.12.1-1) Web APIs for Django, made easy (documentation) www
  • python-djangorestframework-simplejwt-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.2-1) JSON Web Token authentication for Django REST Framework (Documentation) www
  • python-djangorestframework-spectacular-doc

    Bookworm:(0.25.1-1) Bullseye:(0.13.1-1.1) OpenAPI 3 schema generation for Django REST framework (Documentation) www
  • python-djantic-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-3) Pydantic model support for Django (Documentation) www
  • python-djvu-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.8-3) Bullseye:(0.8.4-3) Python support for the DjVu image format (documentation) www
  • python-doc8-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.1-1) Bullseye:(0.8.0-4) style checker for Sphinx (or other) RST documentation - doc www
  • python-dogpile.cache-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.8-2) Bullseye:(1.0.2-2) caching front-end based on the Dogpile lock - doc www
  • python-doit-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.31.1-3.3) Automation tool for executing any kind of task in a build-tools fashion - doc www
  • python-domain2idna-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.1-2) tool to convert domains to IDNA format (common documentation) www
  • python-dracclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.0-3) Library for managing machines with Dell iDRAC cards - doc www
  • python-drf-yasg-nonfree-doc

    Bookworm:(1.21.5-1) Yet another Swagger generator (Documentation) www
  • python-drgn-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.22-1) Programmable debugger - documentation www
  • python-drizzle-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.4-1) Bullseye:(1.13.1-2) Dithered image combination for Python (API documentation) www
  • python-dtcwt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.0-5) Bullseye:(0.12.0-2) documentation for dtcwt www
  • python-dugong-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.8.1+dfsg-1) HTTP 1.1 client module for Python (documentation) www
  • python-ebooklib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18-2) E-book library for handling EPUB2/EPUB3/Kindle formats - documentation www
  • python-elasticsearch-curator-doc

    Bookworm:(5.8.1-4.1) Bullseye:(5.8.1-1) Python library for managing Elasticsearch time-series indices (documentation) www
  • python-elasticsearch-doc

    Bookworm:(7.17.6-1) Bullseye:(7.1.0-3) Python client for Elasticsearch (Documentation) www
  • python-enmerkar-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-5) Bullseye:(0.7.1-3) Utilities for using Babel in Django - doc www
  • python-epr-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.4-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-1) Python ENVISAT Product Reader API (common documentation) www
  • python-etcd3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12.0-2) client for the etcd3 API - doc www
  • python-etcd3gw-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(0.2.5-1) client for etcd3 grpc-gateway v3 API - doc www
  • python-evdev-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.4.0+dfsg-1) Python bindings for the Linux input subsystem (docs) www
  • python-eventlet-doc

    Bookworm:(0.33.1-4) Bullseye:(0.26.1-7+deb11u1) concurrent networking library - doc www
  • python-ewmh-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.6-3) Bullseye:(0.1.6-2) Python interface to EWMH-compliant window managers (common documentation) www
  • python-ezdxf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18.1-1) Bullseye:(0.14.2-3) python module to create and modify DXF drawings (documentation) www
  • python-fabio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.0+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(0.11.0+dfsg-3) I/O library for images produced by 2D X-ray detector - documentation www
  • python-factory-boy-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.1-5) Bullseye:(2.11.1-3) test fixtures replacement based on factory_girl for Ruby - doc www
  • python-fastchunking-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-4) Bullseye:(0.0.3-2) Fast text chunking algorithms for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-fastjsonschema-doc

    Bookworm:(2.16.3-2) validation of JSON documents by JSON schema drafts 04/06/07 (documentation) www
  • python-fedora-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.1-1) Python modules for interacting with Fedora Services (common documentation) www
  • python-fitbit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-3) Bullseye:(0.3.1-2) FitBit REST API Client Implementation - Documentation www
  • python-flask-appbuilder-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.4+ds-3) simple and rapid application development (documentation) www
  • python-flask-autoindex-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.6-3) Bullseye:(0.6.6-2) automatically generated index pages for Flask applications (documentation) www
  • python-flask-babel-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-3) Bullseye:(0.12.2-2) internationalization and localization support for Flask (documentation) www
  • python-flask-bcrypt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-2) Bullseye:(0.7.1-2) Flask extension that provides bcrypt hashing utilities (Documentation) www
  • python-flask-bootstrap-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0+ds1-1) Implementation collection of Jinja macros(common documentation) www
  • python-flask-dance-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2.0-2.1) Connect your Flask app with OAuth (common documentation) www
  • python-flask-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.2-3) Bullseye:(1.1.2-2+deb11u1) micro web framework based on Werkzeug and Jinja2 - documentation www
  • python-flask-flatpages-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-1.2) Bullseye:(0.6-1.1) Provides flat static pages to a Flask application (doc) www
  • python-flask-httpauth-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.0-4) Bullseye:(3.2.4-3.1) Basic and Digest HTTP authentication for Flask (documentation) www
  • python-flask-limiter-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.0-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) Rate-limiting for Flask routes - Documentation www
  • python-flask-login-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-1) Bullseye:(0.5.0-1) user session management for Flask -- documentation www
  • python-flask-openid-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.2.5+dfsg-4) OpenID support for Flask applications (documentation) www
  • python-flask-paginate-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.1.8-2) Simple paginate support for flask (common documentation) www
  • python-flask-peewee-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.5-2) Bullseye:(0.6.7-2) Documentation for python-flask-peewee www
  • python-flask-restful-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.9-6) Bullseye:(0.3.8-5) REST API framework for Flask applications (Documentation) www
  • python-flask-security-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.2-1) Simple security for Flask apps (Documentation) www
  • python-flask-session-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-3) Flask extension for server session (common documentation) www
  • python-flask-silk-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2-21) Bullseye:(0.2-18) FamFamFam Silk icon set for Flask applications (documentation) www
  • python-flask-testing-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-2) Bullseye:(0.8.1-1) documentation for the Flask-Testing Python library - documentation www
  • python-flaskext.wtf-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-1) Bullseye:(0.14.3-1) Simple integration of Flask and WTForms (doc) www
  • python-flufl.bounce-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0-3) Bullseye:(3.0.1-1) email bounce detectors (common documentation) www
  • python-flufl.enum-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.1-5) Bullseye:(4.1.1-3) yet another Python enumeration package (common documentation) www
  • python-flufl.i18n-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-3) Bullseye:(3.0.1-1) high level API for Python internationalization (common documentation) www
  • python-flufl.lock-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-4) Bullseye:(5.0.1-1) NFS-safe file-based lock with timeouts (common documentation) www
  • python-flufl.password-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3-5) Bullseye:(1.3-3) password hashing and verification (common documentation) www
  • python-fluids-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.22-2) Bullseye:(0.1.78-3) Python fluid dynamics and engineering design library documentation www
  • python-fontparts-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.6-1) Bullseye:(0.9.6-1) API for interacting with the parts of fonts (common documentation) www
  • python-fonttools-doc

    Bookworm:(4.38.0-1) Bullseye:(4.19.1-1) Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML (Documentation) www
  • python-fpylll-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.9-1) Bullseye:(0.5.2+ds1-3) Python wrapper for LLL-reduction of Euclidean lattices -- doc www
  • python-fpyutils-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.1-1) collection of useful non-standard Python functions (docs) www
  • python-freesasa-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-3) Python bindings for FreeSASA (common documentation) www
  • python-freezerclient-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.0.0-2) OpenStack backup restore and disaster recovery service - doc files www
  • python-fsspec-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.11.0-1) Bullseye:(0.8.4-1) specification that Python filesystems should adhere to (documentation) www
  • python-fudge-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-2) Bullseye:(1.1.0-2) Python module for using fake objects for tests, documentation package www
  • python-funcsigs-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.2-5) function signatures from PEP362 - doc www
  • python-funcy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.18-1) Collection of fancy functional tools focused on practicality (Documentation) www
  • python-future-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18.2-6) Bullseye:(0.18.2-5) Clean single-source support for Python 3 and 2 - doc www
  • python-futurist-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-2) Bullseye:(2.3.0-2) useful additions to futures, from the future - doc www
  • python-gabbi-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) declarative HTTP testing library - doc www
  • python-gbulb-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.3-0.1) Bullseye:(0.6.1-0.1) PEP 3156 event loop based on GLib (common documentation) www
  • python-gccjit-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4-12.1) Bullseye:(0.4-11) Python bindings for libgccjit (documentation) www
  • python-genshi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.7-2) Bullseye:(0.7.3-1) Python XML-based template engine (documentation and examples) www
  • python-geoalchemy2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.5-1) Bullseye:(0.8.4-3) SQLAlchemy extension for spatial databases using PostGIS (Documentation) www
  • python-getdns-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0~b1-5) Bullseye:(1.0.0~b1-2) modern asynchronous DNS API (documentation) www
  • python-gevent-doc

    Bookworm:(22.10.2-3) Bullseye:(20.9.0-2) gevent is a coroutine-based Python networking library - documentation www
  • python-git-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.30-1+deb12u2) Bullseye:(3.1.14-1) Python library to interact with Git repositories - docs www
  • python-gitlab-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.12.0-1) Bullseye:(1:2.5.0-1) Python 3 GitLab API client library - documentation www
  • python-glance-store-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-4) Bullseye:(2.3.0-4) OpenStack Image Service store library - doc www
  • python-glanceclient-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1:3.2.2-2) Client library for Openstack glance server - doc www
  • python-glareclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.3-6) client library for the OpenStack GLare Artifact REpository API - doc www
  • python-gnocchiclient-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.7-3) Bullseye:(7.0.6-1) bindings to the OpenStack Gnocchi API - doc www
  • python-gphoto2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.0-1) Python interface to libgphoto2 (common documentation) www
  • python-gpyfft-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-2) Bullseye:(0.7.0-2) Wrapper for the OpenCL FFT library clFFT (common documentation) www
  • python-graphene-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.9-1) GraphQL Framework for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-graphql-core-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.2-1) GraphQL implementation for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-greenlet-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.4.17-1) Lightweight in-process concurrent programming - documentation www
  • python-gsd-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.0-2) Bullseye:(2.4.0-1) native file format for HOOMD-blue (documentation) www
  • python-gtk2-tutorial

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4-1) tutorial for the GTK2 python library
  • python-gtkspellcheck-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.5-3) Bullseye:(4.0.5-2) Python GTK+ Spellcheck common documentation www
  • python-guidata-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.1-1) Bullseye:(1.7.9-1) dataset manipulation GUI generator - Documentation www
  • python-guiqwt-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0.5-1) efficient 2D data-plotting library - Documentation www
  • python-guizero-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.1.1+dfsg1-3) module to allow quick and easy GUI creation (documentation) www
  • python-gvm-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(21.1.1-1) Greenbone Vulnerability Management Python Library (common documentation) www
  • python-gwcs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18.3-1) Bullseye:(0.16.1-1) Tools for managing the WCS of astronomical data (documentation) www
  • python-h5py-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.0-8) Bullseye:(2.10.0-9) documentation for h5py www
  • python-hacking-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1.1.0-4) Flake8 OpenStack Hacking Guidelines Enforcement plugins - doc www
  • python-hdf5storage-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.19-1) Bullseye:(0.1.15+git20200608.09dfc5f-1) documentation for hdf5storage www
  • python-hexbytes-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-1) Python bytes subclass decodes hex (common documentation) www
  • python-hiera-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.1+20190629-2) Documentation of the Python interface for the hiera hierarchical database www
  • python-hiro-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-1) Bullseye:(0.5-2) time manipulation utilities for Python - documentation www
  • python-hpilo-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.3-2) Bullseye:(4.3-3) HP iLO XML interface access from Python - Documentation www
  • python-hplefthandclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-3) HP LeftHand/StoreVirtual HTTP REST Client - doc www
  • python-humanfriendly-doc

    Bookworm:(10.0-3) Bullseye:(9.1-1) Python3 library to make user friendly text interfaces - Documentation www
  • python-hypothesis-doc

    Bookworm:(6.67.1-1) Bullseye:(5.43.3-1) advanced Quickcheck style testing library (documentation) www
  • python-icalendar-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.3-5) Bullseye:(4.0.3-4) parser/generator of iCalendar files for use with Python -- docs www
  • python-ilorest-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(3.1.1+ds-1) Documentation of RESTful API for HPE iLO and HPE Chassis Manager www
  • python-imageio-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.1-5) Bullseye:(2.4.1-3) documentation for imageio www
  • python-imaging-doc-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.2-1.2) Documentation for the Python Imaging Library.
  • python-imaging-doc-pdf

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.2-1.2) Documentation for the Python Imaging Library.
  • python-imexam-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.1-4) Bullseye:(0.9.1-1) Simple interactive astronomical image examination and plotting (Doc) www
  • python-installer-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0+dfsg1-1) Python library for unpacking and installing wheels (documentation) www
  • python-iptables-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-1) documentation for the python-iptables library www
  • python-ipyparallel-doc

    Bookworm:(7.1.0-5) Bullseye:(6.3.0-2) Interactive Parallel Computing with IPython (documentation) www
  • python-ipython-doc

    Bookworm:(8.5.0-4) Bullseye:(7.20.0-1+deb11u1) Enhanced interactive Python shell (documentation) www
  • python-ipywidgets-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.0-11) Bullseye:(6.0.0-8) Interactive widgets for the Jupyter notebook (documentation) www
  • python-ironicclient-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-2) Bullseye:(4.4.0-1) Client for OpenStack bare metal Service - doc www
  • python-itango-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.7-2) Interactive Tango client - documentation www
  • python-itsdangerous-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-3) Bullseye:(1.1.0-3) Various helpers to pass trusted data to untrusted environment - doc www
  • python-jellyfish-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.9-1) Bullseye:(0.8.2-1) Library for approximate and phonetic matching of strings (documentation) www
  • python-jenkins-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-3) Bullseye:(0.4.16-2) bindings for the Jenkins Remote API - doc www
  • python-jieba-doc

    Bookworm:(0.42.1-3) Bullseye:(0.42.1-2) Jieba Chinese text segmenter (common documentation) www
  • python-jinja2-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.2-1) Bullseye:(2.11.3-1) documentation for the Jinja2 Python library www
  • python-jira-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0-1) JIRA Python library (common documentation) www
  • python-jose-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.0+dfsg-4) JavaScript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) for Python (documentation) www
  • python-josepy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.0-1) Bullseye:(1.2.0-2) JOSE implementation for Python - Documentation www
  • python-jpylyzer-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-3) Bullseye:(2.0.0-3) JP2 (JPEG 2000 Part 1) validator and properties extractor - doc www
  • python-json-pointer-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3-2) Bullseye:(2.0-2) resolve JSON pointers - doc www
  • python-jsonpath-rw-ext-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.2-2) Extensions for JSONPath RW - doc www
  • python-jsonpickle-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0+dfsg1-1) Bullseye:(1.2-1) Python library for serializing object graphs into JSON (documentation) www
  • python-jsonrpc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.13.0-3) Bullseye:(1.13.0-1) documentation for json-rpc www
  • python-jsonschema-doc

    Bookworm:(4.10.3-1) Bullseye:(3.2.0-3) An(other) implementation of JSON Schema (Draft 3, 4, 6, 7) - doc www
  • python-jupyter-client-doc

    Bookworm:(7.4.9-2) Bullseye:(6.1.11-2) Jupyter protocol client APIs (documentation) www
  • python-jupyter-console-doc

    Bookworm:(6.4.4-2) Bullseye:(6.2.0-1) Jupyter terminal client (documentation) www
  • python-jupyter-core-doc

    Bookworm:(4.12.0-1) Bullseye:(4.7.1-1+deb11u1) Core common functionality of Jupyter projects (documentation) www
  • python-k8sclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.0-4) Kubernetes API Python client code - doc www
  • python-kafka-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-3) Bullseye:(2.0.1-2) Pure Python client for Apache Kafka - doc www
  • python-kajiki-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-1) Bullseye:(0.8.2-1) Really fast well-formed xml templates - doc www
  • python-karborclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0-2) karbor API client - doc www
  • python-keystoneauth1-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.2.1-2) authentication library for OpenStack Identity - doc www
  • python-keystoneclient-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.0.1-3) Bullseye:(1:4.1.1-2) client library for the OpenStack Keystone API - doc www
  • python-keystonemiddleware-doc

    Bookworm:(10.1.0-4) Bullseye:(9.1.0-2) Middleware for OpenStack Identity (Keystone) - doc www
  • python-kitchen-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.6-5) Bullseye:(1.2.6-2) Python library of containers, text and i18n helpers (common documentation) www
  • python-kombu-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.4-1) Bullseye:(5.0.2-3) AMQP Messaging Framework for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-lark-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.5-1) Bullseye:(0.10.0-1) Parsing library for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-latexcodec-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) LaTeX lexer and codec library for Python (docs) www
  • python-lazr.config-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.3-3) Bullseye:(2.2.3-1) ini-file format handling supporting schemas and inheritance (documentation) www
  • python-lazr.delegates-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.4-1) Bullseye:(2.0.3-2) easily write objects that delegate behavior (documentation) www
  • python-lazr.smtptest-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-3) Bullseye:(2.0.3-2) framework for testing SMTP-based applications and libraries www
  • python-ldap-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.3-2) Bullseye:(2.3-2.2) LDAP interface module (Documentation) www
  • python-leather-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4-2) Bullseye:(0.3.3-1.1) documentation for leather www
  • python-libcomps-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.19-2) Bullseye:(0.1.15-4) Python 2 and 3 bindings for the libcomps library (common documentation) www
  • python-libdiscid-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-1) Bullseye:(1.2-1) libdiscid binding for Python (documentation) www
  • python-libevdev-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5-3) Python wrapper for libevdev (common documentation) www
  • python-liblo-docs

    Bookworm:(0.10.0-5.1) Bullseye:(0.10.0-4) Python bindings for liblo, the lightweight OSC library www
  • python-libnmap-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.2-1) Python NMAP Library (common documentation) www
  • python-libpysal-doc

    Bookworm:(4.7.0-1) Improved Python libpaysal module from (common documentation) www
  • python-limits-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.0-1) Bullseye:(1.3-2) Rate limiting utilities for Python - Documentation www
  • python-listparser-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18-3) Bullseye:(0.18-2) Parse OPML, RDF+FOAF, and iGoogle subscription lists (documentation) www
  • python-livereload-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.3-2) automatic browser refresher (documentation) www
  • python-llfuse-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.3.8+dfsg-2) Python bindings for the low-level FUSE API (documentation) www
  • python-lmfit-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1-6) Least-Squares Minimization with Constraints (Documentation) www
  • python-lockfile-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:0.12.2-2.2) file locking library for Python — documentation www
  • python-logbook-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3-5.2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.5.3-4) logging system for Python that replaces the standard library's module (doc) www
  • python-logutils-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.5-1) Bullseye:(0.3.3-7) handlers for the Python standard library's logging package - docs www
  • python-logzero-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-1) Bullseye:(1.6.3-1) robust and effective logging for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-lunr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-2) Python implementation of Lunr.js (Documentation) www
  • python-lxml-doc

    Bookworm:(4.9.2-1) Bullseye:(4.6.3+dfsg-0.1+deb11u1) pythonic binding for the libxml2 and libxslt libraries (documentation) www
  • python-ly-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.7-1) Bullseye:(0.9.6-1) Tool and library for manipulating LilyPond files (documentation) www
  • python-m2crypto-doc

    Bookworm:(0.38.0-4) Bullseye:(0.37.1-2) Python wrapper for the OpenSSL library (docs) www
  • python-m2r-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.1-0.1) Bullseye:(0.2.1-5) Markdown and reStructuredText in a single file - documentation www
  • python-macholib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.2+ds0-1) Bullseye:(1.14+ds0-1) module for Mach-O header analysis and editing (API documentation) www
  • python-magnumclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.2.1-2) client library for Magnum API - doc www
  • python-mako-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4+ds-1) Bullseye:(1.1.3+ds1-2) documentation for the Mako Python library www
  • python-mando-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-2) Bullseye:(0.6.4-5) command line argument parser for python3 (common documentation) www
  • python-manilaclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.1-1) Bullseye:(2.3.0-3) OpenStack shared file system as a service - client doc www
  • python-manimpango-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-2) Pango bindings for the Manim animation engine (documentation) www
  • python-markdown-callouts-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-2) Python-Markdown extension adding a new block-level syntax (Documentation) www
  • python-markdown-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1-2) Bullseye:(3.3.4-1) text-to-HTML conversion library/tool (documentation) www
  • python-maxminddb-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.0-1) Bullseye:(2.0.3-1) Python module for reading the MaxMind DB format (documentation) www
  • python-mbed-host-tests-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.4-8) Bullseye:(1.4.4-5) module and utilities to flash, reset and test Mbed Enabled devices (docs) www
  • python-mbed-ls-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.2+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(1.6.2+dfsg-6) mbed-ls library documentation www
  • python-md-toc-doc

    Bookworm:(8.1.5-1) automatical generation of table of contents for markdown files (docs) www
  • python-mdanalysis-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.2+dfsg1-1) analyse molecular dynamics files and trajectories ( documentation) www
  • python-mdtraj-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.7-6) Bullseye:(1.9.5-1) Read, write and analyze MD trajectories in Python (documentation) www
  • python-measurement-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-3) Bullseye:(2.0.1-2) unit-aware measurement objects (Documentation) www
  • python-mergedeep-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.4-3) Deep merge function for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-meshplex-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.1-2) Bullseye:(0.15.13-1) fast tools for simplex meshes (documentation) www
  • python-metakernel-doc

    Bookworm:(0.29.4-1) Bullseye:(0.27.5-1) Jupyter kernel base class (documentation) www
  • python-microversion-parse-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) OpenStack microversion header parsing library - doc www
  • python-midiutil-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-5) Bullseye:(1.2.1-4) Python library to write multi-track MIDI files - documentation www
  • python-milter-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5-1) Bullseye:(1.0.4-2) Documentation for the Python Milter extension www
  • python-mintpy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.1-1) Miami INsar Time-series software in PYthon documentation www
  • python-mir-eval-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7-3) Improved Python mir-eval module from (cammon documentation) www
  • python-mistral-lib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.0-2) Bullseye:(2.3.0-2) Mistral shared routings and utilities - doc www
  • python-mlpy-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0+ds-2) Bullseye:(3.5.0+ds-1.2) documentation and examples for mlpy www
  • python-mock-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.3-4) Bullseye:(4.0.3-1) Mocking and Testing Library (Documentation) www
  • python-mockito-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2-3) Spying framework for Python - documentation www
  • python-mockldap-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-7) Bullseye:(0.3.0-4) simple mock implementation of python-ldap (Documentation) www
  • python-model-bakery-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.0-1) smart object creation facility for Django (common documentation) www
  • python-moderngl-doc

    Bookworm:(5.7.4-1) Python 3 wrapper for OpenGL 3.3+ (documentation) www
  • python-moderngl-window-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.2-3) Cross-platform utility library for ModernGL (documentation) www
  • python-mongoengine-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24.2-4) Bullseye:(0.21.0-1) Python Document-Object Mapper for working with MongoDB (documentation) www
  • python-monty-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.9.9+dfsg-1) missing complement to Python (Documentation) www
  • python-morris-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-3) Bullseye:(1.2-2) documentation for the Python morris module www
  • python-mpd-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.5-1) Bullseye:(3.0.3-1) Python MPD client library (documentation) www
  • python-mpi4py-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.4-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(3.0.3-8) bindings of the MPI standard -- documentation www
  • python-mpl-sphinx-theme-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-1) documentation for the mpl-sphinx-theme Python library www
  • python-mpmath-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-2) Bullseye:(1.2.1-1) library for arbitrary-precision floating-point arithmetic - Documentation www
  • python-multipledispatch-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0-3) Bullseye:(0.6.0-2) documentation for multipledispatch www
  • python-multipletau-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3+ds-4) Bullseye:(0.3.3+ds-3) documentation for multipletau Python module www
  • python-murano-pkg-check-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.0-9) Bullseye:(0.3.0-7) murano package validator tool - doc www
  • python-muranoclient-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.1-2) cloud-ready application catalog - client doc www
  • python-musicbrainzngs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1-4) Bullseye:(0.7.1-2) Documentation for the Python Musicbrainz NGS interface modules www
  • python-mutagen-doc

    Bookworm:(1.46.0-1) Bullseye:(1.45.1-2) audio metadata editing library - documentation www
  • python-nacl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.0-2) Bullseye:(1.4.0-1) Python bindings to libsodium (documentation) www
  • python-natsort-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.2-2) Bullseye:(7.1.0-1) Natural sorting for Python (doc) www
  • python-navarp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-1) Navigation tool for ARPES data (documentation) www
  • python-nbclient-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.2-1) Bullseye:(0.5.2-1) Client to execute jupyter notebooks (documentation) www
  • python-nbconvert-doc

    Bookworm:(6.5.3-3) Bullseye:(5.6.1-3) Jupyter notebook conversion (documentation) www
  • python-nbformat-doc

    Bookworm:(5.5.0-1) Bullseye:(5.1.2-1) Jupyter notebook format (documentation) www
  • python-nbsphinx-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.11+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.8.0+ds-1) Jupyter Notebook Tools for Sphinx -- doc www
  • python-nbxmpp-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.2-2) Bullseye:(2.0.2-1+deb11u1) Non blocking Jabber/XMPP Python library, documentation www
  • python-ncclient-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.13-1) Bullseye:(0.6.3-1) Documentation for python-ncclient (Python library for NETCONF clients) www
  • python-network-runner-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.6-2) abstraction of Ansible for interaction with networking devices (docs) www
  • python-networking-ansible-doc

    Bookworm:(17.0.0-3) OpenStack virtual network service - Ansible plugin (docs) www
  • python-neutron-lib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-2) Bullseye:(2.6.1-2) Neutron shared routines and utilities - doc www
  • python-nibabel-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.2.1-2) documentation for NiBabel www
  • python-nipy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0-7) documentation and examples for NiPy www
  • python-nipype-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.5-3) Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) Neuroimaging data analysis pipelines in Python3 -- documentation www
  • python-nitime-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9-5) Bullseye:(0.9-1) timeseries analysis for neuroscience data (nitime) -- documentation www
  • python-nose-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.7-9) Bullseye:(1.3.7-7) documentation for discovery and running for Python's unittest www
  • python-nose2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.0-1) Bullseye:(0.9.2-1) Next generation of nicer testing for Python2/3 (documentation) www
  • python-notebook-doc

    Bookworm:(6.4.12-2.2) Bullseye:(6.2.0-1) Jupyter interactive notebook (documentation) www
  • python-novaclient-doc

    Bookworm:(2:18.1.0-3) Bullseye:(2:17.2.1-3) client library for OpenStack Compute API - doc www
  • python-nox-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.11.21-1) Bullseye:(2019.5.30-2) Flexible test automation (Documentation) www
  • python-nxs-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.1-4) Bullseye:(4.4.1-3) NeXus scientific data file format - documentation www
  • python-objgraph-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-6) Bullseye:(3.5.0-1) Module for exploring Python object reference graphs (Documentation) www
  • python-octavia-lib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0-2) library to support Octavia provider drivers - doc www
  • python-octaviaclient-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0-2) Octavia client for OpenStack Load Balancing - doc www
  • python-odf-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.2-2) Bullseye:(1.4.1-1) documentation and examples for python-odf and python3-odf www
  • python-odoorpc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-1) Bullseye:(0.7.0-3) pilot Odoo servers through RPC (documentation) www
  • python-opcodes-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0~git20180424.6e2b0cd-3) Database of Processor Instructions/Opcodes (common documentation) www
  • python-openshift-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.1-3) Python client for the OpenShift API (common documentation) www
  • python-openssl-doc

    Bookworm:(23.0.0-1) Bullseye:(20.0.1-1) Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library (documentation package) www
  • python-openstackclient-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.0-4) Bullseye:(5.4.0-4) OpenStack Command-line Client - doc www
  • python-openstacksdk-doc

    Bookworm:(0.101.0-2) Bullseye:(0.50.0-6) SDK for building applications to work with OpenStack - doc www
  • python-opentracing-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.0-1) opentracing interface for Python - documentation www
  • python-oracledb-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-3) Python driver for Oracle Database (documentation) www
  • python-os-brick-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.0-3) Bullseye:(4.0.1-2) Library for managing local volume attaches - doc www
  • python-os-client-config-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.0-1) OpenStack client configuration library - doc www
  • python-os-faults-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.1-3) OpenStack fault-injection library - doc www
  • python-os-ken-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-2) Bullseye:(1.2.0-2) component-based software defined networking framework for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-os-resource-classes-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1.0.0-2) Resource Classes for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-os-service-types-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.0-2) lib for consuming OpenStack sevice-types-authority data - doc www
  • python-os-testr-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) Bullseye:(1.1.0-3) Utility wrappers for testrepository for OpenStack projects - doc www
  • python-os-traits-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.4.0-2) standardized trait strings - doc www
  • python-os-vif-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0-2) Integration library between network and compute - doc www
  • python-os-win-doc

    Bookworm:(5.7.1-3) Bullseye:(5.2.0-1) Windows / Hyper-V library for OpenStack projects - doc www
  • python-os-xenapi-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.4-4) XenAPI library for OpenStack projects - doc www
  • python-osc-lib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.2-2) Bullseye:(2.2.1-2) OpenStackClient Library - doc www
  • python-osc-placement-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.0-2) OpenStackClient plugin for the Placement service - doc www
  • python-oslo.cache-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.0-1) Bullseye:(2.6.1-2) cache storage for Openstack projects - doc www
  • python-oslo.concurrency-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-3) Bullseye:(4.3.1-1) oslo.concurrency library - doc www
  • python-oslo.config-doc

    Bookworm:(1:9.0.0-3) Bullseye:(1:8.3.3-1) Common code for Openstack Projects (configuration API) - doc www
  • python-oslo.context-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.1.1-2) WSGI context helpers for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-oslo.db-doc

    Bookworm:(12.1.0-3) Bullseye:(8.4.0-2) database connectivity to the different backends and helper utils - doc www
  • python-oslo.i18n-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.0-3) Bullseye:(5.0.1-2) Oslo Internationalization Utilities - doc www
  • python-oslo.limit-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) OpenStack limit enforcement library to assist with quota calculation - doc www
  • python-oslo.log-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-1) Bullseye:(4.4.0-2) OpenStack logging configuration library - doc www
  • python-oslo.metrics-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.0-2) OpenStack Oslo Metrics API - doc www
  • python-oslo.middleware-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.1.1-2) various WSGI middleware components for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-oslo.policy-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.5.0-2) RBAC policy enforcement library for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-oslo.privsep-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.4.0-2) OpenStack library for privilege separation - doc www
  • python-oslo.reports-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-2) Bullseye:(2.2.0-2) reports serialized in various data types - doc www
  • python-oslo.serialization-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(4.0.2-1) utilities for serialization , especially JSON - doc www
  • python-oslo.service-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.4.0-2) library for running OpenStack services - doc www
  • python-oslo.upgradecheck-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1.1.1-2) Common code for writing OpenStack upgrade checks - doc www
  • python-oslo.utils-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.1-2) Bullseye:(4.6.0-2) Oslo Utility library - doc www
  • python-oslo.versionedobjects-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.3.0-2) deals with DB schema versions and code expectations - doc www
  • python-oslo.vmware-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.1-3) Bullseye:(3.7.0-2) VMware library for OpenStack projects - doc www
  • python-oslotest-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.5.0-3) Bullseye:(1:4.4.1-2) OpenStack test framework - doc www
  • python-osmnx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.3+ds-1) Bullseye:(1.0.1+ds-1) tool to study street networks from OpenStreetMap -- doc www
  • python-osprofiler-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.3-2) Bullseye:(3.4.0-3) OpenStack Profiler Library - doc www
  • python-ovn-octavia-provider-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-1.1) Bullseye:(0.3.1-1) OpenStack Octavia integration with OVN - doc www
  • python-ovsdbapp-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1.6.0-1) library for creating OVSDB applications - doc www
  • python-padatious-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.8-2.1) Documentation for python3-padatious www
  • python-padme-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-4) Bullseye:(1.1.1-3) mostly transparent proxy class for Python (documentation) www
  • python-pamqp-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-1) Bullseye:(2.3.0-2) RabbitMQ Focused AMQP low-level library (Documentation) www
  • python-pandas-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3+dfsg-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.1.5+dfsg-2) data structures for "relational" or "labeled" data - documentation www
  • python-pankoclient-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-2) Bullseye:(1.1.0-2) Client library for OpenStack panko server - doc www
  • python-panoramisk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-2) Bullseye:(1.0-1.2) asyncio based library to play with asterisk (doc) www
  • python-parfive-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-1) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) documentation for the parfive Python library www
  • python-parso-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.3-1) Bullseye:(0.8.1-1) documentation for the parso Python library www
  • python-parted-doc

    Bookworm:(3.12.0-4) Bullseye:(3.11.7-0.1) Python 3 interface for libparted (common documentation) www
  • python-paste-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.2+repack-1) Bullseye:(3.5.0+dfsg1-1) tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack - documentation www
  • python-pastedeploy-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-5) load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers (Documentation) www
  • python-pastescript-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-1) Bullseye:(2.0.2-4) PasteScript is a pluggable command-line tool (Documentation) www
  • python-pathvalidate-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.2-2) sanitize/validate filenames/file-paths/etc (Documentation) www
  • python-patsy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.3-1) Bullseye:(0.5.1-3) documentation and examples for patsy www
  • python-pbcore-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(1.7.1+git20200430.a127b1e+dfsg-1) Python library for processing PacBio data files (documentation) www
  • python-pbr-doc

    Bookworm:(5.10.0-2) Bullseye:(5.5.0-2) inject useful and sensible default behaviors into setuptools - doc www
  • python-pdbx-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.1-2) utilities for PDBx/mmCIF storage model (common documentation) www
  • python-pdfrw-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-2.1) PDF file manipulation library (documentation) www
  • python-peachpy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0~git20211013.257881e-1.1) Bullseye:(0.0~git20200303.f189ad2-3) Portable Efficient Assembly Codegen in Higher-level Python (doc) www
  • python-pecan-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-1) Bullseye:(1.3.3-3) WSGI object-dispatching web framework www
  • python-peewee-doc

    Bookworm:(3.14.10+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(3.14.1+dfsg-1) Documentation pyhton peewee simple ORM www
  • python-periodictable-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-1) Bullseye:(1.5.3-1) Extensible periodic table of the elements (common documentation) www
  • python-periphery-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.0-1) Peripheral I/O (Documentation) www
  • python-persistent-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.4-1) Bullseye:(4.6.4-0.2) Automatic persistence for Python objects - documentation
  • python-petsc4py-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.5-1) Bullseye:(3.14.1-1) Python bindings for PETSc libraries: documentation and examples www
  • python-pex-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.3-1) Bullseye:(1.1.14-3.1) library for generating Python executable zip files www
  • python-pexpect-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.0-4) Bullseye:(4.8.0-2) Python module for automating interactive applications (documentation) www
  • python-pg8000-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.6-3) Bullseye:(1.10.6-2) Pure-Python PostgreSQL Driver (documentation) www
  • python-pglast-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0~dev0+1-1) PostgreSQL Languages AST and statements prettifier (common documentation) www
  • python-phx-class-registry-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.5-4) Module to define global factories and service registries - Documentation www
  • python-pika-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-1) Bullseye:(0.11.0-5) AMQP client library documentation www
  • python-pil-doc

    Bookworm:(9.4.0-1.1) Bullseye:(8.1.2+dfsg-0.3+deb11u1) Examples for the Python Imaging Library www
  • python-pint-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.2-1) Bullseye:(0.16.1-1) define, operate and manipulate physical quantities - doc www
  • python-pkginfo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.2-2) Bullseye:(1.4.2-3) Python module to query metadata from packages documentation www
  • python-plaster-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0-3) Bullseye:(1.0-2) Python multi-format configuration file loader interface - Documentation www
  • python-plastex-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1-4) Bullseye:(2.1-2) LaTeX document processing framework in Python - documentation www
  • python-ply-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11-5) Bullseye:(3.11-4) Lex and Yacc implementation for Python (documentation) www
  • python-pmw-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1-2) Pmw -- Python MegaWidgets (documentation) www
  • python-podcastparser-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.9-1) Bullseye:(0.6.5-1) Simplified, fast RSS parsing library (common documentation) www
  • python-polib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-1) Bullseye:(1.1.0-7) Python library to parse and manage gettext catalogs (documentation) www
  • python-pomegranate-doc

    Bookworm:(0.14.8-3) Bullseye:(0.13.5-1) documentation accompanying probabilistic modelling library www
  • python-pook-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-1) HTTP traffic mocking and testing made easy (common documentation) www
  • python-ppl-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.7-1) Python interface to PPL -- documentation www
  • python-ppmd-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.3-4) documentation for the ppmd Python library www
  • python-presets-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.3-3) Improved Python presets module from (cammon documentation) www
  • python-proliantutils-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.0-2) Bullseye:(2.10.0-2) client lib interfacing various devices in HP Proliant Servers - doc www
  • python-propka-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.0-1) heuristic pKa calculations with ligands (documentation) www
  • python-prov-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1.5.2-2) documentation for prov www
  • python-pskc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-1) Bullseye:(1.1-3) Python module for handling PSKC files (Documentation) www
  • python-psutil-doc

    Bookworm:(5.9.4-1) Bullseye:(5.8.0-1) module providing convenience functions for managing processes (doc) www
  • python-psycopg-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.7-4) PostgreSQL database adapter for Python 3 (documentation package) www
  • python-psycopg2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.5-1) Bullseye:(2.8.6-2) Python module for PostgreSQL (documentation package) www
  • python-ptk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.3.8+dfsg-1) parser for Python with support for asynchronous input (documentation) www
  • python-pwntools-doc

    Bookworm:(4.9.0-1) CTF framework and exploit development library (documentation) www
  • python-py-stringmatching-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.3-1) Bullseye:(0.4.2+git20201204.6a7fb57-2) Library of string tokenizers and similarity measures (docs) www
  • python-py7zr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.3+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(0.11.3+dfsg-1) pure Python 7-zip library (documentation) www
  • python-pyasn1-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.8-3) Bullseye:(0.4.8-1) ASN.1 library for Python (documentation) www
  • python-pyaudio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.13-1) Bullseye:(0.2.11-1.3) Documentation for Python bindings for PortAudio v19 www
  • python-pybedtools-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-4) Bullseye:(0.8.0-5) Documentation for pybedtools library www
  • python-pybindgen-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.0+dfsg1-4) Bullseye:(0.20.0+dfsg1-2) Python bindings generator (common documentation) www
  • python-pybtex-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24.0-3) Bullseye:(0.23.0-1) BibTeX-compatible bibliography processor - documentation www
  • python-pybtex-docutils-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Bullseye:(0.2.1-1.1) documentation for pybtex-docutils www
  • python-pycares-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.0-2) Bullseye:(3.1.1-1) Python interface for c-ares (common documentation) www
  • python-pycoast-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(1.4.0+dfsg-1) Draw coastlines, borders and rivers on images (common documentation) www
  • python-pycryptodome-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.0+dfsg1-4) Bullseye:(3.9.7+dfsg1-1) cryptographic Python library (documentation) www
  • python-pycuda-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.2.2~dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2020.1~dfsg1-1) module to access Nvidia‘s CUDA computation API (documentation) www
  • python-pycurl-doc

    Bookworm:(7.45.2-3) Bullseye:( Python bindings to libcurl (documentation) www
  • python-pydap-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.2.2+ds1-1) documentation for pydap www
  • python-pydbus-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0-5) Bullseye:(0.6.0-4) Pythonic D-Bus library (common documentation) www
  • python-pydicom-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.1-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) DICOM medical file reading and writing (documentation) www
  • python-pydispatch-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.5-5) Bullseye:(2.0.5-2) documentation for python3-pydispatch www
  • python-pydl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0~rc2-4) Bullseye:(1.0.0~rc1-2) Library of IDL astronomy routines converted to Python (doc) www
  • python-pydotplus-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.2-3) interface to Graphviz's Dot language - doc www
  • python-pyeapi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.4-1) Bullseye:(0.8.1-2) Python API to interact with EOS network devices - docs www
  • python-pyepics-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1+ds-3) EPICS channel access for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-pyepsg-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-1) Bullseye:(0.3.2-2) documentation for pyepsg www
  • python-pyfai-doc

    Bookworm:(0.21.3+dfsg1-4) Bullseye:(0.20.0+dfsg1-3) Fast Azimuthal Integration scripts - Documentation www
  • python-pyftpdlib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.7-3) Bullseye:(1.5.4-2) documentation for Python FTP server library www
  • python-pygame-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(1.9.6+dfsg-4) SDL bindings for games development in Python (documentation) www
  • python-pygccxml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.1-1) Bullseye:(1.9.1-3) specialized XML reader reads the output from gccxml - documentation www
  • python-pygit2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1-3) Bullseye:(1.4.0+dfsg1-1) bindings for libgit2 - doc www
  • python-pygments-doc

    Bookworm:(2.14.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.7.1+dfsg-2.1) documentation for the Pygments www
  • python-pygmsh-doc

    Bookworm:(7.1.17-2) Bullseye:(7.1.8-1) combine the power of Gmsh with the versatility of Python (docs) www
  • python-pygraphviz-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7-3) Bullseye:(1.7-2) Python interface to the Graphviz graph layout and visualization package (doc) www
  • python-pygresql-doc

    Bookworm:(1:5.1.2-2) Bullseye:(1:5.1.2-1) Python Pygresql (common documentation) www
  • python-pygtrie-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2-2) Bullseye:(2.2-1.1) Python library implementing a trie data structure (common documentation) www
  • python-pyinotify-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.6-2) Bullseye:(0.9.6-1.3) simple Linux inotify Python bindings -- documentation www
  • python-pylatexenc-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10-2) Simple LaTeX parser providing conversion to/from unicode (Documentation) www
  • python-pylibacl-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-2) Bullseye:(0.6.0-1) module for manipulating POSIX.1e ACLs (documentation) www
  • python-pylibmc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.3-1) Bullseye:(1.5.2-3) libmemcached wrapper (Documentation) www
  • python-pyluach-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-1) Bullseye:(1.2.1-1) Hebrew dates and Hebrew-Gregorian conversions (Documentation) www
  • python-pylxd-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.10-1) Python library for interacting with LXD REST API - doc www
  • python-pymatgen-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.11.7+dfsg1-11) Python Materials Genomics for materials analysis (documentation) www
  • python-pymeasure-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.0-2) Bullseye:(0.9.0-1) documentation for PyMeasure www
  • python-pymediainfo-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.1-2) Bullseye:(5.0.3-1) documentation for the pymediainfo Python library www
  • python-pyment-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.4+ds-4) Python implementation of PYMENT (common documentation) www
  • python-pymodbus-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-7) Bullseye:(2.1.0+dfsg-2) full Modbus protocol implementation, documentation www
  • python-pymongo-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.11.0-1) Python interface to the MongoDB document-oriented database (documentation) www
  • python-pymysql-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-2) Bullseye:(0.9.3-2) Pure-Python MySQL driver - doc www
  • python-pymzml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.2+repack1-1) Bullseye:(2.4.7-3) mzML mass spectrometric data parsing - documentation www
  • python-pyopencl-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.3.1-2.1) Bullseye:(2021.1.2-1) module to access OpenCL parallel computation API (documentation) www
  • python-pyorbital-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.3-2) Bullseye:(1.6.0-3) Orbital and astronomy computations in Python (documentation) www
  • python-pyparsing-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.9-1) Bullseye:(2.4.7-1) alternative to creating and executing simple grammars - doc www
  • python-pypump-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7-4) Bullseye:(0.7-3) interface to the pump.io APIs (Common Documentation) www
  • python-pyqt5.qwt-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.02.02-2) Python Qwt6 technical widget library, documentation and examples www
  • python-pyqtgraph-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.1-4) Bullseye:(0.11.1-1) Scientific Graphics and GUI Library for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-pyramid-chameleon-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3-7) Bullseye:(0.3-4) Chameleon templating support for the Pyramid framework - Documentation www
  • python-pyramid-jinja2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7+dfsg-1.3) Bullseye:(2.7+dfsg-1.2) Jinja2 template bindings for the Pyramid (common documentation) www
  • python-pyrcb2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.2-2) asyncio-based IRC bot library (documentation) www
  • python-pyregion-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1-2) Bullseye:(2.0-11) Python module to parse ds9 region files (documentation) www
  • python-pyresample-doc

    Bookworm:(1.26.0-5) Bullseye:(1.17.0+ds-1+rpi1) Resampling of remote sensing data in Python (documentation) www
  • python-pyroute2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.2-2) Bullseye:(0.5.14-2) netlink and Linux network configuration library (documentation) www
  • python-pyrr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.3-5) Python 3 module for 3D geometry calculations (documentation) www
  • python-pysaml2-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.1-2) Bullseye:(6.5.1-1) SAML Version 2 to be used in a WSGI environment - doc www
  • python-pyside2-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2-1+rpi1) Python bindings for Qt5 (common documentation) www
  • python-pysmi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2-3) Bullseye:(0.3.2-2) SNMP SMI/MIB Parser (documentation) www
  • python-pysnmp4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.12-2) Bullseye:(4.4.12-1) Python SNMP library for agents and managers (unstable branch) www
  • python-pystray-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.4-2) Python library to create system tray icons (documentation) www
  • python-pyswarms-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-5) Bullseye:(1.3.0-1) documentation and examples for PySwarms www
  • python-pyte-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.0-2) simple VTXXX-compatible terminal emulator (documentation) www
  • python-pytest-dependency-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-5) Bullseye:(0.5.1-2) Manages dependencies of pytest test cases (common documentation) www
  • python-pytest-djangoapp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.2-3) Django pluggable application testing (Documentation) www
  • python-pytest-doc

    Bookworm:(7.2.1-2) Bullseye:(6.0.2-2) Simple, powerful testing in Python - Documentation www
  • python-pytest-instafail-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-3) Bullseye:(0.4.2-1) Documentation for pytest-instafail www
  • python-pytest-mock-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.2-3) Documentation of the Pytest Mock plugin (HTML) www
  • python-pytest-mpi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-3) Bullseye:(0.4-4) a plugin for pytest testing MPI-related code (common documentation) www
  • python-pytest-order-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.1-1) pytest plugin to order test execution (documentation) www
  • python-pytest-xprocess-doc

    Bookworm:(0.22.2-0.1) pytest plugin for managing processes across test runs - doc www
  • python-pytestqt-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0+repack-1) Bullseye:(3.2.2-2) documentation for pytest-qt www
  • python-pythran-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.0+ds-7) ahead of time compiler for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-pytools-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.1.14-2) Bullseye:(2021.1-2) big bag of things supplementing Python library (documentation) www
  • python-pyvmomi-doc

    Bookworm:(6.7.1-4) Bullseye:(6.7.1-3) VMware vSphere Python SDK - documentation www
  • python-pywt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.1-3) Bullseye:(1.1.1-1) Python extension implementing of wavelet transformations (Documentation) www
  • python-pyxattr-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.1-1) Bullseye:(0.7.2-1) module for manipulating filesystem extended attributes (documentation) www
  • python-pyxdg-doc

    Bookworm:(0.28-2) Python 3 library to access freedesktop.org standards (Documentation) www
  • python-pyxs-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2~git20190115.97f14313-5) Bullseye:(0.4.2~git20190115.97f14313-4) Pure Python XenStore client implementation (documentation) www
  • python-qinlingclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.1.1-2) client for Function as a Service for OpenStack - doc www
  • python-qpid-proton-doc

    Bookworm:(0.37.0-2) Bullseye:(0.22.0-5.1) Documentation for the Python language bindings for Qpid Proton www
  • python-qstylizer-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.2-1) Python package for construction of PyQt/PySide stylesheets (documentation) www
  • python-qtawesome-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) documentation and examples for QtAwesome www
  • python-qtconsole-doc

    Bookworm:(5.4.0-1) Bullseye:(5.0.2-2) Jupyter - Qt console (documentation) www
  • python-quart-doc

    Bookworm:(0.18.3-2) Bullseye:(0.14.1-1) Python ASGI web microframework with the same API as Flask (Documentation) www
  • python-qwt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.2-1) Bullseye:(0.8.3-1) Pure Python implementation of Qwt - Documentation www
  • python-qwt3d-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.8-6) Documentation for the Python-qwt3d library www
  • python-radon-doc

    Bookworm:(5.1.0-2) Bullseye:(4.1.0+dfsg-1) Python tool to compute code metrics (common documentation) www
  • python-rapidjson-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-2) Python wrapper around rapidjson - doc www
  • python-rcon-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.9-1) client implementation for RCON protocol (Documentation) www
  • python-rdflib-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.1-1) Bullseye:(5.0.0-1.1) Python library containing an RDF triple store [...] (documentation) www
  • python-recommonmark-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.1+ds-5) Bullseye:(0.6.0+ds-1) CommonMark utility for Docutils and Sphinx projects -- doc www
  • python-reconfigure-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1.81+git20171214.2b8729a8-2) simple config file management library (documentation) www
  • python-rediscluster-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) Python interface to a cluster of Redis key-value stores - Documentation www
  • python-releases-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.3-2) Bullseye:(1.6.3-1) Sphinx extension for changelog manipulation documentation www
  • python-reno-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.11.2-2) RElease NOtes manager - doc www
  • python-reportlab-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.12-1) Bullseye:(3.5.59-2) Documentation for the ReportLab Python library (PDF format) www
  • python-repoze.tm2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0-3) Bullseye:(2.0-2) Zope-like transaction manager WSGI middleware documentation www
  • python-requests-cache-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.8-1) Bullseye:(0.5.2-1) persistent cache for requests library (doc) www
  • python-requests-doc

    Bookworm:(2.28.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.25.1+dfsg-2) elegant and simple HTTP library for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-requests-mock-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.3-2) Bullseye:(1.7.0-2) mock out responses from the requests package - doc www
  • python-requests-oauthlib-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0+ds-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-1.1) module providing OAuthlib auth support for requests (Common Documentation) www
  • python-requests-toolbelt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.1-1) Bullseye:(0.9.1-1) Utility belt for python3-requests (documentation) www
  • python-ripe-atlas-sagan-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2-3) Bullseye:(1.2.2-2) Python library for parsing RIPE Atlas measurement results (documentation) www
  • python-rlp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1-3.1) Bullseye:(0.5.1-1.2) Recursive Length Prefix (RLP) library — documentation www
  • python-rpaths-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13-2) Bullseye:(0.13-1.1) documentation for rpaths www
  • python-ruffus-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.4-5) Bullseye:(2.8.4-2) documentation for python-ruffus computation pipeline library www
  • python-ryu-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.30+ds1-2) software defined networking framework (ryu docs) www
  • python-saharaclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.2-2) Bullseye:(3.2.1-2) Client library for Openstack Sahara API server - documentation www
  • python-sasmodels-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.6-2) Bullseye:(1.0.4-3) Theoretical models for small angle scattering (documentation) www
  • python-scciclient-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.3-2) Bullseye:(0.8.0-2) Python ServerView Common Command Interface (SCCI) Client Library - doc www
  • python-scipy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.1-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) scientific library for Python - documentation www
  • python-scrapy-doc

    Bookworm:(2.8.0-2) Bullseye:(2.4.1-2+deb11u1) Python web scraping and crawling framework documentation www
  • python-searchlightclient-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.1-2) OpenStack Indexing and Search API Client Library - doc www
  • python-secretstorage-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3.3-1) Bullseye:(3.3.1-1) Python module for storing secrets - documentation www
  • python-selenium-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.3+dfsg-1) Python3 bindings for Selenium (Documentation) www
  • python-semantic-version-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2) Bullseye:(2.8.5-1) implementing the SemVer scheme - doc www
  • python-senlinclient-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-3) Bullseye:(2.1.1-2) OpenStack Clustering API Client Library - doc www
  • python-sentry-sdk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.10-2) New Python SDK for Sentry.io (Documentation) www
  • python-seqcluster-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.9+ds-3) Bullseye:(1.2.7+ds-1) analysis of small RNA in NGS data (documentation) www
  • python-serial-asyncio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-4) Async I/O extension package for pyserial (documentation) www
  • python-setuptools-doc

    Bookworm:(66.1.1-1) Bullseye:(52.0.0-4) Python Distutils Enhancements (documentation) www
  • python-sfepy-doc

    Bookworm:(2021.4-4) Bullseye:(2020.4-1) Simple Finite Elements in Python (documentation) www
  • python-sfml-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2~git20150611.196c88+dfsg-7) Bullseye:(2.2~git20150611.196c88+dfsg-6) Simple and Fast Multimedia Library - Documentation www
  • python-shodan-doc

    Bookworm:(1.28.0-2) Bullseye:(1.25.0-1) Official Python library for Shodan (common documentation) www
  • python-silx-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(0.14.0+dfsg-1) Toolbox for X-Ray data analysis - Documentation www
  • python-simplebayes-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5.7-2) Naive bayesian text classifier - documentation www
  • python-simplejson-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.3-1) Bullseye:(3.17.2-1) simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python - documentation www
  • python-simpy-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.1+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(2.3.1+dfsg-2) python-based simulation package, Documentation and examples www
  • python-simpy3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.11-3) Bullseye:(3.0.11-2) python-based simulation package, Documentation and examples www
  • python-sip-doc

    Bookworm:(4.19.25+dfsg-5) Bullseye:(4.19.25+dfsg-1) Python/C++ bindings generator documentation www
  • python-six-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.0-4) Bullseye:(1.16.0-2) Python 2 and 3 compatibility library (documentation) www
  • python-skbio-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.8-4) Bullseye:(0.5.6-4) Data structures, algorithms, educational resources for bioinformatics (docs) www
  • python-skbuild-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16.4-1) Bullseye:(0.11.1-2) skbuild (documentation) www
  • python-skimage-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.3-8+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.18.1-2) Documentation and examples for scikit-image www
  • python-sklearn-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.23.2-5) documentation and examples for scikit-learn www
  • python-slepc4py-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.2-1) Bullseye:(3.14.0-2) Python bindings for SLEPc libraries: documentation and examples www
  • python-slixmpp-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.3-1) Bullseye:(1.7.0-2) Threadless, event-based XMPP Python library (documentation) www
  • python-smstrade-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-7) Bullseye:(0.2.4-6) Python library to send SMS via the smstrade service (documentation) www
  • python-snimpy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0-1) Bullseye:(0.8.13-2) interactive SNMP tool with Python (documentation) www
  • python-sorl-thumbnail-doc

    Bookworm:(12.9.0-1) Bullseye:(12.5.0-2) thumbnail support for the Django framework (Documentation) www
  • python-sortedcollections-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1.0.1-1) Python documentation for Sorted Collections www
  • python-sortedcontainers-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.0-2) sorted container types: SortedList, SortedDict, and SortedSet (documentation) www
  • python-soundfile-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.1-1) Bullseye:(0.10.3+post1-1) Python audio module based on libsndfile - documentation www
  • python-sphinx-click-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.0-1) Bullseye:(2.5.0-1) Sphinx plugin to automatically document click-based applications (docs) www
  • python-sphinx-copybutton-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-4) Bullseye:(0.3.1-1) sphinx extension to add a "copy" button to code blocks (documentation) www
  • python-sphinx-feature-classification-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1.0.1-2) generate a matrix of pluggable drivers and their support to an API - doc www
  • python-sphinx-gallery-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.1-3) Bullseye:(0.8.2-1) extension that builds an HTML gallery of examples from Python scripts (Doc) www
  • python-sphinx-multiversion-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.4-2) Docs for Sphinx multiple versions extension www
  • python-sphinx-panels-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0-2) documentation for the sphinx-panels Python library www
  • python-sphinxcontrib.bibtex-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-1) Bullseye:(1.0.0-1) documentation for sphinxcontrib-bibtex www
  • python-sphinxcontrib.programoutput-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17-2) Bullseye:(0.16-1) insert the output of arbitrary commands into documents - doc www
  • python-sphinxcontrib.spelling-doc

    Bookworm:(7.7.0-1) Bullseye:(4.3.0-1) Sphinx "spelling" extension (documentation) www
  • python-sqlalchemy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.46+ds1-1+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.3.22+ds1-1) documentation for the SQLAlchemy Python library www
  • python-sqlalchemy-utils-doc

    Bookworm:(0.38.2-2) Bullseye:(0.36.8-4) various utility functions for SQLAlchemy - doc www
  • python-sqlobject-doc

    Bookworm:(3.10.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3.9.0+dfsg-1) Documentation for SQLObject, a Python object relational manager for databases www
  • python-sqlparse-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-1) Bullseye:(0.4.1-1) documentation for non-validating SQL parser in Python www
  • python-srt-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.2-5) Python library to handle SRT subtitle files (documentation) www
  • python-staticconf-doc

    Bookworm:(0.10.5-2) Bullseye:(0.10.5-1) Python library for loading and reading configuration (documentation) www
  • python-statsmodels-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.5+dfsg-7+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.12.2-1+rpi1) documentation and examples for statsmodels www
  • python-stdnum-doc

    Bookworm:(1.18-1) Bullseye:(1.16-1) Python module to handle standardized numbers and codes (Documentation) www
  • python-stestr-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0.1-2) test runner similar to testrepository - doc www
  • python-stevedore-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.2-2) Bullseye:(3.2.2-3) manage dynamic plugins for Python applications - doc www
  • python-stomp-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.0-1) Bullseye:(6.1.0-1) Documentation of Python's STOMP client library www
  • python-straight.plugin-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.1-4) Bullseye:(1.4.1-3) Simple namespaced plugin facility (common documentation) www
  • python-structlog-doc

    Bookworm:(22.3.0-2) Bullseye:(20.1.0-1) structured logging for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-subunit2sql-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.10.0-4) subunit file/stream to DB - doc www
  • python-sunlight-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.5-4) Bullseye:(1.1.5-3) set of bindings to access U.S. government data (documentation) www
  • python-superqt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-3) 'missing' widgets and components for PyQt/PySide - documentation www
  • python-sushy-cli-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-2) Bullseye:(0.3.1-3) Redfish CLI tool based on sushy Redfish client library - doc www
  • python-sushy-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.3-1) Bullseye:(3.4.1-2) small library to communicate with Redfish based systems - doc www
  • python-svgwrite-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.3-1) Bullseye:(1.3.1-1) library to create SVG drawings (common documentation) www
  • python-swagger-spec-validator-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.3-1) Validation of Swagger specifications (Documentation) www
  • python-swiftclient-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.1.0-2) Bullseye:(1:3.10.1-2) Client library for Openstack Swift API - doc www
  • python-sybil-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-1) Bullseye:(1.4.0-1) Automated testing for the examples in your documentation (documentation) www
  • python-sympy-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1-1) Bullseye:(1.7.1-3) Computer Algebra System (CAS) in Python - Documentation www
  • python-tables-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.0-5) Bullseye:(3.6.1-3) hierarchical database for Python based on HDF5 - documentation www
  • python-tablib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.0-1) format agnostic tabular dataset library (Documentation) www
  • python-tackerclient-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.0-2) Bullseye:(1.3.0-2) CLI and Client Library for OpenStack Tacker - doc www
  • python-tango-doc

    Bookworm:(9.3.6-2.1) Bullseye:(9.3.2-1) API for the TANGO control system www
  • python-tap-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1-1) Bullseye:(3.0-2) TAP producer/consumer tools for Python unittest -- documentation www
  • python-taskflow-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-3) Bullseye:(4.5.0-3) Taskflow structured state management library - doc www
  • python-taurus-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-1) Bullseye:(4.7.0+dfsg-1) Framework for scientific/industrial CLIs and GUIs - Documentation www
  • python-tds-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.0-1) Bullseye:(1.10.0-1) Python DBAPI driver for MSSQL using pure Python TDS (documentation) www
  • python-tenacity-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2.1-1) Bullseye:(6.2.0-4) retry code until it succeeeds - doc www
  • python-terminado-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.0-1) Bullseye:(0.9.2-1) Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets (documentation) www
  • python-terminaltables-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.10-2) Bullseye:(3.1.0-3) Documentation for terminaltables table printer www
  • python-testfixtures-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.4-1) Bullseye:(6.14.1-1) Collection of helpers and mock objects (Documentation) www
  • python-testpath-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(0.4.4+dfsg-1) Utilities for Python code working with files and commands (doc) www
  • python-testtools-doc

    Bookworm:(2.5.0-4) Bullseye:(2.4.0-2) Extensions to the Python unittest library - doc www
  • python-tinycss-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4-6) Bullseye:(0.4-3) complete yet simple CSS parser (Documentation) www
  • python-tinycss2-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-2) Bullseye:(1.0.2-1) Low-level CSS parser (Documentation) www
  • python-tinyrpc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6-4) Bullseye:(0.6-3.1) small, modular RPC library — documentation www
  • python-tktreectrl-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.2-5) Bullseye:(2.0.2-3) documentation and examples for Python TkTreeCtrl www
  • python-tld-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.11-4) Bullseye:(0.11.11-1) Extract the top level domain (TLD) from a given URL (common documentation) www
  • python-toolz-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.0-1) Bullseye:(0.9.0-1.1) List processing tools and functional utilities documentation www
  • python-tooz-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-3) Bullseye:(2.7.1-2) Coordination library for distributed systems. - doc www
  • python-tornado-doc

    Bookworm:(6.2.0-3) Bullseye:(6.1.0-1) scalable, non-blocking web server and tools - documentation www
  • python-tosca-parser-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.0-2) Bullseye:(2.1.1-3) parser for TOSCA Simple Profile in YAML - doc www
  • python-tpm2-pytss-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-3) Provides Python bindings for a number of APIs for the TPM2 TSS (documentation) www
  • python-traitlets-doc

    Bookworm:(5.5.0-1) Bullseye:(5.0.5-1) Lightweight Traits-like package for Python www
  • python-transliterate-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.2-5) Bullseye:(1.10.2-3) Bi-directional transliterator for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-transmissionrpc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11-7) Bullseye:(0.11-4) Transmission RPC client module for Python (documentation) www
  • python-treq-doc

    Bookworm:(22.2.0-0.1) Bullseye:(18.6.0-0.2) Higher level API for making HTTP requests with Twisted (doc) www
  • python-trie-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.2+ds-2) Pure Python implementation of the trie data structure (doc) www
  • python-trio-websocket-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-2) Server and client Python library of the WebSocket protocol (Documentation) www
  • python-tweepy-doc

    Bookworm:(4.12.1-3) Bullseye:(3.6.0-2) Documentation for the Twitter library www
  • python-twitter-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3-5) Bullseye:(3.3-2) Twitter API wrapper for Python: documentation files www
  • python-txaio-doc

    Bookworm:(21.2.1-2) Bullseye:(20.4.1-2) compatibility API between asyncio/Twisted/Trollius - doc www
  • python-txdbus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0-3) implementation of the DBus protocol for the Twisted networking framework, documentation www
  • python-txtorcon-doc

    Bookworm:(22.0.0-1) Bullseye:(20.0.0-1) Twisted-based asynchronous Tor control protocol implementation (Documentation) www
  • python-typer-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-1) Python library for building CLI applications (common documentation) www
  • python-ubelt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.3-2) Python Utility Belt Library www
  • python-ufl-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.2.0-2) Bullseye:(2019.2.0~git20210211.d60cd09-1) documentation and demos for UFL www
  • python-uflash-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.4+dfsg-10) Bullseye:(1.2.4+dfsg-8) module and utility for flashing the BBC micro:bit (documentation) www
  • python-ulmo-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.8+dfsg1-1.1) Bullseye:(0.8.5+dfsg1-1) Simple & fast Python access to public hydrology & climatology data - docs www
  • python-uncertainties-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.6-1) Bullseye:(3.1.5-1) Python3 module for calculations with uncertainties: documentation www
  • python-urwid-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-4) Bullseye:(2.1.2-1) curses-based UI/widget library (common documentation) www
  • python-uvicorn-doc

    Bookworm:(0.17.6-1) Bullseye:(0.13.3-1) ASGI server implementation, using uvloop and httptools (Documentation) www
  • python-validate-pyproject-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.2-1) Automated checks on pyproject.toml by JSON Schema definitions (Documentation) www
  • python-validictory-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.2-3) Bullseye:(0.8.3-4) general purpose Python data validator (Documentation) www
  • python-vcr-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.1-1) Bullseye:(4.0.2-1) record and replay HTML interactions (Documentation) www
  • python-vigra-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.1+dfsg-11) Bullseye:(1.11.1+dfsg-8) Documentation for Python3 bindings for the C++ computer vision library www
  • python-vine-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(5.0.0+dfsg-2) vine Python promises documentation www
  • python-vitrageclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.0-2) Bullseye:(4.1.1-2) OpenStack root cause analysis as a Service doc. www
  • python-waitress-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.2-2) Bullseye:(1.4.4-1.1+deb11u1) production-quality pure-Python WSGI server (documentation) www
  • python-watcherclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.1.1-2) OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - client doc www
  • python-webassets-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3:0.12.1-1.1) Asset management application for Python web development - doc www
  • python-webob-doc

    Bookworm:(1:1.8.6-3) Bullseye:(1:1.8.6-1.1) Python module providing WSGI request and response objects (documentation) www
  • python-webpy-doc

    Bookworm:(1:0.62-4) Bullseye:(1:0.61-1) Web framework for Python applications www
  • python-webtest-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.0-2) Bullseye:(2.0.35-1) wraps any WSGI application and makes it easy to test www
  • python-webvtt-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.6-2) Bullseye:(0.4.5-1) Read, write and segment WebVTT caption files (Documentation) www
  • python-werkzeug-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.2-3) Bullseye:(1.0.1+dfsg1-2+deb11u1) documentation for the werkzeug Python library (docs) www
  • python-whoosh-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7.4+git6-g9134ad92-7) Bullseye:(2.7.4+git6-g9134ad92-5) full-text indexing, search, and spell checking library (doc) www
  • python-willow-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4-3) Bullseye:(1.4-1) Python image library (documentation) www
  • python-wrapt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.1-2) Bullseye:(1.12.1-4) decorators, wrappers and monkey patching. - doc www
  • python-ws4py-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5.1+dfsg1-2) Bullseye:(0.4.2+dfsg1-5) WebSocket library (docs) www
  • python-wsproto-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-1) Bullseye:(0.15.0-3) WebSockets state-machine based protocol implementation (Documentation) www
  • python-wtforms-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1-2) Bullseye:(2.2.1-2) Flexible forms validation and rendering library for Python (Documentation) www
  • python-wxmplot-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.49-2) wxPython plotting widgets using matplotlib (common documentation) www
  • python-x2go-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Python module providing X2Go client API (documentation) www
  • python-x2gobroker-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( X2Go Session Broker (Python3 module documentation) www
  • python-xarray-doc

    Bookworm:(2023.01.0-1.1) Bullseye:(0.16.2-2) documentation for xarray www
  • python-xkcd-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.2-3) Python library for accessing xkcd.com (common documentation) www
  • python-xlib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.33-2) interface for Python 3 to the X11 protocol (docs) www
  • python-xlrd-docs

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-3) Bullseye:(1.2.0-2) extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files (documentation) www
  • python-xlwt-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.0-4) Bullseye:(1.3.0-3) module for writing Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files - doc www
  • python-xmlschema-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10.0-6) Bullseye:(1.4.2-1) documentation and examples for xmlschema www
  • python-xraydb-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.7+ds1-3) X-ray Reference Data (common documentation) www
  • python-xraylarch-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.58+ds1-5) X-ray Larch data analysis (documentation) www
  • python-xrayutilities-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.4-1) Bullseye:(1.7.1-1) X-rays data reduction and analysis (documentation) www
  • python-xsdata-doc

    Bookworm:(22.12-1) Naive XML Bindings for Python (common documentation) www
  • python-xstatic-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.0-7) XStatic base package with minimal support code - doc www
  • python-yapsy-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.12.0-1.3) simple plugin system for Python applications - doc www
  • python-yarl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.2-1) Bullseye:(1.6.3-2) documentation for the yarl Python library www
  • python-yenc-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-10) Bullseye:(0.4.0-8) yEnc encoding/decoding extension for Python (documentation) www
  • python-yoyo-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2.0+dfsg1-1) Bullseye:(7.3.1+dfsg1-1) database schema migration tool (documentation) www
  • python-zstandard-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.0-3) Python bindings for interfacing with Zstandard library (docs) www
  • python-zunclient-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.0-2) Bullseye:(4.1.1-2) OpenStack container management service API client - doc www
  • python3-aioresponses-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.4-1) Bullseye:(0.7.1-1) mock out Python aiohttp ClientSession requests - documentation www
  • python3-aiortc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.0-2) implementation of WebRTC and ORTC - documentation www
  • python3-aiosmtplib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-1) Documentation for python3-aiosmtplib www
  • python3-aioxmpp-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.3-1) Bullseye:(0.12.2-1) XMPP/Jabber client library for asyncio (documentation) www
  • python3-async-generator-doc

    Bookworm:(1.10-4) Bullseye:(1.10-3) extensions to asynchronous generators for Python3 (documentation) www
  • python3-bmtk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.6+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.0+git20210109.8572664+ds-1) documentation for python3-bmtk www
  • python3-bonsai-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.0+ds-3) Asyncio/gevent/tornado-compatible LDAP library (documentation) www
  • python3-boolean-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0-4) small library implementing a boolean algebra - documentation www
  • python3-buildbot-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.0-2) Bullseye:(2.10.1-1) transitional package for buildbot-doc www
  • python3-cairo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.20.1-5) Bullseye:(1.16.2-4) Python 3 cairo bindings: documentation files www
  • python3-cassandra-doc

    Bookworm:(3.25.0-2) Bullseye:(3.24.0-1+rpi1) Python driver for Apache Cassandra (documentation) www
  • python3-clevercsv-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.5+ds-1) Drop-in replacement for the CSV module (documentation) www
  • python3-clickhouse-driver-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2.5-1) Bullseye:(0.2.0-1) Python driver with native interface for ClickHouse www
  • python3-django-axes-doc

    Bookworm:(5.39.0-2) Bullseye:(5.4.3-1) Keep track of failed login attempts in Django - documentation www
  • python3-django-cas-server-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) CAS server library for Django (documentation) www
  • python3-dnf-doc

    Bookworm:(4.14.0-3+deb12u1) Bullseye:(4.5.2-6) Python 3 interface to DNF (common documentation) www
  • python3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.2-1) Bullseye:(3.9.2-3) documentation for the high-level object-oriented language Python 3 www
  • python3-emperor-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3+ds-7) visualizing high-throughput microbial community data (coc) www
  • python3-enlighten-doc

    Bookworm:(1.11.2-1) Bullseye:(1.7.2-1) console progress bar module for Python3 (documentation) www
  • python3-fhs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2-1) API documentation for python3-fhs
  • python3-fltk-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.8+repack-3) Documentation for pyFltk www
  • python3-ftdi-doc

    Bookworm:(0.54.0-1) user-space driver for popular FTDI devices. Documentation www
  • python3-halide-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.0-3) fast, portable computation on images and tensors (Python3 documentation) www
  • python3-hawkey-doc

    Bookworm:(0.69.0-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(0.55.2-6) Python 3 bindings for the hawkey library (common documentation) www
  • python3-headerparser-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.0-3) Parse key-value pairs in RFC 822 style headers - documentation www
  • python3-hug-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.0-2.4) Bullseye:(2.3.0-1.1) Python3 framework for HTTP APIs - documentation www
  • python3-intake-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.6-1) Bullseye:(0.6.0-4) documentation for the python3-intake package www
  • python3-librepo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.14.5-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.12.1-4) Python 3 bindings for the librepo library (common documentation) www
  • python3-marshmallow-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.0-1) Bullseye:(3.10.0-1) Library for converting complex datatypes - documentation www
  • python3-mpi4py-fft-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.4-1) Bullseye:(2.0.3-3) a Python package for computing Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) with MPI (docs) www
  • python3-ndcube-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.3-1) Bullseye:(1.4.2-1) Package for multi-dimensional coordinate-aware arrays (documentation) www
  • python3-network-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4-1) API documentation for python3-network
  • python3-pcbasic-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.5-1) Bullseye:(2.0.3-4) cross-platform emulator for the GW-BASIC family of interpreters (doc) www
  • python3-pgpy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.0-1) Bullseye:(0.5.3-3) OpenPGP (Pretty Good Privacy) RFC 4880 implementation in Python (documentation) www
  • python3-primecountpy-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.0-2) Python interface to primecount -- documentation www
  • python3-psd-tools-doc

    Bookworm:(1.9.24+dfsg.1-1) library for working with Adobe Photoshop PSD files (documentation) www
  • python3-pynput-doc

    Bookworm:(1.7.5-2) control and monitor input devices (common documentation) www
  • python3-pyode-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0.dev15-4) Bullseye:(1.2.0.dev15-3) Documentation for pyode www
  • python3-pyparsing-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.0+dfsg1-2) Python parsing module, documentation package www
  • python3-pyspectral-doc

    Bookworm:(0.12.3+ds-1) Bullseye:(0.10.4+ds-1) Reading and manipulaing satellite sensor spectral responses - documentation www
  • python3-pytest-flask-doc

    Bookworm:(0.15.1-4) Bullseye:(0.15.1-2) pytest plugin to test Python Flask - documentation manual www
  • python3-python-telegram-bot-doc

    Bookworm:(13.15-1) Bullseye:(13.3-1) python module for Telegram Bot API (common documentation) www
  • python3-pyx-doc

    Bookworm:(0.16-1) Bullseye:(0.15-3+deb11u1) Python 3 module for generating PostScript graphics (documentation) www
  • python3-rpyc-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.0-2) Python 3 library for remote procedure calls (documentation) www
  • python3-sbml5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.19.7+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.19.0+dfsg-1) System Biology Markup Language library - Python3 documentation www
  • python3-shasta-doc

    Bookworm:(0.11.1-1) Bullseye:(0.7.0-3) nanopore whole genome assembly (documentation) www
  • python3-smbus2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2-1) doc for another pure Python implementation of the python-smbus www
  • python3-sphinx-rst-builder-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.3-3) Bullseye:(0.0.3-2) Sphinx builder for reST (reStructuredText) files - Documentation www
  • python3-sphinx-tabs-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1-1) Bullseye:(1.3.0+ds-1) Tabbed views for Sphinx - Documentation www
  • python3-stem-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.1-2.1) Bullseye:(1.8.0-3) Tor control library for Python 3 - documentation www
  • python3-streamlink-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.1-1) Bullseye:(2.0.0-1) CLI for extracting video streams from various websites (documentation) www
  • python3-typedload-doc

    Bookworm:(2.22-1) Documentation and examples for python3-typedload www
  • python3-websocketd-doc

    Bookworm:(0.5-1) API documentation for python3-websocketd
  • python3.11-doc

    Bookworm:(3.11.2-6) Documentation for the high-level object-oriented language Python (v3.11)
  • pytidylib-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.2~dfsg-7) Bullseye:(0.3.2~dfsg-6) Python wrapper for HTML Tidy (tidylib) documentation www
  • pywps-doc

    Bookworm:(4.5.2-2) Bullseye:(4.2.11-1) Implementation of OGC's Web Processing Service - Documentation www
  • pyxplot-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-13) Bullseye:(0.9.2-12) documentation for pyxplot data plotting program www
  • pyzfs-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.11-1) Bullseye:(2.0.3-9+deb11u1) wrapper for libzfs_core C library (documentation) www
  • pyzo-doc

    Bookworm:(4.12.3-1) Bullseye:(4.11.2-1) documentation for Pyzo www
  • pyzor-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.0.0-6) spam-catcher using a collaborative filtering network (documentation) www
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  • Q

  • qbs-doc

    Bookworm:(1.24.1+dfsg-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.18.0-5+rpi1) Qbs documentation www
  • qbs-doc-html

    Bookworm:(1.24.1+dfsg-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.18.0-5+rpi1) Qbs HTML documentation www
  • qbs-examples

    Bookworm:(1.24.1+dfsg-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.18.0-5+rpi1) examples for Qbs build tool www
  • qcoro-doc

    Bookworm:(0.8.0-1) C++20 coroutines for Qt5 - documentation & examples www
  • qdbm-doc

    Bookworm:(1.8.78-12) Bullseye:(1.8.78-10) QDBM Database Documentation www
  • qevercloud-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.3+ds-6) QEverCloud library documentation www
  • qml-module-lomiri-content-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2-1) Documentation files for QML module Lomiri Content www
  • qml-module-lomiri-downloadmanager-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1.2-1) Bullseye:(0.1.0-8) Lomiri Download Manager QML Plugin - documentation files www
  • qml-module-morph-web-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.2+dfsg-1) Morph web QML module (HTML documentation) www
  • qprint-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.dfsg.2-2.1) qprint quoted-printable encoder/decoder (documentation) www
  • qt3d5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2+rpi1) Qt 3D documentation www
  • qt3d5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2+rpi1) Qt 3D HTML documentation www
  • qt5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 API Documentation www
  • qt5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 API documentation (HTML format) www
  • qt5-quick-demos

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt Quick demo applications www
  • qtbase5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-11+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-9+rpi1) Qt 5 base documentation www
  • qtbase5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-11+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-9+rpi1) Qt 5 base HTML documentation www
  • qtcharts5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt charts QCH documentation www
  • qtcharts5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt charts HTML documentation www
  • qtconnectivity5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Connectivity documentation www
  • qtconnectivity5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Connectivity HTML documentation www
  • qtcreator-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0.2-2) Bullseye:(4.14.1-1) documentation for Qt Creator IDE www
  • qtdatavisualization5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Data Visualization documentation www
  • qtdatavisualization5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Data Visualization HTML documentation www
  • qtdeclarative5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-6+rpi1) Qt 5 declarative documentation www
  • qtdeclarative5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-3+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-6+rpi1) Qt 5 declarative HTML documentation www
  • qtfeedback5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0~git20180903.a14bd0b-5) Qt 5 Feedback documentation www
  • qtgamepad5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Qt 5 Gamepad QCH documentation www
  • qtgamepad5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Qt 5 Gamepad HTML documentation www
  • qtgraphicaleffects5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 graphical effects documentation www
  • qtgraphicaleffects5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 graphicaleffects HTML documentation www
  • qtgstreamer-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.0-5.2) Bullseye:(1.2.0-5.1) QtGStreamer API documentation www
  • qtlocation5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-3+rpi1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 Location and Positioning QCH documentation www
  • qtlocation5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-3+rpi1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 Location and Positioning HTML documentation www
  • qtltools-example

    Bookworm:(1.3.1+dfsg-4) Bullseye:(1.3.1+dfsg-2) Tool set for molecular QTL discovery and analysis - example www
  • qtmultimedia5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 multimedia documentation www
  • qtmultimedia5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 multimedia HTML documentation www
  • qtnetworkauth5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) online account access for Qt apps - documentation www
  • qtnetworkauth5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) online account access for Qt apps - HTML Documentation www
  • qtpdf5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.13+dfsg-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-3) Qt 5 PDF documentation www
  • qtpdf5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.13+dfsg-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-3) Qt 5 PDF HTML documentation www
  • qtpim5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0~git20201102.f9a8f0fc+dfsg1-3) Bullseye:(5.0~git20190618.8fec622c+dfsg1-8+rpi1) Qt 5 PIM documentation www
  • qtpim5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.0~git20201102.f9a8f0fc+dfsg1-3) Bullseye:(5.0~git20190618.8fec622c+dfsg1-8+rpi1) Qt 5 PIM HTML documentation www
  • qtquickcontrols2-5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 Quick Controls 2 documentation www
  • qtquickcontrols2-5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 Quick Controls 2 HTML documentation www
  • qtquickcontrols5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Quick Controls documentation www
  • qtquickcontrols5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Quick Controls HTML documentation www
  • qtremoteobjects5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt Remote Objects QCH documentation www
  • qtremoteobjects5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt Remote Objects HTML documentation www
  • qtscript5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 script documentation www
  • qtscript5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 script HTML documentation www
  • qtscxml5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt SCXML QCH documentation www
  • qtscxml5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt SCXML HTML documentation www
  • qtsensors5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Sensors documentation www
  • qtsensors5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Sensors HTML documentation www
  • qtserialbus5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt serialbus serial bus access QCH documentation www
  • qtserialbus5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt serialbus serial bus access HTML documentation www
  • qtserialport5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 serial port documentation www
  • qtserialport5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 serial port HTML documentation www
  • qtspeech5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Speech library for Qt - documentation www
  • qtspeech5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Speech library for Qt - HTML documentation www
  • qtsvg5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-3) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 SVG documentation www
  • qtsvg5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-3) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 SVG HTML documentation www
  • qttools5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-5) Qt 5 tools documentation www
  • qttools5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-5) Qt 5 tools HTML documentation www
  • qtvirtualkeyboard5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 Virtual Keyboard documentation www
  • qtvirtualkeyboard5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-2) Qt 5 Virtual Keyboard HTML documentation www
  • qtwayland5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 Wayland Compositor documentation www
  • qtwayland5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 Wayland Compositor HTML documentation www
  • qtwebchannel5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Web communication library for Qt - Documentation www
  • qtwebchannel5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Web communication library for Qt - HTML Documentation www
  • qtwebengine5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.13+dfsg-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-3) Qt 5 webengine documentation www
  • qtwebengine5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.13+dfsg-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.15.2+dfsg-3) Qt 5 webengine HTML documentation www
  • qtwebsockets5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Web Sockets documentation www
  • qtwebsockets5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 Web Sockets HTML documentation www
  • qtwebsockets5-examples

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Examples for Qt 5 Web Sockets module www
  • qtwebview5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) display web content in a QML application - Documentation www
  • qtwebview5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) display web content in a QML application - HTML Documentation www
  • qtx11extras5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 X11 extras documentation www
  • qtx11extras5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-2) Qt 5 X11 extras HTML documentation www
  • qtxmlpatterns5-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 XML patterns documentation www
  • qtxmlpatterns5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2) Bullseye:(5.15.2-3) Qt 5 XML patterns HTML documentation www
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  • R

  • r-base-html

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(4.0.4-1) GNU R html docs for statistical computing system functions www
  • r-doc-html

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(4.0.4-1) GNU R html manuals for statistical computing system www
  • r-doc-info

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(4.0.4-1) GNU R info manuals statistical computing system www
  • r-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(4.0.4-1) GNU R pdf manuals for statistical computing system www
  • racket-doc

    Bookworm:(8.7+dfsg1-1) Bullseye:(7.9+dfsg1-2) extensible programming language in the Scheme family (documentation) www
  • rapidjson-doc

    Bookworm:(1.1.0+dfsg2-7.1) Bullseye:(1.1.0+dfsg2-7) fast JSON parser/generator for C++ (API documentation) www
  • rarian-compat

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.1-6) Documentation meta-data library (compatibility tools) www
  • raritan-json-rpc-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.20+ds-2) Bullseye:(3.6.1+ds1-1) Documentation for Xerus™ JSON-RPC SDK www
  • rasmol-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( documentation for rasmol www
  • raster3d-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0-7-2) documents and example files for Raster3D www
  • rawtran-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-1) Documentation of Rawtran www
  • ray-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.1-7) documentation for ray parallel de novo genome assembler www
  • rbot-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.15+post20100705+gitb3aa806-4) IRC bot written in Ruby -- API documentation www
  • rdkit-doc

    Bookworm:(202209.3-1) Bullseye:(202009.4-1) Collection of cheminformatics and machine-learning software (documentation) www
  • rdp-classifier-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.2-6) Bullseye:(2.10.2-5) documentation and examples for rdp-classifier www
  • readline-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2-1.3) Bullseye:(8.1-1) GNU readline and history libraries, documentation and examples
  • rear-doc

    Bookworm:(2.7+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.6+dfsg-1) Bare metal disaster recovery and system migration framework (documentation) www
  • reclass-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.0-1.1) reclass documentation www
  • recode-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6-25) Bullseye:(3.6-24) Documentation for Free recode
  • redet-doc

    Bookworm:(8.26-1.5) Bullseye:(8.26-1.4) regular expression development and execution tool (documentation) www
  • redis-redisearch-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.2.2-4) Full-text and secondary search index engine module for Redis (documentation) www
  • regina-normal-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3-2) Bullseye:(6.0.1-4) documentation for Regina, the topology software www
  • reglookup-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1+svn287-9) developer documentation for libregfi and python-pyregfi www
  • renaissance-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.0-4.1) GNUstep GUI Framework - documentation www
  • renderdoc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.24+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.11+dfsg-5) Stand-alone graphics debugging tool -- docs www
  • renpy-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0.3+dfsg-1) framework for developing visual-novel type games - doc www
  • rep-doc

    Bookworm:(0.92.5-3.1) Bullseye:(0.92.5-3) documentation for the lisp command interpreter www
  • rheolef-doc

    Bookworm:(7.2-2) Bullseye:(7.1-6) efficient Finite Element environment - documentation www
  • rhythmbox-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.6-2) Bullseye:(3.4.4-4) documentation files for the rhythmbox music player www
  • ripe-atlas-tools-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3.0-2.1) command-line interface for RIPE Atlas (documentation) www
  • rmlint-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.0-2.5~deb12u1) Bullseye:(2.9.0-2.3) HTML documentation for rmlint www
  • rsplib-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.4-1) documentation of the RSerPool implementation RSPLIB www
  • rsyslog-doc

    Bookworm:(8.2302.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(8.2102.0-1) documentation for rsyslog www
  • rt4-doc-html

    Bookworm:(4.4.6+dfsg-1.1+deb12u1) Bullseye:(4.4.4+dfsg-2+deb11u3) HTML documentation for request-tracker4 www
  • rt5-doc-html

    Bookworm:(5.0.3+dfsg-3~deb12u2) HTML documentation for request-tracker5 www
  • rtklib-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.3.b34+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(2.4.3+dfsg1-2.1) RTK and other advanced GNSS positioning techniques -- Docs www
  • ruby-benchmark-ips-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.7.2-2) iterations per second enhancement to Benchmark (documentation) www
  • ruby-benchmark-suite-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.0+git.20130122.5bded6-3) enhancements to the standard library benchmark.rb (documentation) www
  • ruby-commandline-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.7.10-12) Ruby library to write command-line applications (documentation) www
  • ruby-cri-doc

    Bookworm:(2.15.11-1) Bullseye:(2.15.10-1) library for building easy-to-use commandline tools - documentation www
  • ruby-em-hiredis-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.3.1-1) fast and simple Redis client for EventMachine (documentation) www
  • ruby-expression-parser-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9.1-5) mathematical expression parser for Ruby (documentation) www
  • ruby-facets-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.9.3-2) extensive additions and extensions library for Ruby -- API documentation www
  • ruby-feedtools-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.29+dfsg1-5) Parsing, generation, and caching system for xml news feeds. www
  • ruby-http-parser.rb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.0-6) Simple callback-based HTTP request/response parser (documentation) www
  • ruby-literati-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.0.4~git.20130318.3b3ea30-2) render literate Haskell with Ruby (documentation) www
  • ruby-mocha-doc

    Bookworm:(1.16.1-1) Bullseye:(1.7.0-1) Mocking and stubbing library for Ruby - documentation www
  • ruby-prawn-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.0+dfsg-1~) Bullseye:(2.3.0+dfsg-1) fast, nimble PDF generation library for Ruby (documentation) www
  • ruby-rinku-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7.3-2) autolinker for Ruby (documentation) www
  • ruby-rmagick-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.3-2) Bullseye:(2.16.0-7) ImageMagick API for Ruby (documentation) www
  • ruby-rubymail-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.4-1) MIME mail parsing and generation library (documentation) www
  • ruby-settingslogic-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0.9-4) Bullseye:(2.0.9-3.1) simple settings solution for Ruby (documentation) www
  • ruby-tioga-doc

    Bookworm:(1.19.1-4) Bullseye:(1.19.1-3) Ruby library for scientific graphs
  • ruby-uuidtools-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.0-1) UUIDs generation library for Ruby - documentation www
  • ruby2.1-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.5-4) Documentation for Ruby 2.1 www
  • ruby3.0-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.4-8) Documentation for Ruby 3.0 www
  • ruby3.1-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.2-7) Documentation for Ruby 3.1 www
  • rubybook

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.2.1-1) the "Programming Ruby" book
  • rubyfilter-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.12-2.2) A mail filtering library for Ruby (documentation)
  • rust-doc

    Bookworm:(1.63.0+dfsg1-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(1.48.0+dfsg1-1+rpi1) Rust systems programming language - Documentation www
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  • S

  • s3d-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Documentation for s3d www
  • s6-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( small and secure supervision software suite (documentation) www
  • sagetex-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.1+ds-1) Bullseye:(3.5+ds-2) Embed Sage code and plots into LaTeX -- doc www
  • sahara-doc

    Bookworm:(1:16.0.0-2) Bullseye:(1:13.0.0-1) OpenStack data processing cluster as a service - doc www
  • sailcut-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.1-2.1) Sailcut CAD documentation www
  • salt-doc

    Bookworm:(3004.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(3002.6+dfsg1-4+deb11u1) additional documentation for salt, the distributed remote execution system www
  • sanewall-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.2+ds-3) easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall (docs) www
  • saods9-doc

    Bookworm:(8.4.1+repack-3) Bullseye:(8.2+repack-2) Image display tool for astronomy (help files/documentation) www
  • sary-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.2.0-2.1) A suffix array library (documentation)
  • sasview-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.5-5) Bullseye:(5.0.3-3) Small Angle Scattering Analysis (documentation) www
  • sbcl-doc

    Bookworm:(2:2.2.9-1) Bullseye:(2:2.1.1-2) Documentation for Steel Bank Common Lisp www
  • sbws-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.2-1.1) Bullseye:(1.2.0-1) Simple Bandwidth Scanner www
  • scala-doc

    Bookworm:(2.11.12-5) Bullseye:(2.11.12-4) Scala API documentation www
  • scalapack-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5-11) Scalable Linear Algebra Package Documentation
  • scheme2c-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2012.10.14-1) Documentation for the Scheme->C system www
  • scheme48-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.9.2-2) Documentation for the Scheme48 implementation of Scheme www
  • scilab-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.1+dfsg2-6) Bullseye:(6.1.0+dfsg1-7) Scientific software package (English documentations) www
  • scilab-doc-fr

    Bookworm:(6.1.1+dfsg2-6) Bullseye:(6.1.0+dfsg1-7) Scientific software package (French documentation) www
  • scilab-doc-ja

    Bookworm:(6.1.1+dfsg2-6) Bullseye:(6.1.0+dfsg1-7) Scientific software package (Japanese documentation) www
  • scilab-doc-pt-br

    Bookworm:(6.1.1+dfsg2-6) Bullseye:(6.1.0+dfsg1-7) Scientific software package (Brazilian Portuguese documentation) www
  • scim-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.18+git20211204-0.1) Bullseye:(1.4.18-2.2) development documentation for SCIM platform www
  • scons-doc

    Bookworm:(4.4.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.0.1+dfsg-2) Documentation for SCons, a replacement for Make www
  • scoop-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Python library for concurrent parallel programming (docs) www
  • scribus-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.8+dfsg-1) Bullseye:( Open Source Desktop Page Layout - documentation - 1.5.x branch www
  • scribus-ng-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.0+r17300-1) non-free documentation for Developmental Scribus branch www
  • scrollkeeper

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8.1-6) Transitional package for scrollkeeper www
  • scsh-0.6-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.6.7-8) Documentation for scsh, "The Scheme Shell" www
  • scsh-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Documentation for scsh, "The Scheme Shell"
  • sctk-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.10-20151007-1312Z+dfsg2-3.1) speech recognition scoring toolkit (documentation) www
  • sdcc-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.0.0+dfsg-2) Small Device C Compiler (documentation) www
  • sdf-doc

    Bookworm:(2.001+1-8) Bullseye:(2.001+1-7) Documentation and examples for the Simple Document Parser
  • sdformat-doc

    Bookworm:(12.3.0+ds-2) Bullseye:(9.3.0+ds-3) Simulation Description Format (SDF) parser - Documentation www
  • sdformat9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.7.0+ds-1) Simulation Description Format (SDF) parser - Documentation www
  • sdpb-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0-4) Semidefinite program solver (documentation) www
  • secilc-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4-1) Bullseye:(3.1-1) documentation for the SELinux CIL Compiler www
  • seed-webkit2-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.0.0+20161014+6c77960+dfsg1-6) GObject JavaScript bindings for the webkit engine - Documentation www
  • selfhtml

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.1.2-1) German HTML reference and tutorial www
  • selinux-policy-doc

    Bookworm:(2:2.20221101-9) Bullseye:(2:2.20210203-7) Documentation for the SELinux reference policy www
  • sendmail-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(8.15.2-22) powerful, efficient, and scalable Mail Transport Agent (documentation) www
  • senlin-doc

    Bookworm:(14.0.0-1) Bullseye:(10.0.0-1) clustering service for OpenStack clouds - docs www
  • seqan-needle-doc

    Bookworm:( HTML documentation for seqan-needle and its APIs www
  • seqan3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.0+ds-6) Bullseye:(3.0.2+ds-9) C++ library for the analysis of biological sequences v3 (documentation) www
  • sgb-doc

    Bookworm:(1:20210202-2) Bullseye:(1:20210202-1) Documentation for the Stanford GraphBase www
  • sgml-base-doc

    Bookworm:(1.99.3) Bullseye:(1.99.2+nmu1) Documentation for sgml-base
  • sgmls-doc

    Bookworm:(1.03ii-38) Bullseye:(1.03ii-36) HTML documentation of libsgmls-perl and sgmlspl www
  • shapeit4-example

    Bookworm:(4.2.2+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(4.2.0+dfsg-1) fast and accurate method for estimation of haplotypes (phasing) - example www
  • shapetools-tutorial

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3-5) Tutorial for ShapeTools
  • sharutils-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.15.2-9) Bullseye:(1:4.15.2-5) Documentation for GNU sharutils www
  • shiboken2-doc

    Bookworm:(5.15.8-2+rpi1) Bullseye:(5.15.2-1+rpi1) CPython bindings generator for C++ libraries (common documentation) www
  • shishi-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.3-1) Bullseye:(1.0.2-10) Documentation for Shishi www
  • shorewall-doc

    Bookworm:(5.2.8-2) Bullseye:(5.2.3-1.1) documentation for Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) www
  • signond-doc

    Bookworm:(8.61-1) Bullseye:(8.60-4) Single Sign On framework - documentation for daemon www
  • simbody-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7+dfsg-3) Bullseye:(3.6.1+dfsg-7) SimTK multibody dynamics API - Documentation www
  • simplyhtml-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.17.3+dfsg1-1) API documentation for simplyhtml www
  • singular-dev-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.3.1-p3+ds-2) Bullseye:(1:4.1.1-p2+ds-4) Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations -- developer documentation www
  • singular-doc

    Bookworm:(1:4.3.1-p3+ds-2) Bullseye:(1:4.1.1-p2+ds-4) Computer Algebra System for Polynomial Computations -- user documentation www
  • sip5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(5.5.0+dfsg-3) Python bindings generator for C/C++ libraries — documentation www
  • sip6-doc

    Bookworm:(6.7.7+dfsg-1) Python bindings generator for C/C++ libraries — documentation www
  • siscone-doc-html

    Bookworm:(3.0.5-2) Bullseye:(2.0.6-2) Developer's reference manual of SISCone (HTML) www
  • siscone-doc-pdf

    Bookworm:(3.0.5-2) Bullseye:(2.0.6-2) Developer's reference manual of SISCone (PDF) www
  • skalibs-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( documentation of skalibs www
  • sketch-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:0.3.7-12) Extra documentation for the sketch 3D line drawing system www
  • sks-ecc-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.93-6) Documentation for sks-ecc, a cryptographic tool based on ECC www
  • skyview-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.5.6+repack-1) Bullseye:(3.5.5+repack-2) Image generation from a range of remote databases (API doc) www
  • slepc3.18-doc

    Bookworm:(3.18.2+dfsg1-2) Scalable Library for Eigenvalue Problem Computations www
  • slony1-2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.11-1) Bullseye:(2.2.10-1) Slony-I documentation www
  • sludge-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.2-4) Bullseye:(2.2.2-3) Documentation for SLUDGE www
  • slurm-wlm-doc

    Bookworm:(22.05.8-4+deb12u2) Bullseye:(20.11.7+really20.11.4-2+deb11u1) Slurm documentation www
  • smlnj-doc

    Bookworm:(110.79-8) Bullseye:(110.79-6) Documentation for Standard ML of New Jersey www
  • sms4you-doc

    Bookworm:(0.0.7-2) Bullseye:(0.0.7-1) Personal gateway connecting SMS to XMPP or email - documentation www
  • snacc-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.1-9) Bullseye:(1.3.1-7) ASN.1 to C or C++ or IDL compiler, documentation www
  • snakemake-doc

    Bookworm:(7.21.0-1) documentation for pythonic workflow management system www
  • snd-doc

    Bookworm:(23.1-1) Bullseye:(21.1-1) Sound file editor (documentation) www
  • snort-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(2.9.20-0+deb11u1) flexible Network Intrusion Detection System - documentation www
  • sofia-sip-doc

    Bookworm:(1.12.11+20110422.1+1e14eea~dfsg-6) Bullseye:(1.12.11+20110422.1-2.1+deb11u2) Sofia-SIP library documentation www
  • solfege-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.23.4-11) Ear training software - documentation www
  • sollya-doc

    Bookworm:(8.0+ds-2) Bullseye:(7.0+ds-3) library for safe floating-point code development -- doc www
  • sonic-pi-server-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.2~repack-8) Bullseye:(3.2.2~repack-7) Documentation for Sonic Pi www
  • spdx-licenses

    Bookworm:(3.8+dfsg-3) Collection of license data provided by SPDX Workgroup www
  • speakup-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.1.6.dfsg.1-7) Documentation for speakup kernel modules www
  • speech-dispatcher-doc-cs

    Bookworm:(0.11.4-2) Bullseye:(0.10.2-2+deb11u2) Speech Dispatcher documentation in Czech www
  • speech-tools-doc

    Bookworm:(1:2.5.0-13) Bullseye:(1:2.5.0-11) Documentation for the Edinburgh Speech Tools www
  • speechd-el-doc-cs

    Bookworm:(2.11-2) Bullseye:(2.9-2) speechd-el documentation in Czech www
  • speex-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.1-2) Bullseye:(1.2~rc1.2-1.1) Documentation for speex www
  • spellcast-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.5+nmu2) Documentation for the multi-player X game of spellcasting.
  • sphinx-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3.0-4) Bullseye:(3.4.3-2) documentation generator for Python projects - documentation www
  • splint-doc-html

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:3.1.2+dfsg-5) tool for statically checking C programs for bugs - HTML documentation www
  • spooles-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2-14) SPOOLES numerical simulation pre- and post-processor documentation www
  • sqlfluff-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.5-2) SQL linter tool - documentation www
  • sqlite-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.8.17-15) SQLite 2 documentation
  • sqlite3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.40.1-2) Bullseye:(3.34.1-3) SQLite 3 documentation www
  • squidguard-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.0-4) Bullseye:(1.6.0-2) filter and redirector plugin for Squid - Documentation www
  • srf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.1+dfsg-7) specification documents for the SRF format DNA sequence data www
  • srtp-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.5~20130609~dfsg-2) Secure RTP (SRTP) and UST Reference Implementations - documentation www
  • starlink-array-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2+2022.03.23-1) Bullseye:(0.2+2020.10.01-1) N-dimensional array manipulation and I/O in Java (javadoc) www
  • starlink-cdf-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0+2022.08.15+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.0+2021.01.10+dfsg-1) CDF table support for Starjava (Javadoc) www
  • starlink-connect-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1+2020.10.01-2) Bullseye:(0.1+2020.10.01-1) Abstract classes for persistent connections (javadoc) www
  • starlink-datanode-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0+2022.03.23-1) Bullseye:(1.0+2020.10.01-1) Classes for hierarchical browsing of data structures (documentation) www
  • starlink-dpac-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0+2022.07.21-1) Bullseye:(1.0+2021.01.08-1) Java classes to process GAIA data (Javadoc) www
  • starlink-ecsv-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0+2022.07.21-1) Parser for the metadata and data of an ECSV file (documentation) www
  • starlink-fits-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.1+2022.07.21-1) Bullseye:(0.1+2021.01.10-2) Classes for general FITS handling (javadoc) www
  • starlink-pal-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.1+2020.10.01-1) Starlink Positional Astronomy Library (Java version) - documentation www
  • starlink-registry-java-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2+2020.10.01-1) Starlink IVOA registry access (API docs) www
  • starlink-table-java-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.3-1) Bullseye:(4.0-3) Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library (documentation) www
  • starlink-task-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2+2022.07.21-1) Bullseye:(0.2+2020.10.01-1) Java framework for invoking user-level tasks (javadoc) www
  • starlink-tfcat-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0+2022.09.09-3) Java classes to parse Time-Frequency Radio Catalogues www
  • starlink-tjoin-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.+2022.10.03-1) Bullseye:(1.0+2021.01.10-2) Join subclasses for Starjava table class (Javadoc) www
  • starlink-topcat-java-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.7-3) Bullseye:(4.8-2) Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables (JavaDoc) www
  • starlink-ttools-java-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.7-4) Bullseye:(3.4-2) Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set (Javadoc) www
  • starlink-util-java-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0+2022.09.23-2) Bullseye:(1.0+2021.01.10-2) Miscellaneous utilities for the Starjava classes (documentation) www
  • starlink-vo-java-doc

    Bookworm:(0.2+2022.08.12-1) Bullseye:(0.2+2020.10.01-1) Virtual Observatory access classes (javadoc) www
  • starlink-votable-java-doc

    Bookworm:(2.0+2022.08.30-1) Bullseye:(2.0+2021.01.10-2) Classes for VOTable input and output (javadoc) www
  • stealth-doc

    Bookworm:(4.03.03-1) Bullseye:(4.02.00-3) stealthy File Integrity Checker documentation www
  • steghide-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.1-15) steganography hiding tool - documentation files www
  • stilts-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.7-4) Bullseye:(3.4-2) Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set (documentation) www
  • stk-doc

    Bookworm:(4.6.2+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(4.6.1+dfsg-3) Sound Synthesis Toolkit (documentation) www
  • stl-manual

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.30-17) C++ Standard Template Library Documentation www
  • stopt-doc

    Bookworm:(5.5+dfsg-1) library for stochastic optimization problems (documentation) www
  • stressant-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0) Bullseye:(0.6.0) simple stress testing and burn-in tool (documentation) www
  • styx-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.0.1-1) combined parser/scanner generator documentation www
  • substance-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) cross-platform look & feel for Swing applications - documentation www
  • substance-flamingo-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) Substance Flamingo plugin (documentation) www
  • substance-swingx-doc

    Bookworm:(7.3+dfsg3-5.1) Bullseye:(7.3+dfsg3-5) Swingx components for substance L&F (documentation) www
  • sumo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.15.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.8.0+dfsg2-5) Simulation of Urban MObility (SUMO), documentation and examples www
  • sumo-tools

    Bookworm:(1.15.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.8.0+dfsg2-5) Simulation of Urban MObility (SUMO), tools and scripts www
  • supervisor-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.5-1) Bullseye:(4.2.2-2) Documentation for a supervisor www
  • surf-alggeo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.6+ds-6) Bullseye:(1.0.6+ds-5) visualization of real algebraic geometry -- manual www
  • susv2

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.20180621) Fetch and install SUSv2
  • susv3

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.20180621) Fetch and install SUSv3
  • susv4

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(7.20180621) Fetch and install SUSv4 (POSIX.1-2017)
  • swi-prolog-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0.4+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(8.2.4+dfsg-1) documentation and examples for SWI-Prolog www
  • swift-doc

    Bookworm:(2.30.0-4) Bullseye:(2.26.0-10+deb11u1) distributed virtual object store - documentation www
  • swig-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-0.2) Bullseye:(4.0.2-1) HTML documentation for SWIG www
  • swig4.0-doc

    Bookworm:(4.1.0-0.2) Bullseye:(4.0.2-1) HTML documentation for SWIG www
  • swupdate-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.12+dfsg-4+deb12u1) Bullseye:(2020.11-2+deb11u1) Documentation for swupdate framework www
  • sylpheed-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20140827-3) Light weight e-mail client with GTK+ (documentation) www
  • symmetrica-doc

    Bookworm:(3.0.1+ds-2) Bullseye:(2.0+ds-6) Symmetrica Combinatoric C Library -- documentation www
  • sysadmin-guide

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.9-1) The Linux System Administrators' Guide
  • sysrepo-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.4.70-4) YANG-based configuration and operational state data store [docs] www
  • systemtap-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8-2) Bullseye:(4.4-2) documentation and examples for SystemTap www
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  • T

  • tablix2-doc

    Bookworm:(0.3.5-7) Kernel for solving general timetabling problems (documentation) www
  • tachyon-doc

    Bookworm:(0.99~b6+dsx-10) Bullseye:(0.99~b6+dsx-9) Parallel/Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System - reference manual www
  • tads3-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.0.8-1) TADS version 3 documentation
  • tap-plugins-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20140526-3.1) TAP-plugins documentation www
  • tar-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.34-1) documentation for the tar package
  • tcl-doc

    Bookworm:(8.6.13) Bullseye:(8.6.11+1) Tool Command Language (default version) - manual pages
  • tcl-itcl4-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.3-1) Bullseye:(4.2.1-1) [incr Tcl] OOP extension for Tcl - manual pages www
  • tcl-snack-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( Sound extension to Tcl/Tk and Python/Tkinter - documentation www
  • tcl-trf-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.1.4-dfsg3-2.1) Tcl data transformations - documentation www
  • tcl8.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.20-8) Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.4 - manual pages www
  • tcl8.5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.5.19-4) Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.5 - manual pages www
  • tcl8.6-doc

    Bookworm:(8.6.13+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(8.6.11+dfsg-1) Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.6 - manual pages www
  • tclx8.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.1-4) Extended Tcl (TclX) - manpages www
  • tcm-doc

    Bookworm:(2.20+TSQD-7) Bullseye:(2.20+TSQD-6) Documentation for Toolkit for Conceptual Modeling (TCM) www
  • telepathy-specification

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.27.4-1) Telepathy D-Bus specification www
  • tellico-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(3.3.5-1) Collection manager for books, videos, music, etc [doc] www
  • tendra-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1.2-8) Documentation for the TenDRA C/C++ compiler
  • testu01-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.3+ds1-2) Bullseye:(1.2.3+ds1-1) testing suite for uniform random number generators -- doc www
  • tetex-frogg-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.4-3) Documentation for tetex-frogg
  • texinfo-doc-nonfree

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.7.0-1) texinfo and info documentation that is non-free
  • texlive-fonts-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-4) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-fonts-extra www
  • texlive-fonts-recommended-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-3) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-fonts-recommended www
  • texlive-humanities-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-4) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-humanities www
  • texlive-latex-base-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-3) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-base www
  • texlive-latex-extra-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-4) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-extra www
  • texlive-latex-recommended-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-3) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-latex-recommended www
  • texlive-metapost-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-3) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-metapost www
  • texlive-pictures-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-3) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-pictures www
  • texlive-pstricks-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-4) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-pstricks www
  • texlive-publishers-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-4) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-publishers www
  • texlive-science-doc

    Bookworm:(2022.20230122-4) Bullseye:(2020.20210202-3) TeX Live: Documentation files for texlive-science www
  • texstudio-doc

    Bookworm:(4.3.1+ds-2) Bullseye:(3.0.4+ds-1) LaTeX Editor (doc) www
  • the-doc

    Bookworm:(3.3~rc1-3.1) Bullseye:(3.3~rc1-3) Reference Manual for The Hessling Editor www
  • theano-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.5+dfsg-8) Bullseye:(1.0.5+dfsg-2) CPU/GPU math expression compiler for Python (docs) www
  • theme-d-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.0-2) Bullseye:(3.1.2-2) Documentation for programming language Theme-D www
  • therion-doc

    Bookworm:(6.1.6-3) Bullseye:(5.5.7ds1-2) Documentation for Therion Cave surveying software www
  • tidy-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20091223cvs-1.5) HTML syntax checker and reformatter - documentation www
  • tiny-dnn-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.0a3+ds-3) header only deep learning framework in C++ -- documentation www
  • tipa-doc

    Bookworm:(2:1.3-21) Bullseye:(2:1.3-20.1) documentation for the TIPA LaTeX font www
  • tk-doc

    Bookworm:(8.6.13) Bullseye:(8.6.11+1) Toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - manual pages
  • tk-itk4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.1.0-3.1) [incr Tk] OOP extension version 4 for Tk - manual pages www
  • tk8.4-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.4.20-8) Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11, v8.4 - manual pages www
  • tk8.5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(8.5.19-3) Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11, v8.5 - manual pages www
  • tk8.6-doc

    Bookworm:(8.6.13-2) Bullseye:(8.6.11-2) Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11 v8.6 - manual pages www
  • tkgate-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1+repack-5) Bullseye:(2.1+repack-4) Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator - documentation www
  • tkinfo

    Bookworm:(2.11-4) Bullseye:(2.11-3) Tcl/Tk Info browser www
  • tkrzw-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.25-1) set of implementation of DBM - docs www
  • tla-doc

    Bookworm:(1.3.5+dfsg1-2.1) Bullseye:(1.3.5+dfsg1-2) GNU Arch revision control system (documentation) www
  • tldr

    Bookworm:(0.9.2-2+b4) Bullseye:(0.6.4-1+b3) Haskell tldr client www
  • tokyocabinet-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.48-15) Bullseye:(1.4.48-13) Tokyo Cabinet Database Documentation www
  • tokyotyrant-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1.40-4.3) Tokyo Tyrant documentation www
  • tombo-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.1-4) Bullseye:(1.5.1-2) identification of modified nucleotides from raw nanopore sequencing data (doc) www
  • tomcat10-docs

    Bookworm:(10.1.6-1+deb12u1) Apache Tomcat 10 - Servlet and JSP engine -- documentation www
  • topcat-doc

    Bookworm:(4.8.7-3) Bullseye:(4.8-2) Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables (documentation) www
  • transdecoder-doc

    Bookworm:(5.0.1-5) Bullseye:(5.0.1-3) find coding regions within transcripts www
  • translate-toolkit-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8.4-1) Bullseye:(3.3.2-1) Toolkit assisting in the localization of software (documentation) www
  • tree-puzzle-doc

    Bookworm:(5.3~rc16+dfsg-9) Bullseye:(5.3~rc16+dfsg-8) Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood (doc) www
  • trilinos-doc

    Bookworm:(13.2.0-4) Bullseye:(12.18.1-2) object-oriented framework for large-scale problems - documentation www
  • tryton-client-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.26-1) Bullseye:(5.0.33-1) Tryton Application Platform (Desktop Client Documentation) www
  • tryton-server-doc

    Bookworm:(6.0.29-2+deb12u1) Bullseye:(5.0.33-2+deb11u2) Tryton application platform - server documentation www
  • twisted-doc

    Bookworm:(22.4.0-4) Bullseye:(20.3.0-7+deb11u1) Official documentation of Twisted www
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  • U

  • ublock-origin-doc

    Bookworm:(1.46.0+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(1.42.0+dfsg-1~deb11u1) lightweight and efficient ads, malware, trackers blocker (docs) www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-common

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - common files www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub-de

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide - German version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub-es

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide - Spanish version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub-fr

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide - French version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub-pt-br

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide - Brazilian Portuguese version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub-ru

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide - Russian version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-epub-uk

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - EPUB guide - Ukrainian version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html-de

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - German version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html-es

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - Spanish version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html-fr

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - French version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html-pt-br

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - Brazilian Portuguese version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html-ru

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - Russian version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-html-uk

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - HTML guide - Ukrainian version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf-de

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide - German version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf-es

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide - Spanish version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf-fr

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide - French version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf-pt-br

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide - Brazilian Portuguese version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf-ru

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide - Russian version www
  • ubuntu-packaging-guide-pdf-uk

    Bookworm:(1.0.4) Bullseye:(1.0.2) Ubuntu Packaging Guide - PDF guide - Ukrainian version www
  • ucommon-doc

    Bookworm:(7.0.1-0.1) Bullseye:(7.0.0-19) lightweight C++ threading and sockets - documentation www
  • udisks2-doc

    Bookworm:(2.9.4-4) Bullseye:(2.9.2-2+deb11u1) udisks2 documentation www
  • udo-doc-de

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.1-6) universal document - German documentation www
  • udo-doc-en

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(6.4.1-6) universal document - English documentation www
  • ufo-core-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Library for high-performance, GPU-based computing - documentation www
  • ufo-filters-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:( Library for high-performance, GPU-based computing - documentation www
  • uima-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.10.2-4) Documentation for the Apache UIMA framework www
  • unburden-home-dir-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.2) Bullseye:( HTML documentation for unburden-home-dir www
  • upower-doc

    Bookworm:(0.99.20-2) Bullseye:(0.99.11-2) abstraction for power management - documentation www
  • user-mode-linux-doc

    Bookworm:(20060501+repack0-1) Bullseye:(20060501-3.1) User-mode Linux (Documentation) www
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  • V

  • v-sim-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.2-9) Bullseye:(3.7.2-8) Visualize atomic structures (example files) www
  • vala-0.56-doc

    Bookworm:(0.56.3-1) C# like language for the GObject system - documentation www
  • vamp-plugin-sdk-doc

    Bookworm:(2.10.0-3) Bullseye:(2.10.0-1) audio analysis and feature extraction plugins (API documentation) www
  • varnish-doc

    Bookworm:(7.1.1-1.1) Bullseye:(6.5.1-1+deb11u3) documentation for Varnish Cache www
  • vdirsyncer-doc

    Bookworm:(0.19.0-1) Bullseye:(0.16.8-2) Synchronize calendars and contacts - documentation www
  • vdk-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.2.4-4.1) The Visual Development Kit C++ library www
  • vdk2-tutorial

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.1-3.1) Tutorial for the Visual Development Kit C++ library 2
  • velocity-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.7-6) Documentation for velocity www
  • verse

    Bookworm:(0.22.9) Bullseye:(0.22.8) Daily Devotional Verse from the KJV Bible
  • vflib3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.7.2+dfsg-0.1) Bullseye:(3.6.14.dfsg-3+nmu5) Documentation for VFlib3
  • videolan-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20070626-1) documentation for the VideoLAN streaming solution
  • vim-doc

    Bookworm:(2:9.0.1378-2) Bullseye:(2:8.2.2434-3+deb11u1) Vi IMproved - HTML documentation www
  • virtualenvwrapper-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(4.8.4-4) extension to virtualenv for managing multiple environments (docs) www
  • virtuoso-vad-demo

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(6.1.6+dfsg2-4+rpi1) high-performance database - demo module www
  • virtuoso-vad-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(6.1.6+dfsg2-4+rpi1) high-performance database - documentation module www
  • virtuoso-vad-tutorial

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:(6.1.6+dfsg2-4+rpi1) high-performance database - tutorial module www
  • vitrage-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0.0-3.1) Bullseye:(7.3.0-2) OpenStack RCA as a Service - documentation www
  • vmm-doc

    Bookworm:(0.7.0-0.1) Documentation for the Virtual Mail Manager www
  • voms-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.0~rc3-4) Bullseye:(2.1.0~rc0-6) Virtual Organization Membership Service Documentation Files www
  • vtk7-doc

    Bookworm:(7.1.1+dfsg2-10.2) Bullseye:(7.1.1+dfsg2-8) VTK class reference documentation www
  • vtk9-doc

    Bookworm:(9.1.0+really9.1.0+dfsg2-5+rpi1) Bullseye:(9.0.1+dfsg1-8+rpi1) VTK class reference documentation www
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  • W

  • w1retap-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.6-1.1) Bullseye:(1.4.4-4) Data logger for 1-Wire weather sensors (docs) www
  • w3-recs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(20110107-1) Recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) www
  • wand-doc

    Bookworm:(0.6.11-1) Bullseye:(0.6.5-1) Python interface for ImageMagick library (documentation) www
  • watcher-doc

    Bookworm:(9.0.0-2) Bullseye:(5.0.0-1) OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - doc www
  • wcslib-doc

    Bookworm:(7.12+ds-1) Bullseye:(7.4+ds-2) API documentation for wcslib www
  • wdiff-doc

    Bookworm:(1.2.2-5) Bullseye:(1.2.2-2) Documentation for GNU wdiff www
  • webgen0.5-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.17+dfsg1-1) fast, powerful, and extensible static website generator -- API documentation www
  • weechat-doc

    Bookworm:(3.8-1) Bullseye:(3.0-1+deb11u1) Fast, light and extensible chat client - documentation www
  • weka-doc

    Bookworm:(3.6.14-3) Bullseye:(3.6.14-2) documentation for the Weka machine learning suite www
  • weresync-doc

    Bookworm:(1.0.9-2) Bullseye:(1.0.9-1) incrementally clones running drives (documentation package) www
  • whitedune-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.30.10-2.2) documentation for whitedune www
  • wine-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.0.0-1) Windows API implementation - documentation
  • winff-doc

    Bookworm:(1.5.5-9) Bullseye:(1.5.5-8) winff documentation
  • wireplumber-doc

    Bookworm:(0.4.13-1) modular session / policy manager for PipeWire - documentation www
  • wireshark-doc

    Bookworm:(4.0.11-1~deb12u1) Bullseye:(3.4.10-0+deb11u1) network traffic analyzer - documentation www
  • wise-data

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.1-23) data files for the wise package www
  • wise-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.4.1-23) documentation for the wise package www
  • wmii-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1-15) lightweight tabbed and tiled X11 window manager, version 3 (documentation) www
  • wordgrinder-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.8-1) simple word processor for writing first drafts (documentation) www
  • worldwind-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0.5.0-10) 3D Virtual Globe www
  • writer2latex-manual

    Bookworm:(1.4-11) Bullseye:(1.4-10) OpenOffice.org Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter -- manual www
  • wsjtx-doc

    Bookworm:(2.6.1+repack-1) Bullseye:(2.3.0+repack-2) Documentation and examples for the WSJT-X package www
  • wx3.0-doc

    Bookworm:( Bullseye:( wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (documentation) www
  • wx3.2-doc

    Bookworm:(3.2.2+dfsg-2) wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (documentation) www
  • wxsqlite3-doc

    Bookworm:(3.4.1~dfsg-9) Bullseye:(3.4.1~dfsg-5) Documentation files for wxSQLite3 www
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  • X

  • xapian-doc

    Bookworm:(1.4.22-1) Bullseye:(1.4.18-3+deb11u1) Core Xapian documentation www
  • xapian-examples

    Bookworm:(1.4.22-1) Bullseye:(1.4.18-3+deb11u1) Xapian simple example programs www
  • xapps-doc

    Bookworm:(2.4.2-3) Bullseye:(2.0.7-1) Libxapp documentation www
  • xavante-doc

    Bookworm:(2.3.0-2) Bullseye:(2.3.0-1.1) Documentation files for the Xavante web server www
  • xen-doc

    Bookworm:(4.17.0-1+rpi1+b1) Bullseye:(4.14.6-1+rpi1) Xen documentation www
  • xenomai-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.6.4+dfsg-1) Xenomai documentation www
  • xfig-doc

    Bookworm:(1:3.2.8b-2) Bullseye:(1:3.2.8-3+deb11u1) XFig on-line documentation and examples www
  • xgridfit-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.3-4) Documentation for xgridfit www
  • xmail-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.27-1.1) documentation for xmail
  • xmds-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(0~svn.1884-3.1) documentation for the eXtensible Multi-Dimensional Simulator www
  • xmds2-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0+dfsg2-3) Bullseye:(3.0.0+dfsg-5) documentation for the eXtensible Multi-Dimensional Simulator www
  • xmlformat-doc

    Bookworm:(1.04-3) Bullseye:(1.04-2.1) XML Document Formatter documentation www
  • xnee-doc

    Bookworm:(3.19-9) Bullseye:(3.19-6) X event recorder/replayer - documentation www
  • xonsh-doc

    Bookworm:(0.13.4+dfsg-1) Bullseye:(0.9.25+dfsg-1) Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell (documentation) www
  • xorg-docs

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.7.1-1.2) Miscellaneous documentation for the X.org X Window System
  • xorg-docs-core

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1:1.7.1-1.2) Core documentation for the X.org X Window System
  • xotcl-doc

    Bookworm:(1.6.8-5) Bullseye:(1.6.8-4.1) Extended Object Tcl (XOTcl): Object orientation for Tcl - manual www
  • xpore-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1-1) documentation for the xpore Python package www
  • xrootd-doc

    Bookworm:(5.5.3-1) Bullseye:(5.0.3-4) Developer documentation for the xrootd libraries www
  • xtensor-blas-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.0-2) documentation for xtensor-blas www
  • xtensor-doc

    Bookworm:(0.24.3-1) Bullseye:(0.10.11-1) documentation for xtensor www
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  • Y

  • yacas-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(1.3.6-2.1) Documentation for Yacas www
  • yade-doc

    Bookworm:(2023.02a-1) Bullseye:(2021.01a-3) Platform for discrete element modeling. Documentation www
  • yara-doc

    Bookworm:(4.2.3-4) Bullseye:(4.0.5-1) HTML documentation for YARA www
  • yard-doc

    Bookworm:(0.9.28-2+deb12u2) Bullseye:(0.9.24-1+deb11u1) Ruby documentation tool - documentation www
  • yaws-doc

    Bookworm:(2.1.1+dfsg-2) Bullseye:(2.0.8+dfsg-3) Documentation and examples for Yaws webserver www
  • yaz-doc

    Bookworm:(5.34.0-1) Bullseye:(5.30.3-1) Z39.50/SRW/SRU toolkit (documentation) www
  • yodl-doc

    Bookworm:(4.03.03-1) Bullseye:(4.03.02-2) Documentation for Your Own Document Language (Yodl) www
  • yorick-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye:(2.2.04+dfsg1-12) documentation for the Yorick interpreted language www
  • yoshimi-doc

    Bookworm:(2.2.3-1) Bullseye:(1.7.4~dfsg0-1) Documentation for Yoshimi www
  • yosys-doc

    Bookworm:(0.23-6) Bullseye:(0.9-1) Documentation for Yosys www
  • yotta-doc

    Bookworm:(0.20.5-5) Bullseye:(0.20.5-4) build tool for C/C++ projects using modular components (documentation) www
  • yudit-doc

    Bookworm:(3.1.0-1) Bullseye:(3.0.7-3) Unicode text editor (Documentation) www
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  • Z

  • z88-doc

    Bookworm & Bullseye