The Raspberry Pi is a mini computer, created by the Raspberry Pi foundation, designed to be a low cost computer that schools could use to teach programming but it is also a great device to help a wide range of people to get creative with computers who may not of necessarily thought they could.

The RPi is affordable enough for children and teenagers to own their own RPi and learn to program and dabble with electronics and ignite the spark that will help them become the programmers and hardware designers of tomorrow in much the same way simple computers in the 80s and 90s did before.

The Raspberry Pi (RPi) has a good community of users willing to help beginners and each other, making the whole experience of using the RPi enjoyable.

For experienced programmers the size and portability of the Raspberry Pi opens up new project possibilities that a desktop or laptop computer are less suited for.

My aim with is to highlight the things I use my Raspberry Pi's for.  It is also for sharing any projects and programs I create and also highlight projects other users in the Raspberry Pi community have created and help other users in creating new projects and programs, in the community spirit that helped develop the programmers and electronic designers in the early days of home computing.

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