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How to install packages

 How to use the apt command to install packages

Admin Packages

raspberryAdministration packages

Cli-Mono Packages

raspberryCli-Mono Packages for Raspbian

Comms Packages

raspberryCommunication Packages for Raspbian

Database Packages

raspberry Database Packages

Debug Packages

raspberryDebug Packages

Development Packages

raspberry Development Tools

Documentation Packages

raspberryDocumentation and How To's

Educational Packages

raspberry Educational Packages

Electronics Packages

raspberry Electronics Related Packages

Email Packages

raspberry Email and related programs

Embedded Packages

raspberry Software for Embedded projects


raspberryFonts available for download


raspberryGames for the Raspberry Pi

Gnome Packages

gnome logoVarious programes for the Gnome Desktop.

gnu-R Packages

raspberrygnu-R is an environment for statistical computing and graphics

GNUstep Packages

raspberryGNUstep is a Framework for Desktops and Servers

Graphics Packages

raspberryGraphics Software

Ham Radio Packages

HamRadio LogoSoftware for Ham Radio

Haskell Packages

haskell logoPackages for the Haskell programming Language

HTTP Packages

raspberry Web Servers and related programs


raspberry Interpreter Packages

Introspection Packages

raspberry GObject introspection files.

Java Packages

java logoJava Packages

JavaScript Packages

JavaScript logoJavaScript Packages

KDE Packages

raspberrySoftware for the KDE Desktop environment

Kernel Packages

linux kernalLinux Kernel Packages

Libdevel Packages

Raspbian Development LibrariesLibraries for Developers

Libs Packages

raspberryLibraries and Plugins

Lisp Packages

raspberryLisp Programming Language

Localization Packages

Raspbian Language SoftwareLanguage packs for various Packages

Maths Packages

raspberry Maths and related software

Meta Packages

raspberry Meta Packages


raspberry Miscellaneous Packages

Net Packages

raspberry Internet and Networking Packages

News Readers

raspberry News Readers

OCaml Packages

OCaml LogoPackages for the Objective Caml programming language

Other OS FS

raspberry Packages for Other Operating System File Systems


perl logoPackages for the Perl programming language


PHP logoPackages for the PHP programming language


python logoPackages for the Python programming language


ruby logoPackages for the Ruby programming language

Rust Packages

raspberryRust programming language

Science Packages

raspberry Science related packages

Shell Packages

raspberry Shell tools and replacement Shells or Terminal windows

Sound Packages

raspberry Sound players and Audio tools

Tasks Packages

raspberry Packages for Schmant tasks

TeX Packages

TeX logoTeX Typesetting tools

Text Packages

raspberry Text, Language and Dictionaries


raspberryVarious Utillities

VCS Packages

raspberry Version Control Systems


Raspbian Video Software Video software, players, converters and tools

Web Packages

WWW Web based tools and applications

X11 Packages

raspberryX11 Packages

Xfce Packages

Raspbian Xfcs softwareXfcs Desktop Environment

Zope Packages

zope logoZope object-oriented web application server